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Our Stories Start Anew

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- Robin, honey! - called Emma. - Violet is awake! Do you want to make breakfast?


- I'm Theo, by the way, not Robin. And our daughter is Daisy. You passed out last night. Anyways, are pancakes okay?


- More than okay. I'll help you, just give me a minute.


Emma couldn't believe what was happening. Just a few days ago she was riding around in her police car with Hook. Today, she woke up married to Regina's true love with Henry's first crush as their daughter. And it felt like their wedding was years ago, when there even wasn't one.


I knew our family tree was messed up, but this is too much, she thought. Being married to someone else than Killian was already bad, but being married to a man who was definitely dead was more weird than everything she had experienced.


- Mum, I'm hungry. What are we having for breakfast?


- Dad is making pancakes, Violet.


- Cool. Why do you keep calling my Violet? I'm Daisy.


A typical teenager. But it was kind of expected. She never actually dealt with raising a teenager, Henry was peculiar. Violet was actually nice, when she wanted to, and she even was on the honor roll last year.


- Honey, will you come down with Daisy, please? The pancakes are almost ready.


- Sure. Daisy, go help dad with the pancakes, I'll be down in a minute.


- I'm going.


Emma got up and looked at herself in the mirror. Not even her hair had survived the curse. It was shoulder-length, but, at least, it would take less time to wash.


- Emma!


- Coming!


In her robes, Emma got up and slowly left her room. They were living in the house that was hers and Killian's before everything happened. Well, she knew every secret entrance, Robin wouldn't be able to fool her. When she got to the kitchen, Robin and Violet were already eating and a pile of pancakes was waiting for her.


- Yummy.


- Yeah. Daisy, sweetie, do you have any activities today?


- I'm meeting Lorenzo and some of his friends at the park today.


- To study, I suppose.


- Yeah.


- Good.


- I need to go. I need to be at the station when the only detective in this town arrives.




- Honey, why didn't the alarm clock ring?


- Again? I always set it, you must have slept through it.


- I went to that fancy party with you last night, cut me some slack.


- You're still on the hook for waking up late almost every day. And what's with wearing a hook on your left hand everyday? Some kind of really weird Disney fetish?


- You know I love Peter Pan.


- Can I get you some Tinkerbell wings, then?


- Haha, very funny, but no. Now, let me go to for work, the only detective in this town can't be late.


He grabbed his bag and his jacket, but Regina stopped him at the door. She had a mischievous grin on her face, and Killian already knew what she was looking for.


- Lorenzo already left. I'm sure the captain will forgive you for being a few minutes late.


Suddenly, his bag and jacket were on the floor and Regina's back was pressed against the wall.


- You know me so well – said Regina, between kisses.


- Of course, my love.


They went upstairs to their room, occasionally stopping to remove a piece of clothing. They arrived at their bed with Killian in his underwear and Regina already naked.


- Lorenzo won't be back for a few hours.


- Good.


With that, the door closed.




Where's my detective?  wondered Emma. Even better, where's Killian?


- Amelia! How good to see you!


- Snow! Hey! Who's Amelia?


- You, my little dork! And I'm Bianca.


- Oh.


- Did you drink last night?


- Possibly. How's David?


- David?


- Your husband. Light brown hair, you know?


- You definitely drank last night. My husband is Sebastian and he has black hair.


- Oh.


- Where's your detective?


- Here - said a voice behind Snow.


- Killian?


- Killian who? I'm Jonah. Has my boss been drinking?


- Yes, I have. But only two glasses of whiskey.


- A strong one, then.


- Probably. Now, why's this dashing rapscallion late?


- Um, guys, I'm still here.


- Oh, sorry, Bianca. Do you need anything?


- I just came by to say hi and to check up on you. Have a good day!


- Bye!


Snow walked to the door and left Emma and Killian alone. It was all too much for Emma: being married to a dead man and not being remembered as the Savior by anyone definitely took a toll on her.


- Dashing rapscallion?


- Do you prefer handsome iguana?


- Dashing rapscallion is just fine.


- It seemed so. Go check your hair, it's a mess. I'm gonna need your help in five minutes.


- Sure thing.


He walked away, leaving Emma alone with her thoughts once again.


I still remember the night he said those words. I was living in New York. He came all the way from Maine just to give me my memories back. And we even got married. Now, he's the one without the memories, and I'm the one calling him dashing rapscallion. Oh, the irony.


- Boss?


- Are you ready?


- For what?


- Paperwork. Nothing ever happens here in Capp, not even graffiti.


- How exciting.




- Is everyone here? - Aladdin asked.


- Yes, my dear. We're ready. We need to get to Emma – Jasmine answered. - But there's one more thing. We can't wear these dresses.


- What do you want us to wear, then?


- Civilian clothes, or, as they call them, casual clothes. Most of you have been to Storybrooke, you know what to wear.


- What about my powers? Is there a civilian outfit that involves blue gloves?


- Elsa, don't worry. We're getting to Emma by magic bean. And the curse hasn't affected her. She'll help you. Any more doubts? If not, your outfits are in your rooms. We'll meet again in half an hour.


Everyone in the room walked out of the room, and into their chambers. Why the curse hadn't affected them, no one knew, but one thing was for sure: they would help Emma break this curse, no matter the cost.


- Do you think they will help?


- Of course, Aladdin. Mulan's fighting skills are better than everyone else's in our group. Aurora, even though she can't fight, she can blend in well in a civilian lifestyle, and we need a way to get someone to talk to the cursed. Elsa, she'll have a hard time blending in, but she's good friends with Emma, and she needs someone. Guinevere, she's classy, but she can fight, and we need someone at Regina's level. And Dorothy, we need her to fight Zelena, the Mills sisters are powerful and we might need to fight back.


- Wow. I guess we need to change into our civilian clothes. Do you already have the bean?


- It's in the vault.


- Let's go.