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She Died in Dallas

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Author's Notes:  This is an adopted fanfiction from Demon Flame. I will be reposting the entire chapters that have been already been posted. To the reposted chapters I will add a few paragraphs here and there but most it will read the same way. However, this first chapter is all me and inspired by the chapters written by Demon Flame. Lastly, I am looking for a Beta. So if you are interested please PM me.

 I will be focusing only on the first three seasons of true blood, because I believe after that it gets a bit hinky, and a bit confusing to keep up with. So a lot of the backstory and mythology will be coming from the first three seasons.

I have also included quotes from the show or other vampire media that I will integrate into the story. Hope you like.

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Warning: ***Violence/Blood***              

Summary: Formally, I Died in Dallas. While in Dallas, Sookie dies and rises as a vampire with Godric as her Marker. Little did they know it would only be the beginning. Adopted from Demon Flame. Based on the first three seasons ONLY.

She Died in Dallas by RN2017

Disclaimer: I don't own True blood, sadly.

Chapter One: She Died in Dallas


Sookie: I'm scared.

Eric: Death is scary. I've been avoiding it for a thousand years.

Sookie to Eric (True Blood Season 7, Episode 9)



He was flying overhead when he heard it. Normally, on a clear night like this he would fly from place to place within the borderlines of the forest that surrounded his home. It was a freeing feeling to fly, in the past it used to bring him joy. But now the darkness seems to consume the simplest joy of flying, away from him. It was the sounds of labored breathing, and bleeding skin, sounds of unbearable pain, bone breaking and metal meeting flesh that made him stop.

He would have kept going if it was for the scent of something sweet in the air. It was a sent that he had smelled over two thousand years. He was turned at the end of a very long and brutal war, but he would remember that smell for as long as he would be alive.

 The two women who stood were dressed in hand-me-downs in raggedy plaid shirts. They both stood over the woman on the ground in an almost abandoned parking lot, outside the poorly populated bar. From where he was standing he could make out the natural blonde color covered in freshly spilled blood. Despite blood and new formed bruises that painted her skin he sees a dim glow fading.

"Take that you fucking cunt." The woman on the right was large and annoying loud than other across form her. She carried a chain in her hand, spattered with flecks and lines of iron rich blood. She followed with a quick kick to the ribs. “We almost have that fanger. He was perfect.  We had a perfect place to put him in the basement. His blood would’ve made us money for longtime.”

The woman across from her shuttered at the sound of another bone cracking under the other woman's kick. "I think that is enough." Said the other in a timid voice. The younger of the two looked down the barely moving woman at her feet. "I really think we should go."

She pulled on her arm digging her nails into her skin nervously. "Mags we should go." She warned. The smaller one had been a bit twitchy since the beginning of the confrontation.

"No, the bitch hasn't learned her lesson. You'll get me the stick I had over there." Motioning towards the unseen vampire in the woods. “Make sure it’s a big one.”

Now since he moved closer, he was certain this was the same scent he smelled all of those years ago, they were not all gone. The vampire steps closer to the three woman, the scent of the fallen pulling him in closer. It took less than moment to make his decision. So, he took off in flight becoming lighter than air.

He flew around the area first finding exits in order to block them off.  The first one he took was a loud noisy one let’s stood over the woman. Her chain flew out of her hand and landed right next to the woman on the ground. He pinned her up by her neck and threw across the parking lot.

A moment away from the woman when he heard her.  “Don’t kill them.” He heard her whispered. “Please.”  She showed compassion for those that had wronged her. He wished that if she survived the night, that he would like to become her companion, if she allowed it.

He released the woman regrettably. Focused on her eyes, pulling her into his mind. “Stand here, don’t move.” Glamouring his victim. The large woman froze on her spot on the ground.

The smaller woman turned around with the stick she had retrieved, “Mags?” She called out into the darkness. “Mags, I got ya stick for yeah.” He circled around the parking lot once again. In a flash he stood behind her, twisted her around to face him. Focusing on the smaller woman’s eyes, and pulled her into his mind. “Stand here, don’t move.” Glamouring his other victim.  The smaller woman frozen or spot standing, in staring into the vacant space in front of her.

She saw a blur before she saw him. From her position on the ground she saw the smaller of the two women walk away from her. She was in mind-numbing pain, more pain then she experienced in her entire life, the adrenaline had worn off by the end of the first few minutes’ of the beating. She felt him as he moved through the night. Whatever he was, he was fast and deadly. She heard the larger woman muffled scream as he took her.

“Don’t kill them.” She pleaded. “Please.” She said in a fading whispered. Despite what they had done, she was to blame if only she had stay at the hotel with Sam, she would be in this mess.

            The vampire before command the woman in his grasp, “Stand here, don’t move.” She heard him say. A moment she felt the wind move again and she heard him repeat the command. She felt him move again and then suddenly he was above her. Her first impression was that he was young, too young.

“How do you feel?” He asked softly in slightly accented English. His voice was like rain as it hit a glass window in the middle summer, rough but gentle, chaotic but controlled. She could listen to it all day long. She could fall asleep to it.

She tried to catch her breath, but the more she tried to catch it the more it seemed to get away from her. “I can’t feel my legs. My head feels like it filled with water and is ready to explode.” He smiled sadly at her.

He touched her forehead, she felt as his fingertip brushed the laceration near her hairline. He took his fingertip to his mouth and licked the blood clean off. She could hear and felt him moan at the taste. She knew then he wasn’t human. “What are you?” she asked. She could feel him looking her over for injuries.

He smiled down at her, “I am a vampire. A very old vampire.” He answered. “I was nearby when I heard what was going on.”

She took a moment process this. Vampires had been out of the coffin for the last two years but this was the first time she had ever met a vampire. She simply saddened by the fact that it might be her last time.

It found it was easier to breathe without a woman beating it down with the chain. “How old?” he asked before her brain could stop her.

“I was turned over two thousand years ago.” He replied. 

“That's an awful long time to live." He looked similar to her age. She couldn’t imagine living for two thousand years, she barely imagine living fifty. Although, in her current situation she wasn’t going to last the next five minutes.

“Yes, it is.” He smiled down at her.

 “What is death like?” She asked. It was at this time that she realized she was dying and the vampire above her knew it to.

“I do not know what death is like.  But I do know what it’s like to be buried, it’s cold, it’s wet and it’s silent. Sometimes it can be comforting, and sometimes it can be maddening.” He replied.

 “I'm scared.” She admitted to the vampire in a whisper. She’s terrified of what lie before her.

“Death is scary.” He agreed, “I've been avoiding it for over two thousand years.”  He brushed the piece of her hair away from her bloodshot eye.

"You are dying.” He stated. “But I can offer you a choice to live as I do, or die." She looked up to his face. He looked young if she had known that he was a vampire she would have guessed that he was seventeen, sixteen at the youngest.

She paused. Did she want to live as a vampire for the rest of her existence? She had been content with her life in Bon Temps. This was her first time outside of her small middle of nowhere town. Her first adventure into the big bad world with your boss and her best friend Sam. Did she really want to leave it all behind? She was dying for sticking her nose into someone else's business.

"You need to make a decision quickly, young one. You will not last long." He reminded her of her impending death.

"Okay." She said with a slight nod and watery eyes. She excepted the vampires offer. It looked like she was going to become a vampire.

He released his fangs, and sense a spike of fear for the young woman. She felt his fangs cut through her skin. He took in two mouthfuls before releasing her. He punctured his wrist with his fangs and lowered down his bleeding wrist to her mouth,

"Drink." He ordered. The woman he held drank from his wrist.

"I will be here when you wake up." He reassured her in her last few human moments.

"I…am... S-S-Sookie-e." She breathes, as he watches her slowly weaken with every breath.

He smiled slightly at the dying woman in his arms at her attempt at an introduction, "They call me, Godric."

Author's Notes: Also just in case you are wondering Sookie closer to Godric in physical age, so she would be about 19. And as I mentioned in the story vampires have been out of the coffin for 2 years already.

To Be Continued…

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Author's Notes:  Again just a reminder, I will be reposting the entire chapters that have been already been posted. To the reposted chapters I will add a few paragraphs here and there but most it will read the same way. Please review, follow and favorite.  If you want to please leave comments, favorite and subscribe.

Just to answer one question this will be a Sookie and Godric pairing.

Warning: ***Violence/Blood***              

Summary: Formerly I Died in Dallas. While in Dallas, Sookie dies and rises as a vampire with Godric as her Marker. Little did they know it would only be the beginning. Adopted from Demon Flame. Based on the first three seasons ONLY.

She Died in Dallas by RN2017

Disclaimer: I don't own True blood, sadly.

Chapter Two: First Feed

Originally written by Demon Flame

 Everyone knows the phenomenon of trying to hold your breath underwater -- how at first it's alright and you can handle it, and then as it gets closer and closer to the time when you must breathe, how urgent the need becomes, the lust and the hunger to breathe. And then the panic sets in when you begin to think that you won't be able to breathe -- and finally, when you take in air and the anxiety subsides ... that's what it's like to be a vampire and need blood.

Francis Ford Coppola, Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Film and the Legend

Godric woke up about an hour before dusk in a panic. She was awake, she was wake far too early. He cursed under his breath. It looked like he would have to go hunting in the last rays daylight for his new progeny. Godric was deep under the ground, when he sensed her moving next him.

He reaches towards the ground beside him, finding a foot already moving out of his grasp. Godric tried to pull her closer and deeper into the ground with him. He didn't want his first progeny in a thousand years to burn in the sun. But he mistakenly released his grasp it one point, it was at that moment she was gone. She literally slipped through his fingers.

Godric had only made one other like him. He didn’t think that his new progeny would react that same way like his last one did. But she was something more extraordinary. However, he would have to wait. The sun’s rays held more sway over him than he first realized. One hand out of the ground and he began to burn. He cursed again.


Sookie ran as fast as her legs could carry her through the woods, she needed to put as much distance between herself and whatever that was as fast as possible. She busted from the tree line onto the steaming black asphalt looking like a deranged wild woman. Or at least, that was what the man in the pick-up thought as he slammed on his breaks to avoid hitting her. Sookie suppose it was a good thing there had been no one driving behind him and that he had his headlights on in the dimming light of the day.

She ran to his passenger side window that had been rolled down and clung to the side of the truck like a life line. "Please! help me!" He was hesitant, what with all the crazy people running around nowadays, I could be one of those crazy kids high on meth or cocaine.

 "Please, I-" The tears that had been threatening to spill since Sookie woke up finally fell. "I think I need to go to the hospital."

She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that thing that had grabbed her wasn't close by. And was pretty sure she left it back in the woods but it didn't alleviate her terror.

The man caved. "Hop on in." Sookie scrambled into the cab of his truck and hurriedly fastened her seat belt. She had just escaped death, there was no way she was going to die in a car crash. The man pulled away from his dime stop and glanced at me out of the corner of his eyes for several moments. Sookie had begun to shake as the adrenalin wore off. "What happened to you, girl?”

Poor thing... how old is she... where are her parents... is that blood... look at all that dirt... I hope it doesn't stain the seat... just bought this truck...

Sookie hiccupped and tried to stop her tears. "I don't remember." she said and looked down to her bloodied and dirt covered clothing. Had she been murdered? But that didn't make since, Sookie was still alive and other than severe mental trauma, she felt fine. "But, I think someone tried to bury me." A fresh wave of sobs wracked my body and she hugged myself.

The man's thoughts weren't helping. He was thinking of serial killers and cannibals and wondering if she had been raped. Sookie couldn't remember if she had, she didn't hurt down there, but she had never had sex before so she didn't know what to expect. He wanted to console her somehow, but didn't want to scare her so he made shushing sounds and promised that she was safe now. Sookie didn't feel safe. It felt like something more powerful than she could imagine would be coming for me soon.

The man, Leonard Polk, pulled out a cell phone and called the police saying that he was driving me to the hospital in Tyler. It was then Sookie realized she didn't know where she was and so she asked.

"Texas, just outside of Tyler." Sookie wasn't familiar with Texas in any capacity.

"But, I live in Louisiana." Her voice was small and sounded so lost that it caused Leonard a great swell of pity which only made her feel worse.

"Don't you worry none, sweetheart, the police'll find who did this to you."

Sookie nodded absently but said nothing further as we drove. Instead she watched the rays of the sun disappear over the horizon out of the window and thought of the hand that had grabbed her ankle. Someone had been buried with her and didn't want me to leave the grave. Whoever, whatever, it was, had tried to pull her back in, but the kicking had dislodged the hand and she had run without a look back. Sookie thumbed the hem of her once white tee shirt that was black with dirt and brown with dried blood. What had happened to me for someone to bury me out in the middle of nowhere like that? Whose blood was this if it wasn't mine? Was the one who did this to me in that grave with me? She thought.

The cab was almost completely dark now as the last rays of the sun disappeared over the horizon. She could see the twinkling lights of the small city ahead and hear the dull thump of Leonard's heartbeat. Wait, what? She glanced toward Leonard under her lashes so he wouldn't notice her staring at him. It would be rude to outright gawk and her Gran had raised a lady. Her eyes immediately zeroed in on the thick blue vain in his neck as it throbbed in time with his heart. She licked my lips as she watched the hypnotizing thump...thump...thump...thump of his pulse. Her gums itched with hunger that needed sating. She was staring now, out right and rudely staring.

"Hey, girl, are you alright? You're looking a little vacant." He said. Two long pointed teeth Sookie had never had before dropped with a soft click. "Oh, fuc-"

He never finished his sentence because she had launched myself into his lap and bit down over the beckoning artery in his neck right before the car crashed into a ditch on the side of the road. She moaned as the first wave of nectar filled my mouth. The apex where my legs joined together began to pulse painfully and she couldn't stop herself from grinding on Leonard. Had she been in the right mind, she never would have bit this man. Had she an inkling of what she was really doing, she would have jumped out of the truck while it was still moving. Had Sookie been of sound thought, her face would have turned hell-gate red as she writhed along this forty-two-year-old man with a wife and son waiting at home for him. But she wasn't in her right mind and while one hand held his head in place, the other worked his belt off. She was going to rape Leonard Polk.

Thankfully, a hand enclosed around her throat and ripped her away from the quickly fading Leonard. The same hand pinned her against the side of the truck as she clawed and snarled like a wild animal. She kicked out trying to hurt her attacker so that she could go back to Leonard.

"As your maker, I command you to be silent and be still."

To Be Continued…

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Author's Notes:  Again just a reminder, I will be reposting the entire chapters that have been already been posted. To the reposted chapters I will add a few paragraphs here and there but most it will read the same way. Also I’m going on a trip out of the country and will not be able to post until I come back.

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Summary: Formerly I Died in Dallas. While in Dallas, Sookie dies and rises as a vampire with Godric as her Marker. Little did they know it would only be the beginning. Adopted from Demon Flame. Based on the first three seasons ONLY.

She Died in Dallas by RN2017

Disclaimer: I don't own True blood, sadly.

Chapter Three: First Few Moments

Originally written by Demon Flame


Sookie Stackhouse: [In reference to Godric] He's your maker, isn't he?

Eric Northman: Don't use words you don't understand.

Sookie Stackhouse: You have a lot of love for him.

Eric Northman: Don't use words I don't understand.

- Eric and Sookie escaping the from Fellowship of the Sun. (True blood Season 2, Episode 8)


Sookie’s whole body froze in place and clarity returned to her once more. She was still pinned to the truck facing the tailgate end and the strong hand held her in place without any indication of letting up. Every fiber of her being wanted to turn and see who it was that held her but every one of those fibers refused to budge. Was she so afraid of the owner of the hand that she couldn't do anything but obey him? This whole experience was a nightmare, but she didn't think that was the reason her body refused to bend to her wishes. Whoever it was that had her felt inexplicably comforting. It reminded her of the hugs Gran would give her after her parents died, full of love and acceptance.

So wrapped up in her thoughts, she didn't realize whoever was the cause of her questions was talking. Not to her, but to Leonard. His slightly accented voice was calm but firm as he spoke. Sookie didn't hear all of what he told Leonard, just the tail end where he was instructed to call the police. Then she was dragged away from the bleeding Leonard and his wrecked truck into the field we had crashed beside. It was her fault that he had suffered, he should have just swerved around her and kept on driving. He didn't deserve to meet a monster like her. What was wrong with her where Sookie wanted to drink his blood and have sex with him at the same time?

She was spun around to face her captor. A teenager! He had to be about the same age as her. But where her skin was dark, baked by the sun, his was pale and glowed in the moonlight. Where she had blue eyes and long blonde hair, he had dark eyes and short chestnut-brown hair. He was my opposite in every way, down to his calm and slightly curious demeanor and her frantic and frightened actions. The boy pulled her flush against him and before she could ask who he was or what he thought he was doing, he lifted her up placing one of his arms under legs, carrying her bridal style and ran.

Sookie shrieked like a tea kettle and wrapped her arms around his neck for all she was worth. The wind whipped around us like them were in the middle of a tornado and then it stopped. She was reluctant to loosen her grip on the boy, whoever he was, but Sookie did turn her head, that had been buried in his chest, to peek an eye open. They were in the woods and even though the sun had set and the tree cover should have made it difficult to see, she could see everything. The animals scurrying around in the trees and on the ground, the stars in the sky that had never looked so bright. And she could hear and smell everything around her so much clearer. She looked around, completely forgetting that she was in the arms of a stranger. It was all so amazing until her eyes landed on the patch of upheaved earth.

It was her grave.

Sookie screamed and tried to scramble out of the boy’s arms. Whether she did it on her own power or he allowed her to get down, she don't know, but as soon as her feet touched the ground, his arm around her waist strengthened to steel. She wasn't going anywhere unless he wanted it.

"Calm yourself, my child." He hushed.

She paused in her struggling only to look over her shoulder at the boy. My child? He had to be the same age as she was. Redoubling her efforts of escape, she tried to claw at his arms. Sookie drew blood, but to her horror the flesh mended itself as though nothing had happened. She froze as a block of ice settled low in her stomach. She had never seen something like this, whatever was holding her wasn't human, that's for sure.

"What are you?" She must be having some out of body experience, because to her ears it sounded as though someone else had spoken.

"I am vampire." He replied.

Her entire being went numb with fear. Was he serious? A vampire!

"Are you going to kill me?" Crazy or actual vampire, he had proved how easily he could overpower her calling in to question his already unstable sanity probably wouldn't be in her best interest.

"You're already dead." He said, and released her. "I made you vampire.”

Sookie stumbled forward but caught herself before falling to the ground. Turning around, she looked to the vampire boy who had turned her. What she had thought before as just his pallor, was an actual glow, like there was a light on under his skin. There were also the tale-tell fangs. She looked down to her hands, but they didn't glow like the vampire's did. Was she really a vampire? She had run around while the sun was still up without any ill effects vampires usually felt but she had drunk Leonard's blood. Alright, so vampires really did exist, she thought, I could freak out about that later when I was alone.

"You were the one in the grave with me." Sookie stated, and looked to the grave.

"You killed me." She turned back to him with tears welling up in her eyes. "Why?"

He stared back at her impassively. "You do not remember?"

She searched his face for something, anything, some kind of clue to what happened to her. No memory surfaced, she couldn't remember what happened before she woke up buried alive (well, undead). Wait! she remembered. Sookie had come with Sam to Dallas for a convention, and she could vaguely remember getting a little lamented badge when we reached the hotel where the event was. But after that, it was all black. She looked down to her ruined clothes, she was wearing the white boat-neck shirt that she wore to work and a pair of denim shorts that came to mid-thigh but she didn't see her badge. Was this what I had worn that day? How long ago had that been? Where was Sam, was he alive? she thought.

The vampire seemed to reach the conclusion that she didn't remember. "I did not kill you. When I came upon you, you were near death."

Sookie hugged myself against a non-existent chill, and briefly wondered why she was neither hot nor cold when it was mid-June in the south. Maybe it was a vampire thing. "What happened to me?"

The vampire stepped forward slowly, as though she was a frightened animal. Everything in her screamed to run away from him as fast and as far as she could, he was the most dangerous being she had ever met. But, there was something inside of her that said he was safe, he was home. It was her blood; she could feel it pulling her toward him as it swam under her skin.

He was standing in front of Sookie and she was torn between leaning into him and taking a step back. "Two human women beat you to death." Her shock must have shown on her face because he lifted a hand up to cup her cheek. She could have kicked herself for leaning into his hand, but she couldn't seem to pull away.

"Why?" Her voice cracked as the tears began to leak from her eyes. "Why would they do that to me? How could anyone do that to someone?" 

"It is my understanding, that you outed some scheme of theirs. They were cruel women, my child, you won't have to worry about them any longer." He lifted his other hand to cup her free cheek and used his thumbs to brush away her tears.

She stumbled back out of his grasp in horror. "Did you kill them? Did I?" She had almost killed Leonard and he had been nothing but nice to her, she didn't want to think about what she could have done to a pair of women who had wronged her so.

The vampire's lips lifted upward and Sookie could feel the love he had for me heat her blood. It was such a strange feeling. "They are still alive. Battered as you were, you asked me to spare their lives and so I did. For you. They will be paying for their crimes through the human justice system for your murder."

Relief swept over her like standing in front of the air conditioning on a hot summer day. She didn't think she could bear it if she was the reason for the suffering of someone else, let alone two people (even if by all markers, they deserved it). When she opened my eyes it was to see that the vampire was smiling softly at her. "Why didn't you just let me die? You don't know me.” Besides her little disability, she was nothing special.

Her blood surged with affection and wonder from the vampire. "The scent of your blood is what drew me to you, but it was your tender heart that ensnared me. You are like the sun when I've only seen dark skies for over two thousand years. I couldn't simply allow your light to fade."

Could vampires blush? She was pretty sure she was, it sure felt like it. It was the nicest compliment anyone had ever paid her, and he was so sincere. Mostly, people thought and sometimes even commented out loud, on her gracious helping in the chest area, men, women and children. Her breasts were a major reason why she was tolerated in Bon Temps, the other two reasons being her horn dog of a brother and her saintly Gran. "What about my family," she looked to her right as though she was looking in their direction. There was nothing but forest for miles, but she felt that they lay that way.

The vampire's soft features melted into glass. "You cannot return. Your human life is over. I am your father, brother and son as you are my mother, sister and daughter. That is the relationship a maker and his child share."

Sookie shook her head and backed up a step. "But I have a brother, Jason and a Grandmother. They'll be waiting for me. I have a job and friends and a life." Two more steps back. "I can't just leave that all behind." she turned and bolted for the road that she had stumbled upon earlier in the day.

She hadn't made it three steps before Sookie slammed into a solid mass and fell down on her rear end. When she looked up, the vampire was standing before her. Known characteristics of vampires; blood drinkers, retractable fangs, glowing skin, severe sun and silver allergy and apparently super speed.

"That part of your life has passed, your new life has now begun. I am your family now, my other child, Eric, is now your brother." she wanted to run (a lot good that'd do her), but she also wanted to bury her head into his chest and cry. She fought against the latter impulse with every ounce of restraint she had.

Sookie scuttled back away from him doing an awful impression of a crab. "You've done this to other people?" She looked around to see if this other vampire was lurking somewhere in the dark, waiting to jump out and scare the bejeezubs out of her, but the coast looked clear.

The vampire walked toward me and with every step he took, she crab walked backward until she was pressed against the trunk of a tree. He crouched down in front of her with patience you show to a frightened child, which, she guesses that's what she was now. At least according to him. "I turned Eric a thousand years ago, the circumstances were different. You and he are the only vampires I've made."

This seemed to be some significant statement but it was lost on her, the only thing she caught from that was that her new 'brother' was old, really old. "A thousand years! How old are you? Who are you?" she couldn't very well call him vampire until the rapture.

The vampire reached out with one hand and took mine. Peace and contentment washed over me in a wave from the simple contact and against much inner protesting, she allowed him to pull her into a standing position. He pulled her close so that they weren't touching, but she still had to look up to him. "I am Godric and I was turned over two thousand years ago."

Two thousand years was a long time to wander around, would that happen to me? Would I still be walking around when there were people living on the moon and driving flying cars? she thought.

"That's an awful long time."

Godric's lips twitched upward again. "Yes, you said that the night I turned you."

She paused, there was a bad feeling rising up through the peace from Godric. "You mean last night?" She tried to tug her hand out of his grasp but she wasn't having any luck.

"No, it takes three nights to complete the transformation to vampire." Her stomach dropped right to the ground to lay at her feet.

Sookie's knees felt weak and she wondered if vampires could faint, probably not. She was shaping up to be a piss poor vampire so far. His free hand found her other and it seemed to help the dizzy feeling in her head pass. "I'm really a vampire?"


"And I can't ever see anyone from my old life again?"


"But, I never wanted to be a vampire." She tried to argue, as though that would change the past. She didn't want to drink blood and only walk around at night and sleep in a coffin. "Oh God, will I have to sleep in a coffin?" That thought held massive unappealing.

"In time, you may be able to get one last look at your family. Newborn vampires are dangerous and volatile, anything can trigger your bloodlust. I do not wish to see you go through the pain of hurting your human loved ones." He tucked one dirty lock of hair behind her ear. "In this age, you do not have to sleep in a coffin or crypt. I sleep in a bed with light tight shades on the windows of my room, but for many centuries I slept in the ground."

She wrinkled my nose at having to wake up like every night. Then Sookie got a good look at Godric. He looked a bit dusty but nowhere near as dirty as she did. "Did you take a shower before you came to find me?" Could I take one too? She thought.

He was smiling again. "Practice." Sookie thought probably looked like a zombie in comparison to him. "Let us return to my home and you can get cleaned up."

Sookie looked down at her ruined clothes, he probably didn't have anything for her to wear and she wanted to ask him. But a more pressing need arose. It almost felt like a menstrual cramp with the way it twisted and clenched, but it was higher and in her stomach. Following this train of thought lead to two conclusions and she wasn't sure which one caused her to burst into tears, but she cried all the same.

"What pains you so, Sookie?" Godric said, his hands tightening around her smaller ones. He must think her a fool, almost everyone did sooner or later.

"I'll never have babies and I'm hungry!" Sookie wailed and buried she head into his chest with her eyes clenched shut. She was such a mess it would have been a miracle if she could have found a man to have babies with in the first place.

To his credit, Godric didn't stiffen and awkwardly pat her head as Jason would have done. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled Sookie into his comforting embrace. "I'm afraid I can only help with the later."

That did actually help brighten my mood, She’d never been so hungry before. "It would be weird if you tried to help with the baby part." Sookie mumbled into his sopping wet shirt. Pulling back, she wiped the tears from her face before finally opening them.

Godric's shirt was soaked in blood, looking down, she saw that her hands were just as red. Alarm rose in her like Lazarus from his grave and Sookie wiped at her face furiously trying to find where she’d been hurt. Was this Leonard's blood or had I been covered in it the whole time? she thought.

"Calm yourself," Godric said, and took her hands in his again. Tranquility rolled through her blood at his words. "Now that you are vampire, you will cry tears of blood."

"That's really gross."

Another twitch of his lips. "Come, you are hungry." He tugged me closer to his body and she let him. Sookie felt like a bad girl, being so close with a boy she had just met. What would Gran think?

"I don't want to hurt anyone else." Not that she saw anyone else around.

Godric reached up to his neck and in one swift movement sliced open an artery. His blood was darker and thicker than Leonard's. It trailed sluggishly down the pale column of his neck. It smelt different too, but what, she wasn't sure. "In time, you will learn how to leave the humans alive without draining them completely." He said, one of his hands sliding up her neck and into her rat's nest hair. "For now, you may drink from me."

This should be disgusting, repulsive. But she still found herself licking her lips as her eyes followed the blood. Sookie stood on her tip toes and licked the wine red liquid up his throat until she reached the quickly closing slice. Godric's blood was rich and hearty and as she bit into his neck, she wondered if she could get by with only drinking from him. One of her hands fisted into his wet shirt while the other wrapped around his side to settle between his shoulder blades. A moan rumbled in her chest as she swallowed her first mouthful.

She didn't want blood to taste so good, like liquid life itself was flowing down her throat. But it was, she had never tasted anything so decadent to compare it to. Sookie had also never been so aroused. It must be a vampire thing because despite her will, she still found her nipples pebbled and her hips grinding into Godric's. It probably would have been easier to resist if he wasn't reciprocating her actions with equal fever. She needed to stop or she’d end up doing something she’d really regret. Also, Godric was her vampire dad now and while she wasn't sure on the etiquette concerning that relationship, she did know she’d be saddled with him for a very long time.

After my second mouthful, she pushed away from him with great reluctance. Godric had moved both hands down to her hips and while he allowed the distance, he didn't release her. Sookie ended up staring at a damp, red splotch on his shirt with her hands on his chest. This night was wild enough without adding sex to the list.

"Let's get you cleaned up, Sookie."

She nodded without looking up at him, too embarrassed by her actions. He must think her a loose woman to rub herself all over him like that. Of course she wasn't, but he didn't know that. He didn't know that she had only ever kissed one boy and at the time Joey Daniels had been picturing his cousin, Luke. He didn't know that her first encounter with the sexual was when she heard the extremely inappropriate thoughts of her great-uncle and that as a result all prospective relationships had been tainted with 'what if's'. All he knew was that she was sweet, a vampire, and had writhed against him like a cat in heat.

These thoughts were interrupted when the hands on her hips pulled her flush against the cool and hard body of his once more. She forced myself to look up to meet his eyes. They were kind and full of love, it made all her negative emotions ebb away. "Hold on tight, my child."


Sookie shrieked like a tea kettle as he bent his knees and shot them into the sky like a rocket. Because her arms had clamped around him like an anaconda, she could feel him shaking with laughter.

To Be Continued…

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Summary: Formerly I Died in Dallas. While in Dallas, Sookie dies and rises as a vampire with Godric as her Marker. Little did they know it would only be the beginning. Adopted from Demon Flame. Based on the first two seasons ONLY.

She Died in Dallas by RN2017

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Chapter Four: First Night (Part 1)


The only vampire, a vampire can trust is the vampire he made.

- Eric feeding off of Hadley (True blood Season 3, Episode 7)

"Sookie, we've landed." Godric whispered in her ear.

Her feet might be touching the ground (well, not quiet. She had wrapped her legs around Godric's hips at some point) and her nails may have drawn blood, but her lifeless heart was still plummeting from the six-hundred-foot drop. Sookie wondered how far her screams had carried as they flew, surely someone must have called something in. She had screamed herself horse and probably damaged Godric's hearing in the process. Though, she couldn't feel too guilty about that as he gave her no warning that he would be flying them to his home.

"As much as I enjoy you wrapped around me like this." Godric said, his cool lips brushing the shell of her ear. "Perhaps my front yard isn't the best place." She hadn't realized that his hands were cupping her hind quarters until he gave them a firm squeeze.

With a yelp, Sookie fell to the grass. At this point, grass stains would be a welcome splash of color to her wardrobe. She scrambled to her feet and glowered at the amused vampire before her.

"A little warning next time would be appreciated." Sookie said with her hands on her hips. Maybe tomorrow she would cringe about scolding a vampire who was two thousand years her senior, but tonight, he was getting a piece of her mind. "I've had enough surprises for one night, thank you." 

"My apologies, Sookie." He sure didn't look sorry. "Next time, I promise to give you adequate warning.”

She took a step back and gave an apprehensive glance to the night sky as though it would suck her back up into its inky blackness. "Next time?"

Godric ignored her question and began walking toward what must have been his house. It was a ranch style house that had more windows than walls. And here all this time she had thought 'glass house' was just a phrase. Sookie wondered how all those windows would work once the sun was up as she followed him inside. Neutral whites and gray's wall to wall, it was a far cry from Gran's house with the walls covered in family photos and the worn furniture that had lasted at least three generations. Everything was clean lines with minimal personality. Did Godric really live here, it didn't look like anyone lived here, there wasn't a personal touch in sight?

"Godric, you've returned." She turned to see a thin Hispanic woman in a sleek dress and high heels walk into the room. She was beautiful and her eyes were focused on me. A faint whisper of Spanish drifted through her mind. Living in Bon Temps, she didn't often come across someone who spoke English as a second language, but when she did, she only heard their thoughts in their native language. This woman was no different as it turned out so she didn't pay attention to the foreign words.

"Yes. Have there been any disturbances during my absence?" Godric asked, before turning to his right and leading the other woman and Sookie to what appeared to be an office. It was just as stream-lined as the rest of the house. In fact, she was the only thing out of place.

Godric took a seat at the glass desk and opened the thin and undoubtedly, expensive, laptop while the woman stood before the desk respectfully. Feeling supremely awkward, she hovered by the open door way and tried not to get anything dirty.

"There are two petitions for residence, I've looked over them both and they are now awaiting your approval. The King called and left a message to return his call at your earliest convenience. Sheriff Northman, in Louisiana called as well and is waiting to hear from you." The woman glanced to her again, her sparkling dark eyes taking in Sookie’s dirty form. She tried not to fold in on herself, but it appeared to be a losing battle when faced with someone like her.

Godric had been nodding along while doing whatever he was doing on that laptop. "Is there anything else?"

The woman frowned and gave her another look over before reaching over to the desk and grabbing a small TV remote. She aimed it at one of the interior walls by her and the television Sookie hadn't noticed before flicked on. A man with a head full of dark, thick brown hair and a lot of glowing white teeth sat at a desk with a woman equally as groomed.

"Local law enforcements are still searching for the body of a 19-year-old waitress from Bon Temps, Louisiana. The young woman was reported missing Tuesday evening by her employer. It was soon discovered that she was abducted from the parking lot of the Sandy Shore's Hotel where she and her employer were attending a convention."

Two pictures of women she couldn't recall replaced the news anchors. Both were bottled blonde with dark tans. The first one was probably a couple years her senior and the second looked old enough to know better than to wear that much make up. The pictures were mug shots.

"Patricia Lodder and Marian Kitsch were arrested this morning in connection, both women admit to savagely beating the younger woman but claim that she was still alive when they left her. Police Chief Evanovich released a statement this morning after Lodder and Kitsch's arrest that it was unlikely the young woman survived the attack."

"You hate to hear that, Jim. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family in this difficult time. If you have any information in regards to this case, call the police."

The TV flicked off and she was staring at a smooth black screen embedded in the wall. "That's me." Sookie said in a voice squeaky.

Sookie was ignored as the other vampire returned the remote to Godric's desk. "The investigating officers and news stations have been glamoured according to your instruction. No one will recognize her," She cast Sookie another glance and this time she could discern the questions that lay just beyond her dark eyes.

"Very good," Godric said. "Did you pick up the clothing as I asked you to?"

The woman nodded and finally Godric turned to address her. "Would you like to get cleaned up? We still have much to discuss before the approaching dawn." Sookie nodded because she didn't trust her voice not to come out like Minnie Mouse again. "Isabel, escort Sookie to my quarters?"

Isabel turned in her shiny alligator heels and lead her out of the office and into the back of the house. Godric's room was at the end of the hall. "Your new clothes are on the desk. Once you have finished, return to Godric in his study." Isabel said, and then spun on her heel and left her standing alone in the hall.

Sookie wouldn't necessarily call her unfriendly, Isabel was just... vampire? Godric was the same almost, maybe it was a vampire thing. But then, did that mean I would turn out to be like them? Sookie hoped not, it seemed awful boring. She opened the door to Godric's room and was greeted with more clean lines and muted earth tones. Would it kill (again) someone to add something personal?

Isabel Beaumont was not surprised when Godric did come back on the first night. It was something he did once in a while, leaving without warning. But he always left a message behind on her desk or call her just after he had left. But she was surprised when Godric didn’t come back on the second night, she became concerned. He had left a message a quickly written note with instructions on it but no explanations. It was like Godric not to check in at least once during his walkabouts.

However, she reminded herself that Godric was one of the oldest vampires on this side of the world, it is disappearances from time to time shouldn’t concern her much. It was on the third night that you sent word to the community in and surrounding Dallas.  She’d become more than concerned.

She even more surprising Godric came walking to the door, bloody, dirty, and looking a bit worse for wear near hour after she woke up. And what had followed him was young woman in her mid 20s, average height, blond hair, striking blue eyes, and curvy but not heavy. She smelled of dirt and blood and death but most of all Godric.

Isabel tuned her senses to gear exactly what the woman was. And that is when she found it, the scent of the newly turned vampire. The woman beside Godric was his new progeny.

"Godric, you've returned." she stated.

Godric hadn’t agreed to making a vampire in over eight hundred years, even through Isabel and the others urged him to. The last one he made was over thousand years ago. They worried he was becoming too alone, even inside the nest. A newborn would have given him an interest, a purpose beyond vampire politics, to combat the terrible weariness that eventually overcame ancient vampires. But he brushed off the idea. He seemed offended by the idea at the time. But Isabel looked at the woman in front of her. It seemed that Godric changed his mind.

She knew of his only other progeny Eric Northman, the Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana. And if Isabel recalled correctly Eric Northman was over thousand years old, and tonight he gained a sibling. She looked pretty, but did she have a brain? Isabel thought.

The woman across from her squinted her eyes slightly at her mental question. 

"Yes. Have there been any disturbances during my absence?" Godric asked. Godric took a seat at the glass desk and opened the thin laptop while Isabel stood before the desk respectfully, mindful of the newborn behind her.

"There are two petitions for residence, I've looked over them both and they are now awaiting your approval. The King called and left a message to return his call at your earliest convenience. Sheriff Northman, in Louisiana called as well and is waiting to hear from you." Isabel glanced at the newborn again, her eyes taking in the newborn’s dirty form.

Godric had been nodding along while doing whatever he was doing on that laptop. "Is there anything else?"

Isabel frowned and gave Sookie another look over before reaching over to the desk and grabbing a small TV remote. She aimed it at one of the interior walls by the young woman and the television flicked on. A man with a head full of dark, thick brown hair and a lot of glowing white teeth sat at a desk with a woman equally as groomed.

The television was on a news station, Isabel, Godric, and the newborn watch as the news reported on the newborn disappearance in circumstances surrounding it.

“That's me." the newborn said, in a voice squeaky.

"The investigating officers and news stations have been glamoured according to your instruction. No one will recognize her," Isabel continued. She followed everything to the letter, she always did.

"Very good," Godric said. "Did you pick up the clothing as I asked you to?"

Isabel nodded then Godric turned to address the newborn behind her. "Would you like to get cleaned up? We still have much to discuss before the approaching dawn." the young woman nodded. "Isabel, escort Sookie to my quarters?"

Isabel nodded and turned in her alligator heels. She led Sookie out of the office and into the back of the house. Once at the end of the hall and said, "Your new clothes are on the desk. Once you have finished, return to Godric in his study."  Isabel spun on her heel and left the newborn standing alone in the hall.

Isabel didn’t know what to make of the young newborn. But once thing was for certain, Godric, being the vampire he was, would not leave her to fend on her own. She hoped. 

To Be Continued…