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The Arrangement

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Kurosaki was thrilled for the second half of the match to start. It was the finals of the Holy Road tournament and Seidouzan was facing Raimon. This was more than a match to determine which team is the strongest in the country, but also to prove whose ideal was right, Fifth Sector's vs Resistance's.

At this point however, Kurosaki felt that she could care less about anything other than playing against Raimon. Ishido Shuuji had expressed his confidence in them and allowed them to make their own decisions on the field to defeat Raimon. Part of her felt confuse because the order did not sound like what the Fifth Sector was about. However, the part that was excited to continue the match with Raimon overruled that.

Unfortunately, all that was dampened when an official whom Kurosaki recognized to be close to Senguuji Daigo appeared and stopped them in their path.

"I'm afraid that there has been a change in the coaches and players for Seidouzan. All of you are being replaced." The official smirked as his words drew shocked, disbelieving and indignant looks from Saginuma and the Seidouzan soccer team.

"What is the meaning of this?" Saginuma demanded. "There's no way Ishido-san will allow this!"

"It isn't. Someone higher than him had sanctioned it."

Kurosaki stiffened, realizing who they were talking about. At the same time, several players came in through another corridor. Her eyes narrowed when she recognized one of them and growled, startling her teammates. "Senguuji Yamato."

Said pink haired boy smirked down at her. "Kurosaki Makoto."

"You two know each other?" Masaki asked his captain, suspicion and rage barely concealed.

"You could say that." Senguuji answered before Kurosaki could.

Kurosaki clenched her jaw and made a small gesture at him. "If you don't mind, I think a private word with you is warranted."

"If it doesn't take too long for me get ready for the second half, I don't mind." Senguuji answered back with a careless wave.

Ignoring the looks of her teammates, Kurosaki led Senguuji back to Seidouzan's locker room and locked the door behind them. Once done, she spun on Senguuji with an angry look, something uncharacteristic of her. "What is the meaning of this? Why would your father replace us when we are already through with the first half?!"

Senguuji folded his arms across his chest with his infuriating, arrogant smirk. "You have to blame your coach and yourself on this one. If you had only followed the Fifth Sector's soccer thoroughly and crushed Raimon by now, my father would not have to find reason for Dragonlink to replace you."

"I don't believe you." Kurosaki hissed back.

"Call Ishido-san if you don't believe me." Senguuji said dismissively, leaning against one of the lockers looking bored. Reluctantly, the brunet captain pulled out her phone from her bag and dialed her coach's number despite the chances of him picking up are small. But he did.

"Kurosaki, what is it?"

Kurosaki flinched at Ishido's sharp tone. "I'm sorry, Seitei. But is it true that we are being replaced by Dragonlink?"

Ishido was quiet on the line but when he spoke again, he sounded sorrowful and guilty. "I'm sorry, Kurosaki. But as of now, I am no longer Seidouzan's coach. Senguuji Daigo will take over with Dragonlink. I'm sorry."

Kurosaki's eyes became wide in shock and she lowered her phone, not caring if Ishido was still on the line. She snapped out of her shock when Senguuji plucked the phone out of her hand.

"Hey Ishido-san, give the phone to my dad."

There was a sound of surprise and displeasure on Ishido's side but the phone was soon passed to Senguuji's father.

"Give me back my phone!" Kurosaki tried to take her phone back but Senguuji shoveled her against one of the lockers, pinning her there with one hand while leaning away with the phone to his ear on the other side.

"Hey father…hm…yes…yes…don't worry, I'll be there in time…yes, she's with me…Ok, I'll tell her that." Senguuji hung up and slipped the phone into Kurosaki's pocket, careful to ignore her death glare. Surprisingly, the girl had a powerful death glare despite her calm, composed personality.

"What does your father want with me!?"

"Hm? Oh, dad asked me to tell you that after the Holy Road tournament, you have to represent your team tonight at the Fifth Sector gala where we will celebrate our victory against Raimon and the end of the my date, Mako-chan." Senguuji's smirk grew when Kurosaki grimaced at his pet name for her.

"You can't expect not to be invited. After all, Seidouzan is supposed to be the symbol of the Fifth Sector's power."

"Aren't you stripping that with Dragonlink?" Kurosaki hissed, struggling against Senguuji's grip that was keeping her pinned to the locker.

"We are still playing the match under Seidouzan. The team has been changed, but the name hasn't." Senguuji shrugged and sneered at her. "During the gala, we will final shut down Raimon and the Resistance. Also, we will expose Ishido Shuuji as a traitor to the Fifth Sector."

Kurosaki's eyes snapped wide open at the last part. "What do you mean!?"

"Ishido Shuuji is not who he says he is. His real identity is Gouenji Shuuya. His real motive for joining the Fifth Sector is to destroy it from within."

Senguuji could not deny that he enjoyed the look of betrayal that crossed Kurosaki's face. When she thought about it now, it was Ishido who taught her Bakunetsu Storm which is Gouenji Shuuya's hissatsu. Also, the way he told them to handle the second half was not something the Fifth Sector encouraged. Realization dawned on her that all this time Ishido-no, Gouenji, had been pushing them to real soccer under the guise of the Fifth Sector's soccer.

Leaning in closer, he whispered. "See, this is why your team has to be replaced. You are not a real symbol of the Fifth Sector. You are merely a stepping stone for him to accomplish his goals."

Without her realizing, Senguuji released her and was about to leave when Kurosaki said something that stopped him in his tracks.

"I had fun."

Senguuji instantly spun back around sharply. "What?"

Kurosaki lifted her head defiantly at him. "I had fun playing off against Raimon. I don't care if I was playing Fifth Sector soccer or real soccer. What matters is that my team and I had fun!"

This drew an annoyed look from Senguuji. "So?"

"Seitei-no, Gouenji-san and Raimon showed me how fun soccer can be. If they can do that, I am willing to bet that the more you underestimate them, the more painful your downfall will be."

Senguuji's face contorted into an angry glare and stormed back over to her. "Take that back!"

"Why should I?" Kurosak challenged, maintaining her defiant look. "You will lose to Raimon. And it's not because they are stronger than Dragonlink, but because their feelings for soccer is stronger."

In response, Senguuji slammed a fist on the locker, just inches above Kurosaki's head. "Oh, and how would you know? Fifth Sector's soccer will prevail and Raimon will be crushed by our hands." He clenched his other fist around Kurosaki's wrist tightly to prove his point.

With the death grip around her wrist, Kurosaki nearly cried out in pain but shoveled it down. She was not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her in pain. So she schooled her face into a neutral glare.

The two soccer players stared down at each other, unwilling to back down. Unfortunately for the goalkeeper, he had to admit defeat this time around if he wanted to get back in time for the second half to start.

Reluctantly, Senguuji broke off his glare and released Kurosaki. "The second half of the match is starting. Don't worry, I won't go easy on Raimon like you did and I will crush them. Keep in mind that the arrangement between the both of us will go on for as long as my father sees fit."

This snapped Kurosaki to attention when his last words registered in her mind. "It was supposed to lapse at the Holy Road Finals!"

"Not anymore." Senguuji casted her one more infuriating smirk before leaving to join his team on the field.

Kurosaki gritted her teeth and smashed her fist on one of the lockers. "And to think I was beginning to like you…"