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To Be Human Is To Go Viral

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“Come in, Molly. You know the drill.” Sherlock says after opening the door. He drops his bag in the foyer, then runs up the winding staircase of his huge home, and into his bedroom. Molly follows him with excited footsteps.

“Today is the day, Sherlock! I can’t wait to put this thing online. Already got one thousand subscribers from my last video so hopefully we can get some more..." Sherlock sheds his ballet gear in favor of a more comfortable grey t-shirt and plaid pajama pants. He rustles around while Molly chatters away.

“Mmm. Yes, I Knew you could do it, Molly.”

“Thank you again for agreeing to do this for me, Sherlock.” Molly opens her laptop and connects herself to the Holmes family WiFi. She makes herself at home on his bed.

“No problem, Molly.”

Molly insists. “Really, you are so kind Sherlock. Even underneath all that...haughty-poshness. I know you loved making the dance video. It shows in your face throughout every take!” Molly jests, but her words have truth. Sherlock takes it lightly.

After meeting Molly a few years ago, he has been able to get better at social cues, and he owes her for that. She was patient enough to deal with him when they were transitioning teenagers all the way to young adulthood now, and that was something he knew was not easy. He was a nightmare back then.

Plus, he really had enjoyed making the video with her. Their Romeo and Juliet duet was truly something else. People in the dance company who have seen it during rehearsals are already raving about it.

Mrs. Hudson, their instructor, gave them the lead roles in the studio’s production of the Shakespeare ballet for their senior performance this year. It was a huge honor, as well as one of the most difficult things Sherlock has ever taken on in his dance career. The role is taxing on the body, and requires years of experience to pull it off. Usually young dancers did not dance this role. Sherlock and Molly had proven themselves, though as being the best two dancers in the entire dance academy.

Then the idea of putting a short video on youtube came to Molly as they were finishing up rehearsal for the duet. Molly just started a YouTube channel a few weeks ago which was convenient for them. They could just upload it to her channel that was already devoted to showcasing her dancing and piano covers. Molly asked Sherlock if he would be willing to make a video, and at first he was reluctant. He was bullied in primary school for being a dancer, and it didn't exactly help him in secondary either.

Eventually, Molly coaxed Sherlock out of his shell, saying that this was the last time they would be able to dance together before they went their separate ways for uni. So they set off on making the video as good as possible. Full costumes and  professional cameras were used to boost the production quality. Most of the effort of editing was put on Molly, but she pulled through. The finished product completely surprised Sherlock. 

Molly is certain this video is go going to go viral, but Sherlock isn't so sure at first. It’s a great video, but he’s been watching YouTube for a while now. What were the chances that their classical ballet routine would go viral? Not very big. Still, if Molly firmly believed it, then so could he.

Speaking of YouTube, Sherlock remembers that today is Friday. He grabs his laptop from his desk, and jumps onto his bed next to Molly. “Turn that off. It’s Friday.” He doesn’t need to explain any further. Molly knows the drill. It’s been the same as always since freshman year, where their favorite YouTuber uploads a new video at this time. She shoves her computer away and settles in next to Sherlock who pulls up the newest video, posted just thirty seven minutes ago.

“Hey Watsonaters, It’s John Watson!”  It cuts to the intro where the theme music plays. Molly hums along to the catchy tune. Sherlock pretends to act "above it all" when he rolls his eyes. (He does actually enjoy John Watson). It's just best to hide it as much as possible.

“Today I am happy to announce something amazing with you guys. First, let me get my all time bestest friend in the world ever to join me in here. Greeeeeeg Lestrade!”

Greg runs onto the screen and screams “Cannonball!” and in a high- energy induced moment, he tackles John off screen.


The video cuts to them sitting side by side on John’s bed looking a bit ruffled. John's blonde hair is sticking up in all different directions and Greg’s shirt is unbuttoned at the top.  “Ha! Greg's a nutcase! Sorry about that. Anyway, guess what guys? As I said earlier, Greg and I have a HUGE announcement.”

“We’re getting married!” Greg stands up, pulls his trousers down to reveal rainbow colored pants, and throws his arms into the air.

John looks at the camera, clearly alarmed. “Uh, no. That’s not it Greg.”

“Oh, right, right. Sorry bruh.” He makes a motion with his hand over his mouth like he is zipping his lips and pulls his clothes back on. "Forgot we're keeping that on the downlow."

Greg puts his arm around John, but the blonde scoots away. "Uh, yeah, sure...This is getting weird now, bro."

It gets quiet. Greg smiles at the camera. The video cuts and the background music continues to play. 

“Anyway! To celebrate both of our semi-retirement from youtube, we are doing something entirely new for the fanbase. Over five years, I have gotten a total of twenty million subscribers."

"-And I've got seventeen million for the Gregang! So we thought it would be a brilliant idea if we..."

“GO ON TOUR!” they both yell, Greg stands up and throws the covers off of the freshly made bed.

John feigns distress. “I just made those, man!”

Greg throws his head back as if he was about to unleash a war cry. “TOOOOUUUR!”  

The energy rubs off on John, and they spend the next thirty seconds tackling each other and throwing things around his room while screaming, “TOUR! TOUR! TOUR!”Greg's trousers even find a way to get pulled down again. Sherlock rolls his eyes, but with a fond smile on his face. Molly cracks up at their antics. He supposes Greg can afford to show off his "goods" he is obviously not bad to look at, as Sherlock has noticed.

John is known for his super energetic style, and LA- boy attitude. Except there is one thing that separates him from the other idiots online, in Sherlock’s opinion. John is talented. Yeah, he's kind of full of it. He knows he is good looking, and he catches all the girls attention, but he is so full of life, kindness, and positivity that it is hard to not feel good after watching him for ten minutes.

He can dance so well, that it was actually the first thing that caught Sherlock’s attention about the YouTuber star. Five years ago, when he and John were both young teens, John posted a video of himself dancing to Michael Jackson. It drew in millions of views within weeks. He shot to fame after posting a series of talent-filled content such as him singing Elton John covers and some comedy skits. He was even on the Ellen show once.

Sherlock was left starstruck over him because John wasn’t a jerk like a lot of the young internet stars were. He touched many people’s hearts, young and old and that made him a genuine good guy. Greg was good too, if a little more prone to getting in trouble than his best friend. John Watson and his best friend Greg started collabing when they gained popularity, bringing in millions of viewers for both channels over the years. 

“Guys, over the past five years, it’s been one hell of a ride.” Greg says once they settle down. The room is now a total wreck behind them.

“Yeah, one hell of a ride here on this loco social media train. Greg and I are so blessed with all the support you’ve given us. We wouldn’t be here without you. Honestly.”

“Plus you pay our bills.”

We’re still in high school, Greg. We don’t pay bills.”

“Right. But if we had bills to pay, it would be thanks to you.” He points at the camera, flashing his “lady catcher” as he once called it, smile. He's such a flirt.

“What we mean to say is thank you so much because without you, I wouldn’t have been able to afford school for the next four years on my own. As you all know, I have always wanted to be a doctor." John stands up on his bed and puts his hands on his hips. " I want to be a surgeon out there in the battlefield, defending our country from terrorists and saving lives.”  He playfully acts like he has put Greg in a chokehold. "America!"


“Ha! Sorry dude." Greg is released.  "So yeah, um, because of the success of this YouTube channel, you’ve made my dreams come true by raising enough money for me to go to medical school and for Greg to go to college for criminal justice. I know, I know. So many people have asked for me to stay on social media and to pursue it full time. But I think that good things, just like bad things, eventually come to end right? Greg and I are still the two poor kids from the block at heart. We want to follow our passion in actual fields of study rather than waste our lives in the LA-glamour scene. Plus I will still post occasionally, just not every week like I have been doing for the past five years.” 

“Yeah. My boy needs to focus on school bruh!” Greg pounds John on the back. They are so filled with testosterone, there is no doubt about that. Maybe they are just “super pumped” as they put it, to be announcing the tour. John smiles into the camera. “That’s right. Greg already announced that he is doing the same thing on his channel a couple minutes ago.”

“Go watch it!”

“Always self promote. Respect, man.”

They bro fist each other.

“Okay so here’s how it’s gonna be. Once we graduate in two months, John and I are gonna take exactly one month to prepare to go on a world tour together. and just be warned- WE ARE LEAVING NO SURVIVORS!” Greg goes into a throwing fit again and drags John into it- again. And The clothes come off-again.

It cuts to them minutes later, panting from jumping on John's bed that looks practically destroyed now.

“Yeah. So, uh, this is our one last 'hoorah'  I guess before we leave for college!”

“The dates and locations will be in the description below, and just know that this is a low cost tour for the fans and I’ve been told by my manager several times that there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t sell out at every location. The tickets are only ten dollars! So get them before they sell out!”

“YEAH BOY” Greg pounds his chest.  “Tickets go on sale one hour after this video is uploaded. Notification squad, good luck to all the Watsonaters and the Gregang!”

The rest of the video is John and Greg throwing their belongings and getting pumped for the tour.

Sherlock and Molly are both stunned into shock equally. It just seems too good to be true. Molly is the first to react, and she clicks on the description underneath the video. Sure enough, the tickets are going on sale in less than ten minutes.

“Oh my god they are seriously going on a tour! It's called...Viral Teens World Tour. Look!"

"They're coming to London?" Sherlock's heart skips a beat.

"We can get tickets for the Concert Hall in July.”

“Do it Molly!” He grabs his discarded school pants from the floor and digs out his credit card from his pocket. He gives it to Molly who takes it with eager hands. She turns to the laptop before pausing, her brow furrowing. “We’ll have to take Eurus.” Molly says, with a slightly warning tone.

Sherlock rolls his head back. He almost forgot. “Ugh, You’re right. Mummy will throw a fit if we don’t. Just get three tickets then.”

The countdown begins for the tickets.

Mummy makes Sherlock take Eurus anywhere he goes if it is a social event. She says she is worried Eurus may never find a way to connect herself to people if she doesn’t go out more and since Sherlock and Mycroft have found a way-somewhat- to blend in with people, she switches off on assigning them both to babysitting their sixteen year old sister. Mummy just doesn’t want Eurus to live inside her own head all the time. It’s really not Eurus's fault though, as she is possibly ten times smarter than Sherlock. He'll just never admit it out loud. She is smarter and more prone to feeling less in her heart and more in the brain, which makes for embarrassing and awkward social interactions.

“Right.” Molly waits until the countdown ends, and quickly clicks to buy the tickets. As she is putting in Sherlock’s debit card information, Sherlock's anxiousness causes him to twist his hands in his shirt. “Please hurry!”

“I’m trying !” The ticket counter on the top of the screen is going wild, as fans are buying up the tickets. It’s only been twenty seconds since the tickets went on sale and there are so many tickets gone already. Sherlock's toes curl.

“There are seats available in the orchestra view.”

“Get them!”

Molly clicks to purchase, but the button doesn’t respond. “No no no! Come on!”

The screen keeps saying that his card can’t be accepted on two different accounts. But he hasn’t used it for another account. It must be a mistake. They are losing time. Suddenly, the ticket counter fills up.  All it says at the top of the screen is, SOLD OUT in bright red letters.

“What? That’s outrageous! It’s been only thirty seconds!” 

Sherlock’s heart sinks. Molly looks heartbroken. “That was probably our only chance at getting to meet them.”

Sherlock grabs the laptop from her and clicks around . “There must be a mistake. It was counting that there were approximately one hundred tickets taken within the first twenty seconds. That doesn’t make sense that in less than five seconds, three thousand tickets were sold.”

“One person bought them then. That’s the only reasonable explanation.” Molly says woefully. She leans back.  “John Watson is such a generous person to purposely underprice his tickets so that all fans can afford to see him. He doesn’t need the money. He was doing this out of gratitude! Now some greedy pig goes and buys all of the tickets. Probably so he can sell them online at a higher price.”

Sherlock sets his laptop down and shuts it. “No, this doesn’t make sense. One person can’t have bought them all at once. There was a limit for each account. Five tickets max.” Sherlock heads to the door.

“Where are you going?” Molly starts to get up.

Sherlock pauses with his hand on the door. He takes a deep breath as if what he is about to say is physically hurting him. “I usually  never ask for favors...but I’m going to see if Mycroft is in his room.” Lifting his chin like he is trying to gather what remains of his pride, Sherlock throws open the door and runs out, unknowingly straight into a mass of long, dark curls.


Sherlock and Eurus tumble to the ground in a heap of sibling limbs and dark, mussed up hair. Eurus grunts, and pulls herself up off of her older brothe. She accidently smacked her chin on his shoulder, and is rubbing the pain away. “Could you run any faster?"

“Eurus!” Sherlock stands and shakes himself off. “What have I told you about lurking outside of my bedroom door!" He scolds. "Make yourself known. Don’t linger and eavesdrop. It’s strange behavior!”

Eurus huffs and rolls her eyes. “I was not lingering, Sherlock. At least not this time. Not everything is about you!" Her bright blue eyes dart to Molly, who is now on the edge of Sherlock’s bed after hearing the commotion outside. Sherlock catches the slight tightening of Eurus’s lips at the corners. Eurus sees Sherlock’s knowing look, and averts her eyes to her feet.

“I was on my way to Mycroft’s room.”

 She’s telling the truth. “What for?”

“None of your business!” Eurus keeps her head down, pushes Sherlock out of the way, and runs down the corridor to Mycroft's.

 “That was...very Eurus.” Unfortunately, Molly is quite to moments like these in the Holmes household. This incident was nothing compared to the Holmes' family dinners.

Sherlock doesn't look back at Molly. Instead he is staring down the hallway Eurus has just disappeared to. “Did you see that?” He says increduously.

“I did… she’s still the same as any other day. Terribly awkward.”

“No. Although that's true. But I think she was also trying to buy tickets.” 

“For what?"

"For the olympics Molly! No, I mean for the John Watson tour,of course."

"What? How do you guess that? She doesn't even like him. She's said it only about a thousand times over the past few years."

"Molly, you oblivious little bird. She may not like him, but she knows someone who does..."

"I feel like there is something I am not getting here."

Sherlock faces her and puts his hands under his chin like he usually does when he is deducing. "My account was being used in two different accounts at the same time. Eurus must know all of my credit card information, since she doesn’t have her own yet. It couldn’t have been hard to steal my card from my wallet at some point and memorize the number and security code. She couldn’t get the tickets, just like us, and now she is running to Mycroft’s room…”

 "My god, do you think-are you going to confront her about it?"

"What? No, I think it's better just to let her have this one. Besides miscalculating the fact that I would use my credit card in the exact same moment as her, that was actually a pretty good plan."

"Sherlock! Wait, why am I even surprised? Of course you're impressed right now."

"She must really like you, Molly." Sherlock's voice falls to almost a whisper. 

"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Nevermind. I'm too afraid to."


“Alright, Alright! Fine. If I tell you, you’ll get me the tickets right?”

Mycroft nods once.

Eurus lets out a heavy breath. “I wanted to take... someone... to see John Watson.” Mycroft’s eyebrows shoot up.

Eurus puts her hands up to defend herself. “Not that I like John or Greg. They’re idiots. But this ...person does. Anyway, I hate going to places with crowds. I tried to buy all the tickets out using Sherlock’s account."

"You didn't think he'd notice all of that money missing?"

" I was just going to replace it with cash. Buy first, ask permission later. Sherlock wouldn't really care as long as I gave him a ticket too. Not to mention that he'd like the idea of an empty crowd." Mycroft tilts his head as if thinking about it, then accepts the reason.

"How did you know about the tour?"

"Source in America told me last weekend."

"And this source...couldn't buy you the tickets instead?"

"No, afraid not. Not for the London show at least. "

The older brother waved his hand. "Continue."

" There was a limit to how much tickets I could get, which I was not informed of before hand.Then Sherlock and Molly were trying to buy the tickets as well at the same time and it blocked us.” She turns away and talks, but mostly to herself. "I really thought I could beat them to the purchase and offer up the tickets to go. It was a perfect plan."

Mycroft sat at his wooden desk with a smug smile on his face. It was too easy to deduce the rest of her intentions.  “ do have a thing for... her.

Eurus snaps her head up, her nose flares, and she waves a finger at him. “And you have a thing for Greg Lestrade.” Mycroft continues to smirk. She was quick. Eurus crosses her arms. “If you tell anyone I will skin you.” Mycroft’s eyes widen for a second, but then his amused smile returns.

Sometimes his little sister is adorable. This is one of those moments. Even when she is threatening him, she is confusingly cute with her pouting lips and big eyes that match Sherlock’s almost exactly. He’s always thought that Sherlock got all of the charming features, which he will never admit out loud. But when Eurus was born, it was obvious that she got the same natural beauty her second brother possessed. Eurus is essentially a female Sherlock, when it comes to physical attributes at least. He probably shouldn’t ever mention that he thought she was adorable or that she resembles Sherlock in any way, otherwise she would make taxidermy out of her eldest sibling.

The way she looks right now tells him she is starting to catch on to his thoughts and with that quick brain of hers, there is no doubt. He changes the subject.

“I’ll let you in on a secret then, little sister.”

Eurus moves closer, and looks around as if she suspects Sherlock might come out of nowhere.

“I bought all of those tickets.”

“I knew it.” Eurus paces and continues to monologue on, mostly talking to herself. “How did you do it? There was a max of five tickets per account. I can’t easily hack into Mum’s account anymore since you put up more firewalls...wait.” She turns back to him, with a sly grin on her face.

“You abused your power.” It’s probably not the best thing that Eurus only looks impressed with Mycroft when he is breaking some sort of rule, but he chooses to ignore that on occasions like these. It’s not as if Sherlock ever makes him feel like the “cool” older brother. He’ll take what he can get.

He puffs up a bit, bragging, “I have….several connections, accounts, and people all working on this situation.” 

Eurus grins criminally. “So you used your position as a government employee to buy thousands of tickets to see two high school aged Youtubers? Ha! You must be lonelier than I thought.”

Mycroft drops his puffed up smile. His pride is slightly hurt. "I’ve taught you too well, sister mine.”


“Okay. it’s processing." Molly and Sherlock were on his bed again. Sherlock is on his back, and Molly sits with her computer open. She is about to upload the dance video. “Cross your fingers and hope it goes viral!” Sherlock lazily crosses his fingers.

“I’m still upset about the tickets though, to be honest.”  

Sherlock laughs softly. Molly frowns. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. Just...don’t be upset, Molly. Trust me.”

“You really think Mycroft can help us?”

Sherlock smirks. “Oh, I think he already has.”

“I really don’t get it when you Holmes’s get all cryptic.”


“Dude, can you believe London sold out in thirty seconds?”

Greg shakes his head in disbelief. John just takes a deep breath. “I’ve never done anything like this. I knew it would be a hit but I didn’t know it would be this big.”

“I don't think anyone did, dude. Oh by the way, press already wants you to make a statement.”

“Oh my goodness. It's nonstop, dude! Alright. Going.” He leaves his computer and follows Greg out of the office.


The dance video does go viral. Overnight, too. But Molly doesn’t check her computer.

Sherlock and Molly wake up the next afternoon after staying up all night watching dance routines and trying to learn them together. When they make it downstairs at half past twelve, Mycroft is fully dressed and sitting with perfect posture at at the kitchen table. He nods his head at the two of them with his signature half-amused look.

Mummy Holmes is making lunch, which is the reason Mycroft is home from work. He only stays for an hour, before heading off to finish his long, boring day at work. Eurus is sitting at the table too, eating poached egg soup with bread. Her eyes don’t come up to leave her plate when Molly and Sherlock come down.

“Look who’s finally awake!” Mummy says cheerfully to Sherlock and Molly as she sets Mycroft’s bowl down in front of him. His attention is drawn fully to his meal. He licks his lips and digs in. “Sit down, dear I’ll fix you up a plate.” Mummy always gets this way whenever Molly comes around. She completely forgets that Sherlock is there, and constantly is concerned over his friend.

“Thank you, Mrs. Holmes.” Molly pulls out a chair and sits next to Eurus, who goes completely still. She’s just staring at her plate. Sherlock puts his head in his hand. He keeps telling Eurus that she's too obvious.

“Molly and I uploaded the video last night, Mummy.” Sherlock says finally after moments of long silence.

“Oh did you now? How exciting. Do tell me how it does.”

“We’re gonna go check on it right now, Mrs. Holmes. After we eat of course. We were just too nervous to look yet.”

“I already saw it.” Eurus blurts. “It’s got nearly a hundred thousand views as of twelve minutes ago.”

Even Mycroft looks surprised. Mummy claps her hands and cheers. “That is just amazing darlings! Congratulations. I always knew you two would be a stars.”

Sherlock rolls his eyes. But his cheeks are flushing.  

Molly is obviously pleased and more than a little bit shocked. “How did you know it went up? Did you like it, Eurus?”

Eurus continues to not make eye contact, instead she talks directly to her plate.  ”I’m subscribed to your channel. Lost a bet to Sherlock.”

Sherlock takes a second to realize that is a complete lie. “What? No you di-”

“You dance beautifully. Just Molly. Not you, Sherlock.” How does Eurus even come up with something that quick? Ugh, whatever. Let it go , Sherlock.

Molly blushes. “Wow. Thank you, Eurus. That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to anybody except, well, to Sherlock...”

“Actually no, that’s about the nicest thing she’s said to me as well.” Sherlock grumbles.

Eurus is getting stiff again. The way she does when she’s uncomfortable.

“Well! I never thought I’d see the day when my Eurus actually complimented someone else!” Mummy Holmes is smiling with joy and maybe has a few tears in her eyes. She obviously didn't mean to offend the sixteen year old, but she is, well, sixteen. Eurus goes completely red. “And that’s the last time I ever will.” She mutters before taking one last spoonful of egg, and takes off running upstairs with her bread.

Mummy shakes her head. “Oh she will. Hopefully. Eurus gets flustered easily, that’s all.”

Molly laughs politely. “I guess so.”

Mummy serves Sherlock and Molly their lunch, and sits across from them, next to Mycroft. She leans forward and smiles lovingly at her son and his best friend. She always seems so happy which must still surprise Molly, Sherlock thinks. Considering who Mrs. Holmes’s children are.

Actually, no. Molly is used to it. So used to it in fact, that Sherlock knows that she knows exactly what is coming next. He can see it in the way Molly is preparing herself to hear it now. They always talk about this during meals at the Holmes house. It was quite embarrassing the first time, but now it is just tradition. Mummy is the last one in the family to figure out that none of the children she’s given birth to are in any way heterosexual.

“You know, I’ve always wanted you to marry into our family, Molly. Ever since I met you I knew immediately you’d be a perfect daughter in law. You’ve got such a good heart, and you’re clever too. Good looks do help a lot as well, don’t they boys?”

“Oh yes of course.”

“You bet.”

“Oh, don’t try to be so disinterested, boys.I'm not talking about for you.” Mummy rolls her eyes and swats Mycroft on the arm. She shakes her head and looks pointedly at Molly. “Sadly for you, there’s not a single one here who likes girls.”


Sherlock and Mycroft both bring their heads up in surprise. It seems that she has figured it out then.

She says sympathetically to Molly, “And the one who does just ran out because she can barely look at a woman without becoming hysterical with panic.”

Molly’s eyes grow wide. Now that, she's never said before.

Eurus from the top of the stairs stumbles, and groans.


Mycroft and Sherlock can’t keep themselves from giggling like school girls for the remainder of their meal.


Chapter Text

“Eurus was right, Sherlock! My god, we have over a hundred thousand views, one thousand likes, and nine hundred comments!” Molly is bouncing up and down on Sherlock’s bed. They are back in his room after eating lunch with his family. Molly squeals and her voice rings throughout the house. Sherlock doesn’t really need her to tell him the statistics because he is actually sitting right next to his best friend. He can't answer anyway, since he’s completely stunned into silence. He feels as if he is in a trance and everything that is happening around him is just a part of a daydream of some sort.

Molly scrolls through the comment section. To their surprise, there aren’t many hate mentions. The majority of the response seems to be positive and encouraging.

Wow! Molly and Sherlock such are a great pair!

She’s playing piano, he’s playing violin AND they can dance? SO TALENTED!

This is REAL talent!

That male dancer is so hot!

Why aren’t there more of these kinds of dancers?  I’m tired of wanna be’s posting themselves twerking and dabbing. This is actual talent. (thumbs up)

Was she actually standing on his arm???

That looked dangerous!

Haha, he’z whereing tights lol

“Can you believe this?” Molly gasps. "All of this-overnight!?"

It’s kind of still sinking in for Sherlock. Growing up as a ballet dancer taught Sherlock to hide the fact that he was in ballet lessons or risk getting bullied for being into a “girl” activity.But internet was not attacking him, it was  praising him and Molly.

This is a totally unexpected circumstance. "I-I can't..."

Molly is energetically delighted, and she jumps on Sherlock, knocking him over. She throws her arms around him, saying, “I knew it was a genius idea to put you in one of my videos, Sherl! They’re absolutely in love with you!”

“Please, Molly. This is your channel. They are hardly 'in love' with me.”

“Okay, fine. They’re in love with both of us then.” She gives him an eager smile. Sherlock can’t help but give a small one back. He pauses, with Molly still hanging on to him like some kind of monkey -girl.

Then It finally hits him.  “Oh god. We both are…”

Molly throws her arms up in the air. “We’re internet famous!” She yells at the top of her lungs.

The next few days go by rather quickly, with so many changes so fast, that Sherlock and Molly feel as if they are in a whirlwind. By the time Sherlock and Molly go back to school on Monday, there are hoards of students wanting to speak to them. Usually the pair go unnoticed at best of times, or teased at the worst. The only thing different now is that Molly and Sherlock have gone viral to the point of two million views in just a few days for their capturing performance in a music video. Not that they have anything to complain about yet.

The newfound success is definitely paying off at the dance studio. On Monday night during rehearsal, Mrs. Hudson gathers the cast in the main auditorium to congratulate the young dancers on their achievement. Sherlock and Molly are left blushing, yet quite proud of themselves. The ticket sales for the ballet became even more prosperous as a result of the new fame. Seeing the dazzling display of Molly balancing on Sherlock’s extended arm must have gotten the crowds buzzing enough to want to see the ballet even more. They managed to sell out one of the weekends for next month.

Mycroft told Sherlock that he may not be yet, but his ego would inflame soon enough. Sherlock isn't so sure. He doesn't  know if he could ever get used to attention like this. 

Their video is on the top trending lists everywhere on social media platforms, and Molly’s channel is gaining subscribers by the thousands everyday. There are tons of emails flooding her inbox, saying how her talents and Sherlock’s were better than most young people their age and that they deserved all of the attention they were getting.

Molly’s favorite was a letter from some middle school ballet dancer boy in New York, saying how the video inspired him to continue dancing ballet. He thought about quitting until he saw the video, and isnow determined to fulfill his dreams to become a dancer just like Sherlock.

Sherlock is moved as well. He truly is.

God, it's all just so insane!  Sherlock thinks this constantly. He can't stop repeating it in his head for some reason.


Greg pops open a soda can, and hands it to John. They are sitting in Greg’s apartment, editing their latest video. John looks up and smiles.  "Ah, read my mind bro. Thanks."

“Yep. Have you seen that Romeo and Juliet ballet video?” Greg sits on the couch next to his friend.

“What? No I haven’t. Been busy with school work. What is it?” John is still glued to his screen, focused on perfecting his work.

Greg pulls open his own sticker-covered laptop. “Oh dude, you gotta check out these two kids from England who posted this video of themselves dancing to Romeo and Juliet. They both dance like crazy and play instruments too. They are prodigies, no joke.”

“Let me see.”

Greg clicks play and John leans in to watch as the screen fades in. There is a dark stage lit with one spotlight on a slim,  but muscular male dancer in tights and a pale costume shirt. John is taken back, because the male dancer has these piercing blue eyes and strong cheekbones that the camera captures intensely with a close up. He’s beautiful.

John glances at Greg , but his eyes are glued to the screen. He looks back too. Th e guy on the screen looks kind of young though, and John wonders what age he is.

He does these insane dance moves around the stage. They look harder than anything John’s ever tried to do before, of course the dancer is obviously classically trained. Then a pretty  female dancer enters on pointe. She’s wearing a beautiful tutu, and her hair is in a perfect bun.  Then it cuts to a view of two partially shadowed figures. It looks like the same girl and boy who were dancing. She’s playing the piano with her tutu and slippers still on while the male dancer stands behind her playing a violin.

Is that actually them playing?   John wonders.

It returns to them dancing, where the dark haired boy lifts the girl several times in the dancing shots. That is impressive, but what is the most surprising part is in the climax of the video. The male dancer uses only one arm to lift her entire body. The strength and balance that must take is unbelievable. She is literally standing on hs bicep for nearly twenty seconds! 

This video is nothing like he’s seen so far on YouTube.

It’s art it’s absolute best form. John knows that the video is supposed to focus on the beauty and elegance of the young female dancer, but he just can't take his eyes off of those messy curls, and bright- electric eyes...

Greg sees John’s amazed look, and chuckles. “I read up on her channel profile. They’re not even professionals, dude. They’re students in high school. Did all the production themselves.”

John is blown away. “They are playing music and dancing to it like maniacs, dude! How are they this talented? They are definitely going places, man.”

The video ends leaving with the names of the two dancers. Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes.

Greg answers, shutting off his computer. “Yeah. that’s true... Man, I was just thinking he’d be perfect for know.” Greg slyly grins at John.

“Oh my gosh, you’re right!”

Greg puts his hand on John’s shoulder and looks him in the eye. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

John grabs him back, beaming. “Dude! Let’s do it.”


“Hello it’s Molly Hooper! Welcome to my channel new subscribers, and welcome back to the original gang,haha! Thanks for watching my video, especially the last one of me and Sherlock. That’s actually what I want to talk about today. I am here with my best friend Sherlock Holmes to address something that has happened to us recently. You’ve probably already noticed, but I’ve gained quite a bit of subs since I last talked on here, and wow! I can’t say enough how happy I am that people watched the video that we filmed of our favorite duet. This video has received so much response lately, and we just wanted to answer back to the many many questions posed for us. Oh, speaking of the devil, hey Sherlock! Say hi to the camera!”


“Okay let’s get into the questions shall we?”


“So in this video you can see Sherlock and I playing the piano and violin. Many people are asking if we are really playing in the video. The answer is yes, and no! We do play instruments, and we pre recorded it all, so what you see in the video is us fake playing while our recorded selves play the actual music.”

“We are playing the music."

“Yes, thank you for clarifying, Sherlock.”

"You're welcome, Molly.  Also. People have been asking if Molly and I are a couple, and that’s a firm no.”

“Sherlock! Don’t be so mean about it! Plus it was not even that many."

“Yes, but it was still asked. Unfortunately Molly Hooper and I are nothing more than best friends. Girls are not really my area.”

“He’s right about that.”

"That...sounded wrong. I just realized that now."

“Let's change the subject! Another question we got was, ‘Who would you want to do another duet with if given the chance?’”

““I would love to perform with John Watson.”

“Oh, I second that.  We’re...sort of big fans. Since freshman year.”

“Okay, let’s move on...”


Molly finishes editing the video a few hours after they film, and posts it before she and Sherlock head down to eat dinner with Sherlock’s family. She usually stays for dinner a few nights of the week. It is now Wednesday night, and they have been internet stars for just about four days now. Mummy is so proud, she brags to all of her friends about her dancing son and his equally talented best friend.

Mycroft is sitting at the table eating away. He has been quite uninterested with the new developments in Sherlock’s life lately, but Molly tells Sherlock that she  knows deep down, he is somewhat proud of his little brother. That's fine with Sherlock, since he was never worried in the first place.

Eurus, of course, is staring at her plate. Molly chooses to sit next to her.

Sherlock frowns. Molly’s been acting strange around Eurus ever since Friday night’s disastrous dinner. It feels like she’s making up for the extra tension by getting physically closer to Eurus. He thinks she is trying to coax Eurus into conversations to get over the slump, but she really is just making it even more cringe worthy. Molly isn't interested in girls.

“Good evening Mrs. Holmes, Mycroft... Eurus.” she says quietly.

Eurus stares at her plate. Nothing new.

Mummy shakes her head, “Be polite, Eurus.”  She brings Molly and Sherlock their dinner. “Good evening, miss supreme ballerina!”

“Oh, not even!” Molly blushes.

Eurus raises her eyes to lock onto Sherlock across the table with her head still facing down. Sherlock is sitting with Mycroft.

Molly is distracted when the food is placed in front of her, and she digs into her noodles. Sherlock is silently communicating with his younger sister.  Her expression says, help me.

He tries to reply with his eyes, remember what I told you to do.

Eurus sighs, and slowly lifts her neck up, giving him a look as if it pains her to do so. As if it’s Sherlock who is holding a gun to her head. Sherlock rolls his eyes. She's got a flare for the dramatic, but he supposes that is just part of the criteria to be a Holmes.

Molly notices Eurus, and looks at her. Eurus is still not making eye contact, but is preparing to speak. Molly shoots a surprised glance to Sherlock, for which he replies by shrugging his shoulders, feigning innocence. Eurus's  dark head of long curls finally turns completely to Molly, and most importantly, Eurus’s eyes make contact with Molly’s soft brown ones.

Her voice is low, “G-good evening, Molly Hooper.” 

Sherlock looks away and bites his lip. He didn’t think Eurus would actually say Molly’s name in a dreadfully kooky way.  Mycroft’s interest is peaked, and he looks up from his phone.

“Oh, dear. Molly and Sherlock are internet stars, Eurus has discovered eye contact...I just don’t understand anything anymore.”

Sherlock can’t help it, he drops his head to Mycroft’s shoulder to muffle the cry of laughter that is bubbling out of him. Mycroft joins in the snickering, patting his brother  on the back. 

Eurus snarls and jumps up from the table, slamming her fists on the  wood. “I’m never speaking to either of you again!” She shouts, and stomps out of the dining room with a dramatic whirl of her long hair.

Molly is red with displeasure . “You shouldn’t tease her like that!” 

Sherlock doubles over. “Ah! Can’t-help it-”

“‘ So s-s-sorry, Molly Hooper!’” Mycroft cries, attempting to imitate Eurus. He and Sherlock lean on one another for support in their fit of laughter. “Oh brother mine, remember when we were that awkward!”

Mrs. Holmes speaks up with a stern tone. “Boys! That’s not decent. Apologize to your sister at once!”


“Yes, mummy.”

Sherlock and Mycroft straighten up.

As if they rehearsed, the two brothers pull out their mobiles. Mrs. Holmes smacks them both on the back of their heads.

“I didn’t say to text her. Now go up there  and give her a sincere apology! I won’t have bullies in my house!” She is not pleased.

Mycroft and Sherlock huff. “Fine…”

They sulk out.


They are at rehearsal thursday night, when Sherlock dips Molly as part of one of their dance routines. Molly looks up at him while she is suspended in Sherlock’s arms, but something changes in her eyes. It’s only for a split second, which is enough for her best friend to catch it.

“What is it, Molly?” He un-dips her. 

Molly’s cheeks turn pink. “Huh? Nothing.” She looks away.

“Oh no. Molly. Please don’t tell me you are attracted to me. After all these years, this is not the best time-”

Molly slaps him. He is silent. She gasps. "Sorry. I'm sorry." She spins around and begins practicing her turns.

On friday afternoon,  Molly and Sherlock gather in his bedroom for their usual hang out and sleepover. Even with the weirdness between them, they are best friends after all. They will work through whatever problems they have because they care for each other. Molly hasn’t slapped Sherlock again, but it’s definitely been a bit different. Molly drifts off in conversations, staring sometimes at nothing. The last thing Sherlock wants is for his best friend to like him. After all, she knows that he is undeniably, very ...not into girls.

 Meanwhile, their dance video is currently at ten million views, and is still trending on many platforms. Several companies have contacted Molly asking if she and Sherlock would be willing to sign an entertainment deal.  So far, the dancers have turned all of them down. All they really want to do is finish school, and have their last performance at the studio as students.

After that, they will decide what to do with their careers.


“Hey Watsonaters, it’s John Watson here!”

“Yeah we know, let’s just get to the good part.”

“Fine! Let’s get on with it!”

“As you all know, we are embarking on the Viral Teens world tour in two months, and already we’ve sold over twenty thousand tickets in America alone. Worldwide, there have been thirty thousand tickets sold. That’s fifty thousand total.  Do you have any idea how incredible that is?? We are sooo thankful.”

“The Watsonaters and the Gregang are so strong! You guys definitely never disappoint. “

“Never” Greg echoes.

“Apparently London’s venue sold out in just thirty seconds!”

“No way, John!”

“Way! That’s just the power of the Watsonaters and Gregang for you.”

“Also, in this video, we are announcing something new that has to do with the tour. We’re looking for new talent to join us on tour!”

“We’re looking for ten back up dancers, and two back up singers. Casting information will be linked below. Auditions are being held next week. Thanks so much guys.”

“Oh! John don’t forget about the…”

“Right! As you guys may know, there is this viral video of these two English kids going around. Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper are legit the most talented kids i’ve ever seen!”

“Yeah dude, their video is insane! They both play, they both dance, what can’t they do?”

“Isn’t that just so crazy? If you guys haven’t seen it, dude, go watch it!”

“In Molly’s latest video she and Sherlock both answered questions the public had for them. She and Sherlock kind of mentioned being interested in dancing with us is our invitation.”

“Sherlock and Molly, will you guys go on tour with us as our main dancers? “

“We will pay for your flights and expenses. It’s just that we think you’re so talented and if you said you’ve been watching our videos for a while now. I don't know how you guys are actually fans of me since I am a terrible dancer compared to you!”

“Yeah that's definitely true."


"-Plus Johnnie here has a crush on you! hehe...”

“What? No I don’t! Who are you even talking about man?”

“Haha, I don't know. Both of them-agh!"

“Oh my gosh, Greg, we’re trying to recruit them not scare them off!"

“Sorry haha. If you’re watching this Molly and Sherlock, please, please, please dance with us at the world tour! If you’re not watching, then the Gregang and Watsonaters should help us out. Go out there and get Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes for us!"

"Make this go VIRAL!"