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Baby Of Mine

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Marty cuddled closer to a sleeping Doc, trying to will away the sour taste of bile from the back of his throat.  He heard Doc’s listless breathing hitch proving that he had been disturbed but Marty didn’t have the energy to be concerned at the moment.


“Marty? Is that you?”  Doc’s drowsy rasp prompted a sigh from the drained boy.


“Yeah Doc who else would be in your bed Clara?” Marty groused out. He felt the bed twitch as Doc winced at the jab. Regret and guilt tangled around Marty’s heart like thorns.


“No Doc I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just exhausted and the baby keeps kicking me plus the morning sickness still hasn’t gone away.” Marty practically whined out trying to make the older man understand.


“Marty it’s fine. I know you are experiencing irritation because you’re sleep deprived and that it is not directed at me. I’m not upset.”  Doc cooed softly into his husband’s ear as he pulled Marty to his chest.  The brunette sniffed appreciatively as he snuggled into Doc’s neck.  He heard soft chuckles in his ear as Doc smoothed his matted hair.


“Dooooooc.” Marty moaned childishly pulling a fond smile from the other.


“Yes Dear?” Doc murmured lowly while peppering kisses over Marty’s exposed neck.


“Mmm? Oh r-right, your son is bruising my insides. Can you calm him down?” Marty purred out as the feel of Doc’s kisses made him relax.


“Of course Marty.” The senior scientist placed an adoring hand on Marty’s plump stomach; grinning proudly every time he felt the child kick against his hand.


“Verne.” Doc scolded playfully “Your mother is trying to get some rest and you seem to be making that impossible.” Marty nodded tiredly as he watched Doc through heavy eyes. The snow haired inventor tried to calm the unborn hellraiser by telling him of their adventures with the DeLorean.


“And then your mother cuffed Mad Dog in the nose knocking him off balance and sent him stumbling into horse excrement. Great Scott it was a sight to behold, while I do not condone violence I have to admit that this was called for.”


Doc’s warm auburn eyes gleamed with amusement at the memory. Soft snores echoed through the otherwise quiet room as Marty finally nodded off. Doc placed an affectionate kiss on the sleeping man’s forehead before slipping off into sleep as well with a gentle smile on his face.


                                                                         End Story 1