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Name: Shepard, Josslyn Joanna


Date of Birth: April 11, 2154


Service No.: 5923-AC-2826


Class: Vanguard


Pre-Service History: Spacer


Psychological Profile: War Hero


Preferred Weapons:

-M-77 Paladin (heavy pistol)

-M-23 Katana (shotgun)

-M-12 Locust (submachine gun)

-M-8 Avenger (assault rifle)




-Appointed first human Spectre

-released the rachni queen

-talked Urdnot Wrex down

-Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams; KIA on Virmire

-Rescued Terra Nova from asteroid drop

-Saved the Citadel Council



-Revived by Project Lazarus

-Entered romance with Thane Krios

-Shut down “Project Overlord”; David Archer sent to Grissom Academy

-Destroyed the Collector Base

-Destroyed the Alpha Relay



-Continued relationship with Thane Krios (now deceased)

-Cured the genophage

-Made peace between geth and quarians

-Destroyed the Reapers





Commander Josslyn Shepard found amid London rubble. Shepard immediately transferred to temporary medical facilities; is now under care of Major Dr. Karin Chakwas.


Dr. Chakwas’ medical report follows:


Patient’s injuries are thus:


-Simple fracture, left ulna

-Compound fracture, right humerus

-Right leg bones essentially pulverized

-Sternum fractured in two places

-Fractured clavicle

-Cracked mandible (right side)

-Several cracked vertebrae

-Punctured right eardrum


May have damage to brain and nervous system; cannot determine level of damage until patient regains consciousness. Additionally, some muscles may atrophy, depending on duration of convalescence. Considering how long Shepard was buried, and the extent of her injuries, it is a miracle she survived at all.