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                 It was one of the hottest days of the summer so far and Dirk found himself sprawled on his futon, fans blazing from every angle. He was laid out in his thinnest possible tank and boxer combo, fanning himself with one of his ironic traditional hand fans. He was still pretty happy about getting them in the end, he hadn’t the slightest idea they’d come in handy while he was impulse buying them months ago. In the face of this heatwave, though, he would gladly use anything to help him cool down. He lazily flipped through channels on his TV. He had set it to play a constant flow of livestreams from 400 years ago and found himself spending more and more time dozing off to Food Network shows and The Life of Brian. It was too sweltering out and much too muggy for him to feel like doing much of anything else.  He thought once or twice about making the moves to start working on his robotics projects again, but he ended up feeling too sluggish to even shift himself off of one of the arms he was laying on when it fell asleep. Dirk allowed himself to switch in between half napping and half watching the images flashing on the screen across from him for a few hours before eventually growing tired of it. He felt like his head was buzzing with steam and he grew frustrated, kicking off the couch and moving to the kitchen to scrounge up something to drink.

                He sat his glass of water down on the counter and opened the laptop he had left there the day before. Curling up on one of the stools, Dirk scrolled back up on the last web page he was dicking around on, some archive of articles about his older brother. His finger flicked the scroll wheel casually as he skimmed a list of titles and links. Most of them had been viewed already and he felt a twinge of embarrassment thinking about the many hours he had dedicated to pouring over the life of his absent guardian. It had started out innocently enough, a mild curiosity of what the man must have been like and what kind of life he could have lead, but soon decayed into a flat out obsession over every scrap of information he could get his hands on. News sites, interviews, wiki pages, social media posts- nothing was too small to go unread. He found himself re-watching every single movie he’d produced 5 or 6 times, re-reading old comics and spending hours looking through online stores that could never function again. There was no point to it, but he found he couldn’t stop himself.

The interviews held him especially captive, hanging off Dave’s every word and drinking in the sound of his voice. He found his stomach flipping uncomfortably when Dave would chuckle under his breath or shoot a coy smile towards the camera. His heart fluttered as he listened to Dave laugh in earnest, his head thrown back in amusement. Dirk caught himself daydreaming once or twice about what he would sound like in person, what it would be like to have that laugh come from his lips because of something Dirk might have said. He blushed when he watched his Bro nudge a celebrity next to him playfully, the touch reaching him instead in his mind eye. He wondered what it would have been like to grow up in the same household together- eating meals at the same table, sharing the sofa to watch movies, standing side-by-side to brush their teeth before bed…

He took a swig from his water, chuckling at a headline ripping on a particularly shitty yet newly released skateboard. Dirk spent another few minutes pissing around on the page and was about to close out of his browser, boredom and heat taking most of the fun out of it, when he noticed something that hadn’t caught his eye before. In stark letters, blue and unviewed, the title read;

 “Dave Strider On Display: Scandal Continues to Humiliate Budding Director.”

Dirk cocked an eyebrow, curiosity taking ahold of him, he clicked on the link and watched the loading wheel spin while thoughts swam around in his head. What could possibly humiliate his Bro? The same Bro that was so cool and suave and who never seemed to regret anything? Surely he wouldn’t be phased by leaked nudes or questions about his personal life, would he? Dirk chewed on his bottom lip nervously.

                When the page loaded it revealed a long journal entry about how disgusting and sinful the leaked media was. Dirk kept his eyebrow raised curiously as he searched through it to find the video in question. All he could make out from the scattered writing was that it was some kind of collection of sex tapes that made their way out into open air. Apparently, Dave had been blackmailed by the Baroness with the release of the tapes but didn’t bat an eye at the threats. The tapes were released everywhere and went viral, according to the author of the article. Dirk found this extremely unlikely, seeing that he hadn’t heard about any of this before in any of the other outlets about his brother. Even stranger, he couldn’t seem to find the actual videos in question not matter how much he searched through the article. They seemed to have been wiped entirely off of the face of the planet, lost to history. He grumbled angrily after almost an hour of searching turned up nothing but wild goose chases. Dirk was starting to wonder if the whole thing was faked just as he finally managed to locate a copy of the videos.

                The page said that they were a mirror, an extra, reversed copy of the originals. Somehow they had been just different enough from the original to escape whatever kind of mass deletion effort had been undertaken to strip the world of all evidence that the videos had ever even existed in the first place. He muttered a relieved curse under his breath as he finally started downloading the mysterious content.

                He stood and stretched as he waited for his computer to finish, taking a break to head to the bathroom to relieve himself and stalking back over to the counter, resting his chin in his palm as he watched the file load. He wasn’t sure why he had spent so long looking for the videos. His stomach did rolling flip-flops in nervous anticipation. His mind wandered to how Dave must have felt when these had surfaced. Dirk would have supposed he was would be unaffected but the mass removal of the content made him think otherwise. For a moment he moaned his brother’s lack of privacy. It must have been horrible to be in the public eye all the time, unable to escape the blinding limelight and take cover away from all the unwanted attention. The thought quickly left his mind as soon when his computer dinged and alerted him to his file being ready. There was three different videos in the collection, all titled vaguely as DS01, DS02, and DS03.

                He took another swig from his glass and played the video titled DS01.

                The camera was a shitty one, which Dirk had come to expect from his older brother in everything he did. It was blurry and a little grainy, the dim outline of bedroom furniture and a figure lying face down, ass out, on the bed was all he could make out. He watched, twisting a finger in his hair, as a woman came onto the screen. She crossed the room and crawled onto the bed. She nuzzled into the figure lying down and as they began kissing the figure rolled over. Dirk felt his stomach drop nervously as he took in the sight of his brother, lean and naked, as he kissed the girl deeply and messily. They rolled over and Dirk baulked at the cheesiness of the video as they continued to kiss and grind against each other. Dave started talking dirty, his voice low and barely audible. His words were kinda lame and tacky, it made Dirk laugh out loud.

                “Heh. Can’t even do a porno without being ironic, huh, Bro?” Dirk said under his breath, amused. The whole thing seemed totally ridiculous to him. The way Dave seemed to treat the girl with total indifference while she worshiped his every move spoke immensely to Dirk about their relationship. She must have been some kind of groupie that Dave had gotten to agree to this stint or he had paid her for it. Either way it made him feel. She swept over him, paying every amount of detail to his body that a Renaissance sculptor would pay to a new piece of marble. Dave, on the other hand, payed her almost no mind at all, allowing her to praise his body while he enjoyed the rewards. Dave kept his dirty talk up, calling the girl slurs and names, making her act more desperately. Dirk watched the rest of the video, snickering at Dave’s indifference as he allowed himself to be sucked off and moved to fuck her as she begged for defilement. Dirk played the second video.

                The video titled DS02 lacked the girl from the first one, but instead showed Dave sitting with a man instead in the same room. Dirk guessed that these must have been filmed at a hotel. The room was dim again, nothing of personal value anywhere in the shot. There was nothing to identify the older Strider except his trademark shades and the footage was blurry, out of focus, making him hardly recognizable. He had his face turned towards the man sitting across from him. Dirk watched, curiously shifting his gaze to follow the actions of the other man’s hand. He grazed one up and down Dave’s naked body and Dave responded with fiercely taking his hands in his cheeks, smashing their mouths together roughly. Dave moved to bite at the man’s neck and ear lobe, whispering something softly in it so that the camera couldn’t hear as he spread his legs pointedly. Dirk found himself generally wondering what he had said, catching a ping of envy in his throat. The man leaned down and started to suck him off.

                Smiling, Dave started to repeat his behavior from before, hissing dirty talk through his teeth. After a moment or two, he tugged on the man’s hair and forced his head down a few times before tugging him back up to meet his mouth with his own. He pushed the other one over and back down onto the bed, pressing his weight into him. Dave’s hand groped around his own ass for a while before he pulled something out of it with a slick ‘pop’. Dirk shifted nervously in his seat as Dave tossed a buttplug onto the floor. He gave a couple rough fucks with his fingers up into himself before leaning back and dropping his hips to sink low on the man’s cock. Dirk blushed furiously as Dave threw his head back, moaning out loud. He threw some enticing words towards the man and started moving. His dirty talk was much more valuable this time around, he groaned around his words, gasping for breath as the hips below him jerked up into him.

                Dirk watched this continue until Dave finally came all over the man’s stomach. He kept up his hip movements despite this, riding out his orgasm while the man thrust into him. The man seemed to come too and they settled right before the tape ended. Dirk let out a breath he hadn’t noticed he’d been holding, shifting again in his seat. He couldn’t help but pay more attention during the second video, feeling something unsettling rise up in his gut straight up his throat. Dirk took another sip of his water to steady himself, breathing out through his nose and making an effort to ignore the way that his dick pressed into his jeans as it grew harder. The blood rushed through his ears, making his head throb mildly, as he clicked on the third and final video.

                This time Dave was alone in the room, but had two old fashioned TV sets sitting on either side of the wide bed. He was poised in the middle of them, naked except for his sunglasses as per usual. He was leaning back on his hands, legs spread to the camera, staring straight into it and sending a sharp jolt down Dirk’s spine. Dave moved to take his dick in his fist and started pumping slowly. The TVs flashed on. Each of them had one of the previous videos that he had watched on it, the volume turned up only enough to slightly hear them. Dirk baulked, suddenly he got it. This must have been the final product. Some ironic porno- probably made from boredom, momentary insanity, or they were for actual private use. The latter makes Dirk swallow heavily around the lump that was rising in his throat. Suddenly, he felt guilty watching these. What if they were and he wasn’t supposed to be seeing them? He was Dave’s little brother, after all. From his understanding of what society had been like, this wasn’t the kind of thing you let your little bro see. He squirmed again, regretting it when his zipper caught on his dick plainly and he winced.

                “God, fuck it-!” He growled out, finally giving in and pressing his palm into his crouch. He hissed at the contact, squeezed himself in his hand. Looking up again at the monitor and into Dave’s sunglass clad eyes, he let a moan escape his lips. His brother’s arm was moving slow, hand twisting around his head, fingers gliding over the slit there. Dirk felt the guilt merge with shame in his stomach and settle there. It ignited a fire below his navel and he traced a finger over his boner. He watched as Dave leaned further into the support of his one arm, sinking down a little into the mattress. He let out a harsh moan and Dirk lost his cool.

               He zipped down his fly with shaking hands and pulled his own dick free of his shorts underneath. Gasping lightly, he took it in his hands and started to move his wrist back and forth. He was slow as first, eventually gaining a little speed to match Dave’s movements on the tape. His eyelids fell slightly as he pulled at his throbbing prick, eyes locked on Dave’s. Dave picked up his pace, breath growing heavier, and Dirk followed suit. His head dipped and lolled on his shoulders, shaking slightly on the stool he was perched on still. He let dave was making similar noises, gasping in a much less fake way than he had in the other videos. Dirk felt the sting of guilt run through him again, but it only made him feel more excited. He let slip a few moans again, mouth hanging open slightly, still keeping his gaze fixed on the screen in front of him. His hand tugged and pulled on his dick, spreading pre-cum along the length and making it easier to rub. Dirk let out a low whine as Dave kept jerking himself, increasing his speed over time. It was too much.

                He managed to last a few more minutes before he came all over his fist, not nearly keeping up with Dave’s stamina and cumming way before him. He watched, still in the afterglow, until Dave came. He tossed his head back and dropped his jaw just as he was doing the same in the other videos. It was all perfectly timed. Dirk felt a little embrassed that he hadn’t lasted long at all, hadn’t been able to get off at the same time as Dave did. He blushed furiously at the thought of trying better next time and shut his laptop slowly. He got up, cleaned the mess he had made off of the chair and floor, and walked to lay face down on the futon again. It wasn’t until he was laying there that the regret poured into him, like a dam breaking and flooding him with an icey cold water, drowning all of his senses.

                “I’m so fucked.” He grumbled, digging his palms into his eye sockets. He tried not to think to hard about it and drifted off into an uncomfortable nap.