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Just Try and Keep Us Apart

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1991, Romanian Dragon Sanctuary


I hope you’re happy with yourself, leaving me alone with four of your brothers. FOUR! The term has barely begun and already Fred and George have started their pranks. Percy is his usual self, but maybe you could write to him? I walked in on him the other day reading a book called Perfects Who Gained Power. I know he’s always been a prat, but I just want to make sure he’s doing alright. As for your littlest brother, you’ll never guess who he’s befriended; Harry Potter! The boy-who-lived! Your family will never cease to amaze me.

I really do miss you, mate.

Don’t let those dragons get the best of you,

Ollie Wood


Fred and George have been that way since birth and you know it.

As for Perce, thank you for letting me know. I’ll write to him and make sure he knows I’ve always got his back. Think you can keep your eye on him for me? I promised my parents I’d keep them safe and I’m not about to break that promise because I’ve moved away.

THE Harry Potter? How does Ronnie do it? That boy lucks himself into more situations…

Give the team my best (be honest- you’re going to hold tryouts by the end of the week).

All my best from Romania,

Charlie W


We had tryouts last week (you were right- I held them two days after I got your letter) and I was feeling confident about every position except yours. The twins are our Beaters; Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, and Alicia Spinnet are our Chasers; yours truly is Keeper; but no one was even half good at finding the Snitch. I left the position to-be-filled but before I could even figure it out the perfect Seeker landed in my lap.

I was in the middle of DADA (which is being taught this year by Quirrell, but he’s gotten weird) when McGonagall herself pulled me out of class. I thought for sure I was in trouble for helping the twins spell Penelope Clearwater’s underwear on the door to the Great Hall, but as soon as I walked out she started talking about Harry Potter. Apparently, Hooch left the firsties during a flying lesson, and one of them took a Remembrall off another one and threw it, and who gets it into their head that they should chase after it? Harry Potter of all people! McGonagall saw the whole thing from her office and hauled him off straight away to see me! She's ignoring the rule where firsties can't play for houses just so he can be on our team. I played a few Seekers games with him and he has so much pure talent it’s amazing. You have to see the kid. Think you could come in for a match?

I just can’t believe it.

Ollie Wood


My mum told me that Harry didn’t even know how to get onto Platform 9 ¾, so I wonder how he knows to play Quidditch so well? Just curious.

I am glad you have such a good team this year. I was more than a little worried about leaving you alone, but now I can rest assured you’ll be just fine.

I’m deep in my studies at the sanctuary and won’t be able to make it back (not to mention international portkeys cost a fortune). Maybe ask Tonks?

Only great things from the land of dragons,

Charlie W