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I'm blue, she's golden

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“I'm really not sure why all these girls on twitter think you're some sort of sex god,” Archie laughed, “You've only had sex with what? Three girls?”

Jughead chose to stay silent at this and instead glared at Archie, wishing that he would stop talking about his sex life.

“Woah, dude,” Archie continued, “Are you a virgin?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his best friend.

“Shut up, Archie,” Jughead snapped, “You know I'm not a virgin. Why do we always have this conversation?”

“I know, I know,” he put his hands up in defense, “I just wish you would give me a number that's all. I mean, I told you mine.”

“24 Is it?” Joaquin interjected.

“Woah dude, how'd you know that?” Archie looked at him in shock.

“You don't exactly keep quiet about it,” Kevin shrugged.

“I'm surprised the whole state of Massachusetts doesn't know yet,” Jughead added.

“Hey! How did this turn from us ripping on Jughead to you guys ripping on me?!”

“We weren't ripping on Jughead, you were,” Joaquin retorted, “I think it's respectable that he doesn't kiss and tell.”

“Thank you,” Jughead nodded at him.

In reality, Jughead had actually only ever been with two girls total. The first was named Ethel at the age of 16. After a week of being in a relationship with her that he was pressured into in the first place, she threw herself on him and he figured that he might as well lose his virginity. They had sex once again after that, but broke up two weeks later because he “didn't pay enough attention” to her. The second girl he had ever “sexed up” as he had heard Archie say several times, Jughead met when he was drunk. He woke up the next morning and she was gone. He never even got her name.

Besides that, Jughead had no other sexual or romantic experiences. He was 24 now, but he didn't mind. He was married to his music anyway. And apparently he didn't even need to have sex to be known as a “sex god” after they created their band, The Southside Serpents.

Jughead walked over to his laptop and pulled their Instagram page up. Two hours earlier, they had posted an ad that requested their fans make and send in cover art. The deadline was in a week, and after that, they were to pick a cover for their album out of the submissions. According to Kevin, it was supposed to “hype fans up for the new album,” Whisper City.
Jughead thought the idea was strange, but went with it because Kevin was right most of the time. Their Manager and longtime friend, Reggie Mantle, also liked it, so Jughead didn't have much of a choice anyway.

So far, they had gotten over 20,000 likes, 3,000 comments, and 200 actual submissions. Jughead looked through them and was completely unimpressed. Most of them were shit, and the ones that weren't, were average at best. ‘We’re gonna need some sort of miracle,’ he thought.

That miracle came in the form of none other than Betty Cooper two days later. While having her morning coffee and checking her Instagram explore page, she came across their post. Figuring that this would be a perfect, but far fetched way for her to practice her love of design, she sent them an email.

“Dear JP, Archie, Kevin, and Joaquin,” she began.

“My name is Betty Cooper and I'm a local photographer with a love of digital art and design. If you would allow me, I would like take pictures of your band and create a professional cover for your album. Some examples of my past work are attached to the bottom of this email to show that I'm legit. If you do find my offer appealing, could you send me each of your measurements in your reply? I'll supply the stylist and make up artist. This would be of no charge to you and also doesn't mean that I expect you to pick me. I'm sure you have gotten a lot of promising designs.

Thanks for your time,

Betty Cooper of The Blue & Gold Photography”

Archie was the first to open the email.

“Guys,” he said, waving them over from where they were all lounging on the couch in their studio, “I think I've found the perfect person for us.”

Joaquin was the first to walk over and read the email, “Ugh, that requires work. I thought this was all about us not having to do work.”

“No Joaquin,” Kevin stood up and to read the email as well, “This is so we can get a unique cover for the album and increase the hype. I've explained this to you so many times!”

“Chill, preppy,” he kissed Kevin's cheek, “I'm just playing around.”

“What requires work?” Jughead asked, intrigued.

“Some photographer wants to photograph us then use those pictures to create the cover,” Archie explained.

“Hmm, seems interesting,” Jughead paused for a second, thinking, “how much would we have to pay?”

“She says it's free. I guess she just wants a chance and some practice.”

“Is her studio close to us?”

“She says that she's local, so I'm guessing she's here in Boston.”

“Did she say where though?”

“Dude,” Archie whined, “if you wanna know, walk over here and read it.”

“Fine,” Jughead grumbled, walking over the the laptop, “Betty Cooper of the Blue & Gold Photography.” He read.

“Where is that?” Kevin asked.

“2.5 miles away,” Joaquin responded instantly.

“Damn, that was fast,” Archie said.

“While you guys were asking stupid questions instead of reading the email, I was making sure we weren't going to be photographed and then killed in a creepy dude’s basement.”

Jughead was the first to voice his opinion, “I think we should do it.”

“Get photographed and then killed in a creepy dude’s basement?” Joaquin asked with a smirk, “That sure is some strange fetish you have their, Jones.”

“Shut up you dumbass,” Jughead said pointedly, “I think we should let this person photograph us.”

“We should?” Kevin questioned.

“Yeah, what do we have to lose?” Jughead asked.

“Apparently absolutely nothing,” Kevin said.

“So we're doing this?” Archie asked.

“Seems like it,” Joaquin drawled.

After a quick phone call with Reggie, Archie sat down to type out their reply.