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The Best Birthday Ever

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“This is fun,” Dean bubbled. “We should grab some pie! You’d like pie, Cas.” Dean punched Castiel in the arm softly, “Take some shots, too! It’s relaxing.”
The former angel frowned, peering at the hunter. “Dean, I’m the ‘designated driver’. I can’t drink if I’m going to be driving.” He only got a chuckle in return, the green eyed male ignoring him.
“Nonsense,” Dean said. His attention turned to the bartender, “Can you get us two beers? Whatever you have is good.” The bartender gave a nod, fetching him the drinks and setting them in front of the hunter. “Thanks.” Dean took a beer and thrust it towards Castiel, “Drink this. It’ll get the stick out of your ass for once!”
Cas groaned, but complied. “Only since it’s you birthday.” He sipped the beer, and made an amusing face of surprise. “That was unpleasant.”
Dean erupted in laughter, “That was an awesome expression! Do it again.” He handed Cas his beer, and ordered another for himself. Dean watched while Cas slowly drained both his and Dean’s new beer.
They were having a good time, but by the fifth drink his angel drank, and the hilarious face was no longer funny, Dean decided it was time to leave. “Come on, Cas,” He dragged the stumbling man to the impala and shoved him into the passenger side.
Castiel frowned. “You’re not supposed to drive,” His vision swam and blurred the world. “I’m supposed to drive. I’m the designated driver.”
“Cas, you drank five beers. I don’t think you should drive.” He frowned as Cas leant over and touched his hair, “And especially not driving my baby. You should be lucky I’m letting you ride in her, you smell like an alcoholic.”
“Then let me ride something else,” He replied, leaning in and kissing Dean’s lips. Dean seemed shocked, but his stiffness went away as their lips danced together. They explored each other’s mouths, before Cas pulled away. “Backseat.” Dean nodded, scrambling into the back and dragging Castiel with him.
“Is that an angel blade in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Dean stripped away Cas’ pants and boxers, revealing his erection. “Either way, it’s a blessing.” He took Castiel’s cock in his hand, stroking it slowly as Cas’ let out a small moan. Dean littered his angel’s thighs with kisses as he squirmed beneath him. The Winchester took Cas in his mouth, tongue tracing over his skin. A moan escaped the angel’s lips, before he interrupted.
“Dean, stop it.” Cas protested, shoving Dean away. “It’s your birthday, so stop trying to make everyone happier then you.” He leaned down to shred Dean of his bottoms. “It’s my job now,” He pulled Dean’s shirt off, “to make you happy.”
Dean grinned as Cas placed kisses on his chest, “Thanks, Cas.” He nodded and moved down slowly, tracing sloppy pecks on Dean’s muscular body.
Tracing his hand along the muscles, Cas had a thought. “I’ve never really observed the texture of your skin,” His hands run along Dean’s face, “I’ll certainly be doing more of this.” His hands ran low, tracing Dean’s hips. “You’re beautiful,” He praised, making Dean all the more hornier.
Dean shifted his hips, “They don’t lie, you know.”
Cas gave him a confused look, “I don’t understand that reference.” Dean sighed, but forgot all about his slight disappointment as one of Castiel’s hand found his erection. Dean let out a gasp as Cas’ hand moved up and down his erection, the other stroking his chest.
“Don’t be a tease,” Dean moaned.
“Don’t be so eager,” Cas smirked, and licked the head of Dean’s dick. He swirled his tongue around it, sucking softly on the tip as his hands cupped Dean’s ass. The hunter’s hands had grabbed hold of Cas’ hair, pulling him closer. “Dean,” Cas gasped as his hair was pulled.
“Well look at that,” Dean said between gasps, “You’re a kinky son of a bitch.” He pulled the dark hair again, welcomed by a deep moan muffled by his erection.
“Dean,” Cas pleaded, “I need you in me.” His request was given a nod, Dean’s cock being released as he stretched to get the lube he had in the front compartment of the impala. Cas shifted his position to get ready for Dean.
“This might hurt,” Dean warned. He pressed the lube onto his hand, making sure his fingers were coated. He then stuck one finger into Cas’ hole, stretching it enough to add two. Cas let out squeaks, then a moan as Dean began scissoring him. After stretching him out, he squeezed some more of the liquid onto his hands, applying it to his erection that now leaked pre-cum.
Cas let out a whimper as Dean pushed into him slowly, hushing him and telling him it’ll feel good in a minute. Dean let the fallen angel catch his breath before beginning to thrust.
“Oh, Dean,” Cas whispered, “That feels-“His words were cut off as he sighed.
“You like that?” Dean asked, “I like it, too.” They developed a smooth rhythm, Dean thrusting at the pace that Cas could handle and Cas’ moaning praises.
“Dean,” He shuddered out of pleasure, “I’ve admired you,” Castiel was getting close, with Dean fucking him and jerking himself off.
“Cas,” Dean strained, “I’m going to, “His orgasm cut him off, Dean gasping ‘Cas’ through it and unleashing his creamy load into his ex-angel.
Cas came at the same time, sighing Dean’s name and spurting white on the impala’s seats.
They lay panting in the back of Dean’s car in unbroken silence for a while.
“I love you,” Cas said, breaking the silence.
“I love you too.” Dean sighed back, “This was the best birthday ever.”