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Madeleine's Fate

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"Eager, so eager, Valjean." Javert kissed over to one side of Jean's bosom painfully slowly, his lips finally falling over Jean's nipple. He took it up ever so gently, rubbing his tongue upwards and over it, until it became rock hard. The hand that lay below Jean's stomach pressed down even further, and he followed this pressure with a grind from his own hips. Javert's pulse in his cock swelled even more, and his breath hitched.

"Do you feel me, mon cher?" He asks, lapping delicately at the milk that now flows from Jean's breasts. It is so, so terribly sweet.

“I do, oh Javert...” Jean murmurs, wriggling under Javert’s grasp and tongue, “you’re-so huge and hard, so virile.”  His eyes roll back as Javert finally latches on to a nipple and sucks in earnest, drawing more and more milk from Jean’s fattened breasts which happily bounce as the Alpha caresses them sweetly.  He wonders what it will feel like to have the child wriggling in his belly suckling from him, what it will feel like to nourish and nurture this child with yet another growing inside him.  He smiles at the thought of nursing his beautiful firstborn, holding the child up with one arm whilst caressing his ripening belly with the other.

“You have begged, and now I must," Javert removed his hand slowly from Jean's arousal then, moving it instead upwards, in search of the man's hand. Upon finding it, Javert near forces it downwards, as if to impress upon Valjean that he needed to be taken care of, hardness and all, "--do the same."

"Please." It was a whimper now, and Javert felt himself shamed for sounding so desperate; his heat was too much to bear, though. He needed Jean's hand wrapped tightly around his cock, he needed to let him feel it throb with longing, let his seed spill out, whether into his hand or inside of the beautiful dam that Javert, himself, had created. He wraps his lips around Jean's breast as best he can, suckling greedily at the outflow that continues from his partner.

"Of course, my love," Jean fairly coos, stroking Javert's hair as he suckles, hit with an overwhelming warmth in his chest. He greedily grasps the massive cock of his alpha, not quite able to fit his hand around the entire girth. He thumbs at the wide head before stroking downwards, toying with Javert's base and his heavy balls, so full of seed. "Please, spray on my belly," Jean murmurs merely to see Javert's reaction.

"Mm. Wouldn't you rather like to taste me?" Javert asked; an overwhelming sense of guilt for such greed hit him with immense force, but he brushed this aside almost immediately, when he felt Jean's thumb pressing heavily into the flesh of his head. It grew ever-more swollen, and Javert had to let out a cry; one of purest pleasure at that. His hips thrust forwards, into Jean's hand, over and over, making his grip slide back and forth over such a terrible strain.
"Jean! Jean, please!" Such a greedy man, Javert. His head lolled back while his hips continued to work themselves silly, and his hands-- his hands fell to Jean's own cock, rather unattended until now. He wraps one hand around it, working the folds of skin up and down, teasing ever so gently at his base.
Oh! "Oh goodness, yes, mon cher!" Jean moaned. "If you will-won't you let me position myself?" The child was heavy in him, and he could not bend so easily as he had before. He gently moved Javert's hand away from his cock, whimpering at the loss of contact.

"--Jean!" This was merely an exclamation; but yes, he would let Jean reposition himself. Javert would even help, and he did. He shifted halfway up, despite the throb that resonated in between his legs ever so terribly. To feel Jean's warm, full lips wrapped around his swollen, leaking member, to feel his tongue outlining the shape of his head, the veins that ran up its sides, to feel his palm pressing heavily against his balls-- it could not come soon enough. The muscles in his cock were spasming as it was; he could not wait much longer.

Jean smiled as he took Javert's hand, getting up and off the bed. "Would you please grab a pillow for my knees? Jean blushed as Javert wordlessly obeyed, taking a plump pillow and laying it before Jean.

Jean pouted through swollen lips. "Finish on me, please," he whispered before giving a lick to Javert's long slit. The man was leaking precum, and Jean tasted the saltiness with passion, moaning and moving to take the whole head in his mouth, swirling his tongue along the ridges and delicious curves. He let his lips slip off the head with an obscene popping sound, and ducked his head to lick the underside, nuzzling where the man's knot would form as he did so. He could feel Javert tense and begin to lose control as he lapped over the shaft, and so he pulled backwards, belly and breasts bouncing as he scooted back.

"On me," he said again, "On the fruits you have created. Give me your milk."

Jean's mouth, it was too much! Too tight for his cock, too tight to hold back any longer! And oh, how fucking incredible that velveteen tongue felt against his skin. Jean's saliva was almost cooling, it eased the heat that leaked from his cock, though it did not stop his seed from spilling over. Javert came with a last exclamation of "Jean!", his head rolling backwards and his hips bucking in the opposite direction. Hot cum spilled out of him, hard and fast, and he coated his love with it. A mark, then! A mark it was, of his love, of the life that they had begun together.

"Oh!" Jean cried as he felt the hot seed coat his full breasts and ripening belly. His own useless spend coated his tummy's undercurve, his hole leaking fluid down his thighs. He was utterly coated in delicious moistness, and he put a hand to his belly, unconsciously pushing his splattered breasts together to create a deep furrow. Goodness! How he must look to Javert!

"You little slut."