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Walking in a strange street, it feels so odd for Taehyung to act as though he was born as a human when evidently, he isn’t.


It is raining cold, the clocks are ticking three in the morning, an ungodly hour, even the date is terrifying to see in the human calendar. His friends had warned him that thirteen has never been a good thing in this universe, that he needs some luck to survive, but perhaps these "luck" humans call isn't on his side after all. Maybe the Ministry of Miracles forgot to bless him upon striking down on earth in search for the most wanted demon that had become controversial in 2012.

If it hadn't been for his position, he will never accept the task Kim Seokjin, the chief of Vigilance Council has offered him to do.

The luck may not be on his side, he might not be blessed, but that is not a problem. The most important thing he can do is to put his trust on Him. He believes this is what God has planned, and it is a call you can never reject.


Taehyung unsheathes his sword and it is covered with white flames. He despises violence, but among the Angel military which has been formed by the Vigilance Council, he is the most brilliant, most skilled, and most respected celestial. Even the Council of Sanctity, the highest Ministry in Korean Spheres, knows his name. He is indeed popular, but the danger he faces is horrifying than what anyone can imagine. Fighting in Heaven is alright (he won’t even shed a sweat). He knows the rebels can never withstand their attacks since it is their territory, and God’s power dominates the whole place. However, at this time, Taehyung stands in a strange place where all seven deadly sins thrive. Another one of most atrocious things he can think of happening is facing one or two, or worse, all of the Princes of Hell.

Luck – humans call. Miracle – in Heaven’s term. He hopes the Virtues are watching him right now, and at least praying for him to succeed.
“Goodness, Taehyung, it’s only one. In Heavens, you killed thousands,” he whispers, preparing his stance, trying to at least be optimistic. Taehyung releases his scabbard from grasping so tight, fully exposing the flaming sword. The smell of the incense lurks around the rusty narrow alley and it forms a thin layer of white fog, “So, he practices transfiguration,” he whispers, as the flickering light posts turn off totally upon stepping a little bit closer. Perhaps the demon knew that he made a move. He unfastens his collar button and flexes his neck before attacking. One step, the possessed black cat at the other side of the alley swiftly paces back. The demon somehow smelled the incense; it was a sign that an Authority is around the corner, a bad omen. Worst of all, the celestial is only a few feet away. He knows he can never escape. “Come on, I can see your name on the top of your head. Bet you already have the knowledge that we have this ability to predict what is the next thing you guys ought to do next? To tell you the truth, only some in the military can practice that. A hundred?” Taehyung takes another leap as if he is a child playing. “A thousand?” Another hop, “Oh, Park Jimin! Met him? He is an expert of detecting attacks. The prevalence of evidence is around 99 out of 100 tests. That’s my best friend – The 2nd most respected in the military!

Jung Hoseok., how about him? Met him?”

You are the worst.” The cat's red eyes glow sharply as Taehyung takes another hop with his two feet.

“Well, Jung Hoseok, he’s good at reading minds. He can access mine accurately, but he needs some short verbal chants to do so. He is best friend number three as well! We work together, see? He is the 3rd well-known angels in the military as well. Me? Ask me who I am."

“Are you twisted? Fuck off,” he screams, voice almost distorted and disturbing to hear. The demon suddenly grows its size, almost the size of a tiger, as it keeps on roaring around. Perhaps this is the peak of his fury. Taehyung is petrified upon seeing the demon being provoked of his tricks. He is frightened, yet also stunned as he compares that those demons who rebelled against Heavens are way too different than those demons who fell from above. These fallen creatures are worse, way too intimidating, way too powerful, and this is why he is horrified albeit being the top ranked angel in the whole military.

Sweat dripping down from his forehead down to his cheeks is a sign that he dwells in the human universe. Taehyung gulps in horror, but his courage and trust overwhelm his quivering self. "One hop, bitch, I'll take you down. And all of you will burn in this fucking place,” the huge black cat, says.

“One hop? Okay, I’ll hop one more time-”


“Don’t fucking dare, dipshit!” The cat screams and raises its paw with a sword like claws. One blow, Taehyung will be injured, and that blow can be fatal and can result in his permanent death. "Fuck you and all of your kinds!" He yells ontop of his lungs as he calls forth the power that one of the Princes of Hell entrusted to him. The nails of the demon grow longer and sharper than before. It is the size of European long sword, bent like a scimitar. The demon growls as he jolts forward, putting a smirk on his face, thinking that it’s been a while since he devoured an angel, but in just a snap of two fingers, he stops – cutting not Taehyung, but the thin cold air. With paws suspended hovering, claws in front of the angel’s face- only inches apart, the demon groans in pain. Apparently, he is transfiguring back from a huge cat, to a humanoid with wings as black as charcoal, two sharp horns as tainted as the floor they are standing on. And at the back of his gradually stoning body, is an arrow that has been stricken from behind by an unknown.

The strong smell of incense and the white flames; those are the same fragrance and the same fire that are omitting on the sword the angel in front of him holds. “T-There are two?” spits the demon, stuttering the word, evidently suffering from the arrow that is blessed by holy words. He glances back to witness an angel, wings spread under the pale glint of moonlight, holding his flaming bow.


I warned you.


Jimin can detect attacks, and surprisingly, it has the voice of the celestial he faced. The true angel he wanted to be killed earlier before he had stricken by the arrow.

Gaping in front to see a transfiguring man as the face begins to change, he finally gets it. He has been outwitted by the two unknowns. He scowls, cursing so fast - “Fuck the two of you, I swear your tricks will not be-” and stops in the middle of the sentence since he no longer can utter any words; his neck completely stoned. Taehyung flies down and faces him completely. “You should know the reason why he is not surprised and terrified; it’s because he already detected you’ll be killed. And Jimin is confident enough with his predictions, so he recklessly hopped, acted as if he was me.


Hello, the real Taehyung is in front of you now. And Jimin is the one you encountered. Okay? Don’t be confused,” Only the demon’s bloody red, mourning eyes move side to side, to confirm that the two are really a completely different angels. His hearing sense becomes blurry, even his sight, a sign that he fails as a demon, and it is his end. It is unbelievable for him to be defeated for he has been cursed by one of the Princes of Hell, but what to expect?

Angels have something on their side, and it is unquestionably the Heaven's power.


“I think I’ll use bow and arrows more often. It’s fun,” Taehyung stares at his palm and back at the fully statued demon.

“Sometimes, I can’t believe you’re the top ranked angel of this batch. You seem kinda, relaxed?” Jimin rolls his eyes but draws a smile on his face after, “I really hope he didn’t rebel. He’s such a waste. I mean, God is treating us well, I don’t know the reason why angels rebel.”

“Insecurities and Envy, Jiminie,” An angel flaps down from the roof after sitting and watching the fight,“That was a good show, but we can’t keep this pattern all the time. You know, over time we will encounter three of those, or worse, a legion of them. So, we really can’t do the same things all over again,” he sighs. This man has a point.

“I want you to fight them sometimes, Hoseok-hyung. You're way too pure. Why'd you join the army if you're not going to fight? It's not like you're in the first triad of the council who worships 24/7."

Hoseok hauls a notebook inside his bag, “I’ll fight someday, but for now, planning to outwit demons will be my job because that is my specialty, and setting the incense field to get them stuck in the parameter, restricted to escape." Hoseok flips the pages of the notebook to see a glowing red marked name, "Oh, he has a lot of sins. He had a sexual intercourse with fifty humans, ranging from sixteen to mid-twenties in the span of twenty years upon falling. And he influenced a drunkard to kill his boss, too. Sinful,” Hoseok eyes the stoned demon in disgust. “Do it," he then closes the book and signals Jimin to end the demon's life.

Jimin takes a deep breath and clenches his fist gripping it tightly. He then thrusts the tip of the sword in the demon's chest, and upon cracking, it bursts into flames. The blue fire consumes the whole statued celestial, gradually turning it into gray ashes. Jimin asks, “Do you feel all of the triads watching us right now with palms on their faces?”

“I bet soon, the next thing we’ll witness right away when we ascend is they will never welcome us with revealing familiar faces, but instead with wings covering it,” Hoseok laughs, "But hey! The Ministry of Sanctity has their faces covered with flaming wings!"

“Haven’t seen the first triad. I’ve only seen them from the history books in the University of Nirvana,” Jimin adds as the three of them walk, wings hidden, swords sheathed and bows at their backs completely fading, acting as if they are normal human beings once again, walking down the streets in the morning, “The first ministries or councils are so holy and glorious we haven’t seen them. I’m so envious the ministry heads like Chief Seokjin because he gets to meet them in person. Next time we should try to sneak inside the courtroom,” Taehyung says, massaging his shoulders.

“Hell no,” Hoseok interrupts, "No. Seriously, have you seen the sketches of them? They don't look like humans. They look different and scary. Seriously. The members of the Ministry or Council of Sanctity have six wings. My father told me that they are so bright, the reason why all chiefs of the councils call them as the burning ones. They shine so brightly that no one can withstand staring at them for a long time. Just imagine a collection of Suns entering the room, so bright that you do not want to approach them anymore. And they are so tall as well, seven to eight feet?”

“How did you know all of this!?” Taehyung’s eyes sparkle. Basically, Jimin is just watching him in awe. “I mean I know the basics like the Ministry of Sanctity members shine so bright, and have like six flaming wings, two covering faces, two covering their body, two for flight, but I never know they would be so bright and they would be that tall!”

“Me, too. I guess their mystifying appearances are the main reason why they are kept away from us. The first triad is the treasure. You remember? Chief Seokjin said that their role is only to give glory and to praise God,” Hoseok claps, so loud that it echoes, "Oh, back to the sneaking, you can't really take a peek at what's going on inside the courtroom in hopes that you can see the first triad of councils, because the ministry of wisdom and Ministry of Justice are also present there," Jimin knows what Hoseok is trying to say, but he lets him describe it. The three of them enter a convenience store to stop by and keep their voices as soft and as low as possible not to scare the owner of the shop. Only the three of them are present inside (aside from the owner of this shop), so they walk straight and sit at the farthest part of the room, away from listening ears and hidden behind the products they sell. "I know the books only told us that the ministry of wisdom members are four-winged creature," Hoseok continues, “and their role is to glorify, to praise, to distribute the wisdom, and many more, whereas the Ministry of Justice members, have two wings only, but they look like wheels, and they have the roles of a judge like here in human universe. The truth is, they are really scary. The members of the second council, the wisdom ministry, have four heads facing north, east, south, west respectively. One head is an ox, the other one is a bird, the other is a human, and the other is a lion. So the surveillance inside is pretty much strict. Imagine four heads mean eight eyes? Two is focused on the trial case, and the six eyes are roaming around the room? That’s why sneaking inside is forbidden!”

“Let’s talk about wheels with eyes around it. Ministry of Justice,” Jimin mutters, “Can’t you really remember all of what’s written in the Triads of Angels book? Seriously, Taehyung?” Jimin tries to sound a little bit softer, but really, he wants to scream on his face already. Triads of Angels book is the most popular book in Heaven, made by a Saint.


“I can remember their roles, Jimin-hyung. And I have like four copies of that book in my house. But I can’t imagine what they look like, and because of that, I can’t memorize their faces clearly at all. This is the reason why I joined the Council of Vigilance. I’m practically skilled. I’m not always in the library,” Taehyung taps Jimin’s back, and Jimin blushes because of it. He leans forward to Hoseok to get the notebook inside of the bag; the list of demons they need to catch, but as he does, Taehyung hears Hoseok mumble. “What? What are you chanting? Is there a threat?”

but he only heaves a sigh, “Nothing, Jimin is asking how did you know that he’s in the library all the time.”

“HOSEOK-HYUNG! STOP READING MY MIND!" Jimin reaches him to close his eyes, chanting some kind of prayer to let him stop. Hoseok keeps on smiling

until they hear a trumpet coming from the sky. The three stops from what they are doing, and stands up, recalling what Seokjin has told them:

Behind the clouds, someone will play trumpet, and only the three of you will hear it. It means I've called you to ascend to Heaven for an important business or discussion. All of you will know if it's really the song for it is not made to be an hour long enough for others to hear. That song is only made for the three of you."


Approximately ten seconds it played before it stopped. Taehyung is sure that is the signal from above and it is a call that is important. The three feel the weariness from fighting the demon (must be because they are in their human form), but it doesn’t stop them from planning out into where they should ascend. They can’t just glow, and spring upwards in a place where humans are watching.“You all know the reasons why we cannot do it here even if it’s urgent. They have this called C-CVTV? CSTV? CCTV? It basically acts like the universe’s wells in Heaven. With it, they can watch how crimes happened, and some important things. If they see us walk past walls, or glow and ascend like at the center of the street, they will be, obviously shocked and disturbed,” says Taehyung, who communicates with the use of telepathy, “We are totally suspicious. We are too quiet.”

Didn't know being quiet means weird here," Jimin says, as he too, communicates with telepathy. This is the only solution though. They can’t say these supernatural things aloud. They need to communicate with the use of their mind without using any human sensory perceptions. But the more they do, the more they get suspicious. The owner of the convenience store tries to eavesdrop because he believes these guys are shady.

Look, it is four in the morning, and it is a bit surprising to see people wearing the same white long sleeved shirt, tight black pants, carrying a black bag. It's like they came dressed to kill, came dressed to spy. The eyes of the owner of the convenience store are fixated on the bag, “It seems guns are inside it. I feel it.” His mind speaks.

Taehyung coughs, a strategic response, but it doesn’t drove the owner’s attention away from the dodgy bag. He is definitely trying his best though, yet it seems like the owner is an intellectual human being who can’t be fooled.“Hoseok-hyung, He’s annoying. Read his mind for me, please,” Taehyung begs, still, mouth closed pretending to read a text message on his phone, "Also, Jimin-hyung. Please foresee threats if he'll call the police. Bet he's trying to report the bag."

I can’t do that! That’s unethical!” replies Jimin, pretending to be drowsy, but as the owner of the store sweeps near, he gets alarmed, “Woah, alright,” and so he stares back at the man.

Okay, everyone, this man...


plans to get the bag. He is not the owner, he is a robber. The real owner's name is Park Shinyoung and it's not what's hovering above his head. This man is Yoon Jaehyung, thirty-six, committed robbery, and is wanted. Death will be on October fourth-"

Heavens! Where is the real owner?!” asks Hoseok, who interrupts as he flexes his neck, still communicating with the use of telepathy.

I don’t know, but I don’t feel any threats that had happened here. Perhaps the owner is sleeping upstairs and forgot to lock the door? And this man was just waiting for a victim because the money vault is empty? Either way, the threat is he is about to get the bag from us in 3, 2, -”



One, and Zero. Skilled, the robber is. He grabs the bag so smooth, but what to expect to a wanted robber in Seoul.

“Sir!! Please!" Taehyung stands up screaming, but it's too late. They watch the robber runs, and disappear from their sight, "JIMIN, YOU TALKED TOO MUCH." Taehyung yells, tearing up because he doesn't know what to do. He is the leader of the team, yet compared to them, he panics a lot.

“But it will be fun, right?” says Hoseok, laughing out loud because of Taehyung’s demeanor. “I mean, catching a human instead of a demon, this is new. Are we going to use our flight? Or find it with our human feet?”

Jimin snorts, “Brother, the trumpet’s call is urgent. We need to get back the bag fast. The notebook is in there, and if he sees the red names moving, and the pictures flying around the paper, he will definitely run to have us exposed. People will surely think we are wizards.

The flight is the answer to find him, although the three of us will separate to find the robber. We need to search individually,” he then reaches Taehyung and taps his back, “Let’s go. The signal if someone caught him will be with the use of telepathy.”

Taehyung nods, "Yes, we will ascend to Heaven in a different time, and in a different place. Let's be there before VI? It's IV, we still have II hours left to hunt the robber. I will try not to scare him as much as I can but if he resists, I'll show up-"

“What?! You’ll show up as -”


“A lion. Transfiguring is as easy as scratching your back,” Taehyung walks and hides to where the CCTV can’t detect, spreads his transparent wings and shoots up past the ceiling and flies not too far. He twists his body to be shrouded in mist and as he does, the black pants he wears gradually turning into clean white. He is only a few feet below the bed of clouds.

Flying kilometers above, even his 20/20 vision (much clearer than that), can't still find the thief that stole their bag. The exposure to their kinds is now on a threat. He can't blame Jimin though. Sometimes the detection works too late, and maybe that was what happened. Perhaps, it didn't work the way he expected. Like what he said, the prevalence of evidence is 99 out of 100, 99 of which succeeds, 1 of which fails, but 9% in 99% are those late detections. "Oh well, if we tell the truth, Seokjin-nim won't burst into flames," Taehyung whispers to himself, trying to be optimistic as possible.


He stays flapping his two white wings for about a minute until he finally found the bag. It is lighting up. His eyes zoom to see that the robber is casually walking, and is not running for his life. It will be easy to beg for him to give it back. Should he transform into Lion though? Well, perhaps he should think about it when the man persists. Taehyung deactivates his wings and he begins to fall quickly. The shrouded mist, even the feathers of his wings are wearing off and those start to fade. In a moment of descending down, he falls with his two feet on the ground. No bones cracked from crashing down, but you can’t say it’s an abnormality because it is when right after his two feet kissed the ground he transformed into human form; not before.

Taehyung runs, and screams, "Sir!" and the robber halts from walking. If he is so relaxed about this, then there is a chance that he opened the bag already. He might not be on his clear state anymore because of what he saw. "Please give me back my bag! I'll pay for it if you want, just give it back please," he bows, closing his eyes, wishing the robber didn't see anything inside, Hoping that he realizes that the thing he did was bad. Hoping he considers to stop stealing anymore, "It's mine and it's really important to me, you see," Taehyung is trembling. If this guy is already out of his mind and got crazy because of the contents of his bag, the three of them will surely be punished by the Ministry of Justice in Heaven, "Listen! Number VIII of the X Commandments, thou shall not steal. Are you a Muslim? Then, verse 5:38-39 of the Noble Quran! Please consider these and think about your family if you have one,"



But I break laws from Heaven.”


The man speaks not as he expected for it sounds young. Taehyung is still frozen, but his eyes are now wide open in shock. He still maintains his bow. “Then,” he continues, as he believes the guy has no religion, “Article 329 of the Criminal Act: Larceny. Humans, I mean – you, can be imprisoned for at least a year or so, or you will pay a million won for this! If you give me this bag back I will never say anything against you in the human police!” Taehyung stands back up straight again to stare at him straight in the eye, but stunningly and horrifyingly, the person in front of him is not the robber they encountered. What’s more?


He has no name, no age, no death date hovering on top of his head.


“But I’m not a human,” The man casually patted Taehyung’s head and ruffles his blonde hair, “I’m afraid I’m the one inside of that book.


Jeon Jeongguk? Congratulations, you found me!” he smiles, but weak. A smile of disappointment.


Taehyung stops breathing for about a second (he forgot to). He can’t believe the most controversial fallen angel is already in front of him, wings stained, as dark as ashes, “Here’s your bag,” Jeongguk drops the bag in front of him gently.
Taehyung then realized that Jeongguk touched him, yet he didn’t flinch in pain. He didn’t even react. Is he that powerful?

There is something more that keeps on bugging him.

His chest throbbed upon seeing his face. As Jeongguk ruffled his hair as well, it felt something great, and that was the strangest thing he experienced in his entire journey. Perhaps, other angels felt something like that before? But what if it was the first time? The impact Jeongguk did might not only be shock but also something deeper than that.

“Your face is red," Jeongguk says. Shit, even his voice sounds like a song, “Do you need water? I can make one. Although it’s a spell, and you’d probably won’t drink it in thoughts that it’s a poison.”


“Stay away from me, or I'll kill you. Apparate, or what you call that wizard spell while I'm still being nice," Taehyung looks down, and oddly feels melancholic as he spat those words. Jeongguk bites his lower lip and frowns as well. It is silence, and only the crickets are singing. Jeongguk then turns back in disappointment and walks silently.

And it is when Taehyung shuts his eyes.

Jimin-hyung, Hoseok-hyung, I found the bag, but I encountered the one we are looking for. Am I lucky? It's Jeon Jeongguk!" Taehyung signals the two of the angels, “Please stay away, and don’t follow me here. I will kill him in just a bit,”

Taehyung calls his sword by chanting and as he does, the scabbard gradually forms on his side. He quickly unsheathes his sword, but there's something wrong: There are no white flames. "Incense, right, I forgot," he says and conjures the powder to make a restriction field, and in a blink of an eye, a thin fog has been summoned; Jeongguk can no longer escape. He takes a deep breath once again and tries to calm, but there is still no blazing response from neither his scabbard nor his sword. No flames, no glow. It's just a simple pointed metal with no use.

The flames of their weapons are essential to kill a demon for it serves as the prayers and soul of the angel, and as well their determination to kill. But now that it has nothing to omit – does it mean he can't kill the demon in front of him? But for what reason? His loyalty is never questioned. Is it because of fear?


Taehyung glares back at Jeongguk and back at his sword. There is only one thing he must do. Whatever happens, even if his weapons is as dull as this night, he shouldn’t let this guy escape. At this moment, he doesn’t care if it won’t blaze. As long as he can thrust his weapon and chant a prayer, he will surely vanish; that’s what he believes.


Taehyung begins to run with his sword on hand. The pointy tip of it makes a noise as he runs straight to the foe. Jeongguk knows he will be killed, but stays calm and submits. In just a moment, Taehyung stops to breathe and pushes himself to stab as hard as he could.

He closes his eyes, and he feels Jeongguk’s body breaking through his thrusts. He pushes himself once more, and he feels his body on his arm, but strangely it is warm. Why is he warm though? The sword pierced his spine, cutting its connections with the brain, with no blood spurting, no forming of gray ashes. Taehyung feels victorious, but he feels the worst. This must be the first time he feels sorry he needs to kill someone like him, “I’m sorry,” he says, and gulps.




Yeah, but I don’t mind,” But Jeongguk suddenly replies with no sign of suffering. Taehyung becomes startled so he steps back to watch Jeongguk recovering, freely standing as if he wasn't pierced. As if he was not injured. Taehyung had no mistakes, he prayed for him to vanish. Did it fail? He is supposed to be stoned by now.


Jeongguk pulls Taehyung's sword that is pierced on his body like it's nothing but a piece of metal, and upon doing so, it exposes the pierced hole gradually contracting, as though the cells of his body are regenerating. It shouldn’t heal, but now it is.

Immediately after the hole on his chest eventually subsides, Jeongguk's vision narrows down into a pinprick trying to stare at Taehyung's ethereal and impeccable face. As he does, their eyes lock on like magnets that are destined to meet. Apparently, it seems like they are really meant to lock eyes. Jeongguk's dark eyes are smoldering and it becomes clear to Taehyung; He is beautiful.

Is he meant to be this beautiful as well?


Jeongguk then dashes to Taehyung. He is startled so he steps back and closes his eyes. He is stricken by an idea and that is death, and that he needs to embrace it now. But hell,


The response is the opposite.

The demon only embraces his fragile body, stunningly as gentle as he could, "What are you doing, lustful incubi? Trying to hit on me?" Taehyung asks as he peers at a wall of the house, singing a song in his mind that he believes will save him from the temptations of the devil. They are at the center of this quiet and wide street, without anyone knowing that they are existing. As he further sings, he calls a dagger, and it suddenly appears in his hand out of thin air. Still without flames to omit.

Grasping it tightly, Taehyung prays it can kill. Jeongguk hugging him exposes his back; His body waiting for the dagger to stab.

Taehyung raises his hand, holding the sharp weapon as firm as he could. His body is cold, but there is no sweat coming out from his pores. Quivering, he thrusts it aggressively into Jeongguk. One, two, three, four times. Taehyung feels the demons body twitches because he is leaning on him, but unfortunately, no matter how many times he thrusts his weapon, his breathing still won't stop – he can never end his life.

“Taehyung-ah,” Jeongguk calls, coughing up ashes, “You need to mean it.”


“Why are you saying this to me,” he asks,


Because I want to die.”


“What?” Taehyung pushes him away, expecting the demon is smiling because he has him fooled, but apparently, it is the opposite. Jeongguk seems serious about dying. Taehyung snorts, but as he does, Jungkook pushes his body to him, once again imprisoning the angel in his arms. It feels great. Taehyung’s body fits on his wide physique, “W-well, how unfortunate, you can’t die. You’re a demon,” he says, looking away.


“Angels lie now?” Jeongguk whispers. Taehyung feels his warm breath beside his ear and it makes him so fucking weak. For the demon, it is absolutely nothing, but for him, it makes him feel some kind of way. He shouldn’t be. He shouldn’t sin. But in angel’s perspective, he is sinning already, “I saw you stoning a demon,” Jeongguk then chuckles. Those small giggles are not horrifying at all.

“So? You're plotting a revenge because your comrade died in my hands?"

“No, I don’t care about them at all,” mutters Jeongguk.

“So, you only care if you are the only one getting sinned? Sympathy is not in your dictionary, I reckon."


“Yeah, honestly, I don’t even know why I’m hugging you right now,” Taehyung feels he is lying, but he also believes he isn't. This man, once an angel, once worshiped God, once pure, changed when he began to lust a woman he liked. Jeongguk lets go from embracing, cups Taehyung's cheeks, and says, "You know angels can't hear what I'll say, right? Or are they watching from the well?"

“Why would I say?” counters Taehyung.


Please help me.” Jeongguk communicates with telepathy.

“Are you insane? Why would I help a demon like you?”

Jeongguk smiles instead of answering, because trusting a demon is the same as offering your soul to it.

“Aren’t you wondering why God allows Satan and his Legions to attack humans?” Jeongguk sits on the floor, conjuring a chalk. And as it appears, he writes human letters: P L A N,
"What I learned from above is that God lets the devil influence mankind because he has a plan. I believe in God's plan. I believe everything is connected," he then connects the words Hell, Earth, and Heaven in Plan, "I trust God. He is the source of everything."

It is unbelievable to hear these words from a demon. Whenever a demon lies to every exorcist that He likes the plan of God or He loves the Almighty more than his life, a demon always inflicts pain. Prohibition to use the name of God in vain is one of the ten commandments, but the demons can do it, and even the opposite, yet deceiving someone with it is completely different. A demon that can stand the pain of accepting God for the purpose of lying and deceiving are the powerful ones. Jeongguk's name has been around the Korean Spheres for about some time now. Labeled as one of the greatest angels that fell from grace. Taehyung should know that Jeongguk is capable of doing this to him and that he can't be blamed if he has him fooled. However, it seems like Jeongguk does not show up to lie. Apparently, it seems like he appears to tell some truth, "I hypnotized the robber, and tell him to work instead of stealing," Jeongguk says, "I forced to take the bag from him because I feel like this has something that concerns me, and I was right. I saw my name in it. In the list of the most wanted demons the Ministry of Justice wants to restrain in their prison. But that makes me think of something now.

Do you know the reason why you are the one who found me? Do you know the reason why your sword didn’t blaze? Why it didn’t kill me?”


“You should know the Bible well. God is testing the mankind who is worthy of -"

“Then is he testing us as well?” interrupts Jeongguk.


“We trust God, but does He trust us?”

Taehyung is exasperated, “Typical demon, questioning God’s love. It’s the best if I leave, I will forgive you this time, but -”

It’s because The Almighty has a plan,” Jeongguk whispers, but enough for him to hear. And that makes the angel stops, wondering why the demon dares to speak his name with no stain, "He has a plan. Try to ask yourself, if God knows that Satan rebel, why did He created him? If your answer will be the same – to test humans – then is it the same for the rest of us? I know deep in my heart that I didn't rebel. God knows I didn't rebel."

“Stop lying, you had a sexual intercourse with her.”

“Are you in that court? No?” Silence. Taehyung is obviously not there because only the heads Council of Ministry held his trial, "You know God is omniscient, all knowing, his understanding has no limit, it is endless. Two of us meeting might be in His plan, see.”

“And is that what you think?” Taehyung doesn't sound like he is trying to submit, but he is trying to be as understanding as he could. That's how the military angels differ. That's the reason why he is chosen as the top-ranked angel in the army. Some angels kill the demons because they know they spread sin as though it is a plague (which is true), but there are still some who want to know the reason behind why demons rebel and one of those is Taehyung. He means every prayer he utters in every exorcism he performs, and he really wants the demon to be somehow at peace upon casting, even though it is impossible, "So you're saying that we are fated to meet?" Taehyung further asks.


“Yes, there is a possibility that you might be the one who would kill me and no one else. And I might be the one who would show to you that not all of us are the same.”


It is a silence for both of them. No one really knows the reason why they are both facing each other, it is never a coincidence. God's plan is absolute and impeccable. But does this meeting means it is also written in His scriptures? “Kim Taehyung, you won’t really turn back,” Jeongguk stares brazenly into his eyes and communicates with the use of telepathy, “God did not create me as a devil; He created me good.”

He turns back to him, showing his ash gray wings. To think of it, he has no horns and a pointy tail. He is like an angel that has just been stained, "See that I've sinned, and I failed Him. But that doesn't mean I'm acknowledging the crime I never did."


What do you want me to do now?” Taehyung asks.

Roaming around following her is painful… I love her more than my life, and I think that is the reason why I've sinned…

I want someone to kill me, I’m tired.


But now that you showed up, I don't feel like dying anymore. I want to live, she has to live, so help me."



This might be the worst decision Taehyung will ever make. The side of him wants to restrain him, and the other part of him wants to believe. There is a light hidden inside his heart, and it seems like Taehyung is the only one who can see and feel it. He has no horns, no tail, only his wings are stained, is it really right for him to say that he is a demon? A deceiver of mankind?

“Taehyung-ah, you might be the instrument of God.”



“Do not be deceived, Taehyung,” that voice is very familiar, “A demon cannot be saved,” A myriad spots of light shines across the rooftop, circling them, and it turns out to be a hundred angels with their flaming bows and arrows pointed at Jeongguk, “Their opposition to God's plan is fixed, and there is no way they would repent,

especially with the likes of you, powerful incubi." That voice is from no other than the chief of the Ministry of Vigilance, Kim Seokjin, who stands feet away from them. On his side, Jimin and Hoseok with their bows and arrows ready, "It's been a while since I restrained you," voice relaxed, Seokjin says.

“Hello, mister!” Jeongguk’s dark eyes radiated a fierce, uncompromising intelligence. He then holds Taehyung’s hands, and all of the bows from above makes a stretching sound, “I can’t believe your top ranked angel has been deceived that easy!” Taehyung’s eyes blaze in madness and confusion. Jeongguk flaps his wings away from him. So it was a lie after all?

“It’s because you are the most powerful deceiver aside from the Princes of Hell, Jeon Jeongguk.”

“What a nice label I’ve been put to, but you know it is never been a pleasure to be compared with those disgusting demons, Mister,” Jeongguk spits, yet still smiling, “It’s been a while since I saw your face, the one whom I trusted, believed in the rumors rather than believing in his student.”

“Do you want me to be killed then?” Seokjin calmly asks.

“I believe hatred is the root of all evil, so is money from this world. I do not like to waste my time despising on someone.”

“Why are you here? Did you call my angel for him to get sinned?”


“Do you really think I’m the type of person who would do that? Try to ask God why? I’m afraid the two of us met because this is in His plan,” Jeongguk tries to laugh, but it is forced.

“God will never let angels and demons cross their paths for just a talk, demon. You’re the one who planned this, Jeongguk. Demons and angels can’t be friends.”



“How unfortunate,


because I think I like him already,” it is a whisper only Hoseok and Taehyung hear. Taehyung tries to ask Hoseok to read his mind even though it is blurry, but albeit experiencing the struggle of reading it, Hoseok believes that he sees the truth about his words. Jeongguk may really like Taehyung.

“What did you say?” Seokjin asks, but Jeongguk doesn’t want to answer.

“Is it another sin for me to be friends with an angel?”

“Yes, because angels are destined to fight the kinds of you and to restrain you from polluting the earth.”

Upon saying so, Jeongguk shows a strange expression, and it is upset. Jimin's eyes widened in shock to watch him frown because of it. Making friends with angels, do demons really think about this? It's impossible. "What are your plans, Jeongguk-ssi?" Seokjin asks.

“Following her, till she dies.”

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I am. I seriously wanted to get killed, but you will laugh at me if you hear my reasons why this time I’m choosing not to.” giggles Jeongguk.



“Can I ask why?”

The smile dissipates from his face as Seokjin quiets.

Jeongguk’s stares back at Taehyung, fixed on him as though he is someone he needs to protect. The genuine stare melts Taehyung, “Please take care of yourself. I mean it,” says Jeongguk, and Taehyung slowly nods. Hoseok may not have the power to read Jeongguk’s telepathy to Taehyung, but he can read what Taehyung is thinking.

As he reads Taehyung’s mind, two words become audible:



Thank you.”


And that is when Hoseok knew Jeongguk may not be like the demons they have encountered. He has no horns, no tails, maybe he is not a demon at all? Maybe in Ministry's perspective, he is the worst, but maybe, in reality, he really isn't the one who would commit the outbreak of lust this year? Worst is, he might not have a single record of sin after fall?


Are they really fighting the one that is worth restraining for?


Taehyung, nice meeting you,” are Jeongguk's last words. He gets out of the incense field like it is nothing, and all of the military angels on top of the roofs are quivering in fear, when in fact, there is nothing to be feared about. Seokjin let the demon be free because he believes it is not his job to kill him; It is Taehyung's.


And that is the news he wants to say. The reason why he played the trumpet, summoning them.


“Taehyung-ah,” Seokjin calls, as all the military angels rose and ascend from above, like fireworks that have been fired up; one by one they lit. The flickering light posts come back to normal, and the sun is waking up from a deep slumber. The blush of dawn appears. Another strange night. Perhaps, this is the weariest night Taehyung and the two experienced.

Taehyung then walks near to the chief, and bows to apologize he couldn’t kill him, “My sword is not burning. I can’t let it blaze,” explains Taehyung.

Seokjin taps his shoulder to get up, “because it is not the time. I came here not to save you, Taehyung, but to give you a good news.”


Seokjin gives a parchment to him, but it is burning in white flames, “you are chosen as the only one who would kill that demon.


The only angel who will restrain Jeon Jeongguk in the depths of hell.”