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When the Past Meets the Present

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William felt like he had been running for so many years. In truth he had, he had been running for a little over a hundred years. That may not sound possible, and it’s not for a human. William is a vampire, he had been human once. A quiet man that devoted his life to caring for his mother and writing some truly awful poetry. Then in 1880, a dark-haired man had coerced him into an alley in London where he lived. That man’s name was Angelus, and he had come up to William at a party. He seemed to know exactly how the younger man felt and William was looking forward to having a friend for once. Angelus had asked him if he wanted forever, and naïve William hadn’t even stopped to consider what that meant. He just agreed with this mesmerizing man and then next thing he knew there was a piercing pain in his neck.

London 1880,

William opened his eyes and noticed almost instantly that he didn’t recognize the room he was in. Which made sense, because he didn’t remember making it home and to bed. Perhaps, he had drank too much and ended up in someone’s guest room. He wasn’t much of a drinker though, so he didn’t think that was what happened. He may have taken ill, that would explain why he couldn’t remember much about what happened. William knew he had to get up. He had to go find the owner of the house and thank them for their kindness before returning home to his mother. He wondered how long he had been asleep. He hoped it wasn’t too long his mother would be worried about him and he didn’t want her to fret in her condition.
Very slowly he climbed to his feet. He didn’t want to fall down if he had been ill. He was surprised to find that his limbs felt strong. Almost as if he hadn’t just climbed out of bed. William walked over and opened the door to the room. Peering out into the hall he realized that he had no idea how the house was laid out. He was simply going to have to hope he didn’t get lost and make a bigger fool of himself.
He found the staircase fairly quickly. This house wasn’t set up all that differently from his own. He was thankful for that. It wouldn’t do to have people believe that he was wondering around their house. He didn’t want to seem rude. Even with as strong as he felt, William still held onto the handrail going down the stairs. He didn’t want to fall down them, that would hurt. It might also aggravate any injuries he might also have from losing consciousness that he hadn’t found yet.
The house seemed pretty empty. William was going to write a note thanking his hosts and then head home. He didn’t want to worry his mother any more than he had and the sun was beginning to rise. William hoped he would be able to get home before she awoke. Then he could simply tell her he had come in late and hadn’t wanted to wake her. He came across a door that was slightly open. Coming from inside he could hear two male voices speaking in low tones, but not too low that he couldn’t make out what they were saying. He could also see the faint glow from the firelight.
“You’re sure this one is meant to be your favored?” The first voice questioned. He didn’t sound accusatory. He simply sounded curious and somewhat excited.
“I could sense him from blocks away. I told you that.” This voice was deeper and more familiar. After thinking about it for a minute William recognized it to be the voice of Angelus. Of course, it all made sense now. They had gone for a walk to talk away from the hustle of the party. William must have taken ill on their walk and not knowing what else to do his new friend must have brought him home. That made sense and honestly made William feel a little better about he whole thing. William wondered what they were talking about. He couldn’t decide which would be more rude. To stand her unintentionally eavesdropping or to interrupt the conversation. This seemed like an important conversation even though he had no idea what they could be talking about.
The choice was taken from him when a hand reached out and gripped his shoulder from behind. William was not proud of the way he jumped or the yelp that came from his mouth. He turned his head and dark haired women was standing behind him. William had been so involved with the voices he hadn’t heard her walk up behind him.
“Now, children shouldn’t listen to conversations they aren’t part of.” She smiled and waved a finger in his face while she spoke. William opened his mouth to protest that he wasn’t a child. He was a full-grown man and didn’t need to be chastised like a misbehaving brat. He didn’t get the chance though before the door was pulled all the way open. Standing in the doorway was Angelus and about two steps behind him was another man. This man had light hair and gray eyes. He stood about a head shorter than Angelus did. Making the other man appear much bigger than he was.
“William, you shouldn’t have been awake yet.” Angelus sounded surprised. William on the other hand was confused. How would Angelus know how long he would have been unconscious?
“Are you a doctor?” It was the only explanation that William could come up with. That had to be it Angelus was a doctor that took it upon himself to take care of William. So, he was surprised when Angelus laughed. It wasn’t a mean laugh, it was the kind of laugh that made it seem like William had just told a joke.
“Come in here William. I will explain everything to you.” Angelus put his arm around the younger man’s shoulders and led him into the room closing the door behind him.

Sunnydale 2001

William shook his head to clear the memories. He needed to focus and not on his family. Rumor had it that the slayer had a witch working for her. A powerful witch at that. William was going to try and strike a bargain with the slayer. He would help her while he was in Sunnydale in exchange for her witch doing a spell on him. After he had left his family everywhere he was they were. William got tired of constantly moving. He found a witch that did a spell for him. It would hide him from his family for fifty years before it needed to be redone. Now, he just needed a witch that was powerful enough to redo the spell. Now wasn’t the time for memories, now was the time to find the slayer and her witch.