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Missing You

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Spike growled, pressing his hand more firmly into the throat of the considerably younger man in front of him. “You better fucking talk quickly. Where is she, and why does that berk I call a Grandsire think she's here?”
Andrew was beyond blanched, but he managed to pale a shade lighter at the look on Spike’s face. He had only done what he was supposed to do, and had hoped neither of the vampires he'd encountered earlier would have the nerve to approach the Buffy body double currently out dancing with the Immortal. “Decoy. Angel doesn't know. No one knows. She's in Scotland. There's a sort of headquarters up there, she lays pretty low since-- since Sunnydale.” The words wheezed through barely open windpipes, but it was enough.
Spike released Andrew, and the boy immediately started coughing and spluttering.
“You're taking me there.”
Andrew didn't argue, just started packing. An expression Spike had trouble identifying flickered over the young man’s face. Was that relief?
Spike shook his head and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it absently as he waited for his new tour guide to throw some clothes into a bag. The blonde on the dance floor hadn't fooled him for a second. Even through the throng of people around her, Spike would have been able to scent Buffy. After realizing Angel hadn't noticed--the prat must have chosen to go blind in that moment or something-- he'd taken the first opportunity to slip away from the older vamp undetected.
This was taking too long.
“Are you ready yet or what.”
“Yeah, yeah one second,” Andrew said, tapping keys on his phone, “gotta make sure we have a ride.”
Spike realized he was pacing. When had that happened? Fuck. He pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes, willing himself not to cry in front of the whelp. He'd been doing fine, he'd been so ready to never see her again, never inflict himself on her again… but the disappointment he'd felt when he realized she wasn't there… he had to find her. God, why had he waited so long? The burning in his chest was becoming overwhelming. He slammed his fist down on the table and roared.
With a startled peep, Andrew led him outside to the waiting car.
Just a few more hours.