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A Frans Wonderland: NSFW Edition

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Frisk wasn’t sure what had made her think suggesting this was a good idea.

She’d always been curious, of course. A monster just like her mate, but somehow bigger, meaner, and far more crude than anything that she’d encountered in her own Underground? One that hit on her irreverently and insatiably, no matter how many threats that Sans made? One that carried such confidence in his gait, and such sin in his gaze, that it made her legs weak?

Sure, she knew how much he wanted her. Sure, the little arrangement she’d managed to talk Sans into was tantalizing. Sure, she couldn’t forget the way Fell had dragged his sockets down her body when he had agreed on the deal, lascivious and greedy.

But being here, sandwiched between his broad, bare rib cage and her Sans’ loving hands, their breath heavy on her bared skin and their magic crackling, static and mist, in the air around the bed the three of them reclined on, was making her dizzy, her head light and her blood burn.

Fell’s undulating tongue climbing the length of her throat didn’t help, nor did his constant, rumbling affirmations as he ran his hands over her body, drool trailing from his parted fangs and his desire evident in the tented crotch of his shorts.

Frisk sucked in a labored breath when his clawed hands slipped down her lower back to cup her posterior, squeezing through her lacy panties and grinding her down, against the thick, twitching form of his cock, chuckling against her throat when she whimpered in need.

 “shit, you got a gorgeous body… jus’ like i always imagined. sweet, and hot, an’ so fuckin’ ready… jus’ like that wet little pussy.”

Fell’s tongue extended again to trace a stripe of glowing red saliva up the underside of her chin and along her jaw, the luminescence of his magic lighting his left socket with crimson avidity as he watched her squirm against his chest with a wide, hungry smirk.

She couldn’t help the flush that overtook her cheeks, the helpless rush of arousal through her veins.

Frisk could hardly think straight, lost in the sensation of so much attention and ardor, and as such shivered when Sans, his hands tracing her spine and the undersides of her bare breasts with care and benevolence, as ever, kissed the back of her neck, nuzzling his nasal ridge against the fall of her hair.

His touch was cool against her flushed skin, probably intentionally (he could read her so well…), his voice a balm to her flustered mind.

“don’t be shy, frisk… he’s right. you’re beautiful, every part of you, and i can’t get enough of you… are you alright? do you need anything?”

Frisk leaned into her mate’s embrace, finding solace and peace in his attentions and care, and ignored Fell’s thwarted snort and grumpy frown at her removal from his exploring tongue and nipping teeth (though he didn’t seem to mind the view of her arched back against Sans, her breasts on full display), turning to meet his gentle smirk with her wet, parted lips.

“I… I-I… It’s so hot… you’re both so… ahhh… overwhelming… just a little nervous…”

Her speech was interspersed with adoring kisses and shuddering whines, Fell joining their discourse by raising his hands to fondle Frisk’s breasts (his smile only grew with every shudder and muffled moan he drew from her, his palms weighted with her flesh and his claws flicking at her nipples), and Sans, with a bald, displeased look sent to Fell and his ministrations, pressed another kiss to his lover’s lips, his hands settling on her waist, unmoving and patient.

“need us to slow down, babe? we could take a break, let you relax…”

He was sincere and calm, clearly willing to pull away and give her every comfort, but Frisk shook her head immediately, her own hands lowering to cover his and firm his hold on her flesh. Her hips pressed further into the monster below her, her chest into his eager grasp.

“N-no! I want to keep going! Don’t stop…”

Sans smiled warmly, pressing his bare bones to Frisk’s back and humming in acceptance of her affirmation; his phalanges plucked at the hem of her panties, sliding beneath the sides to slowly slip them down her hips, the slope of her posterior. His mouth moved its attentions to her neck, kisses and scrapes of his teeth drawing sounds of pleasure from her lips.

Lying beneath the whimpering, squirming human girl, Fell watched her last scrap of clothing fall away from her body with perverse lust, her arousal glistening between her parted legs sending him into a whole new level of desire. His tongue swept the line of his sharpened fangs, gold glinting in the low light as he leaned forward to lick at one of her nipples, a free hand smoothing down the flesh of her abdomen, parting her downy curls and delving into her wetness.

His gaze rose to meet hers, from his place against her chest, a single knuckle making slow, intent circles around her clit.

“don’t think i could, babydoll.”

He gloried in her helpless moans, the way she arched into him and only grew wetter for him (humans were such a joy to fuck, so soft and wet and stars, did their bodies smell good), but Sans, behind the quaking, whining girl, glared over her shoulder at the larger skeleton monster, a grimace of warning overtaking his soft assurance.

Electric blue magic flickered in his left socket, dire consequence and judgment within.

“you damn well better if she says it’s too much.”

Frisk, with a shuddering, haltering moan, turned to kiss along the irritated monster’s jawline, the hand not currently guiding Fell’s between her legs rising to trace along the side of Sans’ skull. He had been such a good sport to allow her this, to sate her curiosity and add some spice to their love life, and she said as much against the living bone of his mandible, appreciative and comforting.

He knew what he meant to her. He knew her soul, and how much she loved him. Just because another him had spawned from another universe, dropped out of place and time by a strange machine and trapped in a world not his own, didn’t mean he meant less, or that she intended to replace him.

He knew that, but sometimes, he needed reminding. After this, she’d do just that.

Fell, tsking his magical tongue against the backs of his teeth, rolled his gaze in his sockets, allowing Frisk to guide his fingers in rubbing her just right while she whispered love and assurance to her beloved. Jealousy burned in his bones, a sickly green anger that made him more and more nauseous the longer he was stuck in this namby-pamby universe, but he made no mention of it, concentrating instead on the opportunity he had been given, his hands on the female that should have been his.

He was lucky to get this much, he knew that. He was just as unhappy to share as Blue was, but it was this or nothing, another night spent knowing Frisk was with him while he jerked himself off in his shitty apartment, as alone as he’d always been.

He’d take this any day.

And who knew? Maybe the sweet, sexy girl would get addicted and come back for more. Maybe it was possible for them both to have her. They did have the same soul…

Something to think about another time. Right now, he had more pleasant, soft, wet things on his mind.

“yeah, yeah, calm down, shorty. i know when my partner’s uncomfortable, i ain’t gonna do nothin’ she don’t like.”

To emphasize that point, and recapture Frisk’s attention, Fell squeezed the breast he wasn’t licking, pinching her nipple between two claws, and slowly slid a thick phalange into her core, taking her all the way to the knuckle with satisfaction and greed glinting in his growing smirk, the breathy gasp and returned gaze of the girl in his lap doing wonders for his ego.

He leered up at her, teasing her breast with the edge of his parted teeth and slowly, ever so slowly, rolling his finger within her, stroking her g-spot and rubbing his palm against her clit.

She was a vision in her rapture, a siren and an angel at once. All he’d ever needed in the world, without even realizing it, was to see her as she was now, crying out with helpless pleasure and thrusting against his hand, pushing her silken flesh against his bones.


So much for her being the one forming an addiction.

“but what she does like… got that shit in spades, heh.”

Fell’s self-confidence was clearly well placed, the motions of his hands and nubile tongue practiced and evocative, and had Frisk all but wailing in ecstasy, clutching at his thick ribs and arching into him haplessly. His satisfied grin was evident of his awareness of his skill, gloating and, in a moment of pure egotism, prompting him to send a smug look up at the smaller skeleton monster, his hands caressing Frisk’s sides and his own tongue working on her neck.

Sans flushed a powder blue at his stare, glaring back and barely holding back a bestial, territorial snarl, but quieted himself for Frisk, sneering as well and taking a moment to trace his fingers down the length of Frisk’s arm, his fingerbones clacking against the bracelet she still wore, glowing in the darkened bedroom with his own magic.

His smile held superiority and candor in it, his free hand circling her torso to trace up her fluttering abdomen, her heaving ribcage, and between her breasts to rest over her heart, the magic of her soul tumultuous and writhing in pleasure beneath the palm of his hand.

It pulsed in recognition as his closeness, Sans’ grin only growing as he held Fell’s stare.

“sure you do, buddy.”

Fell did growl at that, reddening with rage and his newfound jealousy, and turned back to his occupation rather than face the truth of Sans’ unspoken claim, sliding a second finger into Frisk’s core and thrusting them into her almost aggressively, grasping her waist with his other hand and rubbing quick, intense circles around her clit with his thumb.

Asshole… taunting him with the only thing he couldn’t have… see how he liked his wife getting off on another monster better than she ever did with him.

Sans took over playing with Frisk’s breasts in Fell’s concentration on fingering her into mind-numbing pleasure, intensely pleased with himself and, admittedly, with his mate’s bliss. He whispered encouragement and praise in her ear as he cupped and toyed with her flesh, licking the sensitive shell of her ear and rolling her nipples and pressing himself to her flexing posterior, grinding his own erection against the swell of her ass.

He so loved to see her lost to pleasure, nothing got him off better than knowing she had felt at least twice as good as he had… and though he hated seeing Fell touching her, knowing he would smell the bastard on her for the next month, he could live with it if it meant seeing her like this.

It was like she’d told him the night before, and again before they let Fell into the house that day: she was his, and always would be, no matter how good the other monster made her feel.

Frisk, in her haze of near euphoric rapture, couldn’t have contained her cries and undulations if she’d had the mind to try, grinding down against the furious thrusting of Fell’s hand and then bucking back into the hardness of her lover’s restrained cock. Her attentions were split between Sans’ voice, soft and hot against her sweaty hair, and Fell’s harsh, grunting breaths against her abdomen, gentle twists and pressure at her breasts and biting, controlling claws at her hip.

Two different brands of desire, so different but both focused on her. Two different monsters, both endeavoring to bring her pleasure.

And who said a girl couldn’t have it all.

Fell forcing a third phalange into her entrance and Sans parting his jaw to bite gently at the joint of her shoulder and neck struck a chord that Fell had been working towards for nearly five minutes, Frisk’s eyes flying wide and her hands grasping wildly for Fell’s shoulders. Her knees started to quake, her walls tightening and fluttering and her breaths coming in short pants.

She couldn’t speak, it was too much, she was… she was going to…

Fell suddenly removing his fingers from her jolted her, her thrown back head dropping to look on incredulously as the monster seated between her spread thighs licked happily at his dripping phalanges, grinning so wide she thought his skull would split. She spluttered in protest, grasping for his hand, but Fell only chuckled and held it over is head and out of reach, smirking up at her with half-lidded, flirtatious sockets.

“ah ah… y’ain’t got permission ta cum yet, do ya. you hold onta that for me, babydoll. i wanna feel ya orgasm on my dick, heh.”

Frisk pouted, whining in her need and the steadily subsiding orgasm the larger monster had built in her, and leaned provocatively against Sans, rubbing her ass against his erection and bucking her breasts into his stilled, light grasp.

“Sans… Sans, honey…”

Sans, despite his instinctive desire to give his mate everything she desired, merely snickered at her plaintive plea, smoothing his palms down her sides to clutch at her posterior, giving it a smack for good measure as he kissed her shoulder apologetically.

His grin sharpened at the wanton sound she let out at the slap of bone to her ass, his magic surging in bald desire.

“be patient, babe. you promised you’d be a good girl for us… we’d rather not have to punish you.”

Fell scoffed at that, returning to licking his fingers clean and stroking the swell of Frisk’s hip with his free hand, the scratches he had dug into her flesh.

“speak for yerself.”

Sans ignored him, content to squeeze his lover’s ass and kiss her throat as her orgasmic high died, but Frisk was not so latent, whimpering and dropping her knees out to sit fully in Fell’s lap. She circled her hips enticingly, pushing her breasts to his bare rib cage and extending her own tongue to lap at his arousal stained phalanges, trapped between her body and his.

Her sodden folds parted over the tented fabric of Fell’s shorts, soaking the material and allowing him to feel the heat he had bred within her.

“Ahh… ahh… please… don’t tease me… I… I-I need you…”

She ground against his erection with wild abandon, taking his dripping fingers into her mouth to suckle at them enticingly, and Fell, the lights in his sockets shrinking in shocked arousal, allowed his jaw to drop, watching her with open, rabid longing.

“shit that’s sexy… ‘aight, sugar, you’ve convinced me. ya get your wish.”

He pushed her hips away from his for a moment, allowing her to continue laving her tongue over his phalanges while, one handed, he undid his belt and pulled the zipper on his shorts down, releasing his intimidating, glowing, scarlet cock from their confines.

The thick, twitching appendage pressed insistently to Frisk’s abdomen, it’s warmth in stark contrast to the coolness of the line of piercings trailing its underside, and Fell grinned up at Frisk when she gasped at its contact with her skin, thrusting against her and stroking his saliva dampened fingers along her chin, tracing the length of her throat rapturously.

“go on… sit on daddy’s cock.”

Frisk moaned halteringly at his command, flushing prettily and whimpering as she looked down at the size of him; her teeth bit into her lower lip desirously, and she hesitantly bucked her saturated folds against the length of him, drawing a staggered, surprised breath at the feeling of his piercings dragging along her clit.

Behind the distracted human girl, Sans grimaced, the bone above his nasal ridge wrinkling as he shot a disgusted glare at the larger, just as occupied monster.

“yeah, no. don’t call yourself that.”

Fell ignored him gracefully, his crooked smirk widening with every explorative motion Frisk made against him, and so Sans snorted, turning to watch his mate as well. She was really into it… and so was he. A slow, wicked grin overtook his upset, a string of his own saliva dripping from his teeth to trail down his jaw as she slicked her entrance against another monster’s cock.

His hands moved to her hips, his mouth returning to her ear.

“but the order stands, babe. get yourself on his dick… i wanna watch you take it.”

Frisk shuddered against him, turning to nuzzle against the side of his face and meet his gaze, double checking that it was okay, and nodded eagerly at his wink, her hands clenching on Fell’s shoulders as she lifted herself to turn in his lap, settling her back against his ribcage and posterior against his pelvis.

Her thighs spread wide around his femurs, the hard, erect magic of Fell’s arousal a persistent reminder of their occupation between her legs, and with a tremulous hand, the other wrapped around the back of the large skeleton monster’s neck, she took his cock in hand and brought him to her entrance.

All three let out a strangled breath when she began to sink herself onto Fell’s length, Frisk with shocked, breathless pleasure, Sans with voyeuristic intent, and Fell with satisfied levity, his hands grasping at Frisk’s waist and his skull dropping back against the headboard of the bed.

“fuuuuuuuck yeah… holy shit, you’re tight, sweetheart… take it slow, i know ya ain’t used ta somethin’ this big…”

Sans barely held back a snarl at that, baring his teeth at the crass monster and truly considering ending this all early just out of spite, but held back, watching his bride pant and shift her legs to accommodate more of Fell into her core, the silver studs marking the underside of his dick disappearing into her one by one.

She was enjoying herself, and that was the whole point. This was for her, not him. He could get over his pride for half an hour…

If Fell would let him, the giant bastard.

And so, Sans let the comment go unheeded, and turned his attention to Frisk, her rampant moans and her trembling legs, and scooted closer to her, dragging his palms along her thighs and pushing kisses to her lips.

One hand ventured between her thighs to spread her folds even further than they were by the girth of Fell’s cock, a single fingertip flicking at her clit slowly, teasingly.

“how’s it feel, honey? you like it?”

Frisk nodded eagerly, tears in her hazy eyes and her free hand rising to grasp at Sans’ shoulder as she took another inch of the thick appendage she was slowly sinking onto, her back arching and her lips parting in a silent cry of rapture.

Another stud, teasing along the swollen flesh of her clit, popped inside her, and she all but wailed in pleasure, squirming and tossing her head.

“He’s… so big… the piercings… oh god…”

She thrashed at the stimulation of Sans playing with her and Fell filling her entirely, the heat rushing in her veins making her lightheaded and dizzy with ecstasy.

Fell, pleased with her acclaim, leaned forward to drag his tongue up the length of her neck, his hands on her hips pushing her down further, taking her to the very base of his cock. He nuzzled at her ear as she moaned and shifted in his lap, grazing his teeth along her earlobe.

“heh… thought you’d like those… they always do.”

He patted her hip, grinning and shifting his legs to plant his feet in the mattress.

“bend forward an’ spread ‘em, sweetcheeks… gimme some room ta work on ya.”

She did as she was bidden, Sans helping her prop her torso on a few pillows, and Fell, squeezing his clawed fingers in the plush flesh of her ass with a wolfish, hungry grin, gave a preliminary thrust once she was settled, grunting in pleasure at the feeling of bottoming out within her and the way she clenched around him, soft and hot and wet as sin.

“fuckin’ perfect. jus’ like i always imagined. now… why dontcha use those pretty lips ta get your mate off too while i fuck ya, eh?”

He smacked his palm across her ass, drawing a shuddering gasp from the girl, and Frisk, flushed and panting and heavy-lidded, looked shakily up at Sans, licking her parted lips and coming even with his already bared, precum dotted erection.

Sans smirked at her, stroking a hand along his length and weaving his other into her hair, pushing the head of his cock against her lips.

“get to it, babe.”

She needed little prompting, replacing his hand with one of hers as she eagerly accepted him past her lips, the tip of her tongue sliding in and out of view in her fervent worship of her lover’s offering. Her other hand rested on the mattress below her, keeping her body steady for both of the skeletons, and both took her cue as their own, their smiles identical in lecherous perversion.

Sans took up a slow, even circling of his pelvis, reveling in the feeling of his human’s mouth and hot, wet tongue against his surging magic and her silken hair around his fingers, and Fell, for the first time, withdrew from his full penetration of Frisk’s core, though only to give himself room for the next upwards thrust into her warmth.

His pace was less measured, quickly adopting a passionate rut that rocked Frisk body back and forth, his clawed hands digging into her wide hips and his gaze glued to the vision of his cock slipping in and out of her entrance, transfixed and aroused beyond measure.

Yes… this. This was where she belonged, mounted on his cock and moaning for him. Gorgeous girl… stars, he was glad he’d taken this deal.

He never wanted to leave her body, and so pounded himself as far into her as he could go with reckless abandon, desperate to imprint some part of himself on her.

Fell’s furious, rough pace only aided Sans’, pushing Frisk further down his length with each meeting of his hips with her backside, saying nothing of her tremulous, wild groans of pleasure around him. It sent shivers deep into his bones, heat and arousal beating through his soul in waves of intense, concentration breaking ardor.

He could barely keep from throwing his head back, closing his eyes, and losing himself in the moment.

He forcefully kept his sockets open and focused on Frisk, though, on the flutter of her lashes, the stroke of her fingers along the base of his cock, the suction she bore down on him with in her attempt to pleasure him. The way her back arched back into Fell’s rabid fucking, and how her legs shook in her rebuilding orgasmic high.

She was so beautiful like this. He couldn’t afford to forget that, forget any part of her.

“didn’t think i’d like this much, considering… but watching you come apart… watching you taking two monsters at once… stars save me, you look so hot.”

And he wasn’t lying in the least, the truth of his admission and arousal pulsing through the magic between his mate’s lips, and Fell, looking up from the perfect sight of Frisk taking every inch he had to give for a moment, smirked crookedly, casting his gaze over her reclined body, the motion of her head, Sans’ phalanges buried in her hair.

“i’d be jealous of tha view if i wasn’t balls deep in her, blue… you get ta have this piece every night. fuckin’ waste… maybe we can-”

He began his offer with vain design, hopeful that Sans was too caught up in the moment to begrudge him a few nights with her a month (it was his right too, she was his soulmate too, he could have demanded a fight to the death for the right to claim her but he hadn’t, he’d played fair, more fair than Sans ever had), but that hope dwindled the moment Sans looked up and met his eye with dark threat, his teeth gritting audibly.

“we’ve talked about this, fell. one. time. only.”

Fell’s expectation fell into a glower, scowling and spurned yet again (how many times had he tried? How many times had he attempted to convince the stubborn ass to share her? Too many to count), and so turned back to the only real hope he had, the human girl practically fucking herself on him.

She had been the one to want this, want him. Sans had called it curiosity. Fell had seen it as more. She felt the call to him as well. It couldn’t be helped. She’d feel it again, all too soon.

See Sans try to stop her. He gave her everything she wanted, their tryst today was evidence of that.

Fell squeezed her thighs, his soul burning and his spirits soaring again.

“we’ll see ‘bout that, won’t we, beautiful?”

His mutter was quiet and muffled by the slap of flesh to bone, by the constant, desirous moans rolling through Frisk’s body, only heightened by Fell adjusting her position and his thrusts so he ground regularly against her clit with his pelvic arch, her spine shooting straight and her lips leaving her mate’s cock with a sloppy breaking of suction.

She clung to Sans’ iliac crests helplessly while Fell kept it up, crying out with ever increasing volume and passion, and all too soon was succumbing again to her climax, her walls clamping down around Fell’s length and her abdomen clenching of waves of cresting pleasure.

“Ohhh… ohhh… S-Sans… baby, I’m… haahhh…”

She could barely keep her own weight up on her arms and knees, wobbling dangerously in her light headed, breathless lust, and Sans, chuckling and just as eager for her to meet her end, peeled her fingers from his pelvis, setting her down so her chest lay flat on her platform of pillows.

He combed a hank of hair from her face, tracing her wetted lips with a fingertip and watching her body build up to her orgasm again with a wide grin.

“cum for us, frisk. cum on his cock…”

She didn’t last another moment, following her lover’s command, and came undone with a warbling cry of absolute rapture, her hands clenching in the sheets below her and her strength utterly failing her, dropping her fully onto Fell’s pistoning dick.

This only served to heighten the pleasure, a keening wail leaving her lips at the press of him to her spasming walls, and it was all Fell could do not to blow his load right then and there, clinging to her hips and panting for air and forcing himself to stop while she rode her climax out, buried in her core to the hilt and very nearly passing out from the feeling of her cumming around him.

“holy shit… fuck, fuck, fuck, feels so fuckin’ good…”

He was incapable of real thought or expression beyond cursing or observing how good she felt around him, and would be for a few moments after Frisk’s orgasm had faded, leaving both she and Fell a panting, sweaty, wordless mess, but Sans was more than willing to pick up the slack, unbelievably turned on from watching his mate cum for him, and smoothed his palm up her cheek, rubbing behind her ear and humming in approval.

“that’s my good girl. felt good, huh? but i know you, babe… you’re gonna want more, aren’t you.”

It wasn’t a question, the knowing look in his sockets convinced and firm, and Frisk, her eyelids fluttering, immediately nodded, nudging her cheek against his hand and whimpering wordlessly.

Sans smirked at that, and slipped his hands under her arms, helping her up while, at the same moment, not allowing her to dismount Fell. Both she and the large skeleton monster groaned at the motion, their connection still sensitive and raw, but Sans didn’t give either of them a reprieve, diving in on Frisk’s lips for a kiss and moving her thighs further apart to settle her better in her perch.

“sit back against his chest, darling. let’s see how much more you can take, hmm?”

His whispered offer against her lips was met with excitement and a groan of allure, Frisk’s cheeks brightening and walls tightening in a surge of arousal, and Fell, catching on to what was happening as the girl in his lap situated herself more comfortably, moaned beneath his breath himself, scooting further up the headboard and hooking his hands beneath her thighs.

He lifted her fully into his arms, spreading her wide and burying his face in her hair, his grin wide and glinting in the low light.

“c’mon, blue… stretch that pussy like it deserves…”

Sans snorted, sparing Fell a flat glance, but scooted into the cradle of his beloved’s thighs nevertheless, anchoring his hands under Frisk’s knees and lining himself up with her already occupied entrance.

It was a tight fit, interspersed with a great deal of repositioning and irritation (“why is your dick so damn big, fell? excessive as hell…” “what can i say? i’m blessed, heh.”), but with a quiet squeal from Frisk and a satisfied grunt from both skeleton monsters, Sans finally managed to push himself into her, alongside the line of pierced studs decorating his counterpart’s appendage.

Frisk had never felt so full in her life, wordless in her pleasure as she grasped at both of her skeletal lovers, her eyes rolling back at the barest motions the both of them made.

Gods, it felt so good… she was so hot, she needed… she needed… more.

Both Sans and Fell gasped when she started circling her hips, grinding the cocks within her together and sinking them further within her. Sans could only tighten his grip behind her knees, trembling and wide socketed, while Fell, winded but voracious, parted his jaws to lick along Frisk’s neck, watching over her shoulder as her breasts bounced and her hips rotated.

“yeah, that’s it, gorgeous… get fuckin’ stuffeddamn you’re sexy…”

Frisk whined at his gruff compliments, bucking her hips in an attempt to pull them deeper within her, and Sans, recovering from the suddenness of the stimulation, shot Fell a glare, starting up a rolling, sensual pace, one hand lowering to his wife’s abdomen to stroke her already overstimulated clit.

He moved his gaze to Frisk’s, his bare frown melting into a flirtatious, hungry grin.

“shut up for once and just fuck her.”

Frisk, eyes widening in shocked arousal, arched back against Fell’s rib cage, choking on her breath and crying out with each firm, practiced meeting of Sans’ pelvis to her flesh, his every thrust taking her as deep as he could go. Fell remained idle himself only a moment longer, stimulated by both the tightness of their fit and Sans’ fervent motion.

He firmed his grip on Frisk’s thighs and pounded himself up into her with ravenous abandon, smirking at Sans.

“my pleasure.”

After his comment, the only sounds that permeated the room were muttered explicatives, the wet friction of a lover’s union, and frequent, passionate exclamations, the bed rocking and the mattress squeaking with the driven intent on both monsters attempting to outperform the other.

Frisk could barely keep up with them, gasping for breath and moaning in constant, unbelievable lasciviousness, and reached mindblowing orgasm three more times before the end was in sight, her skin covered in the prints of their hands and trails of their saliva and her muscles aching from their competitive vigor.

She clung to Fell’s neck nearly bonelessly, arms above her head and eyes closed, begging breathlessly for the fifth climax her lovers were breeding within her, but neither skeleton monster were sure they would manage to make it there, their movements jerky and telltale.

Both were attempting to push her over the edge before they met their own, Fell’s large hands encompassing Frisk’s breasts and Sans’ thumb rubbing circles around her clit, his mouth at her throat as he whispered encouragement and worshipful, breathy pleas to her.

“c’mon, babe, just a little more… gimme one more, ineed it…”

Frisk wanted it just as badly as they, bucking down onto their lengths and doing all in her power to reach her climax, but it was only when Fell, his breath a hot cloud of lust and desire against her flesh, made good on the tease of his fangs against her shoulder and bit down that she felt the coil of her last orgasm, her eyes shooting wide and her abdomen spasming.

“Please… oh please, yes… S-Sans… Felllll, ohh…”

Her body clamping down around their already dangerously sensitive cocks spelled the end for both monsters, her orgasm pushing them into their own, and both came with shuddering, exquisite cries of bliss, clutching at Frisk and pumping their magic into her as one.

“stars, frisk… fuuuck, yes… milk my cock, babe, take it all…”

“shit, baby, yeah, fuckin’ scream for me!”

Their high lasted far longer than any of them could tell, lost to intense passion and incredible fatigue, collapsing into the puddling remains of thier lust in a sweaty heap. Both monsters curled instinctively around the nearly unconscious, sore, breathless human, though, hands worshiping her body and her slightly distended abdomen.

Fell was the first to recover, and the first to arch up to press a kiss to Frisk’s parted, saliva dampened lips, caressing her throat and the bite mark he had left in her flesh.

He hadn’t meant to mark her. He had only wanted to help her reach her end. But it was there, now, sparking with his magic and blatant, stark meaning, and he’d have to deal with it eventually.

He couldn’t find it in himself to regret it. After all, wasn’t it what he’d really wanted?

“stars fuck me, that was amazin’.”

Sans, sockets shuttered and as yet unknowing of what had happened, hugged Frisk closer to his chest, humming in pleasure and contentment.

“for once… hah… i agree with you.”