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the definition of forever - trimberly

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Trini had come to learn an abundance of things about her girlfriend during their nearing two year-long relationship. Hell, even for the first few months of being friends, Trini found out a ton about Kimberly. They were just that close, that inseparable, even as just friends. Of course, that platonic dynamic didn't last long. After only eight months of being best friends, their feelings for each other got to be too much and they finally confessed how they felt. Both of them had been acting as if they were dating already for nearly a month prior, so it wasn't really anything new to anyone except them. Both of the girls had implanted in their minds that, for some unknown reason, the other didn't feel the same way. Which was crazy, because the raw emotion they shared was so strong that everyone practically thought they were dating anyway, just from the way they were protective over each other and the look in both pairs of eyes when they looked at the other. It was so obvious to everyone else, but both girls struggled (and still do) with self-esteem deficiencies, so it was almost like their brains were convincing them that the feeling wasn't mutual.

But, clearly, it was.

One of the many things that Trini learned about Kim after they started dating was that Kimberly was a huge scaredy-cat. Kim doesn't look like the kind of girl to be scared of anything at all, much less some supernatural occurrences or hauntings; but she was deathly terrified of them. Of anything even remotely related to those, actually. She couldn't handle horror. Even the fake kind.

Trini found this out early on in their relationship when she suggested that they go to the Angel Grove Haunt Fest a few days before Halloween. The Haunt Fest was Angel Grove's yearly haunted house, an event that most of the town attended. Trini had been three times already in her lifetime and she loved it every time. Although the scenery and the scares rarely changed annually, it was still pretty fun, and Trini thought it would be even better with her girlfriend (because come on, everything was better in her life when Kimberly was with her). So, she planned out a night, told Kim to clear her schedule, and decided to keep it as a surprise for her girlfriend. Which, was a bad, very bad, idea.

A bad idea because Kim was so excited for their date, ecstatic that Trini was surprising her. She was over the moon when Trini picked her up at her house. Kim held Trini's hand the whole way, anxious but much more impatient to arrive at their destination...only for Trini to pull into the gravel parking lot of the old abandoned warehouse at the bottom of the mountain where jack-o-lanterns and dim lights hung from strings leading to the house before them. Kim's heart dropped, not only from her being scared, but also just because of how disappointed Trini was going to be when she told her that she was really dreading going into the haunted house because she was absolutely horrified of anything scary.

She did end up telling her girlfriend, though, after a few seconds of silence and a submission of guilt internally. "Babe, this was a really nice gesture and I love you so much for doing this for me but...I actually hate scary things. Like, a lot. I'm terrified of anything scary." The look on Trini's face when Kim admitted her fear to her immediately made Kim's heart drop; it was a look of complete and utter self-disappointment. "Oh my god, Kim, I'm so sorry. I should've asked before I planned anything. I'm so stupid. I can't believe I-"  Kim interrupted her with a kiss at that point so she wouldn't keep rambling and so that Trini would know that it was okay. Trini kissed her back right away. One of the many things Trini did that made Kim swoon was that she kissed her so passionately and attentively that it made Kim's head spin. Trini was right there with her at all times. When they pulled apart, Kimberly gave her a sweet smile and interlocked their fingers. "Baby, it's really okay. We can go in. I'll brave it out." "Are you sure, Kim? You don't have to, we can do something else." "No, I want to. Plus, I'll have you there to protect me, right?" "Of course, baby." "Then I'll be better than okay." The blush on Trini's face darkened. It turns out that even with Trini holding onto her tightly, their fingers getting barely enough circulation from their tight grip on each other, Kimberly still barely managed to walk through the front gates of the haunted house before she was hiding behind Trini while Trini's arms wrapped around her tightly, protecting her from every scare and surprise they found. Kim was terrified, sure, but she secretly loved the way that Trini's biceps flexed as her arms wrapped snuggly and firmly around her and how she went around every corner first to see if there would be a masked creature behind it so that Kim wouldn't have to be scared by it. It was extremely endearing and made Kim's heart grow ten sizes.

Although Kim loved Trini's protectiveness over her, she still couldn't handle anything else scary after that. And, luckily enough, Trini got the memo and made sure to stay far away from anything even remotely horror themed after that occurrence. Until their current movie night, when Zack, Billy, and Jason hand-picked a thriller on Netflix to watch without Kim or Trini's consent.



"No, Zack, we are not watching that. Not a chance, homeboy." Trini jumped up from where she was sitting comfortably with Kim under a blanket. Kim had been leaning against Trini who was slumped halfway down the couch, Kimberly's head resting on Trini's chest with their fingers interlocked over Trini's stomach. Kim's other arm was nearly asleep from where she had it wrapped under and around Trini's waist, but she didn't mind. Trini's free arm was wrapped around Kim's shoulders, which she now was using to try and grab the remote out of the black Ranger's hands as she stood up from her position. Kim whined lightly as her girlfriend got up, but she managed to grab Trini's hand before she got away from her reach and pulled her back down to a sitting position. She kissed Trini's cheek, which prompted Trini to turn and look at her with worry.

"Trin, it's okay. One scary movie isn't gonna kill me." Kim said, trying to relieve Trini's worry. The honey-like sweetness of her voice made the concern furrowing Trini's eyebrows fade slightly and her body relaxed a bit, but she still glanced from the tv and back into Kim's chocolate eyes.

"Baby, are you sure? You hate scary movies. A lot. I can get them to pick something else." Kim's lips fluttered upwards in a smile at Trini's pure affection for her, and she couldn't help but lean in and kiss her lips. The kiss was soft and short, just enough to get Trini to finally fully calm, and as they pulled away her hand that had once been holding Kim's found its way back to the other girl's fingers. Kim laced them together right away, missing the feeling of how they fit together like puzzle pieces.

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm really tired anyway, I'll probably end up falling asleep." Kim muttered the words quietly so the boys, who were now in a conversation about something unrelated, wouldn't hear. Trini settled back into her original position, and Kim laid her head back on the comfy warmth of Trini's chest. Their arms returned to their resting points and their hands were once again lying on Trini's abdomen. Trini used her free arm to pull the blanket back over them where it had fallen, making sure it was wrapped snug around Kim (again, so endearing) before she released the fabric and pulled Kim further into her as her arm enveloped her shoulders.

As they settled into each other again, Jason finally looked over to them as his conversation died off.

"Guys, is this movie okay?" Jason asked, but Zack had no such hesitation. He clicked play and a black screen canvassed the television screen in Billy's living room.

"Yeah, it's good." Kimberly replied, looking up at Trini and meeting eyes already on her. She smiled as the boys turned their attention to the beginning credits of the film.

"If you get too scared, we can always go upstairs to the guest bedroom, okay? Just tell me." Trini said, leaning down to press a firm kiss to Kim's forehead. Kim smiled and kissed Trini when before she leaned away.

"You know, you're pretty cute when you're concerned." Kim said, emitting a smile from Trini's face. Kim smiled at the sight.

"I must be cute all the time, then." Trini said and Kim giggled.

"Oh, you definitely are, baby." Kim replied. As soon as the words came out, the first scene of the movie began to play on the TV. As the movie started, Kim felt Trini hold her just a little bit tighter, and she pulled herself into the protective embrace of her girlfriend.


Kim's calm acceptance of the movie she was going to be forced to watch ended suddenly when the first jump-scare graced the screen in front of her. She reacted by jumping nearly a foot up above the couch, scaring the hell out of Trini and somehow managing to toss the bowl of popcorn up in the air as well so all the kernels came falling back down on top of both girls in a huge mess.

"Okay, Kim, I think that's enough of this movie for us." Kim nodded at Trini, who grabbed her hand and pulled Kim up off the couch and towards the stairwell leading up to the second floor of Billy's house. They didn't get very far, though, before Billy interrupted their flee.

"Wait, guys, we can change the movie if you want! You don't have to go upstairs." Billy looked at Jason who nodded in agreement and they both refocused their glance on the couple. Zack sighed slightly but he seemed to begrudgingly accept defeat and nod as well. Kim turned to face Trini, whose hand was holding hers tightly.

"T, you wanna stay and watch another movie?" Trini met her gaze as she spoke, her eyes widening at the sight of how Kim looked in the faint glow of the moonlight shining through the drapes over the windows around the room. Trini smiled and began to walk back towards the couch.

"Yeah, sure. Hey, guys, we should watch something funny. I'm in the mood for something light-hearted." Trini said as they settled back down on the couch.

"That sounds good to me." Jason said. He had stood up from where he was on the floor and was now sharing the large love-seat with Billy as Zack began pressing buttons on the remote and going through the different movies.

"Yeah, we should probably go with something chill seeing as though your fiancée over there can't handle a little scary movie, T." Zack let the words slip out of his mouth accidentally, and Trini's face immediately went pale. Zack's eyes went wide as he noticed what he had just said, and Billy and Jason just looked at each other in shock then back at Zack, who looked at Trini, unsure of what to do or say. Trini was no help, her own hands clamming and her heart stopping in its tracks. If she would've looked to her right at her girlfriend, she would've seen the utter confusion sweeping across Kim's face. Truly, she hadn't thought much of it, just that Zack had probably called her Trini's fiancée by weird coincidence or on accident. But, she did like the ring of it.

"Z-He means..." Trini started, but her brain was going 1000 miles per hour and she couldn't even formulate words at that point, worried that Kim had caught onto their secret. Luckily, Zack relocated his brain and began to function normally, cleaning up the pieces of the potential mess he could've just made.

"What I meant to say was girlfriend. My-um-my aunt just got engaged yesterday, so I've been in a different state of mind since then. Sorry. But yeah, I-I'll pick a comedy. Something funny. Chill." Zack wasn't doing a very good job of smoothing it over. Oh shit, Trini thought to herself. Kim was definitely gonna find out.

"Hey!" Kim suddenly shouted. Trini and Zack both froze in their seats, eyes locked on Kimberly whose emotion was impossible to read. Jason and Billy gasped quietly in unison.

"Yeah, babe?" Trini asked cautiously. She begged for mercy in her mind, hoping and praying that Kim wasn't about to spoil the surprise of her impending proposal. Kim pointed to something on the TV.

"Let's watch that one!" The other four all released a breath of relief in sync. Trini smiled softly, grabbing Kim's hand and holding her fingers above her own stomach. Kim laid back against her chest, completely unbothered by what had just happened. "I've seen it before, it's hilarious." Kim added. Trini leaned down to kiss her hair, causing Kim to smile with her. Trini was more relaxed now as Zack clicked the remote to play the movie Kim was speaking of, and Jason and Billy had settled into each other. As the movie started, though, Trini made sure to shoot Zack a 'I'm gonna kill you later' glare.



"Trini, you've gotta tell him at some point." Jason said and Trini rolled her eyes.

"He's right, T. You should tell him." Zack added.

"He will probably find out anyway, he can literally read our emotions like a book. Well, not like a book, more like a documentation of data. Or maybe its a feeling. How exactly does he read our emotions?" Billy looked at Jason for an answer to his question.

"I'm not sure, Billy." Jason replied, furrowing his eyebrows but not looking up from his lunch tray in front of him. Today's meal at school was a cheeseburger and fries, and even though the meat only tasted somewhat like actual beef, it was still one of Angel Grove High School's best lunches. Jason had gotten two helpings and was already digging his way through the first.

"Guys, I'm not telling Zordon that I'm gonna propose to Kim. He really doesn't need to know. He knows we are in a relationship, it won't be a problem if we up the anty a little." She said, plopping a french fry into his mouth and looking around the cafeteria for Kimberly. She spotted her near the end of the line to get food, so she knew they had at least a minute before she made her way to their table.

"Dude, you really should tell him. Would you rather him find out on his own?" Zack asked, mockingly tilting his head at her. She squinted at him.

"And how exactly would he find out?" She asked. Zack shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, besides the fact that he can pretty much read our minds like Billy pointed out, one of us might let it slip on accident." There was a michievous undertone when he said 'accident' that made Trini want to launch across the table and slap him in the face. She opted for instead tossing the french fry in her hand at his face, letting a satisfied smile peel across her face as it hit him directly in between the eyes.

"That better not happen, Taylor." She finalized.

"Listen, T, I understand wanting to keep your relationship private, especially to a strange alien ex-Ranger embedded in a wall who acts like our dad, but c'mon, I really think it would be useful and important for him to know that you two have a special connection. Don't you agree?" Jason was doing his best to convince her, and honestly, he was getting close. She thought for a moment and it dawned on her that, yes, it probably would be good for Zordon to know that. She huffed in defeat.

"You're right. But, let me figure out how I'm gonna do it. I don't need you guys interfering and fucking it all up. And by 'you guys', I mean Zack." Zack placed his hand over his heart in false surprise. Billy giggled and Jason smiled.

"I think that's a good decision, Trini." Billy said, and Trini flashed him a smile. She looked past his face slightly to see Kim approaching, and she gestured toward her girlfriend with her head so the boys knew she was coming and to stop talking about the proposal. Kim arrived at their designated table near the window in the lunchroom, placing her tray down in front of the seat next to Trini's, across from the boys. She set her backpack down under the table and sat next to Trini. Trini was so caught up in eating her food that at first, she didn't notice Kim looking at her, waiting. Trini finally looked up when Kim laid a hand on her thigh, and saw the way Kim was looking at her, knowing immediately she was waiting for a kiss. Trini smiled at her affectionately before placing her hand atop Kim's and leaning in. Their lips touched and Kim pressed against her, and Trini savored the softness of her lips. Kim kissed her lightly once more before pulling away and smiling in sequence, then began to pick through her food. Trini's gaze lingered on the beauty before her for a moment, her heart beating so hard she could practically hear it. The way she felt about this girl was something she couldn't even imagine before she actually felt it, and now that she did she never wanted to feel it for anyone else. She wanted to feel like this, with Kim, forever. Trini interlocked their fingers, lifting Kim's hand and pushing her lips against the back of it. Kim responded by squeezing her hand. Trini eventually focused back on the boys, who were discussing something off-topic with Kim.



"Guys, I really don't know about this. I think I'm gonna go home and plan it out some more." Trini tried to turn away from the cliffside and walk back toward the city, but Zack grabbed her by the bicep before she could get anywhere. She turned to face him begrudgingly.

"Come on, T, it's really not gonna be that bad. Just go talk to him! What's the worst that could happen?" Zack inquired. Trini scoffed.

"Well, technically, he could make her and Kim choose between each other and being a Ranger. He has that power." Billy added and Trini immediately wanted to run the opposite direction and never come back. Jason looked at Billy and did a motion with his hand that made Billy stop talking.

"Yeah, that's enough of the possible outcomes, B. I think Trini will be okay." Jason said. Billy turned back when he realized he probably said the wrong thing.

"No, no, Trini, don't worry, the possibility that he would actually do something like that is really slim. He will be okay with it probably." Trini couldn't help but give him a soft smile, because, c'mon, it's Billy.

"Thanks, Billy." She looked at the daunting cliff edge, nervous about this whole ordeal. She knew she had no option but to go through with it. "Alright. Here goes nothing." She let go of all her hesitation and threw herself off the edge, falling for a few seconds before she hit the water below. For any normal non-Power Ranger human, a fall that hard and that fast would be bone-shattering. But, with their Ranger powers and healing, it really isn't anything to the five Rangers. Trini hit the water gracefully (as gracefully as you can when you've been falling for five seconds at nearly 70mph) and took in the serenity of being underwater momentarily, one of the things she enjoyed best about the underground spaceship they trained in; it was always so calm down there (when there weren't rock-based monsters battling teenagers to the death below), and she could always find a place to let go for a little while and just breathe.

Her peace below the surface was interrupted suddenly as the boys began to follow her path, splashing heavily into the water one-by-one and resurfacing. Trini swam up until she was out of the water, her head bobbing into the crisp air and she shook her head to one side to try and dislodge her hair from covering her entire face. When she finally blinked her eyes open, she saw that all the boys were now in the water. Jason and Zack were busy splashing each other to notice Billy, who was already underneath the surface swimming toward where the water met the opening to the ship. Trini shook her head and giggled slightly at her friends, but was quick to follow that with a splash intercepting the war between the two.

"Hey, dumbasses, let's go." The boys watched her as she sprang herself back underwater. Her eyes opened and readjusted to being in the water, and she scanned the pond for Billy. He was already nearing the bottom, and she began to swim towards him as Jason followed with Zack close behind.




"You're what?!?" Zordon's voice echoed against the metal walls of the ship, bouncing off of them and reverberating back into Trini's ears loudly. She winced slightly but maintained her focus on Zordon and wording her sentences correctly. She needed to make sure she didn't screw this up.

"She said 'I'm going to propose to Kimberly'!" Billy interrupted from where him, Jason, and Zack stood in defense behind Trini. She looked back as Zordon's face slid from the far side of the wall to where Alpha was a few feet away.

"I heard that Billy, but I do not know what that means." They turned to face Zordon and Alpha.

"Sir, to propose to someone in the English language, or at least I'm assuming this is how Trini is implying it, means to ask for their hand in marriage. Oh, my apologies. Marriage is when two people who are in love with the other decide to make an eternal bond to-" Zordon sighed at Alpha's rambling.

"I know what marriage is, Alpha." Zordon paused to move back across the wall to be directly in front of Trini. Trini faced him and tried to hide the gulp that travelled down her throat. "Is this what you plan on doing, Trini?" Zordon inquired.

"Yes." Trini stood there defiantly, despite her brain willing her to sprint out of there and disappear. When Zordon didn't respond, she started to get even more nervous.

"She truly loves her, Zordon. I've seen it." Billy said, moving forward to stand next to Trini. Trini smiled at him.

"They're, like, meant to be," Zack added, following Billy's steps.

"They're soulmates, Zordon," Jason spoke finally, and Trini blushed. Zordon looked at the line of teenagers before back at Trini.

"I know they are. I know everything about you five, you do know that, right?" He said, and Jason and Billy looked at each other in questioning, but then nodded. "Trini, if you came here for my permission, you have it. You didn't necessarily have to ask, because I know and have felt the feelings you two share. I could've guessed that this was coming. But I appreciate you checking with me and making me aware. That was very brave of you." Trini smiled at Zordon's words. She felt a hand on her shoulder, turning to see Zack smiling widely down at her. Jason and Billy hugged happily and she heard Alpha make a noise from the corner which she assumed was joyful.