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the definition of forever - trimberly

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Trini felt Kimberly's breathing steady against her chest. She savored the soft, quiet moments like these the most, when it was just her and Kim and nothing was in the way. 

She lifted her hand from resting across her own abdomen to rake her fingers lightly and affectionately through Kim's slightly damp hair. The short, brown locks draped over Kim's chiseled facial structure in a way unlike anything Trini had ever seen, and the moonlight swept across the girl's features through the partially-open window created what looked like artwork. Kim's head rested in securely the nape of Trini's neck while Trini lay on her back, and Kim was practically on top of her after a night of...things. Girlfriend things.

Trini's eyes crept toward Kim's bedroom window a few feet from her queen-sized bed. The darkness of the night had always been something Trini enjoyed; she loved the calm of the night time, the sometimes damp night air and how it felt on her skin. She loved the radiant blue tint of the moon's light and how it cast down on Angel Grove like a blanket. And specifically, she loved how the world seemed to clear away when everyone was tucked into their beds and sound asleep and that, for even just a few hours, Trini could browse the streets of the town and feel like it was just her in the world, alone in her thoughts with no one to bother her. But lately, night time had become even more beautiful to Trini for a whole other reason. Every night Trini would come over to Kimberly's house and they would fall asleep together. At the origin of these sleepovers (back when Trini and Kim were simply 'platonic'), Kimberly claimed that the reason Trini had to climb through her window sometime past midnight and that they had to cuddle together all night in bed just to have Trini wake up extremely early and flee the house so they wouldn't get caught was because Trini needed Kimberly. Although she said it jokingly and Trini knew it wasn't true the same Kim did, Trini still took the time and effort to argue, stating that no, it wasn't Trini who needed her, that she was perfectly fine sleeping by herself in her own bed without the comforting warmth of the girl pressed against her. That the nightmares of the green ranger didn't keep her up at night, not allowing her to get any sleep. And that if she did get any sleep alone, it definitely wasn't filled with terrible images of her own death and Kim's death and the deaths of the other Rangers all caused by Rita. She would say that no, she didn't long all day for the heat radiating off of Kimberly's body under her pink comforter, that she didn't absolutely adore the nights when Kim fell asleep first so Trini got a few moments of uninterrupted time to just admire the girl that she loved so much, and of course that she didn't need the girl with her every night. That she was perfectly fine, and that she didn't secretly love the fact that Kim was so blatantly crushing on her that it almost seemed too good to believe to Trini. But yet, every night a little bit after 12:00, Kim would hear the faint rat-tat-tat of Trini's knuckles rapping against her window, and a huge smile would peek across both of their faces at the sight of each other as Kimberly unlocked her window. They still slept with each other every night, even though neither of them would admit that they both needed each other. That was just the beginning of the signs that they loved each other. Still to this day, Trini usually had to sneak out in the morning before Kim woke up for school to avoid Mr. and Mrs. Hart finding her there, so Trini would wake Kim up to say goodbye and steal a few last lingering kisses until school started, then climb out the window and proceed to walk around Angel Grove in the brisk air of the early morning, all the way up until the start of the school day. She would find her way across the town through the dampness of dew on the grass, headphones in, thinking about her life. Those moments were great as well, moments when it was just Trini and her music and her thoughts, but yet they still didn't compare to her favorites.

Trini's favorite moments were ones with Kim. Every second spent with Kimberly was like a dream. Very vivid dreams. Dreams of raven hair curling into thin waves and hanging just above the sharp jut of Kim's collarbone, the way her eyes sparkled in just about any light, the many curves and edges of her face that were sharper than glass, the soothing velvet tone of her voice, how soft her lips felt when they pressed upon Trini's so many times during each day, the way her mind worked and how Trini had mostly memorized all of the expressions and emotions Kimberly expressed...dreams of Kimberly. And at night, these dreams only got better. Those were the times when Trini would lay in bed, watching as Kim did her nightly routine which consisted of lots of different things, mostly face-washing and taking off the small amounts of makeup she wore and putting on the pajamas that Trini loved oh so much (old slinky cheerleading shorts which left little to the imagination usually paired with a t-shirt that was sometimes Trini's...honestly, Kim in pajamas was Trini's heaven), before she finally climbed into bed. Trini would always open her arms up as Kim crawled into her embrace, resting mostly on top of Trini who would lay on her back, so that way Kim had better access to put her head into the crook of Trini's neck (her favorite way to sleep). The night would come to a close with Netflix binges on whatever show they had seen on Tumblr or Twitter or just randomly decided to try, along with lots of sweet little nothings exchanged and warmth mixing from the pair and kisses stolen almost every minute. They would fall asleep like that, in each other's arms, and eventually, it would be morning again. But neither of them would dream of anything bad, not when they were together. So they were, every night.

Trini's attention was brought back to the present as Kim squirmed slightly in her arms and she smiled down at her sleeping girlfriend, letting her head fall down to press a kiss into Kim's hair as she removed her hand from the locks and placed it back at its original resting place, on top of the arm Kimberly had draped over Trini's stomach.

God, I really do want to marry this girl.




Trini jumped at the sound of one of the doors to Jason's Bronco shutting hard in front of her after Billy had scurried out of the car, and she was rattled back into a fully-conscious state from being lost in her thoughts yet again. She had found her mind wandering to thoughts of Kim and her getting married more than enough times in the past week, and she knew it was starting to show on the outside as well. Kimberly was definitely starting to notice her acting a bit weird and she thought Zack might've caught on to her as well as Jason a little bit. Luckily, Billy was pretty much a living angel, so even if he did notice, he probably wouldn't think much of it and most likely wouldn't confront her about it. Zack, Kimberly, and Jason, on the other hand...

"Babe," Trini's mind again regained its awareness and she turned to face the voice, realizing it was her girlfriend sitting next to her in the car trying to get her attention. Kim had a deep look of confusion and slight concern spread across her features, and Trini smiled to try and reassure her silently.

"Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking," Trini muttered. She saw some of the concern wipe away, but there was still a confused look in Kim's eyes as she replied.

"We're here. You wanna go in?" Kim gestured to the door next to Trini, behind the one Billy had climbed out of rather roughly a few seconds prior. Trini was now remembering where she was and what they were currently doing. It was after school, and the entire gang had packed into Jason's truck after detention to attend their weekly Friday dinner at a local burger joint. Jason was obviously driving, Billy next to him in the passenger seat, with Trini and Kim sitting close in the backseat. Even though there were three seats in the back, Zack always chose to ride in the bed of the truck. They all knew he loved the thrill of having the wind in his hair and being thrown across the metal whenever they made sharp turns, so they never protested. Besides, with only about four cop cars in the entire vicinity of Angel Grove, the likelihood of them getting caught (and the even slimmer chance that a police officer would actually care that a teenager was in the back of a pickup truck) was low. It also gave Trini and Kim a bit more privacy, which was good for times when they hadn't seen each other much during the day, or when they just got a tad extra hungry for each other.

Trini glanced out the window to her right, realizing that they were, indeed, at the restaurant. Jason had parked sloppily (as per usual) in a spot toward the back of the building in fear that his car would get stolen, even though it was an old, beat-up, Ford Bronco that practically no one would want to steal, but they never complained. It was beginning to get dark outside, the night starting to close in and the sun creeping just over the edge of the mountain not too far in the distance. The neon signs lit up against the building were already shining brightly, and Trini couldn't help but think about how perfect the scene really was. Her friends were standing close to the back of the truck, Billy and Jason leaning against the tailgate as Zack sat swinging his legs off the edge. Trini couldn't hear them all that well, but she guessed they were talking about something like Jason insisting this burger place had the best french fries and Zack claiming it was McDonald's that achieved that standard, and Billy was probably just adding little inputs here and there to the benefit of either of the boys, supporting them both and picking neither side. Trini smiled again, turning back to meet her girlfriend's eyes. The most beautiful sight of the entirety was right in front of her. Kim's eyes were twinkling in the setting sun, her hair swept up and over to one side as she usually pushed it so it wouldn't be in her eyes, and she was just looking at Trini with this affectionate gaze that made her own stomach churn and the blaze burning in her heart grow ten sizes. Trini just had to lean in and kiss her, slow and loving, but almost turning into something else when she felt the light touch of Kim's fingertips graze against her jawline and the softness of Kim's lips kissing her back. Trini kissed her once more before pulling back to avoid them doing something they definitely shouldn't do again in the backseat of Jason's truck, and she opened her eyes quickly so she could watch as Kim's fluttered open as well. Trini grinned.

"Let's go eat," Trini concluded, immediately jumping out of the car.




Not 20 minutes had gone by since they were seated at a booth in the back of the restaurant (upon request, because they tended to get quite noisy) when Zack spoke up from his unusually quiet behavior sitting as the head of the table. He turned to Jason and Billy's side of the booth, looking Jason directly in the eyes and talking in a strange voice that seemed almost fabricated. Actually, scratch that, it was definitely fake. And he wasn't trying to hide it.

"Jason, I think I left something in the truck. Can I have the keys?" Zack was still looking right at Jason, staring at him unrelentlessly. It was clearly weirding Jason out, because he furrowed his brow a bit at Zack before reaching into his pocket and fishing out his keys. He handed them to Zack and looked around the table, satisfied that it wasn't just him who found Zack's behavior odd. Zack then turned to Trini who was sitting on the inside of the booth, Kim's arm around her shoulders and their bodies pressed close together. Trini shuddered slightly at the look in his eyes, almost like suspicion and curiosity in a devilish mixture.

"Trini, I think you should come with me," Zack said. He didn't wait for her response, just stood up from his chair and maintained their eye contact. Trini looked at him for a moment, but the tension got too weird for her so she turned to Kim. She met her eyes with a questioning look, but Kim just shrugged in response before leaning down to press a quick kiss to Trini's lips. Kim moved out of the booth to let Trini out, grabbing her hand as she did. Zack started to walk toward the front of the restaurant with Trini not far behind, and Kim let her hold on Trini's hand linger before they broke away. They shared an affectionate smile before Trini turned away to follow Zack, Kimberly sliding back into the booth.

Trini had to speed-walk to keep up with Zack who had practically run out of the building. When Trini finally made it to the front, she swung open the door and burst through it, seeing Zack leaning against Jason's truck expectantly. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was chewing on a toothpick idly, but his eyes were still seering into Trini's. She walked hesitantly toward him, not really sure of what was about to happen, but she had an idea of what this could mean. And he proved that idea to be correct when she approached him.

"Spill." He uttered.

Trini's mind went a thousand different directions when he spoke, but she knew exactly what she had to say. Even though it was hard to read his facial expression in the dimming light of the evening sky, she could pretty much be sure that he had caught onto her slight awkwardness around Kimberly for the past week or so. It really was extremely difficult for any of the Rangers to try and keep secrets from the rest, I mean, they were pretty much linked in their brains. If one person felt something, the other four would feel it too. Sure, maybe it came in snippets and you had to really focus on the emotion to know specifically what the feeling was, but the five of them could pretty much read each other effortlessly. If Zack hadn't outright seen it, he probably felt the extra butterflies in Trini's stomach when she was with Kim and the way her heart fluttered just a tad bit more than usual. He had to know something was going on. But should she tell him? There's the real question.

Trini took a moment to internally contemplate her options. She could either A: Tell Zack the truth, B: Lie and say nothing was wrong, only to be badgered by him for the rest of her life about what was really happening, or C: Run away as fast as she could and jump into a hole and never come out. She liked option C.

Trini knew the only route she could realistically take would be to tell Zack. If she tried to lie, she probably wouldn't convince him, seeing as though she was arguably the worst liar in existence. Also, what kind of excuse could she come up with? It would probably end with Zack telling the other boys and eventually Kim and then she would have to have a whole long battle with her heart and her brain and her friends and her girlfriend and it would just turn into a huge mess that she would really love to avoid at all costs. So that left option A.

Tell Zack the truth, that she wanted to marry Kimberly and it was slowly eating her up inside.

"I think I want to ask Kim to marry me." She spoke finally.Even in the darkness, she saw the way Zack reacted to her words. His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened, his hands yanking out of their hold against his chest and falling lifelessly at his sides. He didn't speak, just stood there, mouth agape and eyes not blinking. It was honestly a bit creepy. But Trini was too busy being completely terrified of what he would say.

Even in the darkness, she saw the way Zack reacted to her words. His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened, his hands yanking out of their hold against his chest and falling lifelessly at his sides. He didn't speak, just stood there, mouth agape and eyes not blinking. It was honestly a bit creepy. But Trini was too busy being completely terrified of what he would say.

She prepared herself for the worst, for Zack to run inside and gather up the rest of the group and tell them about how psychotic Trini was. She thought about how they would all run away in Jason's Bronco, leaving Trini by herself and never speaking to her again. She would lose the only friends she's ever had, the only people who have ever loved her, and worse, she would lose the love of her life.

That's what Trini prepared for. What she got, instead, was Zack practically tackling her in a bear hug.

Trini was taken aback both mentally and physically, because the force of Zack pouncing on her was unexpected and she almost toppled over, but Zack caught her in time. He had pretty much trapped her in his embrace, so she could barely hug back, all she could do was smile softly against his chest. She didn't want to get too excited or relieved, because she still wasn't quite sure what this meant.

When he finally let her go after a few seconds, Trini's eyes immediately found his face, searching for any emotion conveying against his features. She saw his smile, wide as ever stretched across his face. His eyes were filled with excitement and happiness, and she couldn't help but blush. Her smile grew as he placed his hands on her shoulders and spoke.

"T! That's so great!" He said a bit too loudly, and she had to hold a finger up to her lips to remind him to be quiet. She was so confused and happy and nervous still, because her brain was still circling in a million different directions and her palms were sweaty and she still had so many questions.

"H...W-What? H-How did you know something was wrong with me?" Is all she could get out as she giggled slightly. Zack just scoffed.

"Trin, we literally are Power Rangers. I feel everything you feel, remember?" He thumped her temple playfully. "Plus, you've totally been giving Kim major heart eyes all week. More than normal." He said. Trini laughed at this.

"What now?" She asked.

"Now, we go back in and eat our burgers that are probably getting cold. Later, we plan your proposal." And with that, Zack planted a light kiss on Trini's forehead and walked past her back toward the entrance to the restaurant.



The rest of the dinner was fairly uneventful, for a group of superheroes at least. Zack had gone back to being his normal brash and unfiltered self, cracking jokes at his own prerogative and laughing wildly at the group's. Billy was his usual cheerful self as well, and he told a really interesting story about something he had learned in Physics that day. Jason was sort of quiet which was out of character, but the group didn't say anything about it because they knew he had been up all week studying for a big test in one of his classes. And Kimberly...God, Kimberly was herself in the best possible way. It had started raining at some point during the dinner and Trini had realized she forgot her phone in the car when it started pouring. She needed to text her mom and tell her where she was, so she decided to tough it out and run through the torrential downpour to grab it from Jason's truck. It was just her luck that when she got outside to the car, she couldn't find her phone. She looked everywhere, in the back, in the front seat, in between the seats, in the trunk, everywhere. She had been out there for nearly 15 minutes when she felt arms wrap around her waist from behind where she was standing outside the passenger door, rummaging through the front seats. It scared her and she turned around quickly in the arms of her captor, only to soften when she saw those deep brown eyes staring back at her that she loved so much.

Kim dipped her head and kissed Trini through her smile as Trini's hands found their way to Kim's hips. The kiss quickly turned more intense, and Trini never wanted it to stop. Kim's lips were so soft, and they tasted faintly like cherries from the chapstick she must've just applied. Kim swiped her tongue across Trini's entire bottom lip and her knees buckled, her body suddenly weak. Kim did this a lot; she was an expert at teasing Trini into an oblivion, but Trini still wasn't used to it. She didn't think she would ever be quite completely used to it. And she liked it that way. Every moment with Kim was like an adventure that Trini never wanted to come off of, and she loved it more than anything.

Kim pulled away reluctantly, planting a lasting kiss on Trini's forehead as a closer. She smiled down at her as Trini's eyes fluttered open, and Trini couldn't help but stare at the beauty before her. Kim's hair was damp from the rain, nearly soaked, and it was curling slightly in the way it did when it was wet, sending a shiver through Trini's spine. Her eyes shone through the light barely hitting them from the street lamp above, and Trini could practically feel the layers and depth in the deep dark irises. Her entire face was shining, actually, the light illuminating her features and her curves at all the right angles. She looked like an absolute angel. Trini had to lean up and kiss her once more, following by kissing her cheek. Kim leaned into her touch as she pressed kisses along the length of her jaw.

"What was taking so long?" Kim asked, her voice sweeter than anything Trini had ever known. Trini sighed, suddenly remembering that they were standing in the middle of a rain shower, although it had slowed down a little so it was just a drizzle. She leaned back in her girlfriend's arms and Kim released her as Trini gestured toward the car.

"I can't find it." She muttered, clearly irritated with her lost device. Kim moved past her, smiling broadly as Trini moved out of her way and she leaned into the passenger side of the car. Trini couldn't quite see what she was doing, but she heard the faint click of the glove box opening and then closing before Kim turned back around to face her, phone in hand and a small smirk peeled across her lips.

"You put it in the glovebox, babe." Kim just grinned as Trini took her phone and huffed out an annoyed breath at herself. The one place she hadn't looked.

After they went back inside and finished their dinner, Trini started to become aware of just how obsessed with Kimberly she had been lately. She literally couldn't take her eyes off of her, because, I mean, she was literally the most stunning thing Trini had ever seen. The way she looked, the way she talked, the things she did...Trini loved everything about her so fucking much, and she didn't want to miss a moment. She also felt her heart race a bit more rapidly whenever Kim smiled down at her or grabbed her hand and interlocked their fingers or rubbed her back or brushed her finger through her hair or...or anything Kim did.

When they finally left, Kim and Trini were both exhausted and just wanted to go back to Kim's house to go to sleep. They trudged into the backseat of Jason's car and as soon as they were in gear, Kim laid her head in Trini's lap and started dozing off. Trini's left arm was laid over Kim's hip and their fingers were still interlocked, their hands resting against Kim's stomach. Trini used her other hand to gently play with Kim's hair, running her fingers through it. A few times, Kim turned her head up to Trini asking for a kiss, and Trini happily obliged. Kim would give her a satisfied smile and then turn back to face the seat in front of them, closing her eyes and eventually falling fast asleep as they made their way back to the mountain.

They arrived at Kim's house around 30 minutes later, and Trini had to shake Kimberly lightly to wake her up. Kim sat up warily, still not fully conscious, and as Trini hopped out of the car, Kim held out her hands to her. Trini knew what she wanted and she rolled her eyes with a smile, wrapping her arms around Kim's waist and picking her up as Kim's arms draped around her shoulders. Kim rested her head against Trini's shoulder as Trini carried her inside. Luckily, her parents weren't home, so they were able to go through the front door and not have to worry about noise. She brought Kim upstairs to her bed and laid her against it, and Kim tried to pull her down with her but Trini resisted, telling Kimberly she would be right back, that she had to go say goodbye to the boys and lock the door. Kim begrudgingly allowed her to escape, but not before she kissed her three times. Trini knew it wasn't for teasing, that Kim genuinely wanted to kiss her. And those were the best kinds of kisses. Trini honestly didn't want to leave Kim either, she wanted to lay down and cuddle and hold her and not have to do anything again, but the boys were waiting for her and the door was wide open so she had to run downstairs for a minute.

Trini nearly tumbled down the stairs from the front porch as she descended, her exhaustion from a full week of school and training taking over her body. She was simply going to say a quick goodbye to the boys, make sure the door was locked, and then head back upstairs and fall into bed. Sounded like a good plan to her.

That is, until she walked outside and into her inevitable doom.

"Trin! Trini! Come over here!" Zack was standing up against the door frame on the other side of Jason's truck which was parked in Kim's driveway, his head appearing over the top of the roof. She didn't see Jason or Billy in the front seats, so she assumed they were with Zack on the opposite side of the truck. She sighed heavily, her eyelids drooping and her whole body dragging against her feet as she forced herself to walk over the where Zack was. As she approached them and rounded the front side of the truck, he jumped down to the ground. When she turned the corner, she saw the boys. Zack was sitting in the driver's seat, his feet facing outward with the door open. Billy was standing straight as he always did (he believed in good posture and had even gotten a few of the Rangers to try and fix their own), and Jason was leaning against the door behind where Zack sat. They all looked at Trini immediately as she halted in front of them, forming a small circle of four. It was pretty dark seeing as though Kim's street only had about two streetlights, but as Trini's eyes adjusted to the night she began to recognize the expression of excitement on Zack's face and the ones of slight confusion but overbearing expectancy on Billy and Jason's.

"Trini has something to tell you two," Zack said, grinning widely. Trini was going to kill him.

"What's going on T? Is everything okay?" Jason pondered innocently. She knew his concern came from the right place, but she really, really did not want to talk about this. Especially not at nearly 1:00 AM when all she wanted to do was lay in bed with her girlfriend.

"It's nothing Jason," Trini said, shaking her head. Jason looked at Zack, who looked at Trini and nodded his head forward once as to encourage Trini to tell the other two. Trini just shook her head again, grabbing Zack roughly by the bicep and pulling him away from Billy and Jason and to hover in front of the hood of the truck. Zack didn't really fight her, just sort of tumbled along and scoffed amusingly. When she finally released his arm, he leaned against the hood and looked up at her. She rolled her eyes and tried her best to maintain her "I love you but you can be an asshole sometimes" face.

"Dude, come on!!" She said in a whisper, attempting to maintain that happy medium between him hearing her but the other two boys not hearing her. Zack grinned patted her shoulder to calm her.

"T, you come on. You need to tell Jase and Billy. This is groundbreaking news! I mean you and Kim are literally gonna get married. Don't you think they'd want to know?" He said, imitating her whisper.

"Yes, dipshit, but I'm just not sure how they'll react. It was hard enough for me to tell you, and I'm just...I don't know, I'm nervous. I don't want you guys to think I'm weird. And I really don't want Kim to think I'm weird." Trini said, shrugging her shoulders. She crossed her arms over her chest in defense, sort of collapsing into herself as her insecurities pounded in her brain. Zack just smiled, stood up, and put his hands lovingly on Trini's shoulders.

"T, look at me." Trini obeyed, meeting his gaze. "You're not weird. Kim is in love with you. How many times do I have to tell you that? You're all she talks about. There's this look in both of your eyes when you see each other that is undeniable. You are in love. You're soulmates. The love you two share is one I hope to find someday. She wants to marry you, Trini. I think it's about time one of you asked the other. And Jason and Billy will be ecstatic. Stop beating yourself up. She loves you, bro." Trini smiled at the use of the pronoun, finding it funny and comforting that Zack had always treated her like just one of his friends, not ever like the lesbian of the group or anything other than how he treats his other guy friends. It made Trini happy. And Trini knew that Kim loved her, she just doubted herself sometimes. But her friends were always there. She sighed and kept her smile.

"Alright, I guess you're right." She admitted, laughing shortly at the excitement that immediately fell over Zack's face. He took his hands away from her shoulders and led her back to the other boys who were still waiting next to the truck. The both of them looked up when Zack and Trini returned, and Billy spoke once.

"Trini, is there really something to tell us? Because you know you can tell us anything. We are your best friends." Billy was smiling adorably and Jason was just looking at her so warmly like the greatest leader in the world, it made her heart melt. She looked up at Zack who was standing supportively next to her, then back at the boys.

"I'm gonna marry Kimberly," Trini said the words proudly for the first time, sure of the sentence. She was nearly tackled in the next moment by Jason's hug, and Billy followed suit by wrapping his arms around the both of them. Zack stood next to them, smirking down and just laughing at the whole thing.