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Look Who's Back In Town

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Ah no place like home I thought as my parents drove past the welcome to Riverdale sign. It's been too long I was only gone for a few months due to my dad getting transferred, and with my luck the second I leave it finally gets interesting in this town. It's sad that the interesting thing was a dead body but it sure got people's attention. 

When the car was approaching the all too familiar Pops my mom said from the front
"Hey (YN) do you mind running in I placed in a order when we were getting close to town"
"No problem"  I smiled Pops was one of the great things in this town a big hangout for teenagers and great food.
"Great here you go" she then handed me money for the food and I stepped out of the car.

I took a moment to look at the big flashing neon light before stepping in the smell of burgers hit me right away.
"Hey (Y/N)!" Pop said from the other side
"Pop it's been to long I'm here to pick up a order"
"Be right back" I looked around to see if anyone was in tonight. It seems to be empty except one both I smiled when I saw the all to familiar beanie. The wearer was bent down in his laptop typing away not a surprise.

I walked over while saying
"Working hard on making the next great American novel?" At the sound of my voice his head shot up from his laptop
"Well well well if it isn't (Y/N) (Y/L/N)"
"Jughead Jones it's been a while"
"Too long"
"I agree"
"you back for good now"
"Seems like it"
"Good who needs California did you spend all your time tanning?" He said with a smirk
"Definitely you know me out all day on the beaches everyday" I smirked back

"Here you go (Y/N)" Pop said as he handed me a take out bag
"Thanks Pop"  I started to leave them Jughead said
"See you at school tomorrow?"
"Definitely see you then"