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The Trenchcoat Avenger of Truman High

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Amanda Heckerling is smirking at him from behind her locker door, blonde hair shining in the sunlight. She is gorgeous, blue-eyed, and sweet as pie.. If it is the last thing he does before they leave this god-forsaken school, he is going to find out just how good she tastes. He rakes his eyes down her, smirking back and licking his lips. God, she’s hot.

And Sam is looking at her as he walks past. Dean doesn’t even have to think before he sticks an arm out and pulls his midget of a little brother in by the neck and growls in his ear. “You see that girl? You do not look at her, talk to her, even think about her, got it? She’s out of your league. I catch you looking at her again, and you’ll wish I’d let that werewolf eat you last summer, capiche?”

Sam rolls his eyes and tries to pull away, but Dean won’t let him go. “Dean, come on…”

“What, you got somewhere you need to be, Sammy?” he asks, reaching up to bury his knuckles in Sam’s scruffy hair.

Before he knows what’s happening, he’s being shoved into the lockers so hard the wind is knocked out of him. The shock of it makes him lose his grip on his brother, who steps back with giant eyes, white-knuckling his books to his chest. Dean looks down at his attacker and is even more surprised to see a short, black-haired ball of fury glaring up at him. “You do NOT. TOUCH. SAM. WINCHESTER,” the guy snarls, leaning into Dean.

Dean swallows and wonders who turned the heat up. The guy gives him more glare. Shit, that look gets any more intense and he’s going to set Dean’s jacket on fire.

By now, Sam has shaken his own shock away and is pulling at the kid’s shoulder. “Let him go, Cas!”

The guy glances at Sam over his shoulder, frowns, looks back at Dean, and finally lets him go. “I do not tolerate bullies. Do not touch another hair on my friend’s head or you won’t like the consequences.”

“Slow it down there, Steve Rogers. I’m not a bully. Sam’s my brother. We were having a brotherly talk, weren’t we, Sammy?” Dean knows he should just shake this off and walk away, but he can’t stop staring at the kid in front of him. He’s never been clothes-lined by anything this small that wasn’t supernatural before.

‘Cas’ turns to Sam. “You let your brother talk to you that way?”

Sam forces a smile and nods.

“And you are?” Dean asks, voice going uncomfortably low for a second. He swallows again, but doesn’t look away from the guy. He barely reaches Dean’s chin, but his stance makes up for his lack of height. He wears a trench coat that is a little bit too big for him and the ugliest sweater Dean has ever seen underneath, but his eyes are intensely blue and focused, and his face is angular, lips plush and very, very pink. Fucking gorgeous, a tiny voice in the darkest recesses of Dean’s thoughts whispers. He promptly shuts the voice up.

“Castiel Novak. You sit behind me in English.”

“I do?”

“Observant, I see.” He turns to Sam, the glare smoothing off his face. “We’re going to be late for study hall.”

Sam nods again and drops his books to his side, turning to walk with Captain Trenchcoat. “Let’s go, then. See you after school, Dean.”

“Nice to meet you, Cas.” Dean’s eyes go to his ass hidden under baggy khaki fabric. Cas narrows his eyes at Dean over his shoulder and walks away with Sam without saying anything. Dean doesn’t look away until a tap on his shoulder brings him back to earth. Amanda steps into his view, all butter and sunshine, and he forgets all about Cas for the time being.


“So, what’s with the trench coat? You auditioning for Casablanca or something?” Dean asks, leaning over his desk to reach Cas’ ear.

Cas turns his head to glance back, his face scrunching in confusion. “I like this coat. At least I do not look like Mouth.”

“What was that; you like my mouth? Sorry, sweetheart, I don’t swing that way.” Dean drags his eyes over Cas’ face, smirk widening.

Cas only rolls his eyes. “You do, actually, but that is beside the point. I was referring to Mouth from the Goonies, played by Corey Feldman. The rock band t-shirt under an open button-down under a distressed jacket look matches his exactly, and you both appear to never know how to shut your mouths.”

Dean is too stuck on the first part to have even heard the second. “I do not.”

Cas says nothing, only raises an eyebrow. The teacher begins talking before Dean can throw out another denial.


“You really like that Shakespeare stuff, huh? You barely had your hand down all class.” Dean pulls Cas in by his neck, grinning as they leave the classroom. Cas looks vaguely annoyed, but doesn’t pull away.

“I had to make up for your lack of intelligence. Did you even read the play?”

“Yeah, I’ve read it. All that star-crossed lover crap, and the thumb biting. Thumb biting? Really? That’s a come-on, not a threat.”

“If you have the romantic sensibilities of a primate, I suppose so.”

“Right, because a 13- and 16-year-old killing themselves over a summer fling is so romantic.”

“Dean, god, would you leave Cas alone? Just because he’s my friend, that doesn’t mean you have to harass him all the time,” Sam whines from behind them. Dean and Cas both turn to look at him over Dean’s shoulder.

“It’s all right, Sam. We were discussing Shakespeare,” Cas informs him.

“Dean hates Shakespeare.” Sam has his bitch face on. Dean fights not to roll his eyes. He loses that fight.

“Dean was just expressing that opinion.”

Dean slides his arm off Cas’ shoulder and drops it to his side, turning fully to face his little brother. “What’s up, Sammy? Don’t you have class?”

Sam scowled. “So do you,” he says.

“You do have biology class in a minute,” Cas chimes in.

Dean turned to Cas, hand to his chest. “Et tu, Brutus ?” He pauses, shakes his head. “Should I even ask how you know that? Never mind.” He turns to Sam. “I will see you after school. And you,” he points to Cas, “stay creepy.”

Cas rolls his eyes. “Goodbye, Dean—Sam.” He nods to them both and walks away.

Sam gives Dean a look. “Could you lay off him, please? He’s my friend.”

Dean grins at him. “I like him. He’s fun to poke.” Sam’s bitch face doesn’t go away. Dean sighs and rolls his eyes. “Sam, I don’t think he minds. If he didn’t like it, I don’t think he’d have any problem clothes-lining me, do you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Then don’t worry about it. Get to class; you’ll be late.”


“Go.” Sam reluctantly went. Dean made his own—much more leisurely—way to biology.


“For your next assignment, you will be pairing up with a classmate to re-write a scene from a Midsummer Night’s Dream, using modern-day speech. Next week, you’ll be performing the scenes in front of the class.” A collective groan sweeps the classroom, and the teacher laughs a little at them. “Remember, Midsummer’s a comedy. You can be as silly as you want. Have fun with it. You have the last ten minutes of class to pick your partners and start planning.” The teacher turns from them to take her seat, smiling to herself at the pained looks on her students’ faces.

“Hey Cas, wanna be the Titania to my Oberon?” Dean asks, leaning over his desk.

“Aren’t you more of a Bottom?” Cas responds, turning to him with the smile that always means he thinks he’s hilarious.

“I didn’t realize you were looking so hard, Cas. It’s a nice one, isn’t it?” Dean licks his lips.

Cas blows out an annoyed breath and shakes his head. “I am not going to be your partner. You haven’t turned in a single assignment since you got here.”

“That’s why I need you as my partner. Need you to straighten me up, teach me to fly right.” He glances around the classroom and his smile gets wider. “Plus, it looks like everyone else already has their partners. Looks like you’re stuck with me.”

Cas’ smile slides off his face, only to be replaced by a hard stare. “You are going to do exactly what I say, when I say it, and you are NOT going to flake out on this. Do you understand me?”

“I’ll do whatever you tell me to, sweetheart. Just tell me how high to jump.”


The low growl of it goes straight to Dean’s dick, leaving his jeans a little tight. He doesn’t even blink. Neither does Cas. “So, are we going for burgers to talk about this after school, or what?”

“You don’t have plans with Amanda Heckerling?”

And there goes the eye contact. “I would have, but she has a curfew.”

“As do I.”

“Don’t worry, Cinderella, I’ll have you home before you turn into a pumpkin. And besides, it’s in the name of homework. What parent could say no to that?” He tilts his head to the side and gives Cas his most winning smile, the one that talked Preacher Jim out of telling his dad about using the confessional as a make-out booth and Uncle Bobby out of tanning him for stealing the ’69 Cobra from the garage for the afternoon.

“I imagine quite a few, if you’re involved.”

“That doesn’t sound like a no.”


“Come on, Cas, why ya gotta be like that? Sam’ll come with us, nice and respectable-like. We’ll write the skit… thing. I’ll have you home before the streetlights come on. It’ll be great.”

The stare-down this earns him rivals a Clint Eastwood film. Dean is not sure he’s going to respond until he does. “Fine, but only if Sam comes with us.” Dean can’t help but pump his fist in the air in victory. “You are unusually excited about homework.”

“Yeah, Cas, that’s why I’m excited. Homework.”

Castiel says nothing, just looks at Dean like he’s a puzzle he can’t figure out. Dean can only smile back.


“I thought you said Sam was coming.”

Dean turns to Castiel, not moving from the wall he’s leaning against. “He’s got chess club or mathletes or some other nerd thing. He should be done in ten minutes or so.”

Cas steps up to him cautiously, the little wrinkle between his eyebrows fully creased. “You do not like your brother’s intellectual pursuits.”

Dean scratches the back of his head and smiles fondly at the thought of his nerdy little brother. “Nah, I just like ripping on him. Whatever makes him happy makes me happy, but that’s not gonna stop me from teasing him until the day I die. He’s my baby brother. It’s my job.”

“It is no one’s job to tease anyone else. You should accept him and his interests without judgment.”

“If he didn’t get a little ragging from me, how would he know how to handle himself with a real bully? Sammy’s my responsibility. I’m not going to slack off teaching him how to protect himself just because it might hurt his little girly feelings.” He turns his voice soppy and mocking at the end and crowds Cas against the wall, poking his side teasingly. It makes Cas scowl, but he doesn’t pull away, just looks up at Dean with intense disapproval. Something warm shifts in Dean’s belly.

“Don’t we have more important things to talk about? Like how nice you apparently think my ass is.” They’re behind the school, secluded from any stray students or staff still lingering on campus. No one would see if Dean were to lean in, take the kiss he’s been thinking about since Cas slammed him into that locker a few weeks ago . Cas doesn’t look like he’d object—he hasn’t stepped away yet, after all, and they’re a lot closer than strictly platonically comfortable. He decides to take his chance, leaning in over Cas’ lips, almost close enough to touch, but Cas’ hand comes up and forcefully pushes him back a foot.

“You have a girlfriend, do you not?”

Dean frowns, not sure what Cas is talking about until he remembers Amanda. It’s always hard to remember Amanda when Cas is around. “We might have made out in the janitor’s closet a few times, nothing serious. What does that have to do with this?”

“Everything. I do not share. If you are still involved with her—or any other person for that matter—then you will not be permitted to touch me. Is that clear?” Cas’ voice is as serious and stern as it had been when he’d shoved Dean and told him not to touch Sam.

“I can’t even poke you?” Dean asks, trying for humor. He gently pokes Cas’ side, smiling. His finger is snatched and squeezed tight enough to turn his fingertip blue.


“Okay, then, Cas. Whatever you say.” He backs off, holding his hands up in front of him in surrender. Cas doesn’t relax against the wall again, but he stops glaring and settles into his normal stare. Dean leans his shoulder against the brick a few feet away. “Since you’re not walking away, can I assume you’re still up for burgers?”

“Yes, I am still interested in eating burgers and talking about our assignment.”

“Good.” He looks towards the school and sees Sammy walking their way, looking his usual surly. Dean only hopes Cas will put him in a better mood.