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As they walked back to campus, Eli kept the mood light and casual up until the point where she unlocked her door and sighed as they went into her room. "Well that was...beyond a thousand moments of awkwardness," she said as she flopped onto her bed. She smiled up at Dani and shook her head as she chuckled. She was expecting a slightly stuffy, slightly awkward dinner...not this. But it wasn't bad. The world was small—Patrice always said that.

"Yeah. Totally." Dani shook her head and crawled on top of Eli. "But things seemed to have worked themselves out." She ducked down for a light kiss. "And I'll ask the Senator just what else was going on when we go running in the morning."

"I wish you would," Eli murmured as she wrapped her arms around Dani and pulled her down flush against herself. "Alex and your mother just...both looked like they'd seen ghosts."

"Yeah. I'll see how much I can get out of her." Dani shook her head, pushing away the memories. She didn't want to be thinking about their mothers while she made out with her girlfriend. "So, uh, can we talk about how you tried to use my mom to impress your parents?" She was smirking.

"I have no..." Eli began to before kissing Dani soundly, trying to deflect, "no idea...what you're talking about."

"I think that you know exactly what I'm talking about," Dani slid one of her legs between Eli's, "and I think that you're afraid that I might be upset with you. Or you were earlier, for about half a second, before you forgot about it."

"I know exactly what you're doing, Dani," Eli murmured as she shifted, reversing their positions so that she was looking down at Dani. She smirked. "And I'm not biting. can think whatever you'd like, but the only thing I'm interested in right now is impressing you."

"I think you should be more concerned with apologizing to me, but I suppose impressing me would work." Dani wrapped her arms around Eli's neck. "So how are you going to impress me?"

"Same way I always do, baby," Eli quipped. She was already trying to work off Dani's jeans, prolonging the contact for as long as she could before she had to get up. "But you're much...much too dressed for that right now."

"That word... 'same'," Dani shook her head. "I don't know if that sounds particularly impressive." But Dani didn't waste any time wriggling out of her pants and kicking them away.

"Mm...we'll see." Eli nipped at her bottom lip as she kissed it and quickly pushed away from Dani. She winked as she went to her closet, and moments later, she was tightening her harness around her hips.

"God, you look good like that." Dani pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra, lying back on the bed and waiting for Eli to come back. "But I'm still not impressed." She bit her lip as she shook her head.

"Could've fooled me." Eli put her hands on her hips and slowly sauntered over. She stopped just short of the bed and began to stroke the toy with one hand while beckoning Dani over with her other. "Come here, Dani."

Dani licked her lips as she crawled down the length of the bed. "Did you want something, Eli?" She batted her eyes up at Eli as she flicked her tongue against the very tip of the dildo.

"Not that..." Eli purred as she pulled Dani up gently by her hair. "You like that too much." She pulled the brunette into a hard kiss and then turned her in her arms before bending her over the bed.

"I thought the point of this was to enjoy it." Not that Dani wasn't enjoying the way that Eli was touching her, moving her, making her do as she wanted. "And what makes you think that I'm not going to enjoy this?" In fact, her stomach had dropped pleasantly when Eli had stopped her.

"Mm...because it's too simple, too predictable..." And it was hardly as if their new position, with Eli pressing against Dani's back, wasn't simple. But it was different for Dani, and Eli knew she would enjoy it. She pushed her hips forward, rubbing the cock against Dani.

"Oh," Dani pushed back against the toy, encouraging Eli to push it into her. "Please..." She shivered, feeling her own wetness as the dildo brushed against the leg.

" enough for you?" Eli teased as she reached around the brunette to tweak her nipples.

"Uhuh," Dani whimpered, trying to get in closer contact with Eli. "Plenty exciting. Incredibly exciting. God, Eli, fuck me." She twisted her hands in the sheets.

Eli moaned lightly at the desperation in Dani's voice. She pushed the dildo inside of her and began to pump evenly, holding her hips tightly. "Touch yourself..."

"Oh, Eli..." She whimpered, hand automatically going to her own clit, doing as Eli wanted. As soon as her fingers rubbed against it, her hips bucked back, pushing the dildo further into herself. She was close to coming, but he wanted to hear Eli's voice.

"That's it, babe," Eli whispered, kissing Dani's shoulders. She could feel the pressure of the base of the dildo against her clit, and she was trying to keep her rhythm instead of squirming. "Let me feel you come...let me hear you..."

Dani whimpered. It was Eli's favorite thing to request, and it never failed to embarrass her. When she moaned, she did it for Eli, even as her skin turned bright red and her fingers hesitated over her clit for a split second. When she touched it again, it was enough to make her come and she shuddered as her knees buckled.

Eli held her through it, moaning herself and reveling in the sounds, in the feel of Dani's body as it shook and quieted. She sighed softly and pulled away, turning Dani so that she could kiss her lightly. Eli stroked her side and smiled, knowing she was going to feel just as good as soon as Dani recovered.