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Taylor took Abbie's hand as they slowly walked back to the hotel. Patrice and Alex had gone ahead of them and Taylor was content to enjoy the cooler air for as long as Abbie wanted. She squeezed her fingers supportively and smiled at her as they reached their room. Taylor held the door for Abbie and pulled out their hotel key. As they made their way into the room, Taylor leaned against the door and just looked at her wife. "I love you. I hope you know that."

Abbie looked back over her shoulder, then turned to face Taylor, holding her hand out to pull her over. It had been an unexpected night to say the least, and she was sure it would take some time. She smiled. "Yes, I do. And you know I love you too."

Taylor wrapped her arms around Abbie's waist and rested her forehead on Abbie's. "Of course I do." She hugged her tightly. "Are you going to be okay?" It wasn't every day that you ran into a dead girlfriend, even when you knew she wasn't dead anymore.

Sighing, Abbie looked up at the ceiling before refocusing on Taylor. "Yeah...yes...I just wasn't ready." She shook her head, "I's still just so strange."

"I know." Taylor tightened her arms around Abbie and kissed her lightly. "I know, sugar." She cupped Abbie's face in her hands and kept her close, brushing her cheek against hers. "It can't have been easy to see her again." She knew just how hard Abbie had taken Alex's death, and she didn't think she would ever forget the anguish in Abbie's voice when she had called and asked her to go to the funeral with her. "But you know that I'm not going anywhere, right? I'm always going to be here with you."

Abbie pushed back the rising panic she felt at the statement, tried to keep from arguing with it, telling Taylor there was no way to promise that. She closed her eyes and nodded silently, comforted by Taylor's skin on hers. Her voice caught, "I...I...hope so. God I love you Taylor." She didn't like to think what it might have been like had Taylor not been there for her.

"I'm not tempting fate Abbie. I'm not." Taylor kissed Abbie's temple and pulled her back into her arms, just holding her. "I keep my promises. I always have and I always will."

Whether it was relief or lingering sadness and shock, Abbie had no idea, but she leaned into Taylor's arms and let out a small sob. She could feel her tears soaking into the fabric of Taylor's shirt, and she just started pulling them back toward the bed. "Will you hold me? Please?"

"Of course." Taylor stepped away from Abbie only long enough to pull the covers back and slip out of her shoes. She didn't care about her shirt being wet or getting into bed fully clothed. The only thing that mattered was making Abbie well better, making her feel secure again. She crawled into bed and opened her arms.

"Thank you…" Abbie whispered under her breath and reached to quickly unzip her dress, shrugging it off before slipping into Taylor's arms, sighing when the blonde's arms closed around her. "I'm fine really." Or she would be.

Taylor slid her arm under Abbie's head, letting her rest against her shoulder as she tangled their legs together. "I know, baby." She kissed Abbie's forehead. "I know. It's okay if you need to cry, though. I've got you."

Abbie did, and she sniffed, starting to tug ineffectually at Taylor's clothes. Through her tears she laughed quietly. "You're still dressed in bed.."

"Yeah, baby." Taylor chuckled lightly. "I'll get undressed once you feel better. I just..." Taylor kissed her forehead again.

"Mmmhm.." Abbie was quieting, suddenly tired from the day. Finally, she caught her breath, the shock fading away. She pressed her lips to Taylor's neck, "Dani seems happy though." And really that's what mattered.

"Yeah, she does." Taylor ran her fingers through Abbie's hair. "Are you going to be okay if I get up and get undressed?" She wanted to wait until Abbie was going to be fine before she moved.

"Yes, I'm alright." It seemed silly that Taylor had to ask, but she knew Abbie too well. "Thank you Taylor." She watched as the blonde got up, and didn't move yet, just relaxed and thought through the night. Eventually she smiled. "And Patrice is sweet; you can see her personality in Eli." She laughed, "nothing like private practice to build the gift for small talk." Really, it had been good Patrice had been there, or the mood might have been different.

Taylor quickly put her clothing away and slipped back into bed, not bothering to put on a nightgown. "Yeah, I'll have to thank Patrice for that one day." She had been surprised enough that small talk had been difficult even for her. "I hope that Eli doesn't end up breaking Dani's heart." She wrapped her arms back around Abbie, settling her against her shoulder again.

"Me too." Abbie sighed, "but I don't think she will if she can help it. Just something in the way they looked at each other, I don't know." She shifted to push further into Taylor's arms, "But we can't protect her from life, and Dani's stronger than I usually give her credit for. It's hard to remember she's an adult now sometimes." God it seemed like the years had vanished, like it was just days ago they had only been joking having about children, and then here they were...

"Yeah." Taylor lightly kissed Abbie, wanting to comfort her, wanting her to be closer. "I forget that she's an adult too. But in my defense, she's still a very, very young adult. A baby adult."

Abbie's mood was lifting, and she turned to Taylor, offering her a small smirk, "A baby adult who's probably going to bed with Alex's daughter." Abbie knew it would drive Taylor crazy, but after the night they'd had it seemed anything should go.

"I am not thinking about that." Taylor kissed Abbie lightly. "I am not thinking about it. Dani is safely asleep in her own bed all alone. At least, that's what I'm telling myself." Taylor kissed the tip of Abbie's nose.

Abbie smiled, batting her eyes almost comically at Taylor, "Of course, dear, just like I'm sure you were every night when you were her age."

"I was at Annapolis when I was her age. In fact, I did spend my nights alone. It was significantly harder for me to find women to sleep with and harder than that to find someplace to do it." Taylor smirked back at her.

Abbie caught the light in Taylor's expression, now recovered from her earlier shock. She lay back and pulled the blonde over her, smiling up at the other woman, letting her voice grow teasing, "Oh, poor baby...maybe you should make up for lost time then."

"I've been doing that all of my life." Taylor chuckled and pushed her leg between Abbie's, kissing her with surprising intensity.

"Mmmnn..." Abbie quickened at Taylor's quick movements. She had never stopped being able to make Abbie's stomach drop like that. She pulled Taylor closer, pressing against her skin, "I know."

Taylor kissed her again, rubbing her nipples. "And did you know that you're my life?" She kissed down Abbie's neck and across her collarbones.

God, Abbie loved when Taylor said things like that, it made her melt- just completely melt. She took a breath and wrapped the blonde in her arms, smiling genuinely, "and you're mine."

"I know." Taylor smiled contentedly and slid a hand down her torso to the tops of her thighs. "I love you." She slipped her hand between Abbie's legs and pushed her fingers into her. After all of the years, Abbie felt completely familiar and completely wonderful.

Abbie relaxed and wrapped a leg around Taylor, pushing her further into her. "I love you too." And she did, and it had been the strength of that love that had made so much possible.

"So much." Taylor slid down Abbie's body under the covers, settling between her legs and started licking her.

"Taylor..." Abbie couldn't help grabbing for Taylor's hair, tightening her fingers in it. "...shit" She pushed down into the mattress, squirming under the touch.

"Mmm." Taylor kept licking Abbie, pushing her tongue against her clit as she pushed her fingers further into her. The way Abbie felt, the way she tasted, it was perfect. It was always perfect.

Abbie whimpered. Taylor was playing her body perfectly, and soon she was twisting and moaning contentedly. "Taylor..." Abbie breathed the name as she finally relaxed, and reached her arms out to pull Taylor up.

Taylor was smirking again as she settled in Abbie's arms, rolling onto her back and pulling Abbie on top of her. "Mmhmm." Taylor nuzzled against Abbie's cheek. "Can I do something for you?"

Abbie grinned and shook her head slowly and leaned down to kiss Taylor, taking her time. She slowly pressed against Taylor's leg, "mmm...plenty...." She kept moving against her, "...but you already do so much....handling me so well when old flames show up unexpectedly and whatnot." Abbie smiled and kissed her again, "then again you knew her a bit as well."

Taylor chuckled. "Something tells me that won't be happening again." Taylor settled further into the bed and pressed her leg up against Abbie.

"Probably not, but I think you liked it." She kept moving, alternately kissing Taylor's neck, nipping playfully, "you do like it when people follow your directions."

"Is there some reason that you think I'd deny liking it?" Taylor tilted her head to give Abbie better access to her neck. "God, it's a good thing Alex isn't much for talking, or she could have derailed this second career of mine before it even started." It had never occurred to Taylor before.

Abbie bit down a little harder, "If you don't stop talking about your career, I'm going to gag you. You know the rules darlin' " There were just things Taylor wasn't allowed to bring into their bedroom, and a hotel was not exception.

"Is that a promise?" Taylor arched up against Abbie's mouth and tried not to moan too loudly. Taylor had gotten much more relaxed about letting Abbie see that part of herself over the years.

Instead on answering, Abbie just kissed Taylor again and covered the blonde's lips with her long fingers. She moaned, letting herself push, and soon feeling herself growing close again. Abbie could see Taylor watching, and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "go on....I know you're ready."

"Ohh..." Taylor arched up against Abbie and reached down to start touching herself. She darted her tongue out against Abbie's fingers and tried to nip at them, though the angle was all wrong. She rubbed her own clit as she watched Abbie move against her, as she felt Abbie against her thigh.

"Yes..." Abbie started to come, slower this time. Her fingers were shaking, still trying to stay over Taylor's mouth, though they could stifle little noise.

Abbie's fingers might not have physically been able to keep her silent, but the attempt was enough, and Taylor bit her lip to stifle her moan as she pushed herself over the edge, joining Abbie, loving the closeness on the moment. "God, I love you." Abbie's fingers slipped and she kissed her deeply. "I love you so much."

"I...I love you too..." She was still breathless, and Abbie knew Taylor was well aware, but she loved saying it. She quietly rolled over, pulling Taylor's arms around her, "and I'm alright, I promise." She laughed as Taylor reached for the blankets, "and I think I'll still be right here when you get back from your run tomorrow."

Taylor chuckled and pulled Abbie even closer. "I am not surprised by that in the least." The day Abbie joined her and Dani on an early morning run would be the day hell froze over. Taylor switched off the light and rested her cheek against the outside of Abbie's shoulder.