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"It says exit 5...why do I think we took exit 7 last time?" Alex put down the directions, and took off her glasses out of habit. She pursed her lips, glancing out of the window and reminding herself that Patrice had offered to drive because her week had been particularly stressful.

"Does it really matter yet?" Patrice said, smiling. "We're in the middle of Connecticut still." She sped up to pass a truck, making Alex glance at her predictably. She enjoyed this though, the quiet drive, the time alone together.

"You don't have to do that, you know," Alex said matter of factly. "I called and said we'd just be making it for dinner. Eli won't be upset about that, I don't think."

Patrice chuckled. "Probably not. Think she'll take us up on the offer to bring her date tonight?"

Alex sat back and folded the paper in her hands before she reached over to clasp the other blonde's fingers in hers, smiling knowingly. "Probably not."