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While Sonny was Sleeping

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

A steady, screeching sound was the first thing Sonny was aware of as he became conscious. He groaned at the annoying repetitive sound.

“Omg. Is he awake?”

“Thank the Lord!”


“Call for the doctor!”

Sonny recognized the voices of his family right away. Why were they watching him sleep? Creepers. Did he fall asleep at Ma’s? He opened his eyes and saw a white ceiling. Well, Ma’s ceiling was not white, she loved vibrant colors, like a good Italian.

He felt his head slip forward from his pillow. Sonny was sitting upright, which seemed like an odd position to him. He liked to sleep on his side, curled up in a big fluffy comforter. When he focused on the room in front of him he felt his stomach lurch. He was in a hospital room, laying in a hospital bed, and wearing a hospital gown.

Sonny turned to his right and saw Bella sitting next to his bed. She was holding his right hand firmly. There was a large hand on Bella’s shoulder. He followed the hand and discovered it was Tommy, her on again/off again boyfriend, standing behind his sister, offering her support. Both had tears in their eyes.

Next to Tommy stood Gina and Theresa. Theresa’s arms were crossed, and despite her closed off stance Sonny could tell she was relieved. Why she was relieved Sonny couldn’t quite say. He was alive so that was something. Gina looked the roughest of his sisters. Her face was red and she had obviously been sobbing. The puffiness around her eyes sent his mind racing. Just how long had he been unconscious?

Sonny winced when he turned his head, feeling a rush of pain in the back of his head. His father was standing on the other side of his bed and placed his hand on Sonny’s upper arm after he winced. Sonny and his father had always been close and he could see a weary, tired expression on his face. Although Sonny couldn’t recall why he was in the hospital he did regret causing his family any pain. His police career was a relatively smooth one with minimal injuries and only a few close calls.

Next to his father, his mother was seated beside his bed. She was holding his hand and the hand of the person sitting at the end of his bed. His mother didn’t look quite as distressed as the rest of his family. An eternal optimist, Mama Carisi, Sonny assumed she was the force holding the family together while he was unconscious, for however long that was.

Suddenly, he felt a wave of confusion over the person who was holding his mother’s hand. The man was sitting on the hospital bed, his bed and Sonny had no clue who he was. The man was dressed in an expensive tailored suit, he was quite attractive with dark hair and gorgeous eyes. He wasn’t a doctor and his pocket square indicated to Sonny that he was maybe a broker or lawyer. Well, only a lawyer would be pretentious enough to wear a pocket square in a hospital room. Could Gina or Theresa have brought their boyfriend to Sonny’s hospital room? He couldn’t recall them mentioning anyone, especially someone who would be close enough to feel comfortable holding his Ma’s hand.

“Detective Carisi, glad to have you back with us” a doctor exclaimed as he entered the room. The doctor made his way past the stranger, his mother and father. Taking the spot his father had previously occupied and doctor began to check his pulse and ask him questions about how he was feeling. He took a small light from his white coat and shined it in Sonny’s eyes. He was talking but Sonny could only concentrate on the man at the end of his bed. He looked older, maybe in his mid-40s. Although his outfit was perfectly assembled his face look distraught. He had dark bags under his eyes indicating he had lost sleep over Sonny.

“Wait, what?” Sonny exclaimed when he realized he wasn’t paying attention to the important bits.

“The mugger who attacked your fiancé pushed you onto the tracks when you tried to intervene. You were knocked unconscious by the fall. If your fiancé hadn’t jumped on the tracks- “

“Woah, woah, hold it right there. Fiancé?” Sonny tried to remember the incident the doctor was referring but he couldn’t remember it or who he was going to marry. He realized that beyond his family, there was nothing. Where did he work last? Queens? Brooklyn? Staten Island? What the heck was going on? “She jumped on the train tracks?” he asked.

Sonny knew instantly he said something wrong. His family’s eyebrows all raised in perfect synchronization except for Tommy, whose jaw dropped. The doctor suddenly was shining the light in his eyes again almost frantically.

“Hey! Hey! I’m awake!” he exclaimed.

The doctor backed away from the bed. He sighed like Sonny was a small child or a fool. Maybe he was a fool.

Sonny rolled his eyes, “So my fiancé saved my life. What I am confused about is this guy?” Sonny pointed to the stranger, who was now gripping his mother’s hand for dear life. “Who are you?” he asked. He knew he sounded rude but he was the one in the hospital bed, with a head injury that he didn’t remember getting and apparently, a badass fiancé that saved his life.

Before Sonny lost consciousness again, he noted the hurt look on the man’s face and he heard his Dad exclaim, “Oh My God, he has amnesia!”