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Derek & Jane

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As the pack was landing their quinjet after having rescued Bucky from the Hydra base in Russia, Stiles sounded so defeated as she explained to her Дед about her father, who had just turned up their driveway that Derek had a difficult time keeping his red eyes to himself ( grandfather ).  In the time that he’d been with Stiles and Eliot, Derek had grown very close to them both, but especially to Stiles.  She fit in his life in a way that no one had since he’d lost his younger siblings in the fire.  

Derek did his best to keep his anger at the man to himself.  Stiles always smelled enough of stress whenever the man was mentioned, that he didn’t want to add to it.  Especially since it seemed as if a confrontation may be inevitable.  He knew that Stiles hadn’t see the man in person since she moved out just before she turned twelve.

The pack, without a word, put Stiles as far to the back as they could, so there were as many pack members as possible between her and her father.  Derek was glad that she was placed between her Papa and her Дед.  He didn’t have a single doubt that they would keep her safe if it ever came to that.

Derek was positioned in the second row with Eliot, just a step to the outside of Natasha.  

“Sheriff,” Natasha greeted coldly.  “Is there something you need?”  The man actually flinched back slightly at her tone.  He obviously wasn’t used to that kind of reaction from people.  ‘Well, he ought to get used to it, because no one here is going to be nice to him,’ Derek angrily thought.

“I, uh,” he cleared his throat.  “I wanted to know if that plane of yours coming and going was something that will be happening much in the future.”  He crossed his arms to try to look intimidating.  It might’ve worked if the woman hadn’t taken one look at his posture and softly snorted.

“Unless you’re the FAA, our jet is none of your business,” Clint quipped.  He also crossed his arms across his chest, but John could see even through his uniform that his biceps were nearly twice the size of his own.

“If the military is going to house a base of some sort in my county, which could endanger the lives of the civilians under my protection, then it very much is my business,” John stated, nodding his head once as if you say, “So there.”  

“We’re not military,” Natasha tried to refrain from rolling her eyes, but decided it wasn’t worth it.  Derek could’ve sworn that he could actually hear them roll.  “Do we look like military?”  She spread her arms wide indicating the others.  

The Sheriff took a moment to really look at the assembled group.  Derek knew that they looked intimidating and scary.  They were armed to the teeth and more than one of them had blood on them.  The Sheriff’s small intake of breath caught Derek’s attention, and realized that the man was staring directly at him.

“Derek?  Son?”

‘What the fuck?’  That was the only thought that would form in Derek’s head.  And every time he’d try to think through what he’d just heard, his brain would circle back around to, ‘What the fuck?’

Luckily Natasha was always one to regain her mental equilibrium quickly.  “Do you mean ‘son’ in the sense of a young man or as in your biological child?” Considering that she wasn’t a wolf, Natasha certainly knew how to growl out her words.  Her question seemed to wake the others out of their frozen stupor.

The Sheriff took a small step toward Derek and spoke in a whisper, as if speaking too loudly would make the image of the young man disappear.  “My biological son.”

On instinct Derek stepped away from the approaching man, which drew low growls from the other wolves on his behalf.  But the Sheriff didn’t seem to notice, he was to focused on his newly-announced son.   

Derek felt like he’d been run over by a cement truck then picked up and stabbed through the gut.  He had no doubt that he looked the same.  The Sheriff was his biological father?  The only thing that Talia had ever told anyone about Derek’s biological father was that the man was human.  

“How?” Derek gasped.  He had a tough time trying to catch his breath.

“I was on leave from the Army in San Francisco,” John told him.  “I met your mother.  She said that she wanted a child from me, but nothing else.  Not money, not my name, not my involvement.  Sometime during our two weeks together she mentioned that lived in Beacon Hills.  So, when it came time to settle down with Claudia, my wife, I had to choose here.  

“I spoke with your mother and she made me promise that I would stay out of your life; with that promise she let me stay and watch you grow up.  And look at you now.  You’re a man, son.”  He sounded so proud and genuine at that.  Derek was lost and confused.  The Sheriff was his father?  Derek didn’t want him as a father, he was a terrible father.  Just as Stiles.  Stiles.  If the Sheriff was his father and he was also Stiles’ father, that meant that Stiles was Derek’s little sister.

He turned and looked over his shoulder and his wide, panicked eyes met Stiles’; hers were just as wide and though not as panicked.  Then her eyes narrowed and he knew that she was pissed.  Derek could only be relieved that her anger was not directed toward him.

“How the fuck dare you?!”  Stiles near-yelled as she made her way through the pack to stand next to Derek, close to Natasha.    John looked like he’d seen a ghost.

“Claudia?”  He breathed out.

“Try again asshole,” Stiles snapped back.  He really looked her over for just a moment before understanding registered in his face.

“Stiles.”  The man sounded so resigned and disappointed that it was all Derek could do not to rip the man’s throat out right then and there.  His wolf wholeheartedly agreed with that plan.  The man had not only insulted his packmate, but his baby sister as well.

But Stiles lifted her chin in defiance, adjusted her stance to that of the fighter that she was, and allowed rage to glow bright in her eyes.  Derek couldn’t have been prouder of her.  He mimicked her stance; he noticed out of the corner of both eyes that the rest of the pack did the same.

“You’re on private property and you need to leave,” Stiles ground out.  “This is your only warning.  After this you will trespassing and you will be arrested.”

John turned his full glare toward her.  “Listen here, young lady.  You have no right to speak to me that way.”

“I will speak to you however I damn well please, John,” she spat out his name as if it was a curse word.

“Go sit in the back of the cruiser,” the Sheriff demanded.  “I will take you home, where you will remain, once I’m finished here.”

Stiles barked out a harsh laugh.  “Fuck.  You.”  Almost before anyone could blink, John was swinging his left arm to backhand her across the face.  His wrist was caught by a wolfed-out, red-eyed Derek.  

“Don’t touch her,” he growled through his fangs.  The utter fear on John’s face as he rushed back several steps was entertaining for the pack.  Derek heard movement from the back before he heard the words.

“When I asked you to take care of and protect my daughter, I rather thought you’d take that to mean not just her but her daughters as well.”  The sheer terror on John’s face as Bucky slowly stalked forward toward the Sheriff was priceless.  Derek took a deep breath and reveled scent of pure fear.  

Stiles was livid.  “Not only have you ignored and abandoned me most of my life, but you abandoned Derek when he needed you most.  Now, granted, neither one of us have ever needed you , but we certainly could’ve used each other.  And since I didn’t know I had an older brother, I didn’t know that he had an uncle that I could’ve been visiting for the past six years.”  She turned and looked at Peter.  “I’m sorry, Peter.  If I’d have known I would’ve been there for you, I swear.”

“I know, my dear,” Peter answered as he stepped up next to Derek.  John did a double-take at seeing the formerly comatose patient.

“Peter Hale?”  The darker side of Derek’s personality enjoyed how lost and confused John seemed by everything that had happened since he stepped out of his cruiser and onto the lawn.  “You went missing from the hospital.  Where have you been?”

“Why, dear Sheriff,” Peter drawled in an overly-sweet tone.  “I’ve been living here, in your daughter’s house.”

“She lives with me.”  The Sheriff sounded truly confused.

“You’re an idiot,” Stiles mumbled, though not at all quietly.  “I haven’t lived in your house for almost five years.  Not that you noticed me even when I did live there.”

“I hate to interrupt this douchebag getting his ass handed to him,” Darcy spoke before anyone else could comment.  “But I’m pretty sure that the currently drunk Sheriff knows way too much for the safety of the rest of us.”

“You make a very good point, Darcy,” Natasha brought the conversation back around to her.  “Does anyone have any suggestions?”

Derek tuned the rest of the conversation out; he had only one thought.  He had a little sister.  Stiles was his little sister.  He couldn’t believe it.  He knew that they’d gotten close, and he knew that he thought of her in a sisterly way.  But now . . . she was really his.  

Derek was conflicted.  On the one hand he was ecstatic that Stiles was his biological little sister.  But on the other hand, he was furious that the Sheriff had abandoned him, left him alone with his killer of a sister.  He’d been alone his guilt for years because John was too busy being drunk to be bothered to even tell Derek that he had a father and a sister, let alone actually act like a real father.  

Peter had been more of a real father than John could ever be.  Peter had always been a good father for him, before the fire and after.  Peter was all the father Derek needed, he decided.  John could disappear into a deep, dark hole for all Derek cared, and it wouldn’t bother him in the slightest.  It might even make Stiles feel better to have him gone for good.

Stiles.  His little sister.  Derek couldn’t quite get past that one thought.  No matter how angry he was a the Sheriff, the one fact remained.  The Sheriff has just given Derek a sister again.  And for that sole fact, Derek would thank him.  However, for the pain and hurt he’d put his younger sister through, Derek would forever want to tear the man to pieces.  

Derek tuned back into the conversation just as he heard Nick Fury ask via speakerphone, “You want to take him to Jötunheim?”

“It makes the most sense,” Loki answered.  “They already know about werewolves, and they know that Derek is my great-grandson, many times over.  My brothers would also not care about Super Soldiers as they are part of our pack, our family.  I am certain that they would help us.”  

So it was decided that the pack would take his and Stiles’ biological father to Jötunheim to be imprisoned.  And yet, somehow, Derek couldn’t find it in himself to feel bad about it.


As the pack made their way back to their house from the cold of Jötunheim Derek thought about what all of this was going to mean for his future.  He now had a younger sister; a biological little sister.  He’d been conflicted for so long about wishing for more family.  For so many years he thought the fire had been his fault, so he felt so guilty about longing for more family.  But then he found out a few months ago that not only was the fire not his fault, but that his older sister was actually responsible for it.  He finally allowed himself to want more biological family than only his uncle.

But now?  Now Derek had a second chance.  He had another chance to be a good big brother, another chance to protect his family.  Getting rid of their biological father was only the first step in protecting his newly discovered baby sister.  He was both excited and nervous to get back to the house to have a chance to speak with her alone.

The trek back to the house from the Nemeton ended sooner than Derek had hoped, and before he was ready for the conversation, Stiles had ushered him into the front parlor and closed the doors behind them.  She led him to the couch next to the wall and urged him to sit, then sat a few feet away from him.

“So . . .” Stiles began, obviously as confused and unsure as Derek himself was.

“So . . .” he replied.  The two sat there in awkward silence for a few minutes.  Unsurprisingly it was Stiles that broke the silence.

“Are you okay?  I mean with everything that just happened.  You just found out who your biological father was, that you have a younger sister, then you and said sister just carted your shared father off to an off-world ice prison to die.  That’s a lot for anyone to deal with all at once.”  She rushed through her words so quickly that it took him a moment to sort through what she’d said.  

“Yes, I’m okay,” he replied.  And as he said it he realized that it was the truth.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say? ‘Yes, I’m okay’.” Stiles mocked.  “You’re not riddled with emotions and confusion?  Come on now, give me something.”

Derek leaned and pulled her into a huge embrace.  “Yes, baby sister, I’m okay,” he said into her neck.  She clung tightly to him, as if she was afraid he would suddenly disappear or change his mind.  

“Are you okay?” He was fine, but he wanted to make certain that she was.  “I’ve only ever had negative feelings about the man, but he was your dad.”

Stiles snuggled into his arms.  “He stopped being my dad a long time ago,” she confessed.  “I took care of him until my emancipation in honor of my mom.  She would’ve wanted me to, so I did.  But once he stopped acknowledging that I existed, I stopped thinking of him as my dad.

“You know, I was used to his treatment; it wasn’t any big deal.  But finding out that he had hurt and abandoned you was the last straw.  Any chance of him redeeming himself in my eyes was gone,” she admitted.

“That’s kind of funny,” Derek told her.  “Because I was thinking the same thing.  Him abandoning me sucked, but I could deal.  But him hurting and abandoning you was unacceptable and pissed me and my wolf off.  You deserve so much better.  

“You’ve been everyone’s rock, especially mine,” he continued.  “If it wasn’t for you Peter might still be in a coma, I would still be wracked with guilt over something that was never my fault to begin with, Steve might still be in the ice, Bucky would still be in Hydra’s custody, and the rest of us wouldn’t have the family that we have now.  You are the most amazing and selfless person I have ever met.  And I swear to you that I will do everything in my power to be the big brother that you deserve.”

Stiles looked up with tears streaming down her face.  Derek gently wiped them away with his thumbs, then leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“You’ve always been a wonderful brother to me,” Stiles told him when she could finally speak again.  “The only difference now is that we know that you are my biological brother and not just the brother of my heart.  Because you are.  I chose you as my brother long before our father said anything to us.  All his confession did, as far as I’m concerned, is that it added another layer to the reasons why I did, and still do, choose you to be my big brother.”

Derek pulled her into another tight hug.  He then whispered in her ear, “I love you, little sister.”

Stiles returned the strong embrace.  “I love you too, big brother.”