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The Jedi Code

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‘Thank you, Obi-Wan.’ you smiled.
Today was the day that your master had taught you all. After all your hard work you’d proved everyone wrong. Your disapproving family, the community that now believed that a female like you could never reach what you had reached and at one point also yourself. You had grown more that you ever thought was possible.

‘Don’t worry, Pa- Master (Y/N),’ he chuckled at the change of title that would take some time getting used to. ‘never did i think that i would take an apprentice under my wing again, and certainly not such a stubborn one as yourself.
Your, now, old master said. His mind wandered to when he took a certain youngster under his wing after his own master had been killed, regretting the turn of events back then deeply.
Though, now, he was older, wiser, and a lot less naïve.
No one would corrupt his apprentice this time, not under his watch, he’d made sure of that.
Looking at your feet and up again you nodded ‘I’m so glad you did.’

You were reasonably aware of your masters past, about his role in the ‘making of Darth Vader’. He told you about it when you’d seen him dwell on the past for the umphteenth time, not settling for yet another excuse or lie. His story had answered most of your questions but one. What was his padawans name? When he did so, you could only imagine the guilt and betrayal he had felt, and it made you realize yet how exceptional it was for him to train a padawan again.

Obi-Wan had promised to take you with him to a Crystal Cave to fetch a Kyber crystal for your very own lightsaber. You had trained under him for years, learning about the force, jedi tricks, defending yourself in general and how to wield a lightsaber with practice materials such as wooden sticks. But also the dangers of the dark side of the force, jedi customs and so much more.

Once, he was weary about training another Padawan after Anakin turned. Now, his doubts back then seemed silly. You were only eleven years old when you two started and look at you now!
Back then you were more of a shy and soft soul on the inside, forced to be tough and strong on the outside. The harsh world had made sure that you’d grown up fast and were mature and wise far beyond your age. A child with a strong moral compass and a bigger heart that one might think. That and your strong will and intelligence had made him realize your potential.

Obi-Wan smiled a somewhat sad smile. He had many happy memories of your time as his padawan. Memories that had made him realize how lonely and hurt he had been for so many years, before you came into his life. It wasn't like now he would be all by himself again but something told him that a goodbye was approaching. He had felt a change in the force, one that might have huge consequences, which is why he was happy that you’d learnt all he knew.
He anticipated that maybe soon the galaxy would need the strong, wise and independent young woman you had become. A new master he could trust with his life and that of others. The older man smiled to himself in his calm home which he had opened to you also… little did he know that life as he know it would soon change completely.


‘And now?’
‘And now, (Y/N), you go into the cave and get one. Don’t worry, which one is right, will appeal to you by itself.’ you old master reassured you.

Wearily, you went into the dark cave. As you stepped from sand onto stone and went deeper, instead of darker it became lighter.
Everywhere shone bright coloured crystals, one of which might be the right one for you.

Though, your gut told you you weren’t there yet, so you went deeper and you suddenly you realized it felt like you moved automatically. You’d walked past yellow and green ones illuminating your left, while reds and blues adorned the rocks above and to your right. Then, it felt as if you walked into an imaginary wall. You closed your eyes and blindly let your hands roam the wall until it felt like something, a crystal, kept drawing you in.
You picked said crystal out of the rock it was embedded in, almost too nervous to see what it looked like.
Cautiously, you opened your curious eyes, and a deep purple crystal came into view.
Immediately, your face lit up out of excitement coming from your heart, while your mind busied itself with but one thing.
‘What will my master think of this?’


‘What does it mean?’
‘It means, (Y/N), that you’re ready to make a lightsaber now.’ Obi-Wan said.
‘But the colour of one's lightsaber says something about the person that wields it, right? The Sith wield red lightsabers and Jedi’s wield colours like blue or green,’you sighed ‘Though you’ve never told me purple was an option.’
you said somewhat nervously. What if your destiny lied not on the light side? What if all these years you’d thought you had trained to serve and protect, you were actually meant to join the dark side?
Your master took a moment to consider his answer.
‘There were Jedi’s that had a red crystal, and siths that used to have blue ones. It is not the crystal that defines you, young (Y/N). That is you. You choose your own path, and that choice is what’s most important.’


The journey back you couldn't stop thinking about making your weapon with the help of your master. You’d imagined it would be quite traditional, the material and shape. Though, you wanted to make it special to you, to make it feel like it was truly yours. This you did by carving and adding intricate designs and symbols onto it. Some of those meaning a lot to you, others just to fill some extra space.

Finally, your lightsaber was done. Your very own lightsaber. The corners of your mouth turned up and your eyes shone with happiness and pride. Now, your life as a Jedi would really start.

You almost couldn’t believe it, but your biggest dream had come true. At first you had worried about what wielding a purple version of the weapon might mean, but after what your master had said you relaxed. You wondered about it, but not in a bad way. You found that the the glowing weapon was actually quite beautiful. You were now a true Jedi, for as much as those still existed.
You sighed contently, still smiling to yourself as you fell into a deep sleep.

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Yawning, you awoke. The sun had reached the point where it shone straight in your face. Sleeping in for once had done you good.


Sighing contently, you lifted your legs of the bed and stood up, after which you embarked on your journey to the kitchen.

When you entered the kitchen through the living area you noted your former master not present. Odd… he usually was home at this time. Maybe he’d grown bored with meditating and went on one of his walks.

Usually you were up a while ago.

When you were still his padawan, your usual day started with meditation, then lessons or training, then repeating one of the former actions and occasionally some time to yourself, to rest.

However, on days there were field trips or you’d be ‘attacked’ by him on the most unsuspected times.

You fixed yourself some breakfast, well, by this time brunch and sat down to eat it in peace.


Though something felt a little off and you hoped that your master hadn’t run into trouble. Silly thoughts, after all, he was the one that had learned you everything and if anyone could be trusted to take care of themselves it was him.

And so, you’d decided to busy yourself with your lightsaber until he returned.


With this in thought you went back to your bedroom and changed out of your sleepwear and into your normal outfit.

A (F/C) robe and trousers a black leather belt you could attach your lightsaber to and matching boots.

When you felt you were ready you went to your usual training spot outside.

While shadow was scarce on a sunny and scorching hot planet like Tatooine, you had found a perfect place to to train just out of Obi-Wan’s house. A huge rock blocked out the sun perfectly and the ground was mostly flat.


You took a deep breath and detached your lightsaber from its place at your belt.

You closed your eyes and concentrated on the feel of your weapon and the surroundings, ready for warm up.

When you turned it on and your eyes opened to its purple glow you couldn't help but get a little overwhelmed again, but Also get impressed. Before, you'd only trained with non-lethal weapons. It was the way you’d become, according to your master, a Jedi and deserving of your own lightsaber.

Only now, the power of it reached you. You vastly realized that now, if you slashed at something it would actually fall apart, or when it was a person, they would get wounded or die.

‘Well, it's now or never, ‘ you thought, and began your usual warm up routine.



It wasn’t until your stomach had started to growl again that you went back inside.

You had barely noticed time passing before that, completely engrossed in your lightsaber and training.

When you approached, you’d swear you heard your master talking.

Weird, you thought, he never had someone over and did not talk to himself.

It became even weirder when you heard another voice. Another voice!


‘The Force?’ the stranger asked.


‘Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi  his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.’ you heard Ben answer.

It reminded you of when he told you about the force, and about the potential he saw in you. But who was he explaining it to this time?


You should have had the courtesy not to eavesdrop, or even not to interrupt the conversation, but your curiosity got the better of you.


You stepped inside and were greeted by the back of said strangers back. You concluded before by the voice that it was a male, and now that he had longish blonde hair. Also that he was shorter than Ben en obviously young.


This is when Ben greeted you.

‘Good day, (Y/N), i see that you have finished training?’ with a look that said ‘i see you decided to come out of the shadows’.

Abruptly, the young man turned around.

You blinked, he had light skin with greenish eyes and a cleft chin and wore a soft and surprised expression. A lightsaber was held loosely, as though he knew nothing about the legendary weapon. It certainly was not his. He looked, adorable, really, as far as a Jedi could deem someone adorable.


‘Yeah,’ you smiled, ‘and who’s this?’

‘Luke, Luke Skywalker.’ he extended a hand and you shook it.

‘(Y/F/N), pleased to meet you.’

Not long after, a R2 unit began to beep and a projection of a young woman, apparently named princess Leia, played and immediately it was decided that you would accompany Obi-Wan to alderaan. Your first real ‘assignment’ in your Jedi-hood.




After that, Obi-Wan and Luke rushed to Luke’s house through the wasteland. You’d only just managed to cram yourself into the vehicle as well and you really hoped that Luke’s family would be all right, though the look you and Obi-Wan shared told you that you both had the same bad feeling about all this.




When the blond discovered his family’s smoldering remains he said nothing.
You swallowed, as could only imagine what must go through Luke’s head right now.
While your former master inspected Luke closely, you monitored him. Something was off.
He wasn’t as usual. Again, as if he knew something you did not. As if... He knew something you knew not about these people.




‘I want to come with you to Alderaan. There’s nothing here for me now. I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father.’ Luke told you both.

You smiled and nodded, wanting to make Luke feel at ease the best you could.


Ben had accepted his wish also. Without any reason or thought he felt he needed to share.
Why had the master that was to reluctant to have you as their padawan accept this young man without second thought? Note to self: ask him about it the second i can.


On the way to Mos Eisley, your new companion had started asking questions. You hadn’t yet decided whether this made you excited or annoyed.
‘So, are you teaching miss (Y/N) as well?’ was the first question he asked Ben.

‘It’s master (Y/N), actually, young Luke, ‘ Obi-Wan told him proudly, ‘ She has finished my training and now knows anything a Jedi should, and, as you can see, she’s also earned herself a lightsaber.’

Then, Luke eagerly turned to you with an enthusiastic sparkle in his eyes that you made feel almost shy.


‘Ehm, Yes… though mine is a little different Obi-Wan’s.’ you answered.




‘It’s purple?’






The company finally entered the Cantina. It was dark, busy as always and was filled with smoke and smelled of grease, sweat and alcohol. This might be the time you could speak with Ben, you thought. Though your old master had already gone off to speak with some space pirates, leaving you with Luke.


-------------------------------*Luke’s POV*--------------------------------------------------------------------------


Focus... the only thing i can do now is get to Alderaan, do something of meaning. I’m glad Ben and (Y/N) let me join, though they both know the ways of the force and i can barely defend myself. I can’t wait to find out more about my family, and become a powerful Jedi like my dad was. (Y/N) almost seemed surprised when he told me he’d train me, but i must be imagining things. Maybe she would help him. Master Kenobi told me she’s just as much of a Jedi as he is.


Speaking of the devil, at the moment she is to my left. We just sat down at the bar after Ben left to try and fix us a ride.
(Y/N) obviously isn’t at ease and i wonder why. She looks around for a bit and fiddles with her (H/C) hair. I wonder if it feels as soft as it looks.


Suddenly, my inner monologue is interrupted when a tall, odd-looking creature shoves me and gains my attention. He seems drunk.

Then a more human-looking man starts speaking to me.

‘He doesn’t like you.’ he said with a nasty kind of smile.


‘I’m sorry.’ I answer, not knowing what to say and not wanting to cause any trouble. We need to keep a low profile.

Now, the man tells me he doesn’t like me either and threatens me when i hear a sharp breath and a grumble coming from the left of me.

I look around and i see that Ben was watching us.


‘Come on guys, i’m sure he doesn’t want to cause you any trouble and i don’t want any either so why don’t we all just let it go, heh? We’ll just move to the other s---’ (Y/N) had started to say when one of the aliens threw me across the room into a table and pulled a blaster on (Y/N).
Oh boy this is not good.

Then, (Y/N) smiled, surprising the ugly creature that now failed to notice her lightsaber firing up and cutting off his arm holding the blaster and part of his shoulder in astounding speed.

Wow. Even i did not see that coming. Remind me not to piss her off.


The rest of the guests cower away from her and Obi-Wan signals her to follow some kind of huge, hairy creature and i watch her walk after him in awe until a hand on my shoulder pulls me out of my thoughts. Before me, stands Master Kenobi with an amused look on his face.


‘Let’s go, young Luke, you’ll have much more time to stare at Master (Y/N) later.’
At this i blush and i quickly follow him.