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Was this really happening?

Buffy thought dejectedly, as she glanced downward at her protruding stomach. Three years ago her biggest worries had been the latest pop quiz, or if she could get a date to the prom. Now she had no friends, no family, and Angel-

Now she was alone, and the only thing she had left to offer the last person she had was danger.

What kind of mother could she really be?
"Push!" "Come on Anne push!"

Buffy screamed painfully as the pain threatened to overwhelm her, the hospital bed threatening to break under the pressure of her hands.
Oh god, was it supposed to be this painful?


With a final cry Buffy did so, and before long there was one more life within the room.

"Here she is! Congratulations, it's a girl!" The nurse announced.

Buffy closed her eyes, unable to take in the sight of the squirming pink mass that was her daughter. "Anne?" The slayer cringed, turning her head away from the nurse's piercing gaze of judgement. This was too much! She couldn't do this.

"Don't you want to hold her?"

Buffy shook her head vehemently, refusing to meet her gaze.

"No. I can't be a mother."