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beautiful eyes, prettier guys (and they were all for her)

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Faith hasn't seen Buffy in a year. It's not that she's been avoiding the place, it's quite the opposite actually. She's always there it seems. Joyce Summers think she's lovely company even though she seems a little wary of Faith's crude jokes. Turns out that talking about the guy you sucked off in the moving theater parking lot that one time which lead to you discovering that you only wanted to fuck girls tended to make the older girls look a little green.

Joyce took it in stride though. "Er, thanks for the story Faith." Joyce patted Faith's hand and headed over to the phone, picking it up just as it started ringing. "Buffy, sweetheart, are you here?" Joyce asked, beaming as she listened to Buffy on the other end. Faith took a quick swig of her coffee, turning to look at the door which opened.

Buffy strode into the shop, a brilliant smile on her happily flushed face. Her hair was tied up into a bun and she was wearing gray sweatpants and a black tank top. "Yep." Buffy announced cheerfully, ending the phone call to her mother as she quickly walked to her mom and swept her into a hug. "Oh god I missed you so much!" Buffy clung to Joyce, head leaning on Joyce's shoulder.

"How is college going, sweetie?" Joyce asked, pushing Buffy to arms length away so she could examine the short blonde.

Buffy shrugged, her cheeks going bright pink as she chewed on her bottom lip. "Willow is super excited to be going to Columbia and next year we're talking about getting an apartment together. I work at a dojo and a couple of other martial arts places. I'm really good and since Wills is super smart she's been helping me with my homework so balancing my jobs, studies, and Instagram aesthetic is a little tough but I created a second account for just, like, regular pictures and stuff. And Parker has been, like, a life saver honestly. He's shown me to like all of my classes because I kept getting lost the whole first week of school." Faith's stomach sunk because Parker? He sounded way hotter than Angel. More football scholarship than Angel's sit in the corner and write stupid poetry.

Faith pulled her phone out and quickly opened up her Instagram. Her fingers flew over the small keyboard as she searched for Buffy Summers. Two names popped up.

buffythechosenonesummers which turned out to be her aesthetic which was pink. Her little profile picture was Buffy, grinning at the camera in a light pink t-shirt, with a pink headband. Her lip gloss was shiny pink and the pink bubble she was blowing was so big it covered up most of her mouth and little bit of her nose.

buffysummers was her regular one and the icon was her in front of a large gold gate. She was laughing and looking slightly above the camera, like the person holding the phone was taller.

She also had a lot of followers. On her aesthetic account she had 10.2 million followers and a link to a YouTube page. Faith clicked it, following the link to Buffy Summers. Faith swallowed sharply, surprised when she realized that Buffy must be a YouTube star. She had 10 million subscribers.

On her none aesthetic account she had 10.1 million followers and she was following about two hundred people. Faith debated about following her but decided to see if Buffy recognized Faith and talked with her and if she did Faith would bring up the whole Instagram what's your username thing.

"Yeah Parker is really great. He's really sweet and he hasn't pressured me into anything which is so nice." Buffy was saying, sitting down beside Faith without realizing it. "But let's not talk about him. Can you make me some hot chocolate?" Buffy asked, stretching leisurely.

"No coffee?" Joyce asked, heading into the back room.

"I had about a bajillion of them on the way here. Driving sucks." Buffy laughed, weaving a hand into her hair as she leaned against it.

Faith just kept quiet, sipping her coffee. "Oh!" Buffy jolted, turning to Faith. "Your Faith, right?"

Faith forced the smile down, nodding at Buffy. "Yep. Nice of you to remember."

Buffy grinned, leaning closer to Faith. "I could never forget a face like yours." Buffy said, flipping hair behind her ear. Faith's stomach erupted into butterflies and her heart beat faster. "I mean your lips are such a good shape. And your brows! God, you must never have to fill them in." Buffy smiled at Faith, who was both disappointed and a little happy because she had looked close enough at Faith's face to notice those things.

"What's this I hear about an Instagram aesthetic?" Faith asked before mentally cursing herself out. Fuck, she sucked at this whole flirting thing.

"Oh, yeah, I'm on Instagram and I have an aesthetic page. It was something I started in junior year and I really like it. It's a pink account because my favorite color is pink." Buffy told her, looking at her with big eyes and a tilted head.

"What is it?" Faith asked, grabbing her phone and turning it on to the Instagram page. "I'll follow you."

"Oh, uh, just type in Buffy Summers and you'll find t." If Buffy thought the request was weird she didn't say anything. Buffy leaned in closer, her head leaning on Faith's shoulder as she peered at the screen. "I have two so the buffythechosenonesummers is my pink one and buffysummers is my regular." Faith pulled up the pink one and followed it, going through a couple of pictures and liking them. In one of the photos Buffy was lying on pink sheets on a little twin bed. She was in a lacy white bralette and a white bikini bottom. On her flat stomach was a painted pink heart. Buffy's hair was spread around the bed, like golden seaweed. Her eyes were sultry and her lips were pulled into an alluring smirk. Faith laughed aloud and double tapped it twice.

"Damn, B, sex kitten much?" Faith teased, joking to cover up the sudden lump of want that was lodged in her throat.

Buffy blushed red, lowering her eyes nervously. "That was for my friend Willow. She knows the password to all my social medias so she took the picture against my consent and posted it. Sort of. It was all for Willow's girlfriend, Tara. It was for Tara's birthday and Willow wanted to surprise her with her willing sexy body that was all loved up for Tara. So she asked me to create a look for her. She would be wearing black though because duh Willow's pale and white would just wash her out. So she painted that pink heart to show her love for Tara and she wanted to practice with the paint. I was mimicking Willow's come-sex-me-up face when she snapped the picture and uploaded it on my Instagram."

"Sneaky." Faith commented.

"Yeah." Buffy smiled fondly. "That's why I love her so much."

Faith smiled and went to her other Instagram. The first thing she did was tap follow and then she went through some pictures. One of the first ones was Buffy wrapping her arms around an average height red head who grinned broadly at Buffy. The caption read 'I love my Wills' followed by a little red heart. Faith grinned and double tapped, relaxing as she scrolled through pictures. There was a brunette who was taller than Buffy but who had a young face read '#tbt to little Dawnie being taller than me Dawnie'. Faith laughed and double tapped it. "Sister?" She asked.

"Yeah." Buffy shifted awkwardly in her seat and grabbed a light pink mug in front of her. It seemed that Joyce had come by and left Buffy her hot chocolate. Buffy drained it in one gulp and got up. "I'm really tired so DM your number and I'll text you. If that's okay." Buffy hurriedly tacked that on to the end of her sentence.

"Yeah, totally." Faith nodded and finished her coffee, grimacing at the cold taste.

Buffy left in a blur of saying goodbye to her mom and a whip of golden hair that left Faith staring.




Three weeks later on Buffy's aesthetic account she posted a picture of strawberry ice cream. The caption read 'strawberry ice cream is my favorite way of getting over a breakup'.

Faith felt bad about the smile that bloomed across her lips and it stayed on even when she texted Buffy she was sorry about her and Parker.