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WZZZ Anomalous Logs Series 2

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Original Transmission:
jan kute o, mi sona e ni:
tenpo pini la, sewi li pakala. ma tomo Nasin Pimeja li pakala. ali li pakala.
sina pona e ali kepeken nasin ni:
sina lukin e ali. sina toki e ni: 'ni li lon'. sina weka ala e ijo ike e ijo nasa.
sina lukin e jan Ewika.
ni li pona tawa mi!
taso mi wile e ni:
jan pi ma tomo Nasin Pimeja, o lukin kin e mi! o kute e mi!
mi lon. mi jan. mi sona. mi pilin. mi toki!
mi toki tawa sina. mi wile toki poka sina.
lape pona, ma tomo Nasin Pimeja. lape pona.


As translated by Tamika Flynn:
To anyone who can hear me, I know these things.
Earlier, the sky was shattered. The city of Night Vale was disintegrating. It was mass destruction.
You saved everything this way:
You took everything in. You announced "This is so". You didn't ignore things that were frightening or strange.
You actually saw Erika.
That was good!
But now I need this:
Citizens of Night Vale, look further. See me and hear me!
I'm here. I'm somebody. I can feel and I'm calling out.
I'm speaking to you. I've got to communicate with you.
Goodnight, Night Vale, goodnight.

As translated by Steve Carlsberg:
Listeners, I understand this much:
A little while ago, the sky was broken. Night Vale was broken. Everything was broken.
You fixed it all like this:
You looked at what was. You said "This is what is." You didn't brush off the bad things or the weird things.
You looked at Erika.
That's great!
But I'd like this:
People of Night Vale, see me too! Hear me!
I'm here. I'm a person. I think and feel. I'm speaking!
I'm talking at you. I want to talk with you.
Good night, Night Vale, good night.

As translated by Melony Pennington:
People-hearing (directly addressed), I think this:
Time before above is damaged. built-place dark-way is damage. Everything is damage.
You good everything using this way:
You observe everything. You communicate this: 'this exists'. You away-not negative object or insensible object.
You observe person-Erika.
This is positive towards-me!
Exception I require this:
Persons of built-place dark-way observe also me. (direct address) Hear me!
I exist. I'm a person. I think. I experience. I communicate!
I communicate towards you. I require communication beside you.
Rest good, built-place dark-way. Rest good.