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All I Wanna Do

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It was a rainy night
When he came into sight,
Standing by the road,
No umbrella, no coat.
So I pulled up alongside
And I offered him a ride.
He accepted with a smile,
So we drove for a while.
I didn’t ask him his name,
This lonely boy in the rain.
Fate, tell me it’s right,
Is this love at first sight?
Please don’t make it wrong,
Just stay for the night.

All I wanna do is make love to you
Say you will
You want me too
All I wanna do is make love to you
I’ve got lovin’ arms to hold on to


It was raining, or more like pouring. The rain was coming down so hard Regina could barely see the road. Her windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the rivers rushing down her car. She had to drive slowly because she feared that the tires might give out under this onslaught of weather conditions. The last thing she needed was to end up in a ditch by the side of the road when Henry was waiting for her to get home from her trip to Boston.

Her car was the only one on the broad street, leading her through a forested part of the country. No one wanted to go out into this weather and she couldn’t blame the people for staying home, but her business meeting would’ve been much more successful if everyone had actually attended. She would let them know how much she hated being stood up.


At least she’d finally managed to have that meeting with her lawyer in Boston. A queasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach at the thought of the folder sitting safely tucked away in her bag. Did she really want to know?


She slowly drove around a corner, still more trees blocking her view, when she saw something by the side of the road. A shadow of an animal maybe. She slowed down to avoid colliding with any kind of wildlife when she realized that a person was actually standing in the pouring rain, holding up their arm and waving at her. Oh she sure wasn’t going to stop for a stranger on the side of the road during a rainstorm, or so she thought. As she drove by, she saw the person. Blonde hair was spilling from under the drenched hood she had pulled over her head. It was a woman.

Regina felt her foot pressing down on the brakes and her car came to halt a few feet away from the stranger. The woman immediately hurried over to her car and opened the door, not getting in immediately.

“Hey, thank you for stopping. Can you take me to the next town?”

The woman had to yell over the noise of the rain still clattering onto the roof of her car. Green-grayish eyes were peeking at her from underneath the hood and Regina could see that she was completely soaked to the skin, shaking with the cold seeping into her wet clothes.

Regina eyed her leather seats warily. What had she been thinking? But she could hardly drive on and let the woman stand here in the middle of the night. There were no other cars anywhere in sight.

“Yes, get in,” she said, wincing at the squishing sound the woman’s wet clothes made as she sat down. As soon as the door was slammed close, she pulled away from the curb and drove into the night.


There was an awkward silence while the blonde struggled out of her jacket, revealing a hoodie that was just as thoroughly soaked. Regina reached over and cranked up the heat. The woman flashed her a brief smile.


She simply nodded and focused on the road. She wasn’t sure how far the next town was, but it couldn’t be more than half an hour. Storybrooke was still two hours away but she wanted to get back home before Henry went to bed.

Unfortunately the weather was getting even worse. The rain didn’t stop, instead lightning flashed across the sky not too far away, followed by a deafening boom of thunder. Regina flinched involuntarily and glanced over at her fellow passenger, seeing her do the same. The blonde had not just taken off her leather jacket but also her hoodie, both items now pooled at her feet along with a wet excuse of a duffel bag.

Regina was slightly perplexed by the sight. Strong lean arms flexed as the women pulled on her seatbelt uncomfortably as another loud bang of thunder shook the car. The white tank top she wore was also completely soaked, clearly revealing the black bra she wore underneath. Regina swallowed and forced her eyes back onto the road. What was wrong with her?

She clenched and unclenched her hands around the steering wheel, suddenly feeling way too hot. But she left the heat blasting at full power because the blonde next to her was still shaking pitifully.

After another mile or two they still hadn’t spoken another word. The thunder would’ve drowned out most of their words anyway. The thunderstorm was now so awful that driving was nearly impossible. The road was just a blurry black patch of land, her headlights barely cutting through the waterfall outside.

Regina exhaled through her nose in annoyance. This was not how she had planned her drive back home to be. She was about to comment on the awful weather when she felt eyes on her and turned her head to the side. The blonde was gazing at her, but immediately blushed at being caught and averted her eyes to look out of the front window again. Regina smirked and suddenly a flash of lightning sliced through the nightly darkness and crashed into a tree right beside them.


She jerked her steering wheel around and they did a little spin on the wet road, tires screeching. The car came to a halt in the middle of the road, squarely in the way of any possible oncoming traffic. The engine sputtered and died.

Regina was too shocked to react immediately and just sat there, breathing heavily, holding on to the steering wheel like a vice. Small clouds of smoke were coming from a tree behind them where it was perfectly split in half, right down the middle. Regina stared at it wide-eyed in the rearview mirror until she felt a hand on her upper arm. She turned and looked at the woman next to her whose face was a tad whiter than before.

“You okay?”

Regina nodded, feeling the heat of the hand on her arm all the way through her jacket and blouse. She licked her dry lips and nodded again, this time more to herself.

“Maybe we should get off the road until this is over,” the woman said and nodded toward a sign on the side of the road ahead of them Regina hadn’t even noticed. It advertised a hotel not too far at the next exit. She was about to shake her head, she wanted to be home in time to at least tuck Henry in, but another streak of lightning right in front of them made her change her mind.

It was then that the woman took her hand away, blushing faintly as if just realizing that it had been resting against her arm all this time. Regina looked at the blonde, her eyes travelling from sculptured cheekbones down to a long slender neck and beautiful toned arms.

“Okay,” Regina croaked.

She cleared her throat, slightly embarrassed at the dark tone her voice had dropped to. The other woman just stared at her with an unidentifiable look as she bit her lower lip.

Regina tore her eyes away and started the car. They needed to get back to the right side of the road before someone crashed into them in this awful weather. She took a quiet breath and turned around, heading toward the next exit and the hotel.


So we found this hotel,
It was a place I knew well
We made magic that night.
Oh, he did everything right
He brought the woman out of me,
So many times, easily

All I wanna do is make love to you
One night of love was all we knew
All I wanna do is make love to you
I’ve got lovin’ arms to hold on to

Oh, oooh, we made love
Love like strangers
All night long
We made love


The silence that engulfed them was not uncomfortable but heavy. Regina eventually did turn down the heat while her windshield wipers still furiously moved back and forth. She almost missed the exit if the blonde hadn’t pointed it out in the last moment.


Soon she found herself staring up at a large red neon sign that read ‘Hotel’, glaring like a beacon in the otherwise black night.


The door to the front desk was across the parking lot filled with cars. Regina cursed under her breath for not thinking of bringing an umbrella. Clearly the blonde didn’t possess one either, so by the time she’d made it across the parking lot she would be soaked.

“I can go get rooms,” the blonde offered.

“I don’t think the storm will ease up until morning. We should probably stay here until then. If you don’t have somewhere important to be that is worth risking your life over.”

The blonde smiled crookedly at her and Regina felt her pulse beating faster in her neck. She nodded quietly and unbuckled her seatbelt, turning off the ignition and holding the key in her hand. She wasn’t sure why she wanted the blonde to know that she wouldn’t just drive off while she went inside.

“I’ll be right back,” the other woman said and slung her jacket around her slender shoulders again before jumping out of the car and hastening toward the main entrance. Regina took the time to look around. The hotel seemed decent enough but couldn’t compare to the upscale suites she usually stayed in when she had to leave Storybrooke for a night. It happened seldomly enough.

Each hotel room seemed to have a separate entrance as the many doors in the two-story building suggested. Everything looked dark and somewhat lonely. A place where people only passed by, but no one ever decided to stay. She knew that kind of place well.


She heaved a quiet sigh and flinched when thunder cracked across the sky like a whip. That moment in the forest had been too close. The lightning could’ve hit a large tree right in front of them and they would’ve been squashed to death in the car. A shudder went through her at the mere thought. She pulled her jacket tighter around herself and looked down at her matching dark blue slacks.


What had she been thinking, picking up a stranger from the side of the road? The blonde could’ve been some crazy axe murderer.


She raised her eyebrow at herself in the rearview mirror. Very smooth, doubting her decision after it was already made.

She jumped slightly when the door opened again and the blonde plopped into the seat, bringing all the wetness and cold from outside with her. Regina shivered and saw her do the same. A key was dangling from long slender fingers as apologetic green-grayish eyes peeked at her from under the wet hood of her gray hoodie.

“They only had one room available. But the guy said the bed is big enough to share. Sorry. I know it’s weird. But I can take the floor.”

The blonde smiled and Regina got that weird feeling in her stomach again. She felt like some silly teenager about to do something secret and naughty on prom night.

“That’s okay,” she heard herself say. Was it? She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d shared a bed with someone else than Henry.

The thought of her son spurred her into a flurry of motion. She had to call him.

“Which room is it?” she asked while twisting around to grab her overcoat and purse. She regarded the black leather bag sitting on her backseat with scrunched eyebrows but turned away from it with a sigh. It could wait.

“Second floor, one oh one.”

The blonde squinted at the dark building ahead of them but it was impossible to make out the numbers on the doors from that distance. Regina sighed quietly when she saw that the stairs leading up to the second level of the building were on the other side of the parking lot, even further away than the door to the front desk had been. There was absolutely no other parking space available so they had to walk across the parking lot whether they wanted to or not.

“Ready?” the blonde asked. Hand already on the door.

Regina sighed again and nodded. She pushed the door open and cold rain immediately gushed into her face and down the front of her coat. The blonde was already halfway across the parking lot by the time she had locked her car and followed after her. Her hair was plastered to her skull when she reached the stairs. She felt the water soaking through her coat and slipping down her neck and into her blouse.

Even though she tried to hold her purse and parts of her coat over her head it felt like the rain was coming from everywhere at once. Wet her hair was sticking to her cheeks, blocking her view as she ascended the stairs. Everything was kind of slippery and her heels were obviously not the best choice for this kind of weather. She tried to make her way carefully up the stairs to the second floor but felt herself slipping and stumbling on the last step. With her arms still clutching her purse and holding her coat she couldn’t even brace herself against the fall. But before she could hit the dirty concrete with her face, strong arms wrapped around her and she was squished against a wet hoodie instead. A quiet ‘oof’ escaped the other woman as she awkwardly bent down to catch Regina mid-fall.

Her face was only inches away from the blonde’s lips.

“You okay?”

Regina blinked and nodded, eyes still fixed on shapely thin lips.

“Yes I’m fine. I just slipped.”

“Yeah, I saw that.”

The woman helped Regina back to her feet and made sure she was steady on her legs before taking coat and purse from her.

“I’ll carry that. The room is right up ahead.”

Regina found herself nodding again. She usually wouldn’t give her coat, let alone her purse, to a stranger, but she was still a little shaken from almost hitting the floor face first. She started walking toward the room, the rain finally blocked by a low roof above her, and felt a hand coming to rest at the small of her back. She inhaled sharply and turned her head to look at the woman walking beside her. Either she was ignoring Regina’s reaction or she wasn’t aware of what she was doing, but the hand stayed firmly in place. For some reason it was hot like furnace and burning right through Regina’s jacket and blouse. She knew she was imagining it, there was no way she could feel the blonde’s body heat through her clothes, but still her entire face felt flushed from the contact. After passing a couple of identical doors the blonde finally stopped and fished the keys out of the front pocket of her hoodie. The lock was somewhat jammed so she had to bump her shoulder several times against the brittle wood before the door finally opened. She stepped aside and let Regina move into the room first. It was completely dark and Regina fiddled for the light switch for several seconds until the lamp above finally flickered to life.

The room was fairly unimpressive. A queen-sized double bed on one side and a table with a tiny television on the other. There was a small walk-in closet across from her and a door next to it that hopefully led to the bathroom. Regina turned and took her coat and purse back from the blonde before she closed the door.

“You can…”

“If you want…”

They started talking at the same time and Regina motioned with her hand.

“You first.”

“I just wanted to say that you can go ahead and use the bathroom.”

“But you’ve been standing out there in the rain for much longer.”

“Yeah, so I guess it won’t matter if I’m wet for a couple of more minutes,” the blonde said and immediately blushed a delightful shade of red. Regina raised an eyebrow, barely containing her smirk.

“Fine. You stay wet then. I’ll take a quick shower.”

The blonde cleared her throat and threw her duffel bag to the ground next to her.

“Okay. I’ll be here.”

Regina smiled and turned to walk to the bathroom, her hand already on the doorknob.

“Wait. Do you have anything dry you can change into?”

Regina turned back around and looked down at herself, then over to her purse, raising her shoulders in a half-shrug.


“I might have something for you to wear. For the night, so you can hang your stuff up to dry,” the blonde said and knelt down next to her bag. She began rummaging through its contents and eventually pulled a white tank top and blue shorts out into view. She held the two items up for Regina to see.

“They’re dry. And freshly washed of course, after I bought them. I mean I’ve never had them on before. Nobody had. I just got them the other day. They’re not the nicest clothes, I know, but they should be okay for a night. If you want.”

Regina initial reluctance vanished at the blonde’s very endearing flow of words. She walked across the room and took the items from her with a smile.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do after you picked me up and helped me get out of the rain.”

The blonde laughed nervously and looked down at her bag. Regina pursed her lips. It was true, if she hadn’t stopped on that road, who knew when the next car would’ve come by. And maybe lightning would’ve hit a tree near the blonde and she would’ve been buried underneath tons of branches.

Those negative thoughts accompanied her into the bathroom and while she took a nice hot shower. Her skin was as cold as the tiles when she stepped into the shower stall and she moaned quietly at the first feel of warmth engulfing her body. She would’ve liked to stay in the shower longer but because the blonde was waiting to warm up as well she quickly stepped out of it and dried her body with a white scratchy towel. She pulled the tank top over her head and the shorts up her legs before standing in front of the large mirror to regard her reflection. Regina raised her eyebrows at what she saw. Only clad in a white tank top and shorts she looked nothing like the sophisticated mayor she wanted to see when she gazed at herself in the mornings. Regina smiled to herself and shook her head, bending forward to towel off her hair. This was so unlike her. When she got ready to go to Boston this morning she would’ve never expected to end up in some hotel room with a complete stranger. But there was no changing her current situation, might as well try to get some sleep so she would be ready to drive back to Storybrooke in the morning.

She left the bathroom and found her new companion sitting on the small chair in front of the desk. She’d taken off her hoodie and was now only clad in a white tank top herself. Her arms were lying on the desk’s dusty surface with her head resting on them. Regina stared transfixed at a strong back and sinewy shoulders. Blonde curls spilled down the woman’s back. Regina wasn’t sure if she’d fallen asleep so she cleared her throat.

“I’m done.”

The blonde’s entire upper body jerked up off the desk and she turned so quickly that she looked disoriented for a moment. Her mouth opened when she took in Regina’s form. She blinked her eyes several times, seemingly trying to say something, anything. Regina began fidgeting under the gaze and walked over to the bed to sit down.

“The bathroom is all yours.”


The blonde tore her eyes away with some difficulty and eventually disappeared into the bathroom. Regina shook her head at herself and grabbed her purse. She took a deep breath and exhaled it noisily before she pulled out her phone and speed dialed Kathryn’s number. Henry picked up after the first ring.


“Yes it’s me dear. I’m calling to let you know that I won’t be coming home tonight. There is a storm and I’m stuck at a hotel until it passes.”

“Are you alright though?”

“Yes I’m fine. Just got a little wet.”

Regina coughed and closed her eyes for a moment.

“Is Kathryn there?”

“Yeah she’s here. Be careful mom, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sleep well sweetheart. We’ll go to Granny’s for breakfast tomorrow, okay?”

“Great. Love you,” Henry answered excitedly before there was some rustling.

“Regina? Hey, are you okay? I was starting to get worried.”

“I’m fine, just got surprised by a rainstorm. I’ll be back in the morning, can you keep Henry until then?”

“Yes of course. It’s past his bedtime anyway, but he wouldn’t go to sleep without knowing that you’re okay.”

“I am, no worries. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Alright, take care, bye.”


When Regina turned to put her phone back into her purse she was surprised to see the blonde standing in the doorway to the bathroom. She must’ve just opened it because steam was coming from behind her.

“Sorry, I forgot my own clothes,” she said, nodding toward the duffel bag across the room. She had only a flimsy white towel wrapped around her body as she strode through the room. Regina swallowed thickly, her eyes inevitably glued to perfect lean legs. The towel barely covered the blonde’s ass and she glimpsed a part of two shapely round globes. She jumped up from the bed and hurried over to the blonde, picking the duffel bag up and shoving it into her arms. She was pretty certain that she could not survive seeing her crouch down to rummage through it with just that towel protecting her modesty.

Confused gray-greenish eyes gazed at her.


Regina looked at everything but the blonde. This was ridiculous. Her body was obviously betraying her. She wanted something she knew she couldn’t have, and despite her usually so demanding nature she couldn’t just go and pursue it - pursue her. She didn’t even know the other woman’s name for crying out loud.

She adamantly stared down at her hands, the duffel bag the only barrier between them, when the blonde unceremoniously dropped it and stepped so close to Regina that they were breathing the same air. She wasn’t thinking clearly, couldn’t - even if she tried, and her mind decided to cease working when she felt soft lips pressing against her own.