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Of Reports and Rumors

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Field Report #113
Transcribed by Scout Rober
Edited by Officer Garrett and Wanderer Calix
Observed by Archivist Belen

The Lanteans were encountered on Belsa. Contact was not initiated. Observation protocols were followed.

The leader of the Lantean team was Lieutenant Edison, known to Genii Intelligence to carry the blood of the Ancestors. His team companions had changed since the Lantean exodus and return. One was a dark-skinned man with a scar on his right cheek and no hair, his rank was mentioned as Boss, his name was either not mentioned or was mistranslated as a common word, more observation is necessary to confirm. One was a pale man with brown hair, his rank was mentioned as Private, his name as Sully. One was a pale woman with black hair and large glasses, her rank was mentioned as Doctor, her name as Kusanagi. Of the four, Kusanagi was not armed as the others. She did not carry the projectile weapon called a 'P-90', rather she carried the small pistol called a 'sidearm' and a curve-bladed spear with black and gold shaft.

Doctor Kusanagi laid her weapon before her on the table, it was longer than the table. Lieutenant Edison spoke to the tavern keeper. He described their mission as one of announcement, they were there to announce the Lantean return to the galaxy. While he spoke a man stepped up to the table and demanded her weapon. She waved off her male companions and stared this man down. He demanded her weapon again and grabbed the pommel end of the shaft. She stood up, picked up her weapon, twisted it from his grasp, and proceeded to defend herself. The style of fighting was similar to older styles used by Travelers in close quarters on ship, there is a possibility of a common source indicating the fighting style would be Ancestral in origin. However, unlike the Travelers' modern style, this curve-bladed spear was not used to immediately dispatch. This weapon was mainly used to insult. The style included pommel strikes to the belly, shaft strikes to the legs, a blade-hook to the legs that threw her opponent to the ground, and an aborted stab to the throat. She accepted his surrender before he gave it and returned her weapon to the table.

When he grabbed for her weapon again she did not insult. She picked up her weapon and gave a warning. She would part with her weapon when he parted with his head. He laughed and tried to take it from her. A single cut to the center of his head felled him. She wiped the blood from the blade and returned her weapon to the table.

Lieutenant Edison apologized profusely but the tavern keeper offered the Lanteans a free round of beer and told them it was the offenders own fault for not accepting 'the lady's gracious offer of surrender.' The tavern keeper expressed interest in seeing the weapon's style against a Wraith.

Lieutenant Edison continued to express his displeasure at the death until the Lantean team returned through the Ring. Despite the weapon's versatility and Doctor Kusanagi's skill at wielding it, it is unlikely she will be seen again as a part of the team led by Lieutenant Edison.

“You killed a man!” Edison shouted.

“I offered him his surrender,” Miko insisted. “He refused. He tried to take what is rightfully mine. I defended myself.”

“She split his skull in half with that polearm of hers!”

Dr. Weir held back the sigh as the accusations were tossed back and forth in the middle of her gateroom. Private Sully and Sergeant 'Boss' Elliot tried to sneak off to the locker rooms but Elizabeth's glare kept them in place. They both slumped and sighed.

“It was a clean cut,” Miko said. “His life was mine when I accepted his surrender. When he refused to yield I collected what I was owed.”

Edison's jaw dropped. “My god,” he muttered.

Dr. Weir turned her attention to the other two members of Edison's team. “Do either of you have anything to add?” she asked.

“The barkeep gave us free drinks,” Elliot said. “Said the guy's death was his own fault for not accepting Dr. Kusanagi's offer of surrender.”

“He said he really wanted to see that weapon turned on a Wraith,” Sully said.

“It shouldn't have happened,” Edison said.

“No it shouldn't have,” Sully agreed. “But it did. And we got free beer out of it.”

Dr. Weir pinched the bridge of her nose. The Daedalus wasn't even a week gone and already she was back to dealing with situations like this. Though, if she were honest, she'd have expected Ronon or Sheppard in this situation, not someone like Miko. Not someone who'd been on Earth during their exile.

She took the opportunity to observe her surroundings. This exchange was happening in public, in full view in the middle of the gateroom, Atlantis's own village fire. Chuck sat at the gate controls, eyes wide as he watched Miko stand in place, her weapon held at rest. Other military personnel looked somewhat less flabbergasted, indeed they seemed almost impressed. On the balcony above Ronon seemed most impressed with a big grin on his face.

Teyla and Rodney entered, the both of them drawn to the commotion. Though, more likely Rodney was drawn to the commotion and Teyla had merely followed him. It was a pattern of behavior that had developed over the past three months among the Athosians, that Rodney would be drawn to an idea or event and someone would follow him. Half the time Rodney didn't even notice.

“Miko killed a man on Belsa,” Elizabeth said flatly.

Rodney pointed to Miko. “Her?” he asked. “She killed someone?” He paused. “Did he deserve it?”

“Dr. McKay!” Edison scolded.

“It is a valid question,” Teyla said. “Did he deserve it?”

“No,” Edison said at the same moment Miko said “Yes.”

“He insulted Dr. Kusanagi, told her she wasn't fit to carry a weapon like that, and demanded she hand it over to him,” Elliot said. “He grabbed it and tried to steal it from her. She offered to demonstrate her ownership of it. He laughed at her and told her to try. So she did.”

“'So she did',” Sully said with a faraway look of glee on his face. “Boss is selling her short. That fight was a thing of beauty.”

“You're not helping,” Edison said.

“No, it was,” Sully insisted. He clumsily mimed actions that might have represented beating an opponent with a stick. “She didn't set out to hurt him, just beat him. She was hitting him with the butt end of that spear, the flat end of the blade, hooked him down with the back end of the point, didn't cut him once. Once she had him on the ground she put the blade at his throat and accepted his surrender. It was all really... civilized.”

“And then after she let him up he decided to fuck that and grabbed her weapon again,” Elliot said. “Said something about not letting any 'barren Lantean whore' beat him like that.”

“I finished him in one strike,” Miko said. “It was a quick death befitting of one without honor.”

Dr. Weir could feel the room take a step back. All save one. She saw Ronon wasn't watching from the upper balcony anymore, he'd come down from his perch to the control floor overlooking the gate.

“I offered him his life and he threw it away,” Miko continued. “He chose death. He chose death at my hands, with my weapon.”

“You couldn't have just let him have--”

Miko cut Edison off with a glare. “You may toss away your guns at the slightest chance to run but I will not,” she snapped. “I gave up too much for the right to protect myself. I will not lose that right as well as my soul simply to satisfy your need for a clean bar.”

Edison looked insulted. The gateroom was silent.

“You are worthy of many husbands,” Ronon said with a grin. “A man on every world.”

Elizabeth gave Ronon a sidelong look. She wasn't sure if she should be annoyed he wasn't taking this seriously or confused by his statement. It sounded like it was supposed to be a compliment but the words didn't match at all.

Miko walked off, head held high and her naginata held in readiness and rest.

“Can I get a scientist who isn't armed?” Edison asked.

“Dr. Palos carries a bullwhip,” Elizabeth offered.

“If you want to fight Lorne I hear Dr. Parrish has been working on weaponizing mind control spores,” Rodney offered.

“Dr. Stephan has one of those walking sticks with the thin sword hidden inside it,” Ronon said.

Lieutenant Edison sighed. This galaxy wasn't safe. What was the SGC thinking, letting the scientists arm themselves?! How were the military supposed to do their jobs like this?


Miko felt the presence at her door before she heard the chimes. She sat on the pallet that was her bed, honing the blade of her naginata. She thought the door open.

The man at her door was an oddity. He'd never come to her personally before. Ronon was a private person, one of Dr. McKay's friends. Yet there he stood at her threshold holding a weapon that looked somewhat like the anti-replicator weapons she'd seen at the SGC. He inclined his head in a bow and stepped inside.

“You may come in,” she said even though he was already inside. She kept her awareness open even as she continued to hone her blade.

“I meant it,” he said. “There are many men who would be honored to raise your children for you.”

She paused in her work and looked up at him. He knelt down on her floor so she wouldn't have to crane her head. “Including you,” she predicted.

“Only if asked,” he said.

She didn't answer. She didn't ask him.

“I've seen you in the gym with your practice weapon,” he said. “You've wielded it for a long time.”

“The naginata is the weapon of a proper woman,” Miko said. “Training with the naginata teaches grace, etiquette, discipline, strength. It is an important part of a girl's traditional education. Most women take with them the lessons learned but abandon the weapon when they complete their education. I did not.”

“Why not bring your weapon with you in the first place?”

Miko bowed her head. “I had never wielded a true naginata then,” she admitted. “Only the practice weapon you saw. My country has cast aside its martial ways and embraced an enforced peace. It is a crime to own a weapon like this.”

Ronon looked confused, even disturbed. “If training is expected why outlaw the weapon?” he asked.

“We made war upon the world,” Miko whispered. “We lost. With that loss we surrendered our soul.” She looked up at him, eyes hardening. “There is a world in the shadows of Japan,” she said, her voice daring him to comment. “They embrace the crime of marking their bodies, of dealing in weapons and using them. I... opened myself to horrible things by accepting their marks on my skin, commissioning this weapon for my defense.”

“You did what you had to do,” Ronon said. He picked up the anti-replicator weapon and held it across his lap. “I'm not supposed to have this either,” he admitted. “I used it to take this city back from the machines. I like this gun. It doesn't have any more power, I'll never be able to use it again, and even when charged it only works on machines. But it's my gun. It's been to battle with me. It'll always remind me of that battle, that enemy, that victory. Trophies keep a battle real, remind you it happened. Did you keep one of the man you killed?”

Miko shook her head. She didn't even have enough blood spatter left to rust her blade.

“Then it wasn't really a battle,” Ronon said. “Belsa remembers Sateda. They remember trophies. They'll know you didn't respect his death because he didn't respect his death and they'll take you seriously for it. Lieutenant Edison wants you off his team but if you want I'll talk to a few of the other leads, get you on one of their teams.”

Miko knew not to ask why. Still she wanted to. “Thank you,” she said.

Ronon nodded as he got up and left.

Miko sheathed her naginata's blade and hung the weapon on her wall in its disguise as 'artistic display of traditional weaponry'. She could do this.