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Akito and Estelle in Brother Bear

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The kids and their Pokemon gathered together about a week after the adventure with Latios and Latias as Akito promised to visit Ingrid's grandmother's village if he would let her help them during the adventure. Atticus took out his spell book and came to the highlighted teleportation spell and he put his finger on it so he could recite that would take them to the village since they didn't know where it was.

The kids were all excited and ready. Cherry soon came back with Felicity in Simon. Teddy gulped nervously toward Simon as he appeared to be beheading a stuffed bear. Estelle soon held him comfortingly. Teddy nuzzled against Estelle. Estelle giggled as his fur tickled and she smiled to him before kissing his crescent forehead.

"Everyone ready?" Atticus asked.

Everyone told him that they were ready as Mo soon came in to join them.

"All right, here we go," Atticus smiled as he held out his spell book. "'We come to see our friends near and far, We don't know where they could be, even past the stars, Take us to where we can find our friends whether still on Earth or even in Mars'."

Cherry scoffed as she thought that spell sounded ridiculous before they teleported away from home and soon came to where Ingrid was and they all had on fur coats since it was cold.

Ingrid was with her family and Kabutops as they waited for the others to come meet them.

"Sweetie, I don't think we can wait much longer, your grandmother is not a patient woman." Nadia sighed.

Soon enough, Atticus and the others arrived.

"Mother, there they are!" Ingrid called out.

"Oh, and not a minute to spare, now, we must go meet your grandmother." Nadia smiled as she then picked up Roshan.

"Sorry we're a little late." Estelle said.

"Ah, it's so good to see the ones who helped take very good care of my son." Runar smiled to the group.

"Wasn't just us, sir," Akito smiled back. "Manny, Sid, and Diego helped too."

"That is true, now, let's get going." Runar nodded so they wouldn't be late to the ceremony.

"We're excited." Akito smiled.

"Yes, so are we." Nadia smiled back in agreement as she carried Roshan in a sling on her back like many native women did.

"So, who's this ceremony for?" Vincent asked.

"The youngest son of our dear old, no longer with us, friends, Kenai." Nadia informed.

"Ooh." The Pokémon smiled just as Akito noticed animals that other people couldn't see.

"What the?" Akito pondered.

"What happened to Kenai and his brothers' parents?" Estelle asked.

"I'm afraid they died of old age a while ago, but Sitka is a very strong father figure for his younger brother," Runar replied. "I just know that when Roshan becomes of age, he will be a wise and noble leader just like I am back home."

Roshan nodded with a smile.

"Uh, does anybody else see the animals around here?" Akito asked.

"Animals?" The others asked.

"He must be seeing The Great Spirits." Nadia commented.

"Maybe, but then why are most of them with some of the villagers?" Akito asked.

"Those must be their spirit animals/spirit guides/guardians." Nadia said.

Ingrid smiled as she had taught them all about Spirit Animals.

"So, how can Akito see them?" Felicity asked.

"I'm sure my mother can answer that question." Runar looked curious as well as his wife.

"Yes, she knows all and sees all." Nadia agreed.

Akito smiled in interest as he saw the spirit animals on the way to the village. He soon saw his spirit animal/spirit guide next to him. It was that of a wolf which made him smile and the wolf smiled back. Akito began to look for his siblings' and cousin's spirit animals/spirit guides to see if they were around while they went to Ingrid's grandmother. Estelle appeared to have a teddy bear, Vincent had a fox, and Felicity seemed to be followed by a vampire bat which seemed appropriate enough. Akito smiled to them as they were on their way. Ingrid was overly excited to see her grandmother and ran from her parents and the others as she was doing a tribal dance with others to begin the ancient ceremony of their people.

"She sure is excited." Estelle's animal spirit/spirit guide giggled.

"You got that right." Akito's spirit animal guide agreed.

There were three young adult guys who were coming by with satchels filled with food for the village.

"Hey, Kenai's back!" One kid called out.

Runar and Nadia looked over and smiled as they saw that the three brothers were coming back after hunting just before the ceremony. Teddy was about to go and see what the three brothers caught.

"Kenai, are you excited about getting your spirit rock today?" A girl asked as she came with a basket with the other kids.

"It's not a rock," Kenai chuckled as he poured salmon into the basket. "It'll be my totem."

"Ooh!" The kids replied in awe.

"A totem?" Teddy asked Estelle.

"Ingrid says that a totem is a natural object or animal believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem." Estelle explained as she pat his head.

The kids soon saw Teddy and gasped due to how much he was like a normal Earth bear and didn't know that he was a Pokemon. Teddy waved to the kids with a smile, not knowing their behavior. Estelle hugged Teddy to show the other kids that they didn't need to fear him and kissed the tip of his nose. Teddy giggled from the kiss and smiled to her. This caused the kids to sigh out of relief. Teddy and Estelle smiled to them since they now knew he wasn't an actual bear which was a threat to their village at times, especially for the fish.

"Anyway, I'll probably get a sabre-tooth tiger for bravery, or strength, or greatness," Kenai smiled in excitement about getting his very own totem. "You know, something that fits me."

"How about a mammoth for your fat head?" One of Kenai's brothers smirked before warning him. "Hey, make sure you get that basket tied up."

"Don't worry, no bears are gonna get anywhere near this fish." Kenai said.

"Just tie it up." Kenai's brother said before walking off.

"'Just tie it up'." Kenai mocked him while sticking his tongue out.

"Ingrid, slow down!" Nadia chuckled to her daughter as Roshan was soon waking up.

"I'm just so excited!" Ingrid smiled.

The others chuckled. Kenai's brothers soon ran to see their village elder. Kenai soon ran after the others, but the basket fell since he didn't tie the rope on the trunk, he then ignored it and continued to go as he didn't see it as such a big deal. All the spirit guides were going to the ceremony as well to see who the new spirit guide would be. Ingrid soon got away from her parents as she came to where the dancers were as her grandmother was coming with a torch.

The others smiled since they had never seen Ingrid this happy since they helped reunite her with her family during the Ice Age adventure. Tanana soon threw the torch to begin the ceremony and bowed with everyone.

"Nana!" Ingrid beamed. "Hey, Nana!"

"Ingrid! My, my, how big you've grown." Tanana smiled.

"Hey, Ingrid has a smile." Akito teased to the others since he was the first time to meet her and she rarely smiled.

Ingrid nuzzled noses against her grandmother and smiled up to her as she was the happiest she had ever been.

"When each of us comes of age, The Great Spirits reveal to us a totem that helps guide us through our lives," Tanana told the others as she carried her granddaughter over her shoulders. "Some of us use courage to guide us. Others, patience..." She then handed Ingrid back to Nadia as she was getting Roshan settled. "And some of us, beauty~"

This caused everyone to chuckle.

"Kenai," Tanana called to a certain member of her tribe which made him run with excitement and kneel before her as she took out a paste to mark onto his face. "You nervous?"

"Excited." Kenai smiled to the woman.

'I bet he is.' Estelle thought to herself.

"Ooh, you should be," Tanana smiled to Kenai. "It's a good one."

Kenai smiled back to her.

"Kenai, I have been to the mountain where the lights touch the Earth and the Great Spirits have revealed to me your totem," Tanana began. "To become a man, your actions must be guided by one thing."

The others smiled to this and in anticipation.

"Your totem is..." Tanana drawled out as she took out the totem in a cloth to show him to reveal a bear-shaped stone. "Love!"

"Huh?" Kenai asked out of confusion.

Kenai's brothers seemed to be hiding chuckled to their younger brother's totem. A bear spirit soon appeared next to Kenai.

Akito's eyes widened to that. "So, that really is his spirit animal." He then said.

"Yes, love." Tanana put the totem around Kenai's neck.

"The Bear of Love?" Kenai asked out of mass disappointment.

"A love that connects and unites all living things." Tanana explained with a smile.

Akito soon noticed a second totem covered.

"Who wants to trade?" Kenai whispered to the others.

"There is no trading!" Tanana scolded before bonking him on the head. "Oh, Kenai... Love is the most precious of totems. It reveals itself in unexpected ways."

Attticus, Mo, and Cherry nodded, knowing that was true.

"Let love guide your actions, then one day, you'll be a man, and we'll place your mark next to those of our ancestors." Tanana continued to Kenai as she showed the wall which had hand-prints all around it.

Kenai soon came up to the wall and looked to his own hand before the elderly woman raised it to the crowd and which caused for everyone to cheer. Akito was curious about the second totem and who it was for and where his question was going to be answered as Ingrid whispered to Tanana of who she thought the second totem was for.

"Oh, Nana, don't forget what I told The Great Spirits to tell you before we traveled here." Ingrid whispered to her grandmother.

"Not to worry, my dear, I haven't forgotten." Tanana smiled back to her granddaughter.

The two of them soon looked at Akito before Tanana turned to the villagers.

"Akito Fudo, though not a member of this tribe, The Great Spirits have asked me to bless you with your very own totem." Tanana smiled to the young boy.

This was a surprise to everyone else, besides Tanana and Ingrid.

"Way to go, Baby Atticus." Cherry droned, using her old nickname for Akito since he had been born.

"It is with great honor and responsibility that I bestow upon you, The Wolf of Brave Intelligence." Tanana rewarded Akito with a wolf totem which made Kenai very jealous since his bear symbolized love.

The totem was soon placed around Akito's neck. Mo sniffled as she felt so proud of her younger son. Akito smiled proudly as he now had his very own totem. Roshan even clapped and cheered for Akito with the other villagers. Tanana soon hugged both Kenai and Akito.

After the ceremony, Akito was admiring his totem as Nadia told Tanana about Akito and what he saw.

"He can see the Great Spirits, huh?" Tanana asked.

"Yes, he says he can," Nadia nodded. "He's not even one of us. What does this mean?"

Tanana hummed as she had an idea what this meant.

"Is this normal?" Nadia asked her mother-in-law.

"Well, this has happened before." Tanana said.

"Really?" Nadia asked. "When?"

"Long ago," Tanana informed as she led the way. "Much like Ingrid, there was a visitor outside of the village. Due to accepting the culture and becoming one with the rituals, they began to see The Great Spirits like our ancestors could."

"Amazing." Nadia smiled.

"I always knew that once she was born, Ingrid was a special girl and she would make very special friends someday." Tanana smiled back proudly.

"And she has." Nadia said.

"She clearly has shaman material," Tanana smiled. "When she's a bit older, I'd love to mentor her."

Nadia smiled back and they soon shared a hug together.