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Sunnydale Centurion aka Excerpts From High School On The Hellmouth

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Buffy sat in the library thinking over everything that had happened and trying to understand why Angel hadn’t killed her.

He was a Vampire.

But he had helped her, saved her and that kiss...

She was thrown out of her thoughts when a bar of chocolate was set on the table in front of her. Looking up she saw Rory who was watching her concerned.

“I thought you might want some,” he said with the slight shrug he gave when he was being sweet but didn’t want to be called on it, “I know Amy always feels better when she has chocolate.”

Buffy smiled up at her friend who had somehow become the big brother she never had as she snagged the bar.

“D’you want some?” she offered as he took the seat beside her.

Rory’s nose wrinkled in disgust, “No thanks.”

“You don’t like chocolate?” Buffy asked stunned.

“I like chocolate but what you Americans call chocolate is...” he trailed off and grimaced.


“I always bring a stash back when I go home but I’m out just now,” Rory told her, “I’ll bring you some real chocolate. Until then you’ll just have to do with that.”

Buffy stared at him, “Thank you?”

He chuckled, pulling out a bag of chips they sat in silence for several minutes before Rory looked over at her.

“How are you doing with Angel turning out to be a vampire?” he asked concern in his voice.

Buffy shoved a piece of chocolate into her mouth before resting her head against his shoulder, “I’m still trying to understand how I didn’t know and why he helped us.”

Rory patted her arm comfortingly.

“He’s two hundred and forty years old,” Buffy continued, “Can you imagine living all that time?”

“Two thousand years, waiting for you outside a box,” his own voice cried echoing through his mind.


“What?” he jumped a little surprised.

Buffy looked at him concerned, “Where do you go when you zone out like that?”

He frowned confused, “I don’t...”

“Every so often you seem to slip into another world,” she told him, “Sometimes it’s only for a second but other times like now it can be minutes.”

He winced, “I didn’t realise I was.”

Xander and Willow chose that moment to walk into the library and started a completely different conversation. Buffy glanced at Rory making sure he knew that their discussion was simply on hold for now.


Rory held up the bag he was carrying when Buffy opened the door to them.

“Hi?” she asked.

“Since your mom is still in hospital, we come bearing dinner,” Xander told her, “And chocolate.”

“Or what passes for chocolate to us Americans?” Buffy asked.

Xander rolled his eyes as he pushed past her into the house, “Good, you’ve heard the rant. You can join in the chorus next time.”

Buffy laughed as Rory chased his friend and Willow followed on inside the house. They dished up food from the several dishes they’d brought from the Chinese before settling into the lounge.

“You know if you don’t want me to bring you back any chocolate this summer,” Rory noted to Xander, “I’m fine with that.”

“You wouldn’t,” Xander challenged,

Rory shrugged with a slight smirk making Buffy and Willow laugh.

“When is your Mom getting out of the hospital?” Willow asked before the two boys could argue anymore.

“Tomorrow,” Buffy replied looking relieved.

Rory looked at her, “Is she okay?”

“Still confused,” Buffy told him, “But I think she’s accepting the barbecue fork explanation.”

Willow nodded, “Good.”

Xander suddenly clapped his hands together, “Since we’ve finished dinner, we also brought pie and it is the one thing I can cook.”

Grabbing Rory by the arm Xander dragged him into the kitchen. Willow looked at Buffy and sighed, “You have a fire extinguisher right?”