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Daughter of Tomorrow - Mighty Morphin'

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Daughter of Tomorrow – Mighty Morphin’

Chapter One:

Leanne Hart-Oliver took a deep breath as she stood in one of the hallways of Angel Grove High, watching the group known as her future family and the Original Rangers. She was lent against her locker, watching her mother, Kimberly, hanging onto her father, Tommy, while talking to Jason. Trini was next to them, talking to Billy, while Zack danced around them. “You’re in my way.” came a male voice, trying to be tough, from behind her. She turned to see Bulk standing there, with Skull next to him. “This is my locker.”

“Sorry.” she said, running her hand through the dark pink stripe in her otherwise black hair, as she walked off. She took a deep breath, before slipping into her English class.

Halfway through the school day, the alien alarm started blaring. And Principal Caplan’s voice came over the intercom telling them to make their way towards the basement. Leanne started to follow the students, noticing that the six Rangers had already snuck away, before spotting familiar robotic foot soldiers heading their way. She frowned, what were Krybots doing in 2017? The Troobian’s didn’t attack till the 2040s… She snuck away from the group and turned invisible, before catching the Krybots off guard and leading them out of the school out onto the courtyard.

She smiled as she felt the familiar red scaly armor engulf her visible skin, cloaking her appearance to people from afar. If they got close, she was easily recognizable. “Alright guys, you asked for this.” she said, with a smirk. Before unleashing a Ptera-Scream, as she liked to call it (Well, her and her Aunt), causing them to explode into scrap metal. She was so busy congratulating herself, that she was caught off guard by a blast hitting her in the side. She corrected herself in the air, using her speed, and landed safely, facing the newcomer. An Orange Head. “Well, I suppose it’s not a party without one of you.” she said, with a smirk. Before frowning when it was joined by Putties, and Goldar. As well as more Krybots, and not just the Gray Heads, there were Blue Heads as well. “Definitely a party now.” she said, taking a deep breath. Before reaching for the strange phone attached to her hip. A Red Pirate statuette appeared in her hand, and she said “I suppose it’s time for Morphin’.” before turning the statuette into a key with a fumble. She placed it in the phone and a red glow engulfed her. When it disappeared, she was encased in a red Ranger suit. The helmet looked like a pirate, and she had an open long red coat with a skirt. A black bodysuit sat underneath it. “Another Ranger.” said Goldar, pointing his sword at her. “No matter, you will fall. Attack her!” Leanne let out a small smile, before finding a sword in her hand. She slashed at the nearest group of the foot soldiers, knocking them backwards, before hearing “Hey, goldy, it’s not nice to pick on one without the others!” come from behind Goldar. The six Rangers came running into view, making Leanne smile as she slashed at nearby foot soldiers.

Soon enough, Goldar was running off, as the foot soldiers were defeated. Red walked over to Leanne and said “We need to talk.”

“Yeah we do.” said Leanne, with a smile underneath her helmet. “Not here though, and not right now. We’ve got to get back to school before they start to worry.” She demorphed in front of them, before disappearing in a burst of speed, after letting the six get a look at her. They looked between themselves before teleporting out.

Leanne smiled as she stood in the park, watching the waves on the lake. “This has always been my favorite place to wind down.” she said, without turning to face the Rangers, in their civilian forms. “There’s just something calming about the waves.”

“We need to talk about this afternoon.” said Jason, looking at her. Leanne smiled and turned to look at him, before saying “I know. But I suspect you’d rather do it somewhere more private.” She took a deep breath, before turning to look out over the lake. “I’m just not sure what I can actually tell you…” Jason looked at her, as Tommy said “What do you mean?”

“I’m from the future.” said Leanne, looking at Tommy. “Thirty years in the future, to be precise. I was training to be a policewoman. A member of SPD.” She took a deep breath. “I got a little too close to some traitors and they found out… I ended up here, looking sixteen again instead of the twenty year old I used to look like.” The group eyed her, as Zordon’s voice came out of Jason’s communicator. “It is alright, Rangers. I have already verified her story.

“You know Zordon?” asked Jason, looking at her. Leanne let out a small smile before saying “He was the one who helped set me up here. I arrived a month before you became Rangers, but I’ve been hiding in the background for a while. The Krybots being here leave me unable to sit on the sidelines anymore. If the ESA has those, I can only imagine who they have teamed up with.”

Bring her to the Command Center, Rangers.” said Zordon, from Jason’s communicator again. “This is a conversation that is better said in private.” Jason nodded, and pressed the button on the side of his communicator. They all disappeared in colored light, with Leanne’s being red.

“What are Krybots?” asked Trini, looking at Leanne. Once they were in the Command Center. “You seem to have knowledge of them.” Leanne took a deep breath, before saying “They are robots created by a criminal to act as a disposable army, a force known as the Troobian Empire uses them the most. But they don’t attack Earth for another thirty years or so…”

There are records of a Troobian known as Gruumm forcefully taking over his home planet a few years ago.” said Zordon, looking at the seven Rangers. “A group known as Space Patrol Delta is currently keeping on eye on him.

“Like I said, it’s about thirty years or so till we have to worry about him.” said Leanne, looking at Zordon. “It’s the current owner of the Krybots I want to know about… If Broodwing created them earlier than we thought or if somebody’s come back from my time to join forces with Rita.” She took a deep breath. As Jason said “Don’t worry, we’ll help you find out.” Just as an alarm went off. They all looked at the viewing globe next to Alpha 5, to see a turtle monster with a traffic light protruding from its head terrorizing civilians, alongside Putties. “Where is that, Zordon?” asked Jason, looking at the giant head. Zordon looked at him and said “Downtown Star City.

“OK.” said Jason, nodding. Before looking at the others. “It’s Morphin’ Time!” The five Rangers nodded, as did Leanne. Before taking their Morphers from their backs.





“Saber-Toothed Tiger!”


Leanne smiled, as she turned her statuette into a key and turned it in her own Morpher. In flashes of light, they stood their in their Ranger Suits. Before teleporting out.

They arrived in Downtown Star City in flashes of colorful lights, to find Green Arrow attacking the Putties, with his team. “About time.” said Green Arrow, looking at Jason. “Who’s the other Red?”

“She’s a friend.” said Jason, looking at him. “You should go, we’ve got this now.” As soon as he said that, the turtle monster fired a green beam at Wild Dog, causing him to start moving. “Woah! I can’t stop!” he said, as he ran. The Green Arrow looked at Jason and said “What’s happening?”

“Shellshock can freeze you in place with his red beam, and make you run forever with his green one.” said Leanne, frowning as she summoned the Pirate Blaster. “There’s a way to short out those traffic lights but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.” Jason nodded, as the Green Arrow said “We’ll leave this to you, I’ll have Overwatch connect with Alpha and the people at the Flash Museum.” before running off. Calling his team to him. Leaving the seven Rangers to deal with Shellshock. Who turned to look at them. “It’s time to show Rita what this turtle can do.” he said, looking at them. Before firing it’s red beam at them. The entire group jumped out of the way as Kimberly summoned her Power Bow. Before firing an arrow at the traffic lights on Shellshock’s head. It exploded on impact, and the force sent Shellshock flying backwards. His traffic lights sparked, causing Leanne to say “That’s one way, I suppose. I’m not sure it’s the way the stories went, but it works.” with a grin. Before rolling behind a car and readying her blaster. Jason smiled and said “On the count of three, Red, Pink, fire at the same time.” Shellshock had a look of fear on his face as Jason counted down. Once Jason reached three, Kimberly and Leanne fired at the traffic light, which exploded. The force caused Shellshock to go flying into a nearby wall, denting it. As he stood up, he saw five Rangers running towards him.

Within moments, Shellshock was defeated. And was hit with the familiar beam of magic from Rita’s staff causing him to grow. Leanne smiled and said “I think I’ll leave this to you guys, I don’t have a Zord.” Jason nodded, before raising his wrist to his mouth and said “Alpha, we need Dinozord power now.” at the same time as Tommy jumped onto a nearby roof and played a tune on his Dragon Dagger. The Dinozords came running through the town and the five Rangers jumped into them. As the Dragonzord arrived.

Ten minutes later, Shellshock was defeated, and the Rangers were back in the Command Center. Leanne smiled and said “Well, that was easier than the stories I was told about Shellshock. Everybody but Jason and Tommy got whammied in that story… And Trini had to find some sort of flower while never being able to stop moving…” She smiled, as Jason said “You’ve heard stories of us?”

“Yeah, a lot of people have.” said Leanne, with a shrug. “You’re heroes, guys. Stories get told about heroes.” Jason nodded, before saying “Right. Of course.”

“I’m gonna go get some training in.” said Tommy, looking at the group. They all nodded, as Kimberly said “Me too. I need to do some more training with my bow.” before the two walked off. Leanne smiled as Jason said “I hope you won’t be mad if I ask you to join me in the training room” while looking at Leanne. “I need to see what you can do.”

“Don’t mind at all, Jason.” said Leanne, with a smile. Before following him.

Later that night, Leanne had unlocked the door to her motel room and was stepping inside when she was grabbed from behind. She closed her eyes, as her skin scaled up, before using the wall she knew she was facing to flip herself over whoever had grabbed her. She opened her eyes to see a Gray Head Krybot underneath her, looking shocked. She kicked it in the back when she landed, sending it to the floor. She quickly looked at her room, to see it had been ransacked, probably by the Krybots she could see. Including a Blue Head. “Looking for something?” said Leanne, looking at the Blue Head. The Blue Head turned and said “Where are the keys?”

“Safe.” said Leanne, simply. Before saying “Though I’m not sure you are.” As she said that, she took down the five Gray Head Krybots at speed, leaving the Blue Head alone. “Who are you working for?”

“He will have the keys.” said the Blue Head, before firing its weapon at Leanne. Leanne scowled, before unleashing a Ptera-Scream. Breaking the robot into scrap metal. She sighed and grabbed her bag from the bed, placing the important stuff into it. Before pulling her Morpher off her belt and pressing numbers on it. She disappeared in a red light.

Leanne, how can I help you tonight?” asked Zordon, as Leanne appeared in the Command Center. Leanne sighed before saying “I need somewhere to stay, Krybots ransacked my motel room.”

We have rooms for all the Rangers here.” said Zordon, with a smile. “You are free to stay here whenever you want. I understand Jason is currently in the training room if you wish to speak to him.” Leanne nodded, as Alpha walked over to her. “I can take you to the room, if you want.” Leanne nodded with a smile. “Thanks Alpha. That’d be great.” He seemed to smile, before leading Leanne out of the main room.

After she placed her bag down on the cot bed, she made her way to the training room. Where Jason was morphed and taking on a hologram of Goldar. She let out a smile, as she watched him fight. It wasn’t long before the fight was over and Jason noticed Leanne. “How long you been stood there?” he asked, demorphing. Leanne gave him a smile and said “Long enough to see you fighting Goldar. Do it often?”

“A few times a week.” said Jason, looking at her. “It helps me stay focused.”

“Fair enough.” said Leanne, with a smile. Jason nodded, before saying “I thought you went to your home.”

“It got ransacked by Krybots looking for the keys.” said Leanne, shrugging. “I’m staying here for the night.” He frowned, before saying “What keys?”

“The Ranger keys.” said Leanne, with a smile. “I’ll show you.” She motioned for him to follow her, and walked out. With Jason following.

They entered a room with statuettes of the six Rangers on the wall, as well as five statuettes that looked like Leanne’s Ranger form. With more that Jason didn’t recognize on the walls. A treasure chest sat in the middle. “These are the Keys the Krybots wanted.” she said, motioning to the statuettes that looked like her Ranger form. “Whoever brought them here knows I had them. So it can’t be Broodwing…” She sighed. As Jason nodded before saying “Don’t worry, we’ll help you find whoever it is. Especially since they’re targeting you. You’re part of the family now.” Leanne smiled, before saying “It’s not me they’re targeting. It’s these keys.” Jason looked confused, before asking “What’s so important about these… you call them keys? They look more like mini statues to me.”

“They turn into keys you use in this Morpher.” she said, slipping the Pirate Morpher off her belt. “And whoever it is wants them because they don’t attune to people. Anybody can use them.” She summoned the Red Pirate statuette, causing it to disappear from the wall and reappear in her hand, before handing both of them to Jason. After turning the statuette into a key. “Try it.” she said, with a small smile. “Just turn the key in the hole.” Jason looked unconvinced, but did so. Causing the Red Pirate suit (Minus the skirt) to appear on him. “Huh. This is weird.” he said, frowning. Before demorphing and handing the Morpher and key back to Leanne. Who clipped the Morpher to her belt and sent the statuette back to its place on the wall. “If the bad guys get their hands on those… It’s a full team of Evil Rangers. And you barely survived Evil Dad.” she said, before realizing what she had just said. Causing her eyes to go wide and her hands to go to her mouth. “Oh man, I was doing so well… I haven’t called him Dad or her Mom, and then I go and blurt it out…”

“Tommy’s your dad?” said Jason, looking at her. She nodded, before saying “You can’t tell him. Or Mom… You really can’t tell Mom… She hated it when I decided to join S.P.D, and even before then when I got this pink stripe in my hair. I did it because I admired her and she was the one who was most vocal about it… Granted, I was like twelve at the time so… Dad got told off as well, since he was the one who signed the permission slip.” Jason smiled as she spoke, letting her ramble. When she finished he said “If you got a pink stripe for your mother, does that make Kimberly your mother?”

“Yeah, it does.” said Leanne, with a small smile. “You can’t tell them, Uncle Jase. You can’t tell them.”

“I promise you, I won’t tell them.” said Jason, seriously. “But I do think you should. A team doesn’t keep secrets from each other.” Leanne sighed but nodded, before saying “Yeah, I know. I just feel like this isn’t the best time… There’s a lot coming up and you need to focus on that.” She looked at the floor, before shaking her head. “Tomorrow. I’ll tell them tomorrow. It’s a Saturday, so we haven’t got school.” she said, sighing. “You’re right, Jason, I can’t keep this a secret.” She unclipped her Morpher again before saying “I need to clear my head for a bit, I’ll be back in the morning.” She disappeared in red light, leaving Jason alone.

The next morning, she walked into the main room of the Command Centerto find the six Rangers standing around. Leanne let out a small smile, before looking at Jason, who nodded. “It’s time, Leanne. You should tell them.”

“Tell us what?” asked Tommy, looking at Leanne. The other four also looked interested, as Leanne took a deep breath, before saying “I… I’m your daughter.” while looking at Kimberly and Tommy, gauging their reactions. Tommy was studying her, while Kimberly was looking at her in disbelief. Before Tommy pressed the button on his communicator and disappeared in green light. Kimberly looked at the light, as Jason said “I’ll go talk to him.” before disappearing in red light. Leanne took a deep breath, as she lent against one of the consoles. One which was glowing with red light. Kimberly looked at her, and saw the tears forming in her eyes. Kimberly gave her a small smile before saying “Hey, it’s alright. It’s gonna be alright, he’ll come round. It’ll take some getting used to.” and pulling her into a hug. Leanne let out a small smile, as she softened into the hug.

Meanwhile, across town, Tommy was sat on a secluded beach in Angel Grove, looking out over the sea. “That wasn’t cool, man.” said Jason, from behind him. Tommy didn’t turn, instead saying “What she did wasn’t cool either.” He sighed. “Why’d she tell us? She didn’t need to.”

“She and I are of the same belief that a good team doesn’t keep secrets from one another.” said Jason, looking at him. “She told me last night, after those Krybots ransacked the place she was staying.”

“They targeted her?” asked Tommy, looking at Jason. There was a look in his eye that made Jason smile slightly. Before he said “No. They wanted the keys she uses to Morph. But they’re safe.”

“So you know where they are as well.” came a male voice, from behind them. Both Rangers turned, standing up, to see a figure in a set of armor that made him look like a demon pirate, holding a golden Saber in his hand and a small army of Gray Head Krybots behind him. “I don’t want to have to hurt you, so just tell me what you know.”

“Seriously?” asked Tommy, looking at him. “You don’t want to hurt us? Yet you bring your robots?”

“Especially after you sent those robots after our friend.” said Jason, looking at the demon pirate. “We’re not telling you anything, whoever the hell you are.” The pirate chuckled, before saying “I thought you’d say that. Krybots, attack.” Jason and Tommy got into fighting poses, as the Krybots came rushing at them.

They managed to take down quite a few of them, before they were thrown backwards at the same time as the five other Rangers arrived, morphed. Leanne scowled as her eyes landed on the demon pirate. “Leon.” she hissed, before summoning her own Saber and running at him. The pirate, Leon, seemed to smirk, before saying “Hello my love.” as she attacked him. Bringing her Saber down on him. He blocked it with ease, as she said “I am not your love, Leon.” through clenched teeth. “You are a creep.” She kicked him in the chest, causing him to land in the sea. He stood up and let out a chuckle before saying “Of course, I forget you’ve got a girlfriend. Though, I have to say, she’s a little tied up right now.” He had a mocking tone to his voice, causing Leanne to stop in her tracks. “What have you done to Luna?!”

“Nothing.” he said, looking at her. “Yet. Give me the keys and no harm will come to her. If you don’t. Well, I won’t be responsible for what happens.” Leanne scowled, as he disappeared. She looked around, noticing the Rangers had taken care of the Krybots, and were now looking at her. She took a deep breath, before disappearing in a red light. Kimberly and Tommy shared a look, as they all teleported out.

“Where is she, Zordon?” asked Tommy, looking at the big head as the six arrived in the Command Center. To find Leanne nowhere to be found. “I do not know, Tommy. She has masked the signal from Alpha and I.” said Zordon, looking at him. “She is not in danger, however. I know that much.

“I think she needs a bit of time to think, Tommy.” said Jason, looking at him. “If she’s not back by tonight, we can start worrying.” Tommy sighed, but nodded, before looking at Billy. “Do you have our usual Saturday hobby on you?”

“They’re in my room here.” said Billy, with a smile. “I’ll go grab them. Meet you in the training room.” He smiled and walked off. With the other five Rangers following.

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D aughter of Tomorrow – Mighty Morphin’

Chapter Two:

Five hours later, Leanne returned to the Command Center, to find it empty bar Zordon. “Where are they?” she asked, looking at him. He smiled at her and said “ They are in the training room, Leanne. I believe they are playing a game known as Dungeons and Dragons.

“Cool.” said Leanne, with a smile. “Uncle Billy’s one of the best dungeon masters.” She grinned and ran out. Making Zordon chuckle.

She made her way into the Training Room to find herself in a jungle. She waded through it to find Tommy, Kimberly, Jason, Trini, Zack and Billy fighting wolves. They were wielding normal versions of their Power Weapons. Tommy had a dagger, which also appeared to be a flute, while Kimberly had a longbow. Jason had a sword, Trini had two daggers, Zack had an axe while Billy had a lance with two dagger-like things on the end. They also wore medieval-like clothing. And Leanne noticed her clothes had changed as well, and that she had a scimitar and a crossbow on her hips. She smiled, they wanted her to join in. She took her crossbow out of its sheath and fired at the wolf attacking Kimberly. It howled and turned its attention to Leanne. Who smiled and ran into the fight. “Took you long enough, princess.” said Tommy, as he stabbed the wolf attacking him. He smiled at her, as she said “The forest is a big maze, father.” as she sheathed her crossbow and took her scimitarfrom its sheath. She slashed at the wolf coming her way and managed to impale it in the neck. She pulled the sword back out, causing the wolf to fall down. Dead. She smiled, as she watched an arrow arc into another wolf.

Five minutes passed before all the wolves were taken care of. Jason smiled, and as she looked around, she noticed that Tommy, Kimberly and Trini had Elven ears, while Zack appeared to be a half-Orc and Billy and Jason were both Human. She smiled, as she reached for her ears. Realizing she also had Elven ears. “I think it’s time to take a rest for a bit.” said Jason, looking at Billy. “We’ll take a short rest.” Billy nodded, as the forest disappeared like a hologram. Revealing the, big, square room they were actually in. Everybody was back to normal and their weapons were gone. “I didn’t know you already had the Holo-Deck installed.” said Leanne, with a smile. “And that the Fantasy module is in.”

“You know about this?” asked Billy, smiling. Leanne nodded and said “Yeah, I’ve ran around in the Fantasy world before.” with a smile. As Zack said “Wait up, you know what the Holo-Deck is?”

“My girlfriend’s a sci-fi nut.” said Leanne, with a shrug. Before sighing. “Why don’t you ask me what you want to.” she said, looking at Jason, Tommy and Kimberly. Kimberly nodded before saying “Where did you go?”

“To clear my head.” said Leanne, with a small smile. “Leon… He’s somewhat of a sore point with me.” She took a deep breath. “We used to be the best of friends, me and Leon. Along with Luna… We were all at the academy together, till he did something unspeakable and got kicked out. He blamed for it, even more so when I started dating Luna…” She sat down on the floor. “He has Luna. I can’t give him the keys but if I don’t…” She took a deep breath. As Tommy said “Don’t worry, we’ll get your girlfriend back.”

“Yeah. We’ll come back to our training tomorrow.” said Jason, nodding. Leanne smiled and said “That’s what you call it, huh. Thanks guys.” She stood up, as Jason said “Do you have anything of hers we can use to track her?”

“Her physiology is quite a bit different from ours.” said Leanne, with a small smile. “She has a holographic necklace that emits a signal you can probably use to track her.” Trini nodded, as the group made their way out of the training room.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived outside a big warehouse on the outskirts of the city, morphed. “This is the place?” asked Leanne, looking at Trini. Trini nodded before saying “Yeah, her signal was coming from here.” Leanne nodded, as Jason said “Kimberly, Zack, I want the two of you on overwatch. Find a high spot and keep us posted. Trini, Billy, go through the back. Tommy, Leanne, you’re with me. We’re going in the front.” Tommy nodded, as he unsheathed the Dragon Dagger. Leanne summoned the Saber and Blaster, at the same time as Jason summoned his Power Sword. Before the three of them made their way inside.

“Kimberly? Zack?” asked Jason, as they stepped into the warehouse. “Were in position.” came Kimberly’s voice, over the comms. Zack’s joined her, saying “We’re in the rafters, but there’s something strange. There’s no sign of any of those robots.

It’s the same back here.” came Trini’s voice, making Leanne frown. As Tommy said “Anybody else get the feeling this is a trap?”

I know what you mean.” said Billy, through comms. “This has the feeling of an ambush.” Leanne nodded, before saying “I’m going in. Stay out here, you’re more important than I am.” Before they could respond, she was running off further into the room. “Kimberly, Zack, keep an eye on Leanne.” said Jason, sighing as he lent against the wall.

Leanne frowned as she looked around the warehouse floor. “I know you’re here, Leon!” she shouted, stopping in the middle of the floor. “Come out! If you’ve hurt Luna...”

“You’ll what?” came Leon’s voice, as he stepped into the light. Sans armor. He was the same age as Leanne, and had a smirk on his face. “Seriously, Anna. You wouldn’t do anything to me.” Leanne scowled before looking at him. As he continued “I take it you haven’t brought the Keys.”

“Luna wouldn’t have wanted me to.” said Leanne, simply. “Where is she?”

“She’s right here.” came Goldar’s voice, from the shadows, as he and Scorpina stepped out of them, pushing a sixteen year old with black hair (And white highlights) and cat ears. As well as a tail. “Luna!” said Leanne, as she saw Scorpina put her boomerang-like sword to Luna’s neck. “If I were you, Pirate, I’d bring us the keys. Or we’ll hurt your pretty little girlfriend.” she said, looking at Leanne. “You have four hours.”

“That’s not gonna happen.” said Leanne, with a nod. Luna nodded as well, before popping claws out of one of her hands and jabbing it into Scorpina. At the same time as an arrow hit her hand causing her to drop her sword, and loosen her grip on Luna so Luna could run over to Leanne. As Kimberly jumped off the rafters with an arrow nocked. “You do realize you’re surrounded, right?” she asked, as Zack joined her, his Power Axe in cannon mode. At the same time as the other four ran in. “Eight of us, versus three of you.” said Leanne, looking at them, as she held Luna close. “Don’t you think it’s time to leave?”

“As if.” said Leon, producing three different boxes (A gray sphere, a blue sphere with a cross and a spiky orange cube) and throwing them to the floor. Ten Gray Head Krybots, five Blue Head Krybots and an Orange Head Krybot stood in front of them. “Do you wanna stay?” asked Leanne, looking at Luna. Who shook her head. Leanne smiled at her, even if Luna couldn’t see it, before saying “OK then.” and bringing her hand to her mouth. “Zordon, Alpha, can you teleport Luna out of here please.” Luna disappeared in an orange light leaving Leanne looking at Leon. She summoned her Saber again and said “You and me, Leon. Here and now.” Leon summoned his own gold Saber, and his armor appeared on him. Before running at Leanne. Goldar was busy fielding off both Jason and Tommy, while Scorpina was fighting Kimberly. Leaving Trini, Billy and Zack to fight the Krybots.

“Face it, Anna, you can’t win.” said Leon, as they clashed saber on saber. Leanne scowled and said “Who said anything about winning?” as she kicked him in the stomach. Sending him crashing into Goldar, who had been behind him fighting Jason and Tommy. They stumbled a few feet, as Leanne stepped between her father and uncle. “I figured you’d have learnt from your mistakes, but no, this is the third time you’ve kidnapped my girlfriend. Just stop. She chose me.” she said, before demorphing. At the exact same time as Scorpina was kicked into the pile-up. Landing right on top of Goldar. Leanne just smirked, before stepping forward and unleashing a Ptera-Scream. Making sure the Rangers weren’t in range. The three baddies covered their ears, before disappearing in a bright light. Leanne just smiled to herself, before pressing the button on her Morpher and teleporting out in a red light. The six Rangers looked between each other, before teleporting out themselves.

When they got to the Command Center, they found Leanne embracing Luna in a hug. Nobody dared to interrupt them, and they stayed in the hug for a good ten minutes. Till Leanne noticed the six and said “Hey.” with a small smile. Luna smiled as well, as Kimberly said “You gonna introduce us?” Leanne nodded, before saying “Right, yes, guys, this is Luna, my girlfriend. Luna, meet the original Rangers.” She took a deep breath, as she watched them study Luna. Before Zack said “Woah, you’re a cat girl.” earning himself a slap on the shoulder by both Trini and Kimberly. As well as a glare from Jason. Leanne let out a small smile before saying “Not quite. She’s a cat-like being from a different planet.”

“Gatto.” said Luna, looking at Leanne. “The planet Gatto.” Leanne nodded before saying “I knew that.” causing Luna to bat her gently. “Fine, I always forget the name of your planet. You still love me.” Luna chuckled, before saying “Yeah, I really do.” and leaning into Leanne with a smile. As Jason said “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Luna.” Luna nodded, before saying “You too, Jason.” with a smile.

A couple hours later, after Luna settled into the room Leanne had been using, the eight were heading to the Youth Center. Luna had activated the necklace, and now her ears and tail were hidden. “This place is so cool.” said Luna, looking around with a smile as she sat down at a table inside the Youth Center with Leanne next to her. Kimberly, Trini and Billy were also there, while Jason and Tommy were running a class for the kids there. Zack was helping with it. “Yeah, this place is one of a kind.” said Kimberly, with a smile. “Though I think that’s because of Ernie. He always knows exactly what people want.” As she said that, Ernie walked over with a tray of drinks. “Here you go guys.” he said, with a smile. “Your usual smoothies, and for you two ladies, two strawberry smoothies.” Leanne smiled, before saying “Ooo, my favorite. Thanks Ernie.”

“No problem.” said Ernie, with a smile. Before walking off. Leanne took a sip of her smoothie with a smile, before saying “Ooo, that’s so nice.” She grinned, and began slurping it down. Causing Kimberly to say “You might want to slow down, Lea, you’ll get a belly ache.” looking at her. Leanne stopped, looking more like a kid getting told off than a teenager. Luna smiled and said “Oh wow, she actually listens to you.” before smirking at Leanne. Just as the familiar sound of a communicator was heard by the group. They looked over at Jason, to see him looking at his communicator. Before making his way over to the group, with Tommy and Zack. “We’re needed at the Command Center.” he said, looking at them. The five nodded and stood up, before making their way out of the Youth Center.

They arrived in the Command Center about five minutes later. “What’s up Zordon?” asked Jason, looking at their mentor. He looked at them and said “The team at STAR labs have detected a spacecraft heading for Earth.” looking between the group. “They have calculated that it will crash in the Angel Grove Park in twelve hours. Vibe and Harry are scanning it to see if it is dangerous.” Leanne let out a small smile, as Billy said “Connect us to STAR Labs, Trini and I will help.” walking over to the blue console. Trini joined him at the yellow console. While Jason said “Have we informed the Mayor?” looking at Zordon. He shook his head, making Jason nod. Before taking his Morpher from his belt and morphing. “I’ll be right back.” he said, looking at the group. Before teleporting out. “Mind if I help as well?” asked Luna, as she joined Billy and Trini. Leanne smiled before saying “She was my Overwatch when I went on patrol. She knows her way around computers.”

“Take my console.” said Kimberly, with a smile. Motioning to the pink one. “I don’t use it that often.” Luna nodded, as Tommy turned to look at Leanne. “Why don’t we go and do some training? Who knows what’s going to come out of that ship.” Leanne just smiled and nodded, before following him out of the room.

The next day, the seven Rangers were stood in the park, which had been cordoned off by the police on request of the Mayor. Who had been briefed by Jason about the ship that would be crashing. “T-Minus ten minutes till it reaches you, Rangers.” said Luna, through their ear-pieces. At the same time as a group of familiar bad guys arrived in front of them. Leon, in his armor, stood at the front, with an army of Krybots and Putties. As well as a spider monster. Zack shuddered as soon as he saw the spider, before summoning his Power Axe. At the same time as the other Rangers summoned their own Power Weapons. “I’ve got Leon.” said Leanne, brandishing her Saber. “You take Spidertron.”

“Spidertron?” asked Tommy, looking at Leanne. Leanne just smiled and said “I didn’t come up with the names.” before running towards Leon. Slashing Putties and Krybots as she went.

“You know we’re better than these people, right?” said Leon, as he matched Leanne’s blows with ease. “We have these powers and we could be ruling this planet. Nobody could stop us.”

“That’s what makes us different.” said Leanne, dodging a kick he had tried to connect. “You just want power. You stand with whoever who’ll give you that power. Me, I do what’s right.” She ducked underneath a punch, and kicked him in the stomach. He staggered back. “You think I do this because I want to? I am doing this because it’s right. Who cares if we’re better than anybody else. I stand with the Power to do what’s right. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” He scowled, as they saw the spacecraft flying towards them at speed. From this distance, she could tell it looked like a pirate ship. A black galleon. With a familiar, to Leanne, symbol on one of its sails. She smiled, before finding herself getting hit in the back and being sent flying forward. She landed face first in the grass, and turned around to see Leon standing up, his golden blaster in his hand. She summoned her own Blaster and waited for Leon to get closer before firing. She then jumped up, doing a spin kick which hit Leon in the stomach as he keeled over from the force of the blaster shot. He was sent flying into a tree, his armor disappearing as he fell down unconscious. She smiled, before bringing her Morpher to her mouth. “Base, I need a lift onto the spacecraft.” she said, looking up at the space-galleon as it came closer. “I think I can slow it down if I can get into the cockpit.”

Are you sure?” came Luna’s voice, from the Morpher. Leanne smiled before saying “Yes, sweetie, I’m sure. But I need a lift. Or a boost. Something.” As she said that, she saw the Pteradactyl Dinozord flying through the sky. “Thanks guys.” she said, before closing her eyes and jumping. The Pteradactyl Dinozord caught her in its beak before dropping her onto the descending space-galleon. “Thanks Ptera.” said Leanne, before running across the deck, scrambling to keep balance.

She managed to reach the cockpit and found it unresponsive. She frowned before feeling the Power pulse in her, and she knew what to do. She summoned the Red Pirate statuette before turning it into a key and placing it into the wheel in front of her. The moment she did, the black exterior became red and she found the controls responding to her. With moments to spare, she managed to pull it up and away from the park. Grinning all the while. “Guys, I did it!” she said, after activating the communicator. Only to notice the Rangers were having trouble against Spidertron. She frowned, and set the ship to hover above the park before jumping out.

“Oi, spider!” she said, as she ran towards the monster with her Blaster in her hand. She fired, and Spidertron turned to face her. Firing some sort of laser out of its eyes. She managed to jump out of the way, and the distraction was enough to allow Jason and Tommy to get in a combined attack that knocked it away. Before Jason called for the formation of the Power Blaster. Which destroyed Spidertron with ease. The celebration was short lived because it suddenly became big. “Nothing Itsy Bitsy about me now!” he said, once he was fully grown. Jason frowned and said “We need Dinozord power now!” while pointing his hand skyward. Leanne smiled as she jumped into the Galleon.

She watched from the sidelines as the Dino Megazord got overpowered by Spidertron, at the same time as the Dragonzord arrived. And the Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozords combined with it to become the Dragonzord Battle Mode. With the Tyrannosaurus and Pteradactyl Dinozords providing backup. Leanne smiled as she watched the Dragonzord drill right through the chest of Spidertron. Only it didn’t kill the monster, and the Dragonzord was sent on the backfoot as Spidertron shot webbing out of its mouth. Leanne frowned, before hearing a male voice say “Form the Legendary Megazord. It is their only hope.” She looked to her left, to see a ghostly figure of a man in a long red coat over a vest and shirt standing there. “Only you can help them.” he said, looking at her. Leanne nodded, before turning her key again. This time she felt the Galleon shift, before seeing four other Zords come flying out of the Galleon. Before combining with the Galleon.

Zordon smiled as he watched the Galleon shift into it’s Megazord form, with the two swords in its hand, on the viewing screen. Luna seemed confused, as Alpha said “Ai yi yi!”

“Oi, Spidertron!” said Leanne, pointing one of the swords at Spidertron. “It’s time to face the big guns now.” The distraction allowed Kimberly to fire the Pteradactyl Dinozord’s twin cannons at the creature, while Jason fired energy beams at it. The Dragonzord also used the moment to attack, swinging the Power Drill into Spidertron. The force of all three attacks brought the monster to its knees, as Jason said “Now’s your chance, Pirate!” Leanne nodded, and looked over at the ghostly figure, who had a sly smile on his face as he nodded. Leanne closed her eyes for a moment, before she spun the wheel, causing the chest part of her Megazord to open to reveal a giant cannon. “Final Strike! Star Burst!” she said, turning her key. The cannon fired five cannon balls one after another, each hitting Spidertron. Who exploded the moment the fifth one connected. Leanne grinned, and looked over at the ghostly figure, who gave her a slight smile before disappearing. She smiled back, before saying “I’ll meet you guys back at base.” and turning the Megazord back into its Galleon mode. The four Zords going back inside the Galleon.

Ten minutes later, she was parking the Galleon in the Zord Hanger of the Command Center, and jumping out. To find the ghost man waiting for her. “Good job out there, little lady.” he said, looking at her. “The Galleon is in safe hands.”

“Thanks. I think.” said Leanne, looking at him. “Who are you?”

“The name’s Marvelous.” he said, with a sly smile. “Captain Marvelous. The original owner of that Morpher you’re using.” Leanne nodded, before saying “Does that mean you’re...”

“Dead?” asked Marvelous, looking at her. “I’m not sure. I do know I was brought here to help you learn how to use the Pirate Power.” Leanne nodded, as she saw Luna run in. Luna stopped in her tracks the moment she saw Marvelous, before saying “Since when were ghosts part of our world?”

“There’s no reason to believe ghosts don’t exist.” said Leanne, looking at Luna with a smile. As Marvelous said “I’m not a ghost. I don’t think so at least.”

“Yeah, but isn’t that what a ghost would say?” asked Luna, looking at him with squinted eyes. “Who are you?”

“Captain Marvelous. Previous owner of the Morpher this little lady now uses.” said Marvelous, looking at her. “I’m here to teach her how to tap into the true powers of the Pirate Power.”

“Huh.” said Luna, confused. Before saying “Fine. But if you hurt her...” She popped out claws from both hands and hissed. Marvelous nodded before saying “Of course, pretty one.” He turned to Leanne. “When you want to learn, I will be waiting on deck.” he said, before disappearing. Leanne nodded, before taking Luna’s hand and saying “Right, shall we go meet up with the others?” as she noticed the Dinozords had returned. The Dragonzord was nowhere to be seen, but then she knew he had a resting place under the sea. She smiled, as the two walked out of the Zord Hanger.

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D aughter of Tomorrow – Mighty Morphin’

Chapter Three:

Leanne smiled as she walked into the main room of the Command Center with Luna. The six Rangers were there, talking among themselves. “Can I just say...” said Leanne, looking at the group and announcing her presence. “The stories I was told about the Spidertron battle were completely different to what happened today. For one thing, Dragonzord’s Battle Mode was what took him down.” She took a deep breath, as Tommy said “What are you trying to say?”

“That me being here is changing the history I know.” said Leanne, looking at her father. “I know for a fact you didn’t have a seventh Ranger at this point, or ever. So that already changed a few things…” She shook her head, with a smile. Just as Jason’s communicator went off. He looked at it and let out a small sigh. “The Green Arrow wants to see us for a training session.” he said, looking at the group. “And he wants us to bring Female Red. Those are his words, by the way.” Leanne nodded, with a smile, before saying “Sure. I’d love to train with the famous Green Arrow.”

“You won’t be saying that after training.” said Tommy, with a small smile. “He’s tough.”

“I’ve trained under you, Dad, I’m not sure anybody can be tougher than that.” said Leanne, with a smirk. Tommy just nodded, though he did flinch slightly when Leanne called him dad. Before Jason said “Are you going to morph or not?” looking at Leanne. Leanne just smiled and said “Depends. Are you going to?”

“Unless he wants us to Morph, we usually don’t.” said Kimberly, looking at her. “We leave Morphed training for the training room here.” Leanne nodded, before walking out.

Half an hour later, they were stood in a warehouse in Star City, with the Green Arrow standing across from them. His hood up. “You know you can trust me, Arrow.” said Leanne, looking at him. “I already know who you are. Since I’m from the future and all. Plus, you’re good friends with my parents.” Green Arrow looked at her, before saying “And your parents?”

“Standing in this very room.” said Kimberly, looking at her. “Me and Tommy. If you must know, Oliver.”

“Fair enough.” said the Green Arrow, taking his hood down and mask off. Leanne looked at him and said “You believe me, just like that?”

“Quite a few of my friends are parts of a team that travels in time, kid.” said Oliver, looking at her. “You being from the future is not that hard for me to believe. Nor that you’re actually here.”

“Cool.” said Leanne, with a smile. “Now aren’t we going to get on with training?” Oliver let out a smirk before saying “Aren’t we eager.”

Six hours later, they were returning to the Command Center with bruises all over. “It’s a good job the Power heals us quickly.” said Kimberly, as she lent into Tommy while collapsing to the floor of the main room of the Command Center. Jason nodded, as Trini lent into him. “Why don’t we watch a movie.” suggested Zack, looking around. “It’s what we usually do after the training through hell Oliver puts us through.”

“Movie sounds good.” said Leanne, from where Luna was massaging her shoulders. “Oliver is so much meaner than you ever were, Dad. I’ve never been in this much pain after a training session…” She let out a soft moan as Luna caught a good spot. “Ooo, that’s the spot. Use your claws.” Before she realized where she was, and blushed. She shook her embarrassment away before quickly saying “Right, yes, movie.”

Later that night, Leanne couldn’t sleep, and found herself walking into the main room of the Command Center. “How can I help you, Leanne?” asked Zordon, looking at her. “Can you not sleep?

“Yeah, something like that.” said Leanne, with a sigh. As she sat behind one of the consoles. One which was glowing Red. “I just… I just… It’s nothing.”

You are wondering why the Power brought you here.” said Zordon, looking at her. “And why the world you are witnessing is different to the one you’ve heard stories of.” Leanne let out a smile, before saying “Yeah. I can see my family speaks highly of you, Zordon. You always seem to know what to say.”

I have been alive since before the dinosaurs roamed this world, Leanne.” said Zordon, looking at her. Leanne smiled, before saying “And here I was thinking you were just a computer program.” with a smirk. Zordon chuckled, as Leanne continued “I’ve grown up believing in the Power, having been born to two of the original Rangers and having these powers of mine… They were granted to me by the Power.” She sighed. “I just… I would just like to know what’s it got in store for me. And why it chose me of all people to use the Pirate power. I found that chest in front of me when I arrived… That wasn’t a coincidence. It can’t have been.”

I do not believe so either, Leanne.” said Zordon, looking at her. “The Legendary Pirate Rangers are known to me.” That was news to Leanne, but she didn’t say anything as Zordon continued “When I was just starting out as a Ranger, the spacecraft you were piloting earlier today crashed onto Eltar. Naturally, my team and I were called to check it out. When we got there, we found five Rangers in the ship. The Pirate Rangers.

“Were they led by a man called Captain Marvelous?” asked Leanne, looking at him. He nodded before saying “They were, yes. He told me he and his crew were running from the Zang Armada.” Leanne shuddered as she heard that name. Causing Zordon to ask “You’ve heard of the Zang Armada?

“Sadly.” she said, before taking a deep breath. She seemed to debate something in her head, before letting out a sigh and saying “You won’t tell any of the other Rangers what I’m about to tell you, right?”

It will be between us, Leanne.” he said, looking at her with a smile. She nodded, before saying “I was five when the Armada attacked Earth. Every single Ranger that had been here up to that point were involved in the big war that came. We lost quite a few family members to that war…” She took a deep breath. “Everybody also sacrificed their Power to defeat the Armada.” Zordon nodded before saying “The Zang Armada was very powerful. It took the combined might of not just my Ranger team and the Legendary Pirates, but other Power Rangers in the universe. We repelled them, for quite a long time, it would seem.” Leanne nodded, before saying “Yeah. The Armada War is the reason I knew the Pirate Morpher when I saw them. My sister got given the Pink one by, if I remember correctly, a Tiki Head claiming to be your student. I believe he called himself Gosei.” Zordon nodded, before saying “He is a being from Eltar, a former member of my Ranger team who I have entrusted with the safekeeping of the Power Cards and the Morphers. He was trapped inside a, what you now call a, Tiki Head by Rita during our fights. If you had not arrived when you had, I was going to entrust the Ranger Keys with him as well. Alpha had picked up their signal and I was about to dispatch him when you managed to contact us.

“Good to know.” said Leanne, with a smile. Before standing up. “There’s been no movement from any Armada ships, has there?”

My eyes in space have not spotted any Zang Armada ships, however, he has noticed that there’s been a lot more interest in your little planet since Rita started attacking it.” said Zordon, looking at her. “I fear we will catch the attention of other groups who had worse than Rita. Lord Zedd himself appears to be interested in us, but I suspect he will wait and see what Rita can do. But then there’s Dark Specter… He is a dangerous one, similar to Lord Zedd.

“I’ve definitely not been brought back to fight those.” said Leanne, with a smile. “The Rangers of the next few years are enough to defeat them.” She sighed. “I suppose we may never know why I was brought here. But the fact that I am here should be go...” She was cut off by a yawn. She blinked in surprise before continuing “I suppose that means I should go back to bed. Thanks for the chat, Zordon, it’s really nice to have somebody I can talk to about the future without fear of changing it. Goodnight.”

Goodnight, Leanne.” said Zordon, with a smile. “If you ever feel like a midnight chat again, I am here.

“Thanks.” said Leanne, before walking out, yawning. Zordon smiled as he watched her leave, before closing his eyes.

A few days later, Leanne was training on the deck of the Red Galleon with the ghostly figure of Captain Marvelous watching alongside Luna. Tommy was also there, with Jason. The other Rangers were off doing their own things. “Alright, just focus on the shape of the Pirate Saber.” said Marvelous, looking at Leanne. “Picture it in your mind, and will it to appear. Like you do with the Red Pirate statuette.” Leanne took a deep breath, before closing her eyes for a moment. There was a brief silence, before Leanne held her right arm out. It took a few minutes, but the Saber appeared in her hand. “You did it!” said Jason, with a grin. “You did it, Annie.” Leanne opened her eyes and glared at him for the name, before grinning when she saw the Saber. “YES! This is amazing!”

“Well done, sweetheart.” said Tommy, with a smile. Captain Marvelous had that small smile of his on his lips, before saying “Good job. Keep practicing and you’ll be able to do it on the fly. Lesson over for the day.” Leanne nodded, before saying “Thanks Marvelous.” He just nodded, before disappearing. Jason walked over and clapped her on the shoulder saying “Good job, you’ll have this down in no time.”

“Thanks Uncle Jase.” said Leanne, with a smile. He nodded and walked off. As Tommy walked over and said “Marvelous is right, Lea, keep practicing and it’ll come easy to you.” Leanne smiled, just as Alpha’s voice came over the comms. “Leanne, I found something you might want to check out.” he said, making Leanne smile. Before saying “I’m on my way, Alpha!” and jumping off the deck.

She walked into the main Command Center with Luna and Tommy to find Alpha tapping away at one of the consoles. “What’s going on, Alpha?” asked Leanne, with a smile. Alpha turned to look at her, before handing her a newspaper. “Massacre at the docks…” read Leanne, frowning. “Last night, dock workers were found dead on the fourth pier. There no witnesses, but the Angel Grove police are warning people to stay clear of the dock area till the culprit is caught.” She frowned. Before saying “Alpha, set the coordinates.” Alpha nodded, before tapping at the console. Leanne let out a small smile, as Tommy looked at her and asked “What are you doing?”

“Doing what’s right.” said Leanne, looking at her dad. “I was a detective, well, will be a detective… I’m not entirely sure of the tense.” She shook her head. As Luna handed her an earpiece and a red bag. She smiled and did a spin at speed. When she stopped she was dressed in a dark red hero suit. It was almost identical to the Flash’s, except in green with red highlights, without an emblem or the cowl. She had a green helmet that didn’t cover her mouth with a visor that was tinted black instead of a cowl though, as well as red highlights. There was also a device on her wrist. “Do I want to know where you got that?” asked Tommy, looking at her. Leanne smiled and said “Cisco jumped at the chance to design a ‘hero suit’ for a Ranger to use.” with a shrug. “He also tried to give me a nickname, but I much prefer to be called Red.” Tommy just shook his head, before saying “Try not to get hurt.”

“You’re not coming?” asked Leanne, looking at him. He shook his head and said “This doesn’t seem like Ranger business. I’m going to go help Kim with her float model.” Leanne nodded, before pressing a button on the device and teleporting out in a red light.

She landed a few feet away from the crime scene, and turned herself invisible, along with her clothes. She snuck past the police officers guarding the crime scene and began surveying it. “Cisco’s tech is holding up well, I can see everything.” came Luna’s voice, through the earpiece built into the helmet. “This doesn’t look good.” Leanne let out a small smile, before slipping into the building that was also being guarded by the police. She took a deep breath, as she took in the ten dead bodies she could see. The nearest one looked like he had had his back snapped in four places. She took a look at the others and saw they had also had their backs snapped… She then moved to the back of the room and saw broken boxes there. “This is definitely not a Ranger issue.” she said, frowning as she saw the label on one of the boxes which read ‘Santa Prisca’. “Luna, contact Overwatch. Tell them a drug known as Venom is on the streets of Angel Grove.”

Of course.” said Luna, as Leanne turned round. She let out a small frown when the door opened and a uniformed officer made his way in with two very familiar men. Joe West and Barry Allen. “I don’t know why Central City PD has taken an interest in this case...” said the Angel Grove police officer, looking at the two. Joe looked at him and said “We had a spate of similar attacks in Central City, Lt. Stone.” as Barry set to work with his forensic kit. “We’re going to need a quiet space to work, without your police force looking in on us.” The police officer, Lt. Stone, sighed but nodded before saying “Fine.” and walking out. As soon as he was out of the room, Barry looked up from the kit and said “We know you’re here, Red Pirate.”

“Call me Scarlet.” said Leanne, as she made herself visible. “It’s easier. And I know your friend doesn’t like colors for names.” Barry chuckled, as Leanne continued “Who called you?”

“Your father.” said Joe, looking at her. “He doesn’t think you should be doing without backup.”

“I have my girlfriend on comms.” she said, looking at him. “She could easily contact the others if I got into a scrape I couldn’t handle.” She walked over. “Somebody sampled the merchandise.”

“What merchandise?” asked Joe, looking at her. Barry also stood up, looking at her. Leanne let out a small smile before saying “Venom. These boxes are from Santa Prisca.”

“Venom?” asked Barry, frowning. “That’s new to me.”

“It was mostly in use in Gotham at this point in time.” said Leanne, looking at him. “But there were a few cases in Angel Grove. People who use it get transformed into a hulking mass of unbridled physical strength.” Barry nodded, as Joe said “I can see why people would want to use it. Especially in a city with alien attacks.” Leanne nodded, before saying “Yeah.” Just as Barry’s phone went off. He looked at it and let out a small smile before putting it to his ear. “Oliver.” he said, with a nod. “Joe and I are already here, her father sent us a message and we came straight here.” He nodded again. “We’ll call you if we need your help, yes.” He put the phone now and smiled, before looking at Leanne. “You contacted Felicity.”

“Yeah, I’m not an idiot. Venom is dangerous.” said Leanne, looking at him. Just as Luna’s voice came through her comms. “There’s a hulk of a guy in the park shouting for the Rangers.

“Barry, we’re up.” said Leanne, looking at Barry. “A guy on Venom is asking for a fight with the Rangers in the park.” Barry nodded, as Leanne said “Race ya.” before running off at speed. Joe rolled his eyes as Barry followed, also at speed.

They reached the park at the same time, to see the guy, who was wearing a backpack with tubes that had been pushed into his skin, that were pumping green liquid into him, throwing benches at civilians. Barry used his speed to clear the area, while Leanne stepped forward and said “Oi, big guy!” with a slight smile. He turned to look at her with a bench in his hand, before saying “You’re not a Power Ranger!” Leanne chuckled, before saying “I doubt they’ll bother with you when they face monsters on a regular basis. You’re stuck with me, I’m afraid.” He roared in anger, before throwing the bench. She focused for a moment, before unleashing a Ptera-Scream to destroy the bench. At the same time as Barry flashed to her side. “I’ve got an idea.” he said, looking at her. She smiled and nodded before saying “I’ll keep him distracted.” with a smile. She then used her Ptera-Scream to catch the Venom user off guard. He staggered, before turning his attention back to her. “You are a pain.” he said, looking at her, before running towards her. She let her body scale up, before bracing herself. She caught him, and the two of them skidded across the park, causing parts of the grass to get uprooted. Just as the familiar red lighting passed by and the guys tubes were cut. His hulking mass began shrinking almost instantly and it only took Leanne a few punches to knock him out. “Drop him off at the police station?” she asked, looking at Barry. Barry nodded before grabbing him by his neck and speeding off. Leanne also sped off, out of the city before teleporting back to base.

“That was all of them, right?” asked Leanne, looking at Luna as she sped out of her hero suit. Placing it straight back into the bag. “As far as I can tell.” said Luna, with a smile. “Barry and the detective are on the way back to Central now.” Leanne nodded, as she said “I’m going to go see if Mom and Dad need any help, wanna join me?”

“I’m helping Alpha with some upgrades.” said Luna, with a smile. Before kissing Leanne on the check. “Go and spend some time with your parents.” Leanne smiled back, before saying “I love you.”

“I love you too.” said Luna, with a smile, before watching Leanne disappear in red light. She smiled and knelt down before sliding underneath the console.

Leanne smiled as she walked into the Youth Center, to find Kimberly and Tommy working on the model float. “This looks really good.” she said, smiling as she walked down to them. “Need any help?”

“Would love some.” said Kimberly, with a smile. “I hope you had fun with Luna, your dad said something about seeing you dragging her to your room after your training.” Leanne looked confused for a moment, before seeing Tommy’s look. She smiled and nodded before saying “Yeah, she gave me a massage. I was tense after the training.” as she walked over. Kimberly nodded, before saying “Can you pass me the pink paint.”

They worked together for a good few hours, till it was getting dark outside. They were getting ready to leave, when suddenly Putties appeared. Leanne frowned, and took a deep breath, before attacking the nearest Putty. She ducked underneath the arms of one, before punching it in the stomach and joining her parents.

Despite being outnumbered, they managed to defeat the Putties, without the use of powers on Leanne’s part. However, when they turned to look at the model float, it had been trashed in the fight. “No! It’s due in like three hours!” said Kimberly, looking distraught. Leanne and Tommy frowned, as Kimberly’s communicator went off. “Go, we’ll be right behind you.” said Leanne, with a smile. Kimberly looked at both of them, as Tommy said “Yeah, we’ll be right behind.” Kimberly nodded, before teleporting out in pink light. Tommy turned to Leanne and asked “What’s this about?”

“It’s just Spit Flower. They can handle him.” said Leanne, with a smile. “We’ve got a model float to fix.” She took the destroyed model and smiled at him. “Come on Dad, she’ll be eternally grateful if you do. I’ll even tell her it was your idea.” Tommy shook his head with a small smile, before saying “Fine. Let’s do this. But if they need me I’m going.” Leanne nodded, before the two of them walked out.

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D aughter of Tomorrow – Mighty Morphin’

Chapter Four:

“You know, I really need to ask you where these names come from.” said Tommy, as he grabbed the pink paint from the side. They were working in the garage of his house, and Leanne was using the green paint. “We don’t name our monsters.”

“I think it’s Cisco.” said Leanne, looking at him. “He likes nicknaming things, so I presume the names are his creation.” She shrugged, before saying “You know, if we do it like this, we’re going to be here forever. We only a few hours before it needs to be submitted.”

“Fine, go ahead.” said Tommy, looking at her. She grinned as he put his paintbrush down. There was a big gust of wind, and when it died off a few minutes later, the float model was redone and finished. Just as Tommy’s communicator went off. “Go, I’ll go submit this for Mom.” said Leanne, with a smile. “I’ll join you in the park, promise.” Tommy nodded, as Leanne sped out of the room. The float model disappearing. Tommy shook his head before teleporting out in green light.

Leanne arrived at the park fully morphed in time to see the five core Rangers covered in flowers. With Tommy fighting Spit Flower. “Oi, Flowey!” she shouted, causing him to turn and look at her. He fired a flower at her, but she shot it down with her Blaster. However, before she or Tommy could do anything else, Spit Flower started growing. Leanne, with the help of Tommy, quickly got the flowers off the other Rangers. As they all summoned their Zords.

Kimberly, Jason and Leanne played support as Billy, Zack, Trini and Tommy formed Dragonzord Battle Mode. They all watched as Dragonzord attacked Spit Flower with the spear, only for Spit Flower to shrug it off. And force Dragonzord out of Battle Mode. The four Zords landed in a huddle on the floor. And Leanne chose that moment to say “Go back to the Command Center. Zordon will know how to beat him.” before forming the Legendary Megazord. “I’ll keep him occupied.” She unsheathed the Megazord’s two swords before running at Spit Flower. The other Zords disappeared in bright lights, as Leanne hit Spit Flower with both of the swords. “It’s just you and me, Flowey.” she said, with a smirk. Before opening the chest of the Megazord to fire off the cannon. Which hit the monster directly in the chest. “Final Strike! Star Burst!” She smiled as the cannon glowed before firing a blast at Spit Flower. Who exploded, before becoming smaller and smaller. Leanne smiled and turned the Legendary Megazord back into Galleon form before jumping out of the ship and letting it get piloted back to the base.

The minute she landed, she summoned her Blaster and took out more of the flowers as Spit Flower sent them her way. “Not this time, Flowey.” she said, just as her comms came into life. “Aim for the spit sac underneath it.” said Luna, through the comms. “The other Rangers are on their way.” Leanne nodded, as she slid underneath Spit Flower. She shot upwards and hit the monster’s spit sac. It exploded all over her and she frowned as she stood up. “Eww, this is gonna take forever to scrub off!” she said, as Spit Flower turned really fast and grabbed her. She struggled in his grip as she saw his mouth get closer. She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the worst, before she heard Kimberly’s voice say “Not my daughter, you overgrown weed!” followed by herself getting released from his grasp. She opened her eyes to see Spit Monster’s right arm had been blown off. And the five core Rangers standing there, the Power Blaster in hand. Leanne dove out of the way, as they fired it three times. Making sure Spit Flower was down. “That was close.” said Jason, walking over to Leanne. “You alright?”

“I’m fine, Red, thanks to mom.” said Leanne, with a smile. “We should probably go though. I need to get cleaned up, this is starting to itch…” As she said that, she was scratching all over her suit. Jason nodded, as the familiar beams of light engulfed them all.

Leanne instantly demorphed the moment they landed in the Command Center, to find the substance had gone. She let out a sigh of relief, before saying “I am so glad that didn’t stick around.” and smiling. As Kimberly said “Me too, that looked nasty.” just as her phone went off. She looked at it and seemed puzzled before walking over to the side and answering it. “Hello?” she asked, looking confused. “Yes, I’m Kimberly, why?” She tilted her head, before smiling. “Really? My cousin? Yes, thank you. It was no problem, I’m sorry I couldn’t bring it in myself but I had to help my Mom with something.” She nodded. “I’ll see you at the ceremony, it’s alright to bring my friends, right?” She smiled. “Thank you. I will see you on Friday.” She put the phone down and turned to Leanne. “Thank you.”

“It was Dad’s idea, I just helped.” said Leanne, with a shrug. Kimberly looked at her then at Tommy, before hugging him. “Thank you.” she said, with a smile. Tommy just nodded before saying “No problem. It was important to you.” with a smile.

Later that week, the seven of them had watched the parade in person, and Leanne was now back on the deck of the Red Galleon training with Captain Marvelous. She had mastered summoning her normal weapons, and was now working on summoning other weapons. Both Jason and Tommy were on deck with her, watching her as she closed her eyes. Focusing on the weapon she wanted to summon. She opened her eyes and frowned when she didn’t see anything. “This is hard.” she said, pouting. “Why can’t it be as easy as my weapons?”

“Because they don’t belong to you, Red.” said Marvelous, looking at her. “It’s harder because you have to summon them from somebody else’s power.” Leanne frowned, looking at Marvelous, as Tommy asked “Which one were you trying?”

“The Dragon Dagger.” said Leanne, looking at him. He smiled, before summoning it to his hand. To the surprise of Jason, Marvelous and Leanne. “Woah, that’s new.” said Jason, looking at him. Tommy smiled and said “I was experimenting one night in the training room. It took me a few days but I got it. You might be able to do it with the Power Sword. I know Kim can do it with her Bow. Though her bow is colorless.” Leanne let out a small smile, before holding out her hand and closing her eyes again. This time, the three men saw the Dagger disappear from Tommy’s hand, to reappear in Leanne’s. “Huh.” said Leanne, with a smile as she slashed the air for a bit, till the Dagger reappeared in Tommy’s hand. “It’s not a toy, princess.” he said, looking at her. Leanne pouted, before saying “You take the fun out of everything, Dad.” Tommy just shook his head, before saying “Well, considering I’ve seen what this does to monsters, I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“Right. I think I’m gonna leave now.” said Marvelous, looking around. “Training over. Just keep practicing.” He then merged into the deck of the Red Galleon, leaving the three teenagers alone. “I’m gonna find Luna. All this training has gotten me quite ho… hungry.” said Leanne, before speeding off. A slight blush could be seen on her cheeks beforehand. Jason let out a small smile, before saying “Can you show me how you did that with the Dagger?”

“Sure.” said Tommy, with a smile. “Let’s go to the training room.”

Over the next week, the group of Rangers trained and soon enough all of them could summon their Power Weapons while unmorphed, and Leanne was getting better at summoning other weapons. Mostly the Dragon Dagger and Power Bow. She had also started to try and summon them when morphed, but she hadn’t mastered it yet.

It was an ordinary Saturday, and the seven Rangers were in the training room doing their usual Saturday team bonding when the town simulation stopped and they heard Zordon’s voice say “Rangers, I have something you need to see.” Jason immediately nodded and the seven of them made their way out of the training room.

Surrender yourself to Lord Drakkon and you will be spared.” said a female Pirate Ranger, looking suspiciously like Leanne did when morphed, while firing at civilians. “This is uncanny.” she said, frowning. As Jason’s communicator went off and Oliver’s voice came through it. “Please tell me that’s not actually your niece in Angel Grove attacking civilians.

“I assure you, it’s not me.” said Leanne, looking at the communicator. Before summoning her Red Pirate statuette and morphing. She walked over to her console and tapped at it, before disappearing in a red light.

“You know, I really don’t like copycats.” said Leanne, as she appeared behind the evil Red Pirate. The evil Red Pirate turned to look at her and said “He warned me that Rangers would try to stop me, but I have to say, I was not expecting this.” She sounded like she was smirking, before firing her Blaster at Leanne. Leanne jumped out of the way and summoned her own Blaster. “This is gonna be interesting.” said Leanne, firing her Blaster. The evil Red Pirate also jumped out of the way, as Leanne said “Who the hell are you?”

“They call me Crimson.” said the evil Red Pirate, and Leanne could hear the smirk. “And what do they call you, Red.”

“Pirate.” said Leanne, simply. “What are you doing here?” They were circling each other with their Sabers in one hand and their Blasters in the other. “Oh, I’m just a herald.” said Crimson, looking at her. “Lord Drakkon will have your world for himself. You won’t stop him.”

“Oh, I’m not alone.” said Leanne, looking at her. “I am not the only Ranger on this world. Nor am I the only hero.” As she said that, the six Rangers teleported in behind her. Crimson chuckled, before pressing a button on her morpher. Five multicolored beams of light were seen behind her and when they cleared five more Pirate Rangers stood there. Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Silver. “Meet the crew of the Black Galleon.” she said, looking at Leanne. “Shall we tussle?” Leanne smirked underneath her helmet and said “Crimson’s mine.” before running forward with her Saber, sending her Blaster away. Crimson did the same, and they met in the middle with a clash of swords.

As Leanne and Crimson fought, the other Rangers went up against their counterparts. Billy fought Blue, Trini went up against Yellow, Zack attacked Green and Kimberly took on Pink. Silver was tackled by both Tommy and Jason, teaming up.

The fights didn’t last long, with the Rangers defeating the Pirates with ease. The only one having trouble was Leanne, who was in an even fight with Crimson. Till Crimson managed to overpower Leanne and kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying into a nearby tree. As she flew through the air, she saw Kimberly fire her Power Bow at the same time as Tommy ran towards Crimson. “Nobody hurts my daughter!” said Kimberly, as the arrow hit the floor, exploding. Crimson was sent straight into Tommy, who kicked her in the stomach before slashing at her with the Dragon Dagger. Crimson was sent flying into the nearby tree, face first. When she stood up, her visor had been cracked and they saw the unmistakeable face of Leanne staring back at them. Except her eyes were hardened, and there was a scar across the right eye. Along with an eyepatch on the left eye. She just smirked, before disappearing the suit all together. Crimson was undeniably an older Leanne. Wearing a red long coat over a dark red waistcoat and clothes. Similar clothes to that of Captain Marvelous. “Hello father, mother.” she said, looking at both Rangers. “If I was told I’d get to defeat the two of you again, I would have come sooner.” She smirked. “This is going to be glorious.” As she said that, a blue portal opened up above them and a black ship, similar to the Red Galleon, appeared out of it. Older Leanne smirked, before jumping up to the ship. Taking her Pirates with her. Leanne scowled under her helmet, before taking her morpher and putting it to her mouth. “Luna, send the Galleon. We’re gonna need it.” she said, as Jason did the same saying “We need Dinozord power now.” while Tommy played the familiar tune on his dagger.

Within moments, the group were in their Zords, watching as the Black Galleon transformed into a completely black version of the Pirate Megazord. Leanne did the same with the Red Galleon, before saying “You might have my face, Crimson, but I will defeat you.”

You are weak, Red.” said Crimson, through the comms. “You couldn’t defeat me in hand-to-hand, what makes you think you can do so in a Zord?

Because she’s not alone.” said Jason, over the comms. As the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, Pteradactyl Dinozord and the Dragonzord in Battle Mode stood around her. Leanne smiled, before saying “You can’t win, Crimson.”

I wouldn’t be so sure, Red.” said Crimson, making Leanne frown. “I may only have one Zord, but it’s piloted by five. You’re piloting a Megazord by yourself. You can’t hope to win.

“She’s not piloting alone.” came Tommy’s voice, as he appeared in a green light to her right. A pink light to her left brought Kimberly. “She has us by her side.” said Kimberly, making Leanne smile. Crimson didn’t say anything, but the Black Pirate Megazord brought its swords up. The Pirate Megazord did the same, as Tyrannosaurus Dinozord swiped at the Black Pirate Megazord’s feet with its tail and the Dragonzord attempted to bring its Drill down.

The fight lasted for a while, and the Black Pirate Megazord managed to handle itself, till Pteradactyl Dinozord got a shot in and it stumbled, allowing the Pirate Megazord to open its chest and fire off cannonballs. Causing the Black Pirate Megazord to break into the five Zords that made it. “You may have won this battle, Red, but I will be back.” said Crimson, as the four Zords merged into the Black Galleon. Before it flew off into a blue portal. Which closed after her. Leanne frowned, before turning the Pirate Megazord back into the Red Galleon. Before flying it back towards the base.

“Do you know what’s happening?” asked Jason, looking at Leanne. Who shook her head as she said “This isn’t one of the stories you’ve told me. But then again, none of them ever involved a Red Pirate so… I’m just as blind as you are.”

“She mentioned somebody called Lord Drakkon.” said Billy, looking at the group. Before looking at Zordon. “Zordon?”

I am afraid I have heard the name before.” said Zordon, frowning. “Back on Eltar there is a legend. The original owner of the Dragon Power Coin was a man by the name of Drakkon. He sought to conquer the universe, with the help of the Black Dragon. His Zord. He slaughtered millions, before being taken down by the original owners of the five Power Coins you now have. They purged him of the Power and cast him into the abyss. They chose a successor to wield the Dragon Power, and destroyed the Black Dragon, turning him into the Dragonzord we have today.” He took a deep breath, before looking at Tommy, who was staring at his Power Coin with disgust. “My power was originally used for evil?” he asked, looking at Zordon. Zordon nodded and said “I am sorry I did not tell you sooner, but I have not thought about that legend in centuries. Whoever this Crimson works for, it cannot be good.” Tommy took a deep breath, before placing his Morpher and Coin on the nearest console. Before saying “I need time to process this, Zordon.” and teleporting out. Leanne took a deep breath, as Kimberly said “I’m going after him.” before teleporting out. Jason looked at Leanne and said “You going as well?”

“Yeah.” said Leanne, pressing the button on her Morpher to teleport herself out.

She arrived by the lakeside to find Tommy looking out over it, while Kimberly sat next to him. “You know the past is the past, right?” said Leanne, taking a seat next to Tommy. “Just because an evil dictator owned your coin first doesn’t mean that everybody who owns it is going to be.” Tommy looked at her, before saying “And what do you know?”

“Nothing, but I do know that you struggle with forgiving yourself for what you did under Rita’s spell.” said Leanne, looking at him. “I know I shouldn’t know that, you tried to hide it from us kids, but I became a detective for a reason. I’m observant. I noticed things.” Tommy sighed but nodded, as Kimberly said “Kids? You’re not our only kid?”

“Spoilers, Mom.” said Leanne, with a smile. Kimberly sighed but nodded, before saying “Fine.” before looking at Tommy. “Are you alright?”

“I will be.” said Tommy, nodding. “Shall we go back?”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” came a mechanical voice, from behind them. They turned to see a black humanoid dragon standing there, pointing what looked like a repulsor at them. A red crystal sat in its chest. “My master wishes to see you.”

“Couldn’t come himself?” asked Tommy, looking at the dragon. “I don’t talk to lackies.” He got into a fighting pose, summoning the Dragon Dagger, at the same time as Kimberly and Leanne got into their own fighting poses. Kimberly had summoned the Power Bow, and Leanne had both her Saber and Blaster in hand. The black dragon smirked, before rushing at them. Tommy took the lead and kicked the black dragon in the stomach, causing himself slight pain. He stumbled back, as Kimberly fired an arrow at the dragon. It exploded at the dragon’s feet, and the dragon was sent flying backwards. Both of them stepped in front of Tommy, holding their Morphers. “Go back to base, Tommy, get your Morpher.” said Kimberly, looking at her boyfriend. Before looking at Leanne. “It’s Morphin’ Time.” Leanne nodded, and turned her key in her Morpher, at the same time as Kimberly said “Pteradactyl!” The red and pink energy engulfed both of them and Tommy took the distraction to attempt to teleport out. Only for nothing to happen. He frowned, and quickly dove behind a tree as he watched his girlfriend and daughter fighting the strange creature. Its armor had given off a clang when he had hit it, and he still had the pain in his foot to prove it wasn’t normal armor… He saw the creature fire a blast of blue energy at Leanne, who jumped out of the way of it with ease, before she fired her Blaster at it. Which didn’t faze the creature at all. “That all you got, Pirate?”

“You’ve seen nothing yet, I promise you that.” said Leanne, scowling underneath her helmet. Before running at the creature, as Kimberly fired an arrow at it. The creature stumbled, as Leanne slashed it with her Saber. The creature caught the Saber with ease, before hitting Leanne square in the chest with a blast of blue energy. The force of it sent her flying into the lake, demorphing her as she went. Her body scaled up, and she managed to use her speed to make it back to shore before she hit the lake. “I’m not going down that easy.” she said, looking at the creature as she held the Saber in her hand. “It’s going to take a lot more than an energy blast to defeat me.” As she said that, Kimberly stepped in front of her, as did Tommy. He wasn’t morphed, but he had a look in his eye that said ‘don’t mess with me’. They flashed green for a moment, before the black dragon smirked and fired another blast. This time at the floor underneath them, which opened up a blue portal that sucked the three in. The black dragon smirked, as it closed, before saying “My master will see you now.” and teleporting out.

Chapter Text

D aughter of Tomorrow – Mighty Morphin’

Chapter Five:

“Zordon! What happened?” asked Jason, looking at their mentor as he stood in the Command Center. The alarms had gone off when the communicators of Tommy, Kimberly and Leanne had stopped transmitting. “I do not know, Jason. I cannot sense the PteraCoin anywhere on this world.” said Zordon, looking at Jason. “I suggest contacting the other heroes of this world and see if they can help.

“Yeah, just about to do that.” said Jason, nodding. Before looking at Luna. “Luna, can you contact Team Flash. I think we’re going to need Vibe’s help with this.” Luna nodded, before walking over to the nearest console. As Jason turned to the rest of the Rangers. “We need to go to where they were last, see if we can find what took them.” said Jason, just as another alarm started blaring. “Guys, there’s a black dragon attacking downtown Central City.” said Luna, looking at the four Rangers. Jason nodded, before pulling out his Morpher and saying “It’s Morphin’ Time!” The three nodded and pulled out their Morphers.



“Saber-Toothed Tiger!”


In flashes of black, blue, yellow and red light, they teleported out of the Command Center.

When they reached the creature, they saw flashes of lightning running around it. Till the creature fired a blast of blue energy and sent the Flash flying into a building. Zack summoned the Power Axe and fired a cannon blast at the creature, knocking it off balance so Jason could come in and slash it with the Power Sword. Trini ran over to the Flash and asked “Are you alright?”

“I am now.” he said, looking at her. “I’ll keep civilians out of the way, go fight.” Trini nodded, as she joined Jason, Zack and Billy fighting the creature.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, Tommy was waking up to find himself in a wasteland. There were dead trees next to him, and behind him was a big crater, that had a small pool of water at the bottom. He looked around, to see Kimberly slowly waking up next to him. Demorphed. Her Power Bow was still in her hand though, and Tommy still held the DragonDagger. Leanne was nowhere to be seen though. He took a deep breath and stood up, as Kimberly started looking around. “Leanne!” she said, looking around. Before noticing Tommy. “Tommy! Where’s Leanne? Where’s our daughter?”

“I don’t know.” said Tommy, helping Kimberly up. “But she can handle herself. Right now we need to work out where we are.” Kimberly took a deep breath, before nodding. As a gust of wind whipped up a bit of a dust cloud and Leanne said “We’re in Angel Grove.”

“You’re alright.” said Kimberly, pulling Leanne into a hug with a sigh of relief. Leanne smiled at her and said “I’m speedy, mom. Nobody but the Flash would be able to catch me.” Tommy shot her a look, noticing she had her Saber in hand, before saying “Don’t get cocky, Lea.” As he said that, they heard voices before seeing strange figures clad in militaristic armor that seemed to be based on the Mastodon Ranger suit. It even had the helmet. They had the three surrounded. “Hands up and we won’t shoot.” said one of them, pointing their cannon-like gun at the three. Leanne just smirked, before saying “Not today thanks.” She grabbed her parents before using her speed to take the three of them away.

She dropped them off in a cave, before saying “I’m going to do a quick scout, I’ll be right back.” and speeding back out. Tommy took a deep breath, as Kimberly said “What happened to this place? Why did those guys have Zack’s helmet?”

“I don’t know.” said Tommy, sighing. “We need to find a way back to our world. Maybe we should get Leanne to take us to Central City. See if there’s a Vibe here.” Kimberly nodded, as Leanne returned. “We’re safe, none of those fake-Mastodons are around here.” she said, sitting down next to them. “How do we get back home?”

“We were just talking about that.” said Tommy, looking at her. “We should try and find Vibe. Hope he’s around here.” Leanne nodded, as Kimberly said “They had to get to our world somehow. Maybe they used this world’s Vibe.” Leanne nodded, before saying “Right. Let’s go then.” She placed her hands on their shoulders before speeding off again.

Back in the Angel Grove of their dimension, Jason, Zack, Billy and Trini were still fighting the black dragon. They had it on the back foot, and were about to destroy it when Leon appeared, in full Demon Pirate armor, running at the creature, knocking it out of the way. “Where are they?!” he asked, placing his golden saber at the creature’s neck on the floor. “Where did you send them?!” Jason frowned as he watched Leon, confused. The black dragon chuckled before saying “The master has them now. You won’t see them again.” Leon growled and stabbed his saber through its crystal. It roared out in pain, before Leon said “Who is your master?!”

“Lord Drakkon will see this world burn.” it said, looking at Leon. Who just scowled and lifted the creature up, before firing off a blaster shot at very close range. The black dragon exploded, and Leon turned to walk towards the four Rangers. “Just this once, you and I are on the same team.” he said, looking at Jason. “The longer Green, Pink and Red are on that Earth the more of a chance they have of being dead. We need to get them back.”

“And why do you care?” asked Trini, looking at him. “You and Red don’t like each other.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t care about her.” said Leon, looking at Trini. “Tell her I said that, and I will kill you.” Trini nodded, a small smile on her lips, unseen by the others. “What are you doing to find them?” he asked, looking at Jason. Jason just looked at him and said “And why should we tell you? All you’ve done is try to hurt Red since the two of you got here.”

“Screw you then.” said Leon, scowling. “I’ll find them my way.” He teleported out, in green light. Jason sighed, as Luna’s voice came through their communicators. “Guys, Leon is heading to the Flash Museum.” she said, making Jason frown. Before saying “Teleport us there, base.” They disappeared in lights of their color.

The moment they arrived at the Flash Museum, in Central City, they saw the Flash fighting against Leon, who was still in full armor. Alongside Frost. “LEON!” shouted Jason, causing the fighting to instantly stop. “Obviously you care about Leanne, we need to work together if we’re going to get her and the others back.” Leon looked at him as the Flash said “You know this guy?”

“He’s Red Pirate’s Goldar.” said Jason, looking at the Flash. “Except for that he appears to care for her. She’s gone missing, alongside Ptera Ranger and Dragon Ranger. We need Vibe’s help.” The Flash nodded, before saying “Come inside then. We’ll help you.”

Meanwhile, on the alternate Earth, Tommy, Kimberly and Leanne were standing outside a destroyed Flash Museum. Leanne frowned, especially when she felt a gust of wind. And saw Tommy and Kimberly disappear. She closed her eyes for a moment, before letting her senses take over. As soon as she opened her eyes again, she saw flashes of yellow lightning, and at its end she saw the Flash, except he wasn’t wearing his usual suit. And he was coming for her. Thankfully, with her senses as fast as they were, he was coming at her at a normal run, and she managed to catch his punch. “I’m not your enemy.” said Leanne, looking at him as she threw him to the side. He looked at her with shock, before he said “You’re not her.”

“No I’m not.” said Leanne, looking at him. “Where did you take my parents?”

“They’re with the Coinless.” said Barry, looking at her. “Don’t worry, they’re safe. As long as they don’t threaten them.” Leanne nodded, before saying “Take me to them.” Barry looked at her, before speeding at her and picking her up. She smiled.

She found herself inside a cell, with Tommy and Kimberly, sans weapons, next to her. Barry stood outside the bars. “I’m sorry, but you look way to much like Them.” he said, looking at Leanne, apologetically. Leanne just smiled at him and said “Of course. I understand.” Barry nodded, before saying “The boss is going to want to talk to you.”

“Tell him we’ll speak to him.” said Tommy, looking at Barry. Barry nodded, before walking off. As Kimberly said “What’s going on, Lea?”

“I don’t know, Mom.” said Leanne, with a small smile. “But we’ll find out.”

“Let me enlighten you.” came a male voice, from outside the bars. They all turned, to see an older looking Zack standing there. A normal greataxe sat on his back. “Your father decided not to join us when we saved him from the brainwashing and made his choice with Rita.” His voice was full of disgust. Leanne scowled as Tommy said “I… I did this?”

“No, there’s no way.” said Kimberly, looking at Zack as she stood up. “Tommy joined us after that. He didn’t join Rita.” Zack scoffed, before saying “Do you expect us to believe that?”

“Would we be sitting in this cell I could easily get us out of if we were Them?” asked Leanne, looking at Zack. Zack just raised an eyebrow, as Leanne became a blur, and suddenly appeared next to Zack. Zack’s eyes went wide, before saying “OK, you are not Her. Which means...” He sighed and opened the door, revealing it was never locked. Tommy and Kimberly seemed surprised, but they stepped out, nodding at him. “Can we get our weapons back?” asked Kimberly, looking at him. He nodded, and said “Follow me.” Leanne smiled, as they walked out of the cells.

“Are you sure?” asked Leon, looking at Cisco, as they stood in the basement of the normal Earth’s Flash Museum. He was stood in the main Cortex, sans helmet, with the four Rangers (Who had demorphed), Barry and Caitlin. “You can find them?”

“I see through the barriers between Earths.” said Cisco, looking at him. “Of course I can find them.” He turned to look at Jason. “Do you have anything of theirs?”

“Yeah.” said Jason, taking the Golden Morpher that belonged to Tommy out of his pocket. Cisco smiled and took it from him, before he went into a trance.

Tommy was clipping the DragonDagger into a sheath when he heard a male voice calling his name. He turned to look behind him, to see a ghostly Cisco calling him. “Tommy!” he said, looking at him. “Can you see me?!”

“Yeah.” said Tommy, looking at Cisco. Confusing the three with him. “I can see you, Cisco.” Kimberly, with her Power Bow on her back, and Leanne smiled, as Cisco said “Good. I’m locking onto your location...”

“No!” said Tommy, looking at Cisco. “Don’t do that. We’re fine. Tell the other’s we’re fine.” Cisco looked at him, confused. “We’re fine, Cisco. I promise.” Cisco frowned but nodded, before disappearing. Tommy took a deep breath, before looking at Zack who asked “What was that?”

“I was talking to my world’s Cisco.” said Tommy, looking at Zack. “He was about to rescue us. And we have unfinished business here.”

“You don’t have anything here.” came a familiar male voice, from behind the group. The three turned to see an older looking Leon, who had a scar on his cheek, looking at them. Leanne looked at him and said “Leon?”

“Hello Annie.” said Leon, with a soft smile. “I guess I can really call you Little Annie now.” He smirked, as Leanne smiled. Before saying “Do, and I’ll send you flying.” Leon chuckled, before saying “Of course. You’re still just as fiery as I remember. It’s good to see you again s...”

“Yeah, it’s very good.” said Leanne, cutting him off with a glare. He smiled and nodded, before looking at Zack. “Take Tommy and Kimberly to the cafeteria, I’m sure they’re hungry. I need to talk to Leanne alone.” Tommy and Kimberly looked at Leanne, who smiled and said “Go, I’ll be fine. I can take him.” The two nodded, before following Zack out of the room. As soon as they were gone, Leon asked “Why didn’t you let me call you...”

“They don’t know, and if I have my way, they will never know.” said Leanne, looking at him. “Now, I really need something to eat, using my Super Speed really takes a lot out of me.” She walked off, without giving Leon any time to retort.

“I’m sorry guys.” said Cisco, looking at the four Rangers and Leon, back in the normal Cortex. “I don’t think they want us to rescue them yet. The look in Tommy’s eyes… I don’t think he’s coming back till he’s done something.”

“You locked onto their location, right?” asked Jason, looking at him. Cisco nodded, before saying “Earth-16. Why?”

“You’re sending us there.” said Leon, looking at Cisco. “We have to protect them.”

“And why do you care so much?” asked Jason, looking at him. “We’re not going till you tell us that.” Leon scowled, before saying “She’s my sister, alright?!” Jason nodded, as Leon continued “Just because she and I are enemies, doesn’t mean I don’t care about her. We’re still family.” Jason nodded again, before saying “OK then. Cisco, open the portal.” Cisco nodded, as Barry said “We’re coming with you, Jason.” stepping forward in his Flash suit with the cowl down with Caitlin. Cisco looked at Jason and said “Yeah, you’re going to need a way back.” Jason nodded, as Barry said “I’ve already sent a message to Wally and Jesse, they’re going to pick up the slack in Central while we’re gone.” Cisco pulled up the portal and the eight made their way through it.

They found themselves in a corridor on Earth-16, and an alarm started blaring. Barry pulled his cowl up and ran off, as the other seven found themselves surrounded by guards, being led by a very familiar face. “Trini?!” asked Jason, confused. Standing in front of them, with two daggers on her hips, was an older Trini, with a yellow scarf around her neck. The older Trini looked surprised, before she said “What is this? Where did you come from?”

“We’re not here to hurt you.” said Jason, looking at her. Before looking around, in time to see Leanne running towards them with Tommy and Kimberly, and an older looking Zack and Leon. “I thought I told you we didn’t need rescuing.” said Tommy, looking at Cisco. Jason looked at him and said “We’re here to help you, Tommy. We’re a team, remember.” Tommy nodded, before saying “Fine.” As Leanne said “You brought Him with you?” motioning towards Leon. Who just smirked and said “Hello to you too, Little Annie.”

“He tagged along on his own.” said Trini, looking at her. Leanne just nodded, before looking at Leon. “I suppose you think this’ll make up for what you did.”

“Oh, I don’t think anything of the sort.” said Leon, looking at him. As Jason said “Enough. Now is not the time for arguing, either of you.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” said Leanne, nodding. She looked at older Zack. “We need to go somewhere to talk strategy. Now the entire team is here, I have a plan.”

“We have a war room.” said older Zack, nodding. “Follow us.”

Soon enough, they were stood around a table in a room that resembled the Cortex, except for the fact that it appeared ruined. Older Zack, older Trini and older Leon stood across from the group from Earth-1. “We’re just waiting for a few others to arrive.” said older Leon, looking at the group. Jason nodded, as the doors opened and three, familiar to Leon and Leanne, people stepped in. Two men and a woman. “Uncle Rocky! Uncle Adam! Aunt Kat!” said Leanne, grinning. Leon had a more subdued smile on his lips, as he said “They’re not your Aunts and Uncles here, Red.” Leanne glared at him, as Rocky said “Why are they here?”

“They’re not from this world.” said older Leon, looking at Rocky. “We can trust them.” Rocky just nodded, as Jason asked “What happened here? Where am I?” Older Trini took a deep breath, as she and older Zack shared a look, before he said “He died a hero, trying to protect us from Drakkon.” Jason frowned, before saying “I’m sorry.” Zack just shook his head, before saying “It’s the past. We’re looking to the future now.”

“And we’re working on a plan to get into Drakkon’s base.” said older Trini, looking at them. “We have a small workable plan, but it’ll be weeks before it’s ready and we’ve got word that Drakkon is planning his own attack on us.”

“We’re going to need some more information if you want our help.” said Zack, looking at his older doppelganger. Older Zack nodded, and said “It all began on the day we broke Rita’s hold on our Tommy and he decided to stay on her side.” Tommy frowned. “He kidnapped our Kimberly, has her holed up in his base.”

“She’s guarded at all times by two Red Sentries.” said older Leon, looking at them. “They’re Drakkon’s elite guards, alongside the Pinks. He also has Yellows and Blues, they command the Blacks. But the Blacks are just foot soldiers.”

“They’re powered by our stolen Power Coins.” said older Zack, bitterly. As older Trini said “Before he did that, our Jason was attempting to become the White Tiger Ranger. They were interrupted before the process could finish and Drakkon absorbed the powers himself. Jason put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough…” She took a deep breath. As Leanne said “The White Tiger Ranger Power has been activated here?” looking at them. Older Leon nodded, before saying “Why does that matter?” Leanne smiled, and held out her hand, causing a statuette of the White Tiger Ranger to appear. “Catch, Dad.” she said, before throwing him said statuette. Tommy caught it, and it glowed white for a moment, before changing into a Power Coin. With a Golden Morpher. Everybody’s eyes went wide, and Leanne smile. “I did not think that would work, but I am so glad it did.”

“How’d you know to do that?” asked older Leon, looking at her. Leanne smiled at him and said “I have a vague memory of it happening when I come from. Just after something big. I just didn’t know if it’d recognize Dad as the White Tiger Ranger on this Earth.”

“Why would it recognize me as the White Tiger Ranger on any Earth?” asked Tommy, looking at Leanne. Who smiled and said “That’d be spoilers, Daddy.” Tommy rolled her eyes, as Leanne summoned the Tyrannosaurus Ranger, Triceratops Ranger, Saber-Toothed Tiger Ranger, Mammoth Ranger and Pterodactyl Ranger statuettes. Which she slid over the table, placing them in front of Rocky, Adam, older Trini, older Zack and Kat. “Try them.” she said, with a smile. “If they work, I have a plan.” Older Trini and Zack were the first, and the statuettes flashed yellow and black before becoming the Power Coins and Power Morphers. Kat was the first to touch the Pterodactyl Ranger statuette, which glowed pink before becoming the Coin and Morpher. Adam and Rocky did the same, and the five had their Morphers. “OK, this is excellent.” said Leanne, with a smile. Before she looked at Cisco. “Can you send me back to the Command Center on Earth-1 please? I need to get something.” Cisco raised an eyebrow but nodded, and opened a portal. Leanne smiled, before speeding through the portal. She returned within moments, holding a white rectangular badge with a black front that read ‘S.P.D’, and had two red lights on it. “What is that?” asked Kimberly, looking at Leanne. Leanne smiled and said “My Delta License. It’ll help take down my evil self and Drakkon.” She clipped it to her trousers, right next to her Morpher. “Now, I believe we have a plan to talk over.” She smiled as older Leon said “Yeah, let’s start planning.”