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Tonight I'm F*cking You

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“Okay, where the hell are we exactly?”

“I don’t know, Keptin. Ze planet is supposed to be here according to the latest star charts.”

Jim looked down at Chekov’s screen. He was at the science station in place of Spock, who was currently taking leave on New Vulcan.

“What about the coordinates?” Jim demanded.

“They match too, Captain,” Sulu said from his station. “But the planet’s not here.”

Jim returned to his captain’s chair. “Any signs of an explosion or debris?”

“No, sir.”

“Lieutenant Uhura, any records of distress signals?”

“No, Captain.”

“Report this to Starfleet and ask them what our orders are.”

“Aye, sir.”

Jim took his seat. They were supposed to search for a class M planet that had been reported by and charted by a freighter for further exploration. Only when they arrived, it hadn’t been there.

They were already late returning to New Vulcan for his first officer. And Jim was getting a headache. And speaking of headaches.

The doors on to the bridge opened behind him and Bones stepped out and over to his chair.

“Jim, you’re late for your physical.”

“We’re looking for a planet, Bones.”

“Yeah, we’re always looking for a planet. That’s why we’re out here. That’s no excuse.”

“Not now, Bones. This is important.”

“It’s always important.”


Jim rose from his chair and went over to Uhura.

“Turns out the sector is wrong,” Uhura told him. She pointed to a new chart. “It’s over here.”

“That’s nowhere close to our current location.”

“Right. So we’ve been ordered to return to New Vulcan for Commander Spock and they’ll send the Constellation to investigate that planet.”

“The Constellation? They don’t know anything about—”

“Jim,” Bones said, waving a hypo.

Jim sighed. ”Fine. Thank you, Lieutenant. Mr. Sulu, change course for New Vulcan, warp three.”

“Aye, Captain.”


“Welcome back, Mr. Spock. How’s your dad?”

“Much improved, Captain,” Spock replied as they left the transporter room together. “It turned out not to be a serious illness.”

“Good. I’m glad.”

“Any problems while I was gone?”

“Nope. Just boring, routine stuff. Oh, and Bones made me do a physical.” Jim made a face.

“You were past due,” Spock said as they stepped onto the turbolift.

“Whose side are you on?” Jim asked, grumpily.


Suddenly Spock was pushing him against the bulkhead, covering Jim’s lips with his, Spock’s tongue slipping inside Jim’s mouth.

He groaned into the kiss, about ready to crawl up his first officer when the turbolift doors opened on to the bridge.

Abruptly they parted and both stepped off the turbolift.

Uhura smiled at Spock, her eyes shining. “Welcome back.”


Jim went to his captain’s seat and sat down, ignoring their whispered voices. He smiled at Sulu. “Take us to Pyris VII, warp six.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Jim turned slightly in his chair to watch Spock go to his station. He touched his fingers to his lips and then turned back to the screen.


Jim’s shift was over but he had yet to get up, instead he leaned back in his chair and stretched dramatically.

“Card game tonight, Captain,” Sulu said as he rose from his station. “You coming?”


“Please come, Keptin,” Chekov added enthusiastically.

“Sorry guys, I can’t this time. Maybe the next game?” He smiled vaguely and pretended he didn’t see their disappointed looks as they left to get on the turbolift. Spock and Uhura had left a few minutes ago with each other.

He thought he might see Spock later.

Just before Spock had left the ship to go to New Vulcan because of his father’s illness, they’d played chess. An ordinary game of it, really. Spock won as he most often did. The only difference from their usual games is that they’d played it in Spock’s quarters. That had been a first and something that had initially surprised Jim.

But what had surprised Jim the most was when halfway through their second game, Spock stood up, came around the side where Jim was sitting, pulled him to his feet and kissed him hard.

Jim had gasped out, “What—?”

But then Spock kept kissing him and then pretty soon there were very little words between them. Spock had unfastened both their trousers, pulled out their hardening dicks, and stroked them together until Jim came hard all over Spock’s uniform. Spock had come not long after Jim, both panting.

They hadn’t talked at all about it afterward and honestly Jim wondered if it hadn’t just been a dream or a fantasy in his head. Spock acted like nothing happened, he still acted like Uhura’s boyfriend.

Jim had decided not to act like anything was different either.

But then the next  morning Spock left to New Vulcan.

The truth was Jim wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Spock. Maybe Spock would spend the entire evening with Uhura. After all, they were clearly still a couple and Uhura had made it plain she wanted to spend time with Spock. That might even entail an evening of fucking. Which, hell, Jim didn’t want to think about that. The two of them.

He might be turning down cards or other social stuff tonight waiting for a Vulcan who might never show.

Jim made it to his quarters and shut himself in. He’d get dinner and work on reports and hope for the best. Whatever that was. Well, he knew what he wanted.

His comm beeped.

“Kirk here.”

“Jim? Want to have dinner?”

Jim smiled a little. “Not tonight, Bones. Gonna keep it a quiet evening. Eat while I do reports and make it an early night for bed.”

Bones sighed. “Okay. But eat something good for you. And go to sleep early, for real. You haven’t been getting nearly enough.”

“Yes, doctor. Breakfast tomorrow?”


Jim went over to the replicator, ordered himself a salad in deference to Bones and then sat at his desk, getting to work on his overdo reports.

A couple of hours passed before Jim decided he’d had enough. He glanced toward the bathroom he shared with Spock and wondered if he had the energy for a shower or if he should just head straight to bed.

Eventually he decided on the shower, so he got up, stripped and headed into the bathroom. He wanted a water shower, though he made sure such showers were few and far between.

He turned on the water, got under the water spray and closed his eyes, letting the warm water hit his sore muscles. He turned up the temperature until it was hot, steaming, bearing down on his aches and pains.

Jim bent his head forward and let all the worries he had seep away.

Just before he felt hands smoothing over his back, Jim heard the shower door slide open. Then lips grazed his shoulder as his heartbeat raced.

“I thought—”

“Shh.” Spock’s lips trailed up to his ear, his tongue flicking along the shell. He pressed against Jim’s back, his hard, heavy cock sliding along the crack of Jim’s ass.

“Oh, fuck.”

“Affirmative,” came Spock’s whisper, even as long elegant fingers pushed into him, spreading him wide.

Jim moaned low and spread his legs, allowing Spock better access.   Spock’s fingers pushed further into him. He braced his hands on the tile wall. He hadn’t expected Spock to take it this far, this fast. He’d thought, if they’d do anything, it would be more jerking off, or, perhaps, blowjobs. But Spock was apparently going full throttle.

He chuckled.

His reward for the burst of mirth was a bite on his back and the withdrawal of the probing fingers. The whimpering protest didn’t even make it out of his mouth before Spock’s cock pushed into him, slow, deliberate, aching.

“Spock,” the name a ragged moan he could not contain as Spock seated himself in Jim, balls deep. The hand that had recently been inside him wrapped around Jim’s cock, sliding up his erection, pulling moan after moan from him as Spock began to pump deep within him.

Spock’s hand that wasn’t on Jim’s cock rested on Jim’s head, fingers threading through Jim’s hair as he drew Jim’s head back.

The hand working Jim’s cock was demanding, merciless, and Jim jerked in his grasp over and over, his need to come almost too much to bear. His feet were lifted off the floor slightly as Spock pistoned in him. He was repositioned so Spock could reach Jim’s shoulder and neck. He sank his teeth into the junction there, pounding Jim’s ass again and again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” became a litany falling from Jim’s lips as his balls tightened against his body. With a pant, he pushed Spock’s hand away, it was too much, too insistent. He grasped his own dick, as Spock braced his hand next to Jim’s on the wall, speeding up the fierce fucking.

As the orgasm slammed into him, ravaging him, cum splattered the shower walls and floors, his spunk being washing down the drain. He felt Spock suck a bruise on his throat as he was lifted further off the floor of the shower, ass high in the air as the Vulcan poured his seed into him.

Some part of him was aware of Spock washing him off, applying shampoo into Jim’s hair, then turning him into his arms for a deep kiss. When Spock went to pull away, Jim grabbed him back, yanking him into a kiss that must have continued for ten minutes before either broke away to breath. Then they stepped out of the shower and Spock handed Jim a fluffy white towel that was hardly regulation but Jim had bought them on shore leave one time. He dried himself off, his gaze fixed on Spock who was doing the same with his own towel, regulation, of course.

“Chess?” he offered, not even sure why. This whole thing was still new to him and he was definitely uncertain. Not in a bad way though.

Spock shook his head. “I still have reports on experiments to submit before I am able to retire.”

“Ah, gotcha. I’m exhausted myself anyway. I’ll probably go right to bed.”

Spock stepped closer, placed his hand on Jim’s cheek. “I believe your uniform will cover the bruise I left on your person.”


“Still it was thoughtless of me. I apologize.”

Jim smiled. Spock leaned in and pressed a much more chaste kiss on Jim’s lips.

“Goodnight, Captain.”

“Night, Spock.”

He waited for Spock to go into his quarters before he brushed his teeth and then re-entered his own quarters. He was exhausted but it was a pleasant weariness.

Sure this was probably…well whatever it was. But Jim wasn’t going to stop it. Eventually Spock would, he was sure. Spock had a conscience.

While Jim—

He pulled on his boxer shorts and a tank top and got into bed.

“Computer, lights off.”

His head hit the pillow and he was asleep almost instantly.