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My Last Dance.

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Cast of Characters:

Kim Namjoon. Age: 26. Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Blonde. He recently moved out of his uncle's house because he was tired of having his dreams crushed. He came to Seoul to pursue a career as a writer. He hasn't had any luck, but he doesn't give up. He's never experienced true love but longs for it with every fiber of his being. He's very humble and kind, but he'll do what it takes to make his dreams come true. He talks to his parents from time to time, but they're far too busy living their own lives. It also still hurts Namjoon that they cut him off after finding out he was gay.

Kim Seokjin. Age: 24. Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Black. His stage name is Jin. He's always wanted to be a great singer or actor, but he has not had the means to do so. After being ripped away from his family, he stumbled upon The Pi Ttam Nunmul when he was fifteen. He's been there ever since, becoming their star singer and highest-paid sugar baby. Guests love his voice and his broad shoulders, as well as his submissive nature. He doesn't know what love really is since he lost his family at a young age and has been passed around by strangers ever since then. He wants to be safe and secure.

The Duchess. Age: 27. Eye color: Light brown. Hair color: Black with brown highlights. She was born into extreme wealth and has never wanted for anything. When her grandparents passed away, they left all of their money to her and her single mother, leaving them even richer than they were before. She found out early on in life that it was easy for her to manipulate and control men and women to get whatever she wants, whether it's drugs, sex, money, or attention. She loves vulnerability, and Seokjin is the exact kind of person she looks for, for her schemes.

Bang SiHyuk. Age: 35. Eye color: Brown, but he's known to wear green contacts. Hair color: Black. He is the owner of The Pi Ttam Nunmul. He's not necessarily a devious man, but he does love money and power. He loves making the men and women who work for him do his bidding, minus sexual favors. He protects them, and devotes himself to making sure they're taken care of, even if it means making decisions that prove to be bad ones later.

The Pi Ttam Nunmul Dancers~

Park Jimin. Age: 21. Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Dark brown. His stage name is Jimin. He is known for his sinful hips, devilish smirking, and high notes during his songs that make you swoon. He also supports Seokjin however he can because he's like a parent to him. He's one of the most highly requested sugar babies because he incorporates his famous hip movements into his sexual activities, and he always leaves his guests wanting more.

Jeon Jungkook. Age: 19. Eye color: Brown, but he frequently wears different colored contacts. His stage name is Jungkook. He's good at pretty much everything he does, and patrons love the smoldering gazes he gives. He has the ability to look innocent even while he's talking dirty. His hips are almost as sinful as Jimin's, but he's not complaining while he's underneath him when they're in the throes of passion.

Other Important Characters~

Jung Hoseok. Age: 23. Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Sandy brown. He's a literal ball of sunshine who openly welcomes so many people into his life that it makes people wonder who are friends and who are more than friends. He's also very positive and uplifting. He doesn't work for The Pi Ttam Nunmul, but he gets around. Or at least he did, until a certain special someone was able to (mostly) tame him.

Kim Taehyung. Age: 21. Eye color: Brown, but he is known to wear blue or gray contacts. Hair color: Golden brown with dark blonde highlights. He's a singer who has a very wide vocal range and stunning facial features. He's somewhat shy, but when he's around his best friends (and boyfriends), he's almost as positive and outgoing as Hoseok is.

Min Yoongi. Age: 25. Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Dark red. He has the looks of an angel but the voice of the devil. If he is woken out of a slumber, may God have mercy on whoever woke him up. However, he's a caring, old soul, and he's happy to share his wisdom with whoever needs it. He takes in Namjoon and lets him live with him and Hoseok, who may or may not have a romantic thing going on.

Minor Characters~

Jo Mi Hae (Stage name Miryo), Son Ga In (Stage name GaIn, and Kim Hyo Jin (Stage name Jea). Female dancers at The Pi Ttam Nunmul.

Zhang Yixing (Stage name Lay), Kim Jong In (Stage name Kai). Other male dancers at The Pi Ttam Nunmul.

Kim Junmyeon (Nickname Suho). Seokjin's best friend and caretaker of sorts.

Kim Minseok and Byun Baekhyun. The Duchess's Henchmen who were forced into working for her.