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Two Halfs of the Same Whole.

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                Swords crashed together like thunder roaring through the sky, screams of pain and bodies falling all around; hitting the ground in a sound that made your own ache and made your blood run cold. Blood pooling and melting into the grass, squashing when you step onto the path you would take, but you need to keep going, you need to live and fight and save the ones you love.

              That is all she grew up with, that is all she knew from as young as she could remember. Alexander felt the cold over her body, she felt the eyes of her fallen men glued to her as she ran passed them, but there was no light in them, no form of life. She looked up into the blacken sky, stopping in her tracks, it wasn't black a moment before; when had it changed? Suddenly it was quiet around her, there was no sound, now movement, peaceful almost, and she was...younger? Yes, this was her youth, No soldiers at her feet as she ran in the meadows with her parents and her older brother.

             But that's when it got dark, and cold and the wind picked up, then nothing; the eye of hurricane. The storm was coming back and with a loud crash of another hundred swords and cannons and arrows being shot from above. What was happening, where she was?! Was she a child in the middle of a storm, or a teenager, fighting for her kingdom and her life? She didn't know; she couldn't know.

           "Alexander!" She spun around to defend herself from an oncoming evil. "Alexander!" She looked around and saw her father being taken by the storm, her brother taken by an enemy, with a dragger to the back then one to the throat. "Alexander!" Washington? Grabbing her by the shoulder and pulling her from the land. "No! No!" She screamed and cried but no one listened. She tried to get back, tried to pull from the man, but more hands were on her, her heart spud up. Lafayette, John, Hercules, fighting against her strength, pulling her always from the war, from protecting her men and woman, her Kingdom; from her Father and brother.

           "Let go of me! Let Go!" She screamed at them, screamed till her throat was sore and chest shook, she screamed till she could feel blood rushing from her lungs. Everything was heavy with the storm and busy with the war, it was quiet and loud, hands on her. "Alexander, Alex wake up." Wake up? Wake Up? She is awake, she's awake in the war, in the storm, with her friends and love ones laying death under her feet. "Alexander, Alexander, Alexander!”


            One last scream ripped from her lungs, taken the last bit of breath she had in them as she shot up. Her body was shaking, face soaked from tears, and air no way getting into her body. Arms, arms were holding her, tight and warm, words hushing her but she couldn't tell what they were saying. "Be still child, calm and still." A woman’s voice, running finger through her hair and rubbing her back, “All is well.” Eliza cooed to her friend as she rocked back and forth. After a while Alexander’s view came back, she was in her room, safe in her kingdom with her friend by her side. “There she is, there’s my girl.” Eliza smiled at her; the soft and calming light in her eyes would bring even a wild beast to its knees.

            “Another nightmare? Was is the war again?” Eliza asked, loosening her arms as Alex sat herself up and leaned against the headboard of her bed. Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “Yes…and no. It was everything.” Alex ran a hand through her hair, feeling disgusted at the wet sweat she collected on her skin. “Do you want to talk-“ “No.” She jumped, shaking the last of her fear off as she got out of bed. “No,” She said again, calmer. “My dear Eliza, I’m fine, see, it was only a dream like it always is. It is gone and done, away with the wind.” She smiled. Eliza studied her friend before nodding and standing up herself. “Would you like to ready for the morning?” She questioned, walking over to the closet as she opened the doors and stepped inside, already knowing the answer.

             Alex let her smile fall, glancing out of the now opened window; from there she could see the staff busy with the day, bits of the town as they went about their lives. Her home, her Kingdom, has gone through so much in the last few years, but now that was all in the past. This was a time for new life, for change and by god, she could feel like something was coming.