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Pride and Punishment

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"Soundwave," Chainsmoke began, sitting next to her larger partner. They've known each other for quite some time, it felt like a millennia almost, or close to it at least. The larger mech turned his head slightly, face mask covering his features. He was hard to read, he always have. But that's what appealed to her so much. The mystery, the quietness. He could be thinking of anything, he could do anything and she couldn't even tell. He fascinated her, and she to him. Catching his attention, the smaller femme snickered a bit. "We've been together for what, a million years almost?" The stoic bot remained quiet, giving a curt nod to the other. "Don't you think it's about time we tried too-" And that conversation is stopping there. Soundwave raised his hand and patted Chainsmoke on the head, causing the femme to raise an eyebrow.

"While I admit we have stayed chaste for quite a while- I believe we'd run into problems." Chainsmoke puffed her cheeks out slightly, narrowing her eyes at him. "What do you mean problems?"

"I am... Quite large. Since you are a mini-con I think I might tear you in half." Sputtering slightly, Chainsmoke stood up from her spot with an obvious darker hue spreading across her cheeks. "First of all, I am NOT a mini-con! I'm just... Smaller than the others. And secondly, are you saying I wouldn't be able to handle your spike?" Soundwave blinked idly behind his visor, staring at his love. "...We can put that to the test then."


"Are you... Alright?" Soundwave's voice was much more strained than usual. He tried to stay calm, this was the first time he interfaced after all. "I-I got this- you just lay b-back big guy," Chainsmoke grinned slightly, easing herself onto his spike. He wasn't lying when he said he was big, but she could take it. Soft whimpers and moans left Chainsmoke's lips as she lowered herself onto her partner's spike. She could feel it pulsating in her, already dripping in transfluid. Soundwave could feel her body shaking slightly, little twitches and shaky breaths. "We don't have to-" He was cut off once more as Chainsmoke looked up at him, he could see the amount of lust in her glowing eyes. "I-I said I got this. L-Lemme just-" It was her turn to be quiet now as she felt her partners large hands wrap around her torso. "S-Soundwave? Wh-what are you-" Slowly, he started lifting her up.

"Ngh- ha-ah- S-Soundw-ah-ve...❤" Just seeing the look on her face was enough to assure Soundwave that she wanted to keep going. Lowering her down slowly, she began riding him.

"Ah- ah- Soundwave- Mmm-ah..❣ Yo-You're so... Mmngh- Y-You're so big- It-it's gonna t-tear me apart- Faster- faster- I-I want you to fill me up-" The smirk underneath his face plate couldn't begin to describe the emotions he was feeling.

She could barely keep her eyes open, mouth wide and welcoming for anything. She could barely register what was happening when she felt cold metal against her back, a yelp left her lips as her eyes widened slightly, seeing Soundwave's chassis in front of her. He was taking control now. Her moans got louder, whines and sobs wracking her body. It was too much, it was too much but she wanted to keep going. She wanted her first overload to be with Soundwave. Nobody else in the world could make her feel this way. She felt almost limp, arms barely able to wrap around the bigger mech's neck. Her sharp fingers scraping along the back of his chassis.

"Soundwave- Nn-ghah- S-Soundwave...❣❣ I-I'm gonna- Y-You're going t-to make me ov-overl-ah-d...❣" He glanced down slightly seeing the drool leak from her lips and the tears form in her eyes. The blush that was on her face nearly darkened all her features, he could tell just by that that she was definitely close already. Raising one of his hands, he unclipped the mask that always covered his features. Opening her eyes slightly, she saw the yellow hues she fell in love with the first time she saw them. The smile on her face was enough to let Soundwave know she loved him. And he loved her with every spark in his body. He would always love her, forever and ever.

"S-Soundwave I-I'm-" Capturing her lips with his, Soundwave gave her a forceful kiss. One that she would never forget.

She felt his tongue against hers, wide and flat against her thin and spindly one. He was amazing, he felt amazing. Nothing could make her feel as euphoric as he did today. Pulling back slightly, she could feel his lips against her still. Barely there, almost like a ghost. "I love you, Chainsmoke, I will love you until the end of time." That was enough to send her over the edge, the feeling of his lips, the way he worked against her, the love he had in his voice. It was perfect.

"Soundwave I love- ah- I l-love you...❤" That was it, transfluid spilled over his spike, enough to send him over his edge. He delivered on her wish, filled her up to the brim. She continued to twitch and shake in the afterglow, panting heavily with a blissful smile on her face.

"G-Geez Soundwave, You're gonna get me sparked doing me like that-" Glancing over, she saw she was alone.

That's when she remembered, Soundwave was gone.