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Angels Don't Care About Us

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The warehouse was overcrowded, and it looked filthy. Rats crawled underneath the cages, and half-starved men and women pounced at them before being jerked back by their chains. The angels were suspended in a cage by their wings, chained and broken.

A woman stood, staring at them. She looked over them with a cynical eye. An angel with white wings tried to pull away from her gaze. The angel hanging next to him, one with red wings, struggled against his bonds. He wasn't really into the struggle.

"How long since they last ate or drank?" she asked, watching him.

"They drink daily, water only. As for food, you'd have to be specific as to which angels," answered the greasy slaver with the 'deeds.'

"The one with the white wings, and the one with the red wings."

"Redwings is named 'Jared,' and he ate yesterday. Whitewings is named 'Jensen.' Hasn't eaten for a week."

She tried not to flinch, looking over them coolly. "Well. I'll take them."

The man held out the two angel's forms. She signed for them and waited for the hands to grab them and drug them for her. They were placed unceremoniously in the back of her Impala.

They crossed from Texas to Arkansas before she pulled over and looked back. They had woken up.

"Hey, boys. Morning."

Jensen looked at her with wide eyes. His wings curled around him.

"M... Miss..?"

"Yes..." She wracked her brain- terrible with names- to figure out who this dude was. "Jensen?"

"I... I haven't eaten in a while and would be eternally grateful-"

She raised a hand and turned to the front seat. She handed back two bags. One had water in it, one had food.


"Just a second." She looked through her purse to pull out two collars. They were made of nylon with silk linings. They didn't have locks. "Take off your chains and put these on." She handed them their keys.

They listened. Jared bit his lip and fiddled with his to make it fit better, cautiously watching her. She leaned over and helped him. Then she took his chains and dumped them on her front floor.

"My name is Candi. You may eat and drink that. We'll be driving for a few days. We'll stop at a few motels but for now we just drive."

They ate as she kept going. So far, not much was up.

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Eventually, Jensen and Jared were at the first motel Candi stopped at. Candi certainly seemed to know where she was going, which seemed odd because she didn't know where she was.

The manager saw that she had two angels in her car, so he walked out to meet her. He looked large and scary to the angels.

"Hello there, missy," he greeted Candi.

"Hello," she replied curtly. "So, uh... Two angels. Big deal."

"They travel best in groups." He looked at Jared, but then stared at Jensen. His mouth watered, thinking about fucking this little toy. Jensen bit his lip. No. He bit Mistress' lip. He was not his own.

"How much for ten minutes?"

"What?" She looked at him.

"How much for ten minutes in that young Whitewing's ass?" Jensen heard him and hid behind Jared. They didn't pay attention to anything after that.


"You'd let me use him for free?"

"No. I wouldn't let you use him at all. If you try to do anything to either of them again, both of your hands will be broken."

She led them into a hotel room. The angel paced and looked terrified.

"Jensen? What's wrong?" "Nothing, Miss..." He looked out the window at the manager, who had taken a smoke break. He could imagine the things that man would do to him tonight.


Jensen fell into an uneasy sleep on the bed Mistress Candi had told him to use. He was stuck in his mind, in his nightmares.

The manager had bound him to the bed by his wrists. He was gagged with a dirty sheet, and the manager was sucking him through a condom to get him hard. He wriggled and kicked, but the manager slapped his cock.

Then, once he was hard, the manager took the condom from Jensen's dick and threw it away. He pushed his legs apart easily, despite Jensen's struggles. Jensen screamed through the gag as he felt something the size of his captor's hand at his totally unprepped hole. He knew it was the manager's penis- both of his hands were in view.

He sobbed as the appendage slid into him, not caring about the slaps he was given with a wooden ruler. It was hell for him. Then his new mistress entered the scene, naked and sliding a cock ring onto him. She removed his gag, putting a large dildo between his lips instead. She rode this large thing.

Then he heard his old masters' voices, fighting over who got to use him next. And a man then speaking. The manager.

"Who says you need to wait to fuck his ass, boys? There's plenty of room here for everyone."

"No... No... Please... No..." he tried to say. He screamed instead, only thinking it.

Then another cock was on his asshole, getting ready to push in. He screeched as this came true. Another. And another. He was full of more men than he could count- and he could count to twenty- and a few fists, all fucking him mercilessly. They abused his hole, rammed into his prostate, and teased his cock.

The mistress now came, hard, over her toy. She waited until it all dripped out and down to the base of the length before she stood and removed it. She made him suck her clean, then fucked his mouth with the dildo. He needed to cum so badly that it hurt, and his cock leaked and leaked. His ass restricted around the men inside it, milking all of them into orgasms.

He screamed. As they began to pull out, he sat up in real life, awake as ever.

He ran to the bathroom, locking himself in and not caring about the punishment.

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Jensen was sobbing into his arms, sitting at the toilet. He'd thrown up a few times since he'd locked himself away. He'd be punished for sure. He knew it. Mistress would let the manager use him for an hour. He'd be stuck into the trunk for the rest of the trip in his clothes. If he was allowed to cum he'd be put into a cock cage. If not he'd have to wear a skirt and a cock ring.

He almost missed the knock on the door. He unlocked it, terrified. Candi was standing there.

"Jensen, honey, what are you doing?"

"H... H... Nothing... I..."

"Are you okay?"

He bit his lip. "Y-Yes..."

She took his hand in both of hers. "You sure?"


"I'm sorry, dear..." She handed him some clothes and a toothbrush. "Brush your teeth and take a shower."

He listened, standing under the water until she walked in to check on him. He was getting ready for the manager. She covered her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were... Just... Tell me when you're done..." she squeaked, turning red.

"Miss? W-When will that man be here?" he asked, moaning a little. Most pleasure he'd get for a while, he thought.

"Um... Never? I told him he couldn't use you, Jensen..."

"O-oh... Then this is pointless..." He stopped.

She was walking out the door. "You can... You can finish... I'm sorry for walking in... Just... I want to see you when you're done."

He frowned, watching her close the door. She was going to let him cum without any help? He didn't question it, taking the gift. He just fingered himself until he came with a small groan. He couldn't help thinking she'd hate him if he told her that he liked being fucked. Then he remembered that he was owned by someone else.

She smiled when he came back out of the bathroom. She tucked him gently into the bed, giving him a bowl of something he'd never seen before.

"What is this, Miss?"

"My name is Candi, use it, doll. It's chicken noodle soup. It'll make you feel better." She brushed his hair back. "Eat it, but be careful. It's hot."

He looked at it, then took a bite. He liked it. He ate half of the bowl, slightly moaning at the feeling in his wings and tummy. He looked at her. She was massaging his wings gently, humming a slow, calm song. He realized his belly felt better because of the food. He yawned.

"Go to sleep, Jensen. Tomorrow, we're going to keep going. We need to go to Ohio."

"Why Ohio?"

"Because. My dad lives there. I live there. My sister and brother live there."



She began singing to him.

"Honey is for bees silly bear. Besides there's jelly beans everywhere. It's not what it seems in the land of dreams, don't worry your head, just go to sleep."

He fell asleep, dreaming now of sunny days to fly on and grassy fields to sleep in. He smiled contently.

She smiled and lay down too. She thought he seemed like a child. Silly... He was in his low thirties. She was seventeen. Hmmm... She dozed off too. Jared had insisted on sleeping in the same bed as her so she could sleep on one too. He snuggled up to her in his sleep, free of worry. He was eighteen.

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Jensen woke up with a start to Candi rubbing the back of his hand. She smiled gently, looking him in the eyes. He looked at her. His eyes had bags the size of her thumbs, and he was sweaty, pale, and shaky. He gagged slightly on air.

"Are you gonna throw up?"

He nodded. She held out a wastebasket, which he used without thinking. He whimpered.

"It's okay... Sh..."

She rubbed his temples. "I called my dad. He's flying in soon. He'll stay with you two when I pick up some pain meds for you. I'll be right back."

She walked away. Jared sat up. It was a courtesy among angels to help a fellow angel out after a rough night with the free folk.

"How'd it go last night?"

"I... It didn't. She let me stay in. I feel... I feel terrible."

Jared looked at him. He knew that face. He'd seen it on many an angel before. Jensen himself had once worn it.

"Is she going to punish you for being sick?"

"I don't know." Jared knew he was hoping that she would. He had troubled thoughts and no self esteem.

"I hope she's not like that."

"If she doesn't she'll hurt you."

Jared frowned. "Jensen... Listen. Just because you feel scared doesn't mean it'll happen. I've been there. Once."

"I remember. Say, how does your dick feel?" He said it in a vicious tone.

Jared had once been rubbed by a mistress to a full erection and then had bent coat hangers- three of them- slid into him via urethra. It still made Jared shudder to remember how he'd felt, especially when she had commanded him to jack off until he came without letting them out of him.

"Yeah? Remember Rio?" In Rio, Jensen had been out a few seconds past curfew. Their master at the time had put a cock ring on him, lubed him up with lemonade, and made him fuck a hornet's nest until he came. He still was afraid of insects.

"What about that time you broke that egg?" Once, for breaking an egg that was going to be a mistress's breakfast, a master had let a horse use Jared. At the same time he'd been tied into a position that forced him to suck himself off. He'd never quite recovered and ran from any equestrian reference ever since.

"What about the helicopter, asshole?" Jensen had stepped on a kid master's toy helicopter, so the mistress who handled punishments made him put in a vibrating dildo and do squats while they talked to a reletive on speaker. After he came they used him until he couldn't walk for a month and, on top of it, he had to pay for a new one by rimming store workers.

"Well-" He stopped, looking at the door that had just opened.

A man, a little shorter than Jensen, had walked in. He had dark hair and blue eyes. Jensen got a hard-on. Fuck me, you're so hot I don't care how much you'd make me hurt, he thought.

Then the man smiled as Candi returned from the bathroom.

"Hi, Dad!"

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Misha sat down next to Jensen, looking him up and down. Jensen gulped. He looked strong enough to rip his wings off if he got mad.

"Hey, Jensen," Misha said softly, looking at his face. "You're going to be okay. I promise."

"H... Hello, Master. I... I'm sorry I'm sick."

"Not your fault, honey. Not sure about your old masters, but with us you don't get in trouble for being sick." He wiped his forehead with a cool cloth. "We want you to be healthy, but if you aren't, it's okay."

"Th-thank you, sir..." He shifted a little.

"Can I touch your wings, Jensen?"

"Wh-what?" Nobody had ever asked for permission before.

"Your wings. Can I touch them?"

"Y-yeah... You don't have to ask..."

Misha rubbed his wings, careful not to press down too hard. He smoothed the feathers and hummed something unfamiliar. Jensen looked cute, Misha noticed. With any luck, he'd be healthy within a few months.

Jensen whimpered a little as Misha looked toward his stomach. Noticing, the man met Jensen's eyes again. "Does your stomach hurt?"

"Yes, sir..."

Misha immediately grabbed a trash bin for him to throw up in. He gently lifted the blankets back to see his stomach. "Where does it hurt?"

Jensen frowned and moved his hand- no, Master's hand, he mustn't forget- over his abdomen. Misha slowly began to feel around his belly, thinking. He laughed slightly.

"You'll be fine."

Misha saw the pain in Jensen's eyes before he heard the whimper in his throat. Misha cleaned him up and then just held him. He hummed a small tune. Jensen seemed to really be ill. He curled around Misha and slept.

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Jensen woke up with a funny feeling in his stomach. He felt it sinking a little bit, like he'd throw up. He felt safe, though. He was wearing silk clothes and he had a soft blanket on him. He was laying on a strongly built man who had his arms around him. He felt his wings being massaged. His cuddler was seemingly caring. He wasn't complaining about the sweat Jensen was pouring, either.

However, he had a fever, and his head hurt like someone was splitting his head open. He had woken up with an erection, which rubbed against whoever he was cuddling's thigh. He shifted dispite the pain in his back, throat, mouth, and stomach. He kept his jaw clamped closed so he wouldn't throw up. He tried to sit up, but he rubbed his dick against his cuddler on accident.

Moaning a little, his mouth opened and he threw up all over himself and on Misha, who was cuddling him. He started apologizing, thinking his life depended on it. Crying, he tried to find something to clean it up with.

"Jensen- Jensen, no, don't worry about it," Misha assured him, stripping off his shirt. He wiped off his smooth, sculpted stomach- Oh god, those sexy muscles!- and gestured to the bathroom. "Take a shower. I'll clean up."

After he'd cleaned up, he waited for Jensen. Jen cane out clean, whimpering. Misha cleaned up and then cuddled him, giving him ginger ale. They stayed there all morning.