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Once in a Lifetime

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"Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack."  


              The moment we took our first breath, it was a start of a new journey. It was the beginning of a new life, which could bring honor....or shame. In life, we can't choose who we are, that's not in our power. Though we can choose who we want to be. Our past may not be the greatest, our present might no have even changed the slightest bit. But our future...we have the power to control it. Not every sad beginning will have a sad ending. Sometimes it takes hope, trust, strength and finally....someone you can count on, to be able to change our story. 




      "I don't know about this, Izzy." Alec admitted towards his baby sister. It wasn't usual for him to be open with his feelings, but at the moment he felt as if he was going to explode. 

       "Alec, you got this okay." His sister told him. "No matter what they through at you, I know you can get pass it. Besides your not just a badass alpha, but a Lightwood. Don't worry you got this." 


      It wasn't usually like this every day. Most of the time Alec would be off alone in the woods. He would spend hours there sometimes shifted into his wolf form and running throughout the area. But other times he would be practicing his archery. Every target would have an arrow plunged right in the middle.Perfect score, but this was different. This wasn't like telling an admirer that you didn't like them, this was a life changing event. 

     "Alec, you and I both know that no one will pass you." His brother Jace said. " Don't worry, this won't be a complete disaster. 

    Alec knew that he couldn't help but give a small smirk, but he couldn't hid through this disguise anymore. Even if he didn't want to go through the plan, it was the fact that it was tradition. God, he hated that word. Besides it was like his father always said, "Alec, you must uphold the Lightwood name. What would people say if they realize that our eldest didn't find himself a mate," Sighing he turned towards the mirror and fixed the long tie he was wearing. Staring at his siblings in the mirror, he kept trying to busy himself while fixing his tie. 

   "Listen guys, I appreciate the motivating words. But it doesn't fix the entire situation. I have to find a mate, if I don't I would-" 

   "Being shame upon the, Lightwood name." Isabelle huffed. "We know we heard dad tell you that about a thousand times." 

   Turing around to face his siblings, Alec finally seemed to calm down. "So you guys understand why I have to do this." 

   "That's complete bullshit, Alec and you know that." Jace, groaned. "Why would you out of this entire family go to a mating ball? Aren't you the one that always tells us to follow our heart." 

   Isabelle nodded, instantly agreeing with her brother. "Alec, you know that once you pick the one you want to mate with, that you can't go back on it. It's permanent." 

  "I understand and...that's a price I have to take. It doesn't always turn out bad for the pairs. Some of them find really good mates." Alec, tried his best to sound somewhat happy at the moment, but his siblings knew that it was a complete fraud. He wasn't wrong, many mates have made a complete success through the ball. Yes, some pairs didn't turn out the best. If an alpha didn't find a mate during the ball, then they were just paired with someone. Not the fact that they couldn't find someone, but because they were afraid of the shame that could be brought upon their family. If an alpha never mated and brought along pups, the family's name would be a complete dishonor. Alec knew that some way, some how he would have to find a mate. It shouldn't be that hard. His parents, Robert and Maryse were mated through the ball. An alpha and omega who gave a great honor to the Lightwood name by producing not one but two alphas...well technically they didn't produce both. While Alec was an alpha, so was Jace. 

   But Jace wasn't their biological child. His parents died in a car crash when he was seven and Robert was a very close friend of, Jace's father. So it made complete sense to foster and then later adopt, Jace into the family. Though Alec was an alpha his sister Isabelle and their little brother, Max were both betas. In the Lightwood house being a beta wasn't looked down upon. But being an alpha was a major achievement, and with every achievement there always must be a sacrifice. 

   "But, Alec don't you want to be with someone who makes you...happy?" Isabelle asked. 

     Pausing for a moment Alec looked down at his feet, not knowing what to say to his sister. "Well...of course I-I want to. know. I have a duty okay....I hav-" 

   "Alec, for once in your life stop giving a fuck about the, Ligthwood name." Jace, scolded him. "I don't want to see you throw your life away." 

      Sighing Alec ran his hand through his hair. It was one of the many ways he would try to calm himself down. He didn't have a choice. He was the oldest ad the only biological alpha that Robert and Maryse have reproduced. Alec didn't have a choice, it was his duty to fulfill this. Just as he was about to speak, Robert and Maryse  come into the room. A pregnant silence fell into the room. Until Robert cleared his throat. 

   "Jace, Isabelle can you two please give us some privacy for a moment." He asked. "We need to speak to your brother before he leaves." 

     With a simple nod before siblings began to leave the room, not until Isabelle walked back and pulled Alec into a hug. Returning the hug Alec felt like this would be the last time he would see his sister. Even though he knew he would see her tomorrow he never wanted to let her go. But eventually the two pulled apart. With a simple smile, she walked out the room and closed the door. Looking towards his parens Alec clasped his hands behind his back. As always he had to seem mature and professional towards his parents. But it was when Maryse walked up and pushed a strand of hair from Alec's face and gave a small smile. 

   "Alec, I hope you know that we are very proud of you." She said. "You may only be twenty, but finding a mate at this time is the best option." 

     For me? Or for you?, Alec wanted to ask. But this time he decided to keep his mouth shut. 

  "Just make sure that when you come back with your mate, you'll soon be able to bred with her." Robert stated. 

   Her? That was the worst part of it all. Alec finally realized that he would have to bring back not only an omega...but a women. It didn't help that Alec didn't even find himself sexually attracted towards women. Yes, there were many beautiful women but that didn't mean that they were the one for the alpha. The saddest thing is no one in his family knew. Maybe Isabelle and Jace because they always were able to read his mind somehow, but his parents that was a completely different topic. He never once mentioned how his heart would race when he saw an attractive man. That he wanted to hold a man in his arms not a women. 

   "You'll need to find someone who is able to bred as fast as possible." Robert added. "I need to make sure that when I'm gone the, Lightwood name will still live on." 

     With a simple sigh to keep himself calm Alec looked towards the clock. It was only 7:50 the ball didn't start for another thirty minutes. But he couldn't spend another second in the room with his parents. 

   "Um...I think it's time for me to go." He said. "I don't want to be late or anything." 

    His mother nodded before placing a kiss on his cheek. "Remember you make the decision, not anyone else." 

   Pulling back he gave a small smile before turning towards his father. He didn't expect much from his father while with siblings he was a little more affectionate to them. But with Alec, it was  as if he was trying to harden him. To be the alpha, that HE always wanted him to be.  

    "Just remember, Alec." His father said coldly. "Don't fail me, you wouldn't want to bring shame to our family now would you?" 

     "Yes father." With a simple nod, Alec headed out towards the room. As he was getting ready to leave the steps of his house, his mind instantly started to pounder with dozens of voices telling him what he should and shouldn't do. 

    "Don't bring shame to your family." 

    "Follow your heart." 

     "Don't fail us." 

      "You make the decision, no one else." 

       As he continued his walk,  he tried his best to keep himself calm....he wouldn't want to wolf out. 



        "Magnus, stand up straight." His father scolded. "Don't slouch, do you understand me." 

        "Sure dad." Magnus, answered. 

        For what is was worth Magnus didn't give two shits about this mating ball. Could you even call this ball? The entire event is basically the omegas standing in a circle while the alphas talk to them, try to seduce them and if they were luckily mate with them. Was it sad to say that this wasn't Magnus's first ball? Either since his mother died his father has tried everything to ensure that they would never become poor. When his mother died, the family's wealth almost went with her as well. But with Magnus showing that he was an omega that could keep their family from going into the poor house. 

        With his father standing in front of him, Asmodeus placed his jacket's collar down and straightened out the tie he was wearing. While Magnus was getting dressed his father continued to "motivate" him to be as appealing as possible to win a mate.  

      "Magnus, I do not want you returning home without an alpha by your side." His father said. "I'll be dammed if you don't come home with a mate. Sebastian might not have had a calm temper, but at least we would never end up in the poor house with his father's money. Maybe this time if you do what your told, we'll finally be set for life." 

        "Is that what this is all about?" Magnus joked. "Just so you can stay in the first class system? Father, it's not my fault if an alpha doesn't want to mate with me. It's their choice." 

        Suddenly Magnus felt a hand on his neck. Jerking his head up Magnus was met with the face of his father. A man that even though he should love, sometimes he didn't. Magnus promised himself that if he ever mated and became pregnant, he would never turn out to be like his father. His father then brought his son's face closer to his. Magnus swore he could smell the mint on his breath and the cologne he was wearing. 

     "Do you want to end up in the poor house?" His father asked. "Do you want to see me struggling, because that is what will happen if you don't play your part." 

      All Magnus wanted to do was yank his father's hand off of him and leave. But deep down, he knew he couldn't. His father was the only family he had. His mother died when he was seven and neither of his grandparents were around so it was just him and his father. Though honestly Magnus would rather be stuck in the poor house, then to spend another second with the abusive man that he called a father. Asmodeus would tell him that this is the way omegas must be treated. They were nothing but pure slaves towards their alphas. Though Magnus learned enough of that after his relationship with Sebastian. May that son of a bitch burn in hell when he dies, but Magnus swore that he would never be treated like that again. 

   Magnus simply scoffed at that comment. "So what am I suppose to do? Force myself on an alpha? That's ridicul-" 

   "You are an omega!" His father screamed at him. "Your job is to simply please your mate, nothing more nothing less. Now what would your mother say?" 

    Magnus's breath instantly hitched at the mention of his mother. His mother, Miranda was one of kind. Beauty, inside and out, she was a kindred spirit. Wouldn't even as kill a fly. Surprisingly his father wasn't always like this. When his mother was alive, his father was joyous and would do anything to see his wife smile. But after his wife's death, he instantly changed. Sometimes, Magnus wondered if the reason why his father treats him wrong is because he resembles his mother? While, Magnus only received his father's noes surprisingly Magnus was the splitting image of his mother. Same hair, skin color, eyes.....same smile. Sometimes it killed, Magnus to look in the mirror. Because all he saw was the image of his mother. 

   "She would be see the kind of man you became." 

 Instantly Magnus, could see the his father's once brown eyes now change into a light green. A set of canine teeth could be seen through his mouth. His thoughts were to instantly run and hope that his father would be able to calm down. But with a simple shake of his head, Asmodeus was instantly turned back into his human self. Reaching his hand out, Asmodeusu grabbed his son's shirt collar and pulled his son right in front of his face. Magnus could see the anger rising in his eyes, but all he could do was simply stand still and hope for the best. 

   "Your mother...would be disappointed in you." His father sneered. "To see that her omega son can't even fulfill an omega's job. I simply do this because I do not want to see us struggle, Magnus. I have done everything to raise you. Now it is time for you to take care of me."

   With those words, Asmodeus let go of his son's collar and pushed him towards the door. Magnus simply couldn't blame him, the quicker he got out of here...the better. As he reached the door, his father cleared his throat before speaking. 

   "Remember your an what you do best."

     Those words instantly burned in his head. Opening the door Magnus instantly walked out and tried his best not to slam it in his father's face. But as he finally reached the last step of his house, he couldn't help but start to walk as fast as he could do the road. He didn't want to spend a second more in that house with his.....that monster. All he could do was hope for the best. That maybe an alpha would want him and hope that this alpha wouldn't be like his last.



      Standing the ballroom with the other alphas lead to an uneasy feeling in Alec's stomach. His palms were sweaty, his heart was pounding and all he could do was fidget with his fingers. He didn't know if he could do this, his siblings words running throughout his mind. Perhaps he could follow his heart, instead of thinking about his family's honor, he could for once choose what makes him happy. But then again, his father's words rang throughout his mind as well. No matter what anyone said Alec knew that he could never bring shame to his family. His parent's have worked their assess of trying to make sure that they never had to live in the poor houses. Now it was time for Alec to pay them back. For now it was just the alphas in the room, the omegas would be arriving soon. That's when Alec knew that he had to get his head into the game. Once they came into the room he would have to find someone to be his mate. 

    "I can't wait to find me an omega." A guy behind him whispered. "Finally get someone to clean around my house." 

    A couple laughs and agreements from the other alphas were heard. Alec couldn't help but feel a little bit more sick to his stomach. He hated it when he saw many alphas act like this. It made him ashamed at times to even say that he was an alpha. For the way that many alphas acted and treated omegas, made him disgusted. But before he could do or say anything the doors to the room were opened. Instantly the alphas turned towards the opened doors and in came the entire group of omegas. As they came in many alphas decided to go straight to them while others decided to stay back. Alec on the other hand decided to stand back from the crowd and just examine over the crowd. 

   There were many omega's all very different from another. Different skin colors, hair color, body shapes they all ranged differently. In the crowd there were a few alphas who already seemed to claim their mates. All it took now was the simple mating mark and they would be sealed.....well until they finally decided to have sex. But from the looks of it many alphas were ready to do that at the moment. But that wasn't the only thing that clouded his mind...there were many scents going throughout the room. With the power of a better sense of smell, an omega's smell could be...intoxicating to an alpha. It could make them seem as if they were drunk at times. But at the moment, Alec felt the need that he had to leave the room. The entire room was filled with alphas we were not at all scared to show off their instincts, and many omegas were ready to submit to them. Pushing his way through the crowd he was so close to reaching the exit. 

   He didn't know why but at the moment he didn't care what his parents would think. He didn't care about what anyone would say, all he knew was that he had to get out of the room. But suddenly he felt a body collided with him and they were both pushed into each other. Him and a strangers chest were so close to another. 

  "Shit." The voice said. But instead of sounding angry or threatened it sounded....pure and tensed as if the person thought that Alec was going to strike him. Shaking his head Alec looked towards who ever he bumped. 

   "I am so sorry." The voice said, instantly apologizing. "I wasn't watching where I was going." 

  But just as Alec was about to speak he looked up at the stranger and he could feel his entire mind go blank. He didn't know that if it was the way the lights shined down onto his skin that made him seem brighter, or the way his midnight black hair reminded Alec of the night sky. But what Alec couldn't believe the most was the strangers eyes. They were a deep brown but they seemed as if they were...broken. He was told that the eyes were the windows into the soul, his eyes seemed as if they held a broken soul. But he didn't know if he was crazy but he could still see a small spark in them. As if they were saying I'm not broken...I'm still strong. 

  " so..sorry." The stranger apologized once again. 

   But with a simple nod Alec played the entire thing off. 

   "Don't worry about it." Alec told him. "It was my fault to, should've watch where I was going." 

    And God....the chuckle the man gave him made Alec want to see him laugh everyday. It was soft and yet strong to the point knowing that it belonged to a man. He didn't know how to explain it but Alec felt all his worries fly from him and with a deep breath, he held his hand out. 

   "Hi...I''m, Alec." 

   Now at first the stranger seemed wary of this gesture. At first he seemed as if he was scared once Alec reached out. As if Alec was going to strike him. But then a small smirk grew on his face and the young man held his hand out as well to shake Alec's. And with three simple words Alec knew that his entire life was about to change. 

  "Hi...I'm, Magnus."