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Haunting Past

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"It's good to finally meet you in person, Mr Smith. Or should I call you by your real name, Mr Callahan?"

Kurt smiled and pressed the chocolate bar he held in his hand to Blaine's back.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment" he said.

"I could tell you the same" Blaine said as he turned around. "So what now?"

"Let's start by telling me where the diamond is" Kurt replied.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Blaine said.

"Don't mess with me" Kurt said. "I've been following you around. I know you have it."

"In that case..." Blaine took a step forward towards Kurt. "Why don't you tell me where I keep it?"

"Okay, stop" Danny sighed. "You're awful."

"Why? I think it was a lot better this time" Kurt frowned.

"First of all, you hate this guy. He killed your partner, so don't look at him like you want to kiss him" Danny said. "And couldn't you get something that looks like a real gun? That chocolate bar is ridiculous."

"I think it was great" Blaine said. "Besides, I don't think people would be too happy if we walked around with a real gun. We are on holiday, if you forgot."

"Come on, everyone knows that you own a gun and we could tell them that it's just a toy... you know, to help Kurt get ready for his role" Danny said.

"No" Kurt said seriously. "Especially if you're around."

"Why?" Danny asked.

"Because we are still on holiday and I don't want you to get into trouble again" Kurt explained.

"That was an accident" Danny said, blushing.

"Uhum. I won't let you go near a gun until you turn 21. Or 30. Depends on your behaviour" Kurt said.

"What's wrong with my behaviour?" Danny frowned.

"Do I really have to remind you?" Kurt asked.

Danny rolled his eyes as he leaned his head back against the wall. He didn't understand why Kurt and Blaine were so worried that he would cause trouble. Okay, sometimes it happened but hey, he was 15, when should he turn crazy if not now?

"It was an accident" Danny muttered again.

"Okay, guys. I don't know what you think but I'm so hungry" Blaine said. "Don't we want to grab a snack and go back to our room?"

"You said that you would train with me, too" Danny said.

"Oh, you're right" Blaine nodded. "Sorry, I completely forgot about it."

"It's not the first time" Danny muttered.

"Come on, show me what you can" Blaine said as he raised his arms in front of him, ready for the fight.

"Just be careful" Kurt said in worry.

"Oh, don't worry. I will just kick his ass" Danny smirked.

"You think so?" Blaine challenged.

"I know I will" Danny said confidently.

Kurt shook his head as he stepped back to give the others enough space. Ever since he had been little and had gotten his first self-defence lessons from Blaine, Danny loved martial arts. He was pretty good, Kurt had to admit that, even if he wasn't really okay with the fact that Danny could beat up someone. It wasn't like Danny was a violent person, not at all, but he was about to start his new school year in a public school, for the first time in his life, and Kurt was worried that he would get into trouble. He knew what high school was like but Danny had no idea how kids acted, all his experience came from those fine private schools he had attended so far, and kids there were so different. Blaine could talk about that a lot. Kurt was worried that Danny wouldn't be able to handle the new situation and end up in a fight one day. That was one of his strongest reasons why he hadn't wanted him to transfer schools but Danny was so stubborn and in the end, Kurt let him make the decision alone, believing that it was the best. Danny wasn't a little kid anymore, he knew what he wanted.

He watched as Danny took slow steps towards Blaine, ready to strike. Blaine smiled as the boy approached him, raising his arms in front of himself defensively.

"Are you gonna show me something?" Blaine challenged.

Danny waited another second before he jumped forward, trying to punch Blaine but the man got out of his way easily.

"You have to be a little faster if you want to hit me" Blaine said.

Kurt sighed and shook his head. Sometimes it was hard with these two, especially when they played this game. He knew how it would end, of course. Danny was a good fighter but nowhere as good as Blaine. It didn't mean he stopped trying, though. The boy, just like he expected, ran forward again and when Blaine jumped away from him, he tried to kick Blaine. The man smiled as he caught Danny's ankle and slamming his hand into the boy's chest, he sent him down onto the mattress.

"Not bad but you have to use your head, too" Blaine said and reached out to help Danny get back to his feet. "Learn from your opponent's movements. Try to find their weakness."

"Do you have a weakness?" Danny asked as he stood up with Blaine's help.

"I do" Blaine nodded.

"And what is it?" Danny asked.

"You have to find out on your own" Blaine smirked.

"How am I supposed to learn when all you do is beat me up?" Danny asked.

"I show you what you do wrong. Big difference" Blaine said.

Danny sighed. He wasn't patient enough for this. He wanted to learn everything and preferably as soon as possible. He didn't want to wait.

"Come on, guys, let's go back to our room" Kurt said. "We still have about an hour until dinner."

"Just an hour?" Danny asked with wide eyes. "Damn, I have to do something with my hair."

Kurt opened his mouth to reply but before he could say anything, Danny rushed out of the training room and up the stairs, leaving the adults behind.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Kurt muttered.

"You don't know?" Blaine smiled.

"Know what?" Kurt frowned.

"I will show you" Blaine said and put an arm around Kurt as they walked to the stairs.

~ o ~

"What's her name?" Blaine asked later that evening as they were waiting for their food in the restaurant.

Danny was unusually quiet since they had arrived. He kept looking at something and when Kurt turned his head to figure out what it was, he smirked. It was a blond girl, about Danny's age.

"I don't know" Danny answered.

"You should talk to her" Blaine said.

"I-I'm not sure" Danny said quietly.

"The first one is always hard" Kurt sighed.

"The first what?" Danny frowned.

"Nothing" Kurt smiled. "Go, talk to her. Introduce yourself and ask her if she would like to go with you to that karaoke party."

"I thought I couldn't go" Dany said slowly.

"I changed my mind" Kurt shrugged. "Go."

Danny smiled and without any other word, he got up and and almost tripped over his own feet in his haste to go to the girl.

"Slowly" Blaine said, rubbing his eyes. "Don't be so nervous. It's just a girl."

Danny nodded and took a deep breath before taking the first step towards the girl. Kurt and Blaine watched as he walked to the girl and tapped her shoulder. The girl turned around and smiled at Danny who seemed like he could pass out in any second.

"He will screw up" Blaine shook his head.

"He won't" Kurt said, elbowing his boyfriend. "He's doing great."

They sat in silence for a while, watching the two teenagers.

"I can't believe he will start dating soon" Kurt said.

"It will be horrible" Blaine groaned.

"Why? First love is always so beautiful" Kurt said dreamily.

"He won't come home for curfew. He will sneak out in the middle of the night. Oh, and I think we should get him condoms" Blaine said.

Kurt looked at him in horror.

"You don't think that he will..."

"No. I know he will" Blaine interrupted. "Should I talk to him about sex or do you want to do it?"

"He's just 15!" Kurt gasped.

"And we both know what teenagers are like" Blaine replied.

Kurt sighed heavily. The idea of Danny dating someone didn't seem so great anymore.

"I can't believe he grew up so fast" he said quietly.

"Yeah. One day he was planning his wedding with... What was her name? Mandy? And now he's interested in real girls. Time passes so quickly" Blaine said.

"I will be a grandpa soon" Kurt said with wide eyes.

Blaine suppressed a laugh as he grabbed Kurt's hand.

"I don't think we have to worry about it anytime soon" he said.

Danny turned away from the girl and ran back to the men.

"She said yes!" he said excitedly.

"That's... great" Kurt said slowly.

"What's wrong?" Danny asked, knowing this look very well.

"Nothing" Kurt said hastily. "We just talked about that karaoke night. Maybe we should join you."

"No way" Danny said.

"Why not?" Kurt asked.

"Because I can't go with my parents. What would the others think?" Danny asked.

"That you have two hot, young dads?" Blaine offered.

Danny rolled his eyes.

"Fine" Kurt sighed. "But don't do anything stupid and be back at 9."

"Kurt, I'm 15 and not 5" Danny reminded him. "What about midnight?"

"10 and it's my last offer" Kurt said seriously. "You should take it."

"Fine" Danny nodded.

"Very good. Now let's eat, I'm starving" Kurt said.

"Just a second" Danny said and grabbed his phone from his pocket. Kurt rubbed his eyes tiredly as he made a photo of his dinner before even touching it.

"You won't post it too, right?" Kurt asked.

"Of course I will" Danny said and got up from his seat to walk behind Kurt.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked.

"Our holiday is almost over and we don't have a photo together" Danny explained. "Look into the camera and smile. You don't want to look bad on the photo, right?"

Kurt did his best but his smile disappeared as soon as the phone was pulled away from his face.

"I guess you will post it, too" Kurt said. It wasn't like he was completely against Internet but what Danny and the other kids at his age did was insane. They practically shared their whole lives with everyone.

"Just one photo on my Facebook, I swear" Danny promised.

"You know how dangerous social media can be, right?" Blaine asked.

"Come on, it's just Facebook. What can be dangerous in posting a few photos?" Danny asked.

~ o ~

A few thousand miles away, in a huge house in the middle of nowhere, a man was sitting in his study, enjoying his expensive Scotch and watching photos on his computer.

"What are you doing?" the other man asked as he stepped inside.

"You know, I like teenagers" the man behind the desk said. "They share the smallest details of their lives on the Internet and they have no idea how much trouble they can cause with that."

The other man stepped behind him and looked at the photos with a raised eyebrow. They had to go through several pictures of places and food before he found out what his boss was going through.

"It's the kid's profile?" he asked.

"Yes" his boss said. "Such a disappoitment. You would think that kids who grow up beside a bodyguard are smarter than this."

He sighed and leaned back on his chair, closing his eyes.

"It's a good thing, right?" the other man asked. "If we can see his photos, we can learn a lot about him and probably about his fathers, too. We can find out when Blaine is alone and then kill him without problem."

"I don't want to kill him" his boss said.

"You don't?" the other asked. "But I thought..."

"I want him dead but that's not how I do things. You know that" his boss said and leaned forward again. He searched through Danny's photos until he found one where he was with Blaine and Kurt, all of them smiling and seemingly happy. "I want him to feel the pain I felt when I lost my father."

He reached out and ran his fingers down Kurt's face before he moved his finger over the picture of Danny and then back to Blaine's.

"I want him to lose everything" he continued. "I want him to be completely alone and hopeless when I finally go after him."

"The kid is an easy target" the other said. "We could start with him. Take him from school and leave his dead body on Anderson's doorstep."

"I didn't say I wanted to kill them" his boss said.

"Then what do you want to do with them?" the man asked.

"I'm not sure yet" the boss said. "We can't be careless. We only have one chance to destroy Anderson and the plan must be perfect before we make a move."

He leaned back on his chair again, watching the family in disgust. He felt sick as he looked at those smiling faces.

"Blaine Anderson must pay for my father's death" he said determinedly.