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a million little rays of sunshine

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"So, we have maybe a half hour," Isabella panted, as Sonny set her on top of the bathroom counter. "Carina's shouldn't wake up until one of us gets her." 

Sonny nodded as his hands roamed along her torso, before slipping under the shirt. "She better sleep," he said, as his fingers dipped into the waistband of her panties. "I've waited all day for this. Two nights with a toddler in our bed and I'm goin' crazy, Iz!" 

Isabella let out a breathless laugh, as he tugged her underwear down her legs. "You and me both," she said, as he pulled his sweatpants and boxers down to mid-thigh. "C'mon, stop stalling, Sonny!" 

After working long shifts for two weeks straight, Sonny finally had a day off, which had been rare for him. Between catching up on laundry and keeping their one-year old out of trouble, the exhausted parents were relieved when nap time finally arrived. One full bottle and two lullabies later, Carina Rose was tucked in her crib, giving her parents some much needed time alone. 

"You alright?" Sonny asked, once they started. "I can move ya to the bed if ya want." 

"Don't you dare stop," Isabella groaned, wrapping her legs tighter around his hips. "If I wanted to have sex in bed, I wouldn't have brought you in here." 

Sonny nodded, pulling her in for a kiss; heated and sloppy, as he thrusted aimlessly into her. Pulling her hips further down on the counter, Isabella let out a loud groan at the sudden increase of pleasure. "Oh, Sonny," she gasped, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. 

Lost in the heat of the moment, neither Sonny or Isabella noticed the guest behind them, standing quietly in the doorway of their bedroom. It wasn't until Isabella was about to orgasm, that she took notice. 

"Sonny, Sonny, Sonny," she cried, her hips bucking up to match his thrusts. "Sonn-CARINA!" 

Startled, Sonny's eyes flew open, just as Isabella came; clenching hard around him, as she tucked her face into his neck, whimpering and suppressing her cries. Unable to control himself and stop, Sonny followed close behind, clutching her waist with his hands. After a few seconds, Isabella lifted up her head and met the gaze of her curious toddler. 

"W-what," Sonny panted in her ear. "What the fuck.." 

"I-I don't know," Isabella shook her head, as Carina stood quietly in the doorway. "Maybe she climbed out of her crib.." 

He groaned in despair, dropping his forehead against her shoulder. "My baby just watched me in the throes of passion. She will be scarred forever, Iz." 

Carefully, they both separated, making sure to cover themselves in the process. Isabella hopped down from the counter, making her way over to Carina. "Topolina," she cooed, picking the toddler up. "What are you doing out of bed?" 

"Mama," Carina babbled, laying her head against her shoulder. 

"I'll go put her down in our bed," Isabella said, as she looked over at Sonny. "Are you okay?" 

With his pants pulled back up, Sonny waved his hand at her. "Just... just give me a minute," he said, still panting. 

Nodding, Isabella carried Carina out of the bedroom and over to their bed, setting her down in the middle by their pillows. Quickly, Isabella went to the dresser to find a pair of clean panties, while Carina pulled at the blankets. 

"You gave us a scare, Rina," Isabella said, as she quickly pulled the garment on. "How in the world did you get out of that crib? Daddy made sure you were tucked in there, all nice and snug." 


Climbing onto the bed, Isabella reached out to check for any symptoms of illness; fever, rashes or a soiled diaper. But when Carina showed no signs of anything, except for being an overly tired and cranky baby, Isabella laid back against her pillows and sighed. 

Sonny stepped out of the bathroom a few seconds later, looking a bit more refreshed than before. 

"Carina Rose," he started, hoping up onto the bed. "Mia Patatina, why are you awake right now?" 

"Dada!" Carina squealed, beaming at him; the four little white caps and a mouthful of drool exposed. "Dada!" 

Isabella snorted, as Carina crawled over to him. "I guess she's not the only girl, who wanted your attention today," she teased, as Sonny picked her up. 

"Yeah, but climbing out of her crib?" he asked, shaking his head. "She's lucky she didn't break her neck, Iz! Or worse!" 

Reaching up, Carina laid her little hand against his mouth, her eyes moving a mile a minute to study his face. Suddenly, she beamed up at him again, before tucking her face against the neck of his shirt. 

"I can't be mad at her," Isabella shrugged, as Carina cuddled with her father. "She's missed you a lot these last two weeks, between work and everything else." 

"Hopefully things will go back to normal soon," Sonny promised, as she stroked the back of Carina's head. "Between this case and trainin' the newbies..." 

She nodded, "Sonny, I know," she said gently. "I don't expect you to stop working, because we have a child now. There are going to be times, when you won't be home all the time. We knew that way before Carina was even in our lives..." 

Sonny sighed, nodding in agreement. It had been a rocky start when they found out about Carina, given the fact that they had been married for almost two months. At first, they were both shocked and scared; coming off from a wedding and a honeymoon, money had been tight.  It wasn't until the first official doctors appointment, in which the pregnancy test came back positive again, that they realized how quickly their lives would change. 

While they went back and forth between utter joy, to sheer panic, the couple argued; about how they would be able to afford a baby, between paying off student loans and other bills, to childcare. But when they both learned that their little bundle of joy, would in fact be a little princess, most of their worries went out the window. 

"I just don't want her climbin' out of that crib," Sonny sighed, moving to lay down; Carina resting against his chest. "If she wants us, I rather her cry for us, as horrible as that sounds. 

"You just don't want her walking in on us again," Isabella teased, delighted when Sonny blushed. 

He nodded, "Well...yeah," he nodded. "My poor girl is scarred now. She just watched her Father, bangin' her Mom on the bathroom counter." 

Isabella snorted, "She's only a year old, Sonny," she reminded him. "I highly doubt she'll remember this, years from now. Besides, I don't think she's the first child, to ever walk in on her parents." 

"God help me," Sonny groaned, as Carina sucked on her thumb. 

"Just wait until she upgrades to a big girl bed," Isabella said, rolling over to face them. "She'll be in and out of it, until we can finally get her to stay in it." 

Looking down, Sonny watched as Carina fell back asleep, before turning to look at his wife. "At the rate she's goin', we'll have to give her over to our parents," he snorted. "Add this to the list of reasons why, since neither of us can go to the bathroom or sneak junk food, without her busting in on us." 

She yawned, "The joys of parenthood," she mused. "At least we're on this journey together. You, me and our cock-blockin' toddler." 

"At least we finished this time..." Sonny chuckled, which made Carina stir. "Shh, I'm sorry baby. Go back to sleep. Shhh..." 

"We might as well nap with her," Isabella pointed out, pulling the blankets up to her shoulder. "When the baby naps, you nap." 

He snickered, "No wonder ya want to put Carina down for naps," he teased, covering himself and Carina with the blanket. "Though, this is pretty nice. Spendin' time together, just the three of us."