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Tremulous: A Love Story

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"The bastard worm ate my car!"

"He was just saying hello." Jodi frowned at the drink in her hand as she thrust it under Tyler's nose. "What do you think of this? I was thinking of calling it a 'Grab-ay Latte."

"Needs more vanilla," Tyler answered absently, taking a sip. "And what do you mean 'saying hello?' He ate my car, Jodi. Damn near got me, too."

"Personally, I think he likes you."

Tyler was dumbfounded. "Like me? Like me? Since when did near bodily harm translate into like?"

Jodi looked up, not concentrating as several splashes of vanilla fell into the latte. "You mean to tell me you never pulled the pigtails of the girls you liked when you were at school?"

Tyler glanced down at the worn boots he wore. "That's different."


"Because more often than not I didn't try to digest them afterwards."

Jodi just grinned.