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Dora and Her Ghetto Adventures

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   Dora wasn't exactly the brightest nor the most smartest. As a child she was constantly picked on for having, what some say: An unrealistic head shape that looks like a watermelon, and a pink butt. She always watched her favorite anime: WORLDSTARHIPHOP. And she was amazed at how ghetto and ratchet one can be. Dora was jealous.

         In her school she had a idol, Peppa. The most ratchet of all. Peppa was a pig with an considerably small stature who stood out like a sore thumb. Her skin was pink, and her mom always had to freshly-sew in weaves, probably because she always ready to fight a hoe.

              Needless to say, Dora wanted to snatch that title from her. She sighed. 

        The Peppa pig was perfect.  All the fuckboys wanted her, including the finest guy of her class, Swiper. Swiper was a illegal raccoon, that Dora was in love with. Swiper took one look at Dora, and said 'Fuck outta here, I ain't fucking no Mexican watermelon'. This caused Dora to be suicidal. But Peppa was known all over the school as the thickest preschooler in the district. One day at Columbine High school, Dora made the mistake she would soon regret.

        "Lobita, The fuck are you doing sitting here?" Peppa exclaimed, irritated, she was wearing ripped knee-length shorts and a shirt with the 'blood' gang sign. Dora looked her sheepishly and then her face darkened, from the tone. Peppa's friend, Caillou, a skinny bald-headed kid with a cigarette in his mouth, glared at Dora with his red-strained eyes, then Peppa told her fat ass to move. 

       "I ain't gonna move ho." Dora stated proudly. Peppa then took a clump of Dora's hair and shoved her to the ground while pouncing on her, but luckily Dora grabbed a strand of her freshly new weave and yanked it out.  Swiper who had been eating, noticed Dora and felt the heat rising up his face. 

        Most teachers came out, rather than stopping it, they were recording the fiasco and jumping like total monkeys.        

        "WORLD STAR!" One voice screamed.

        Dora was suspended for three weeks, and because of this, she earned an ass-whooping and a chancla beating to the core by her crack-head uncle. (Dora's mom was killed in a school shooting, and her dad died in a gang fight. So she had to live with him). She was sick of it. She lit the candles to her Eric Harris shrine and prayed to the Gods once more. 

        She then decided to go to her good friends Pico's house and make a very important plan. Pico is a gay little loli-shotacon, with short blond hair. He was always getting beat up for being a faggot. Dora would always help with his injuries after each incident but Dora was too much of a pussy to stand up to the gang-banger squad, 'The Backyardigans'. 

        He is also a cuck-boy who owns a tumblr account and constantly whines about his gender identity. His blog consisted of phrases like 'duck trump', and 'Fuck Cis people'. Pico was sitting in the comfort of his bed, before he heard a knock.

        The blond went over to the door and opened it. He was shocked, his green eyes widen at the sight. "So you going to let me in or what?" It was Dora. She was wearing a kicker gang banger shirt and little to no clothing. Pico nearly gagged at the sight. 

        Two hours past and Dora was already making herself at home. Pico had decided to help her transform into the most ratchet queen, after watching hours of World Star to learn the ways of the ratchet. "Dora, do you ever feel like punishing your bullies?" Pico asked uncertainly. 

        There came an excellent idea to Dora. She would plan a school shooting, but not before glowing up. She nodded. Pico then grinned and then shot up a couple of gang signs that Dora had learned over the time of her suspension.

                They were back in school. Dora went inside the worn-down buildings that reeked of death and ignored all the gang symbols and swastika  within the school's walls. All eyes were on Pico and Dora. Whenever met with a pair of eyes, Dora would give them the finger. They then went inside the cafeteria for breakfast. (Cause Pico's parents just ran out of food stamps and Dora's fat so her uncle starved her)

        Peppa pig saw the disgrace and her mouth agape. Is it possible? Could someone steal her spotlight, and become the new ratchet queen? No way she is letting this happen. Peppa cringed in disgust and walked over to Dora.

        "Tch. You brought your hentai-con friend too," Peppa sneered while her face was almost too close to Dora's.

        Dora had enough of her shit. Peppa caused Dora her suspension. So Dora proceeded to bitch-slap the fuck out of Peppa. Along with Pico swaying his hips and motioning the middle finger. Pico was dressed in his finest trench coat. This led to people cowering in fear.

        A certain melody could be heard. Some edgy twelve year old with a fidget spinner was blasting XXXTENTACION- YUNG BRATS, in the school's cafeteria. A group of shadows came from the door. Pico smiled mischievously, clenching his sides.

         I got glacial white ice
        And my bitch rack nice
        And I do fight dykes
        Ride my dick like a bike

        "Well look what we have here," A high pitched voice said too proudly. Everyone went silent. It was The Backyardigans. The gang-bangers. Compromising of Uniqua, the Japanese pink dinosaur, Tasha the yellow hippo, Austin, Pablo the Puerto rican drug dealer with one eye and last but not least. Fucking Tyrone. These lil bitches were not to be fucked with. 

        "What're, you roaches doing with my manz Peppa?" The Japanese Pink Dinosaur, asked, her eyes furious with rage. She then pointed to her boss Pablo, and he proceeded to put out a sharp flashing object from the back of his yeezys....