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Un-named Story 1

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In one of the dorms in the Gryffindor Tower a fifteen year old Harry Potter wakes up with the urge to vomit. He rushes to the bathroom to throw up, he throws up in the toilet before flushing it. When he exits the bathroom he sees Neville standing in the middle of the doorway and he says "that's the fifth time you've thrown up this week, you should go to Madam Pomfrey to check on you"

"I'm fine, plus you know that I hate going to the Hospital wing" replies Harry clutching his stomach but Neville doesn't take no for an answer and says "even if I have to get Hermione to take you, you are going to the Hospital wing, little bro" grabbing Harry's arm and giving him a serious look which really impressed Harry. Gone is the shy Neville and in it's place is the brave, confident Neville, just like in first year when he was brave but without the confidence making Harry smile and say "fine, big bro but we should bring Hermione or she'll be pissed that we didn't bring her" Harry and Neville had became close over the Summer when they were in America with Neville's Gran who had taken Harry with them when Neville had asked her to when he found out about the Dursleys the previous year when Ron wasn't talking to him.

Neville's Gran had told the Dursleys that Harry was going to stay with her for most of the Summer much to the Dursleys happiness but Harry had returned to the Dursleys house on the 21st of August, a few days later after he had returned he and his cousin are attacked by dementors.

After the two boys find Hermione, the three teens head to the Hospital wing where Madam Pomfrey is and when she sees them she asks "what is wrong, Mr Potter, Mr Longbottom, Miss Granger ?"

"Harry's been vomiting for the last five days and I'm worried about him" replies Neville. Madam Pomfrey guides Harry to the hospital bed that has his name on it much to Harry's embarrassment who also grumbles as he sits on the bed. The medi-witch waves her wand over Harry's body and when she finds out what's wrong with Harry she exclaims "oh my goodness"

"what's wrong ?" asks Neville in a worried tone as Harry looks worried and Madam Pomfrey just asks Harry "have you been sexually active with Mr Longbottom ?"

"NO, no way, Harry's like my little brother"

"just like he is to me" says Hermione with wide eyes and Harry says "I never had sex with Neville but I did have sex during the summer"

"unprotected sex ?" asks Pomfrey arching her eyebrow.

"yes" replies Harry in a shy way making Hermione exclaim "Harry" she then says "you should have been using protection when you had sex with whoever you had sex with" lecturing Harry a bit. Neville and Pomfrey are nodding in agreement before Hermione asks "who was the guy ?"

"it's a long story" replies Harry.

On the South Side of Chicago a seventeen year old Mickey Milkovich is in the Alibi room when he suddenly gets the urge to vomit, he races past Frank, Ian's father who grumbles about Mickey rushing past him and into the restrooms, racing past Kev's wife, Veronica ,as well, who looks at Mickey as he races into the rest room where he throws up into the toilet. Kev enters the rest rooms to see Mickey sitting next to the toilet looking queasy and he asks "you alright ?"

"no, what the fuck does it look like ?" replies Mickey yelling and looking annoyed. Kev says "come on, we're taking you to my place, V can help you"

"I don't need your fucking help" Mickey yells but Kev ignores it and Veronica just enters the rest room, walks over to Mickey and grabs him to get him on his feet and she says with attitude "you're coming with me to get checked out, I can help you, even if I have to knock your dirty white ass out" she then asks "am I clear ?" Mickey groans and nods. Mickey is lead out of the Alibi Room to Veronica's house where she grabs a medical book from her shelf and she asks Mickey "are there any other symptoms that you're having ?"

"well, the vomiting, I can smell things and they somethings make me sick, my breasts fucking feel tender, I feel tired sometimes and I fucking piss a lot" says Mickey sounding annoyed and wishing he was anywhere but there as Veronica searches through the book and she stops on a certain page and asks him "are you totally sure those are the symptoms ?"

"yes, I'm fucking sure" replies Mickey annoyed before he asks "what's the fuck is wrong with me ?" Veronica has a look of shock as she looks at the page with the answer to what was wrong with the Milkovich boy and she asks "because it sounds like you're knocked up, so, whose the guy you've been fucking ?" Mickey has a look of shock with a hint of fear on his face.

In Lima, Ohio in a motel room that is shared by a family a sixteen year old Samuel Evans or as he's known to his friends, Sam is laying on the bed he shares with his younger siblings who are asleep when he suddenly gets the urge to throw up, he runs outside and throws up on the ground. After he had thrown up when a certain blonde girl who knows about Sam's secret boyfriend and who he is had heard appears.

The girl pretends to be Sam's boyfriend to keep the Jocks and everyone else off his back and off his boyfriend's back too. The girl had come over to give Sam and his family more clothes and had heard the vomiting before she asks Sam "are you alright ?"

Neville and Hermione looks at Harry in a way that says 'start talking, now' and that look makes Harry say "OK, I'll start my story, well it was about two weeks before Neville and I left America to return home when, while Neville was with his Gran and I was alone in the hotel suite, a guy had suddenly crashed through the front door to try and take me away to where he was told to take me but he didn't take me, instead we had sex, four times, in different rooms of the hotel suite, the last two times were in the same room"

"please not on my bed" begs Neville.

"sorry" says Harry with an apologetic look before he says "at least we changed the sheets on the bed, he also took me in the kitchen and the dining room the first time, the second time was on Neville's bed and the third time and the fourth/last time was in my room, on my bed. Each of the first four times were unprotected"

"damn" mutters Hermione before she asks Harry "what happened after ?"

"I found out that he was sent there to capture me or kill me if I was too much trouble but when he saw me, he felt the need to protect me, like you know" replies Harry.

"yea, I think I do" says Neville.

"then what happened ?" asks Pomfrey.

"well, he told me that some the people who sent him out will want a report and that they will wipe his mind of the mission and put him back on ice, so I told him that I could try to heal him. He let me do it, I healed his mind before we had sex again, three times, all unprotected, I fell asleep and when I woke I was alone in bed with a note telling me that he had to leave, he had tracers in his metal arm and that HYDRA will track him to the hotel suite, so he left to keep me safe and out of danger" says Harry.

"well, then he sounds like someone who needs your help" says Hermione before Pomfrey says "you will need to leave Hogwarts" gaining the three teens attention, she then says "it'll be too dangerous with you here with Umbridge around, especially in your condition"

"and Dumbledore, he'll want me to abort my child and I could never do that, ever" says Harry before he asks them "who do you think placed magical blocks on my abilities ?"

"why would he do that ?" asks Hermione in shock.

"to keep him weak and compliant" replies Neville looking angry which surprises Hermione who then asks Harry "what do you want me to tell Ron, when you leave ?"

"don't tell him anything, I only trust you and Neville at the moment, no one else can know that I left" replies Harry looking at the three in the room who all nod in agreement. Harry then gets off the bed and he says "first thing we have to do, before I leave, is get rid of Umbridge, forever, then I'll be doing something else after getting rid of Umbridge" he then turns to Hermione and says "create a defense club, but don't name is after Dumb-as-a-door and don't tell him about it" shocking Madam Pomfrey while Hermione and Neville chuckle at the name.

"I agree with that" says Neville, he then asks Harry "where are you going to go ?"

"New York, to find my man" replies Harry. The three teens leave, as the three teens walk Hermione asks Harry "how will you get rid of Umbridge ?"

"I will banish her, and then I'll reveal to the papers what she was doing to the students, and I'll make sure that they print the truth too" replies Harry looking sly as they walk. Half-way back to Gryffindor Tower they are confronted by Umbridge, Malfoy, Goyle, Crabbe, Nott and Parkinson but what Umbridge doesn't know is that the Slytherins are all on Harry's side since the previous year when Harry hung out with Viktor Krum and the other Durmstang boys. Dumbledore didn't know that Harry was around them but Harry didn't care if Dumbledore did know as Viktor had become like a big brother, a very protective big brother. Umbridge asks the three Gryffindors "now, what are you three doing in the corridors ?, you should be at breakfast"

"we're not hungry" replies Harry rudely.

"now, there's no need to be rude, or you'll end up in detention with points lost off your house" says Umbridge looking gleeful in her pink outfit which disgusts Harry, while smirking Harry waves his hand a bit and changes her outfit and the color into one that muggles wear much to Umbridge's disgust and she demands to know who did it. Harry steps forward and says "I did and you'll never be able to change to back, you should probably leave or else"

"or else what ?" asks Umbridge getting out her wand and signalling the Slytherin students to do the same before she says "I have authority here, under the orders of the Minister of Magic himself, you are nothing but a lying, attention seeking child" which no doubt pisses Harry off to no end. Harry turns to Hermione and says "I'm going to do more than just banish her now" he turns back to Umbridge and says "the punishment must fit the crime" he then nods at the Slytherins who take out their wands and bind Umbridge in ropes, Harry summons a ball gag when Umbridge starts yelling for the paintings to fetch someone but they ignore her as they had been on Harry's side since the first year, even the ghosts including Peeves is on Harry's side as well as the House Elves after he had treated them with kindness.

Peeves appears to just drop some water onto Umbridge and says "pink toad-like gargoyle, should shut her mouth ! Old Bitch, no one wants to hear anything you have to say" Umbridge yells through the ball gag. Harry just flicks his hand at Umbridge and makes her scream through the ball gag as some writing starts appearing on her hand and body, he then banishes her to Azkaban where the dementors can feed on her. Harry nods in thanks to the Slytherins before heading back to Gryffindor tower, avoiding Ron and Ginny who try to talk to him. A few hours later Harry is on a plane heading to New York to find his man, a man named James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. He is seated next to a guy with blonde hair who looks around his age.