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Here All Things in Their Place Remain

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Never before had his favorite chair appeared so welcome to Cedric’s eyes. He stumped toward it with single minded determination, his knees cracking with each step and an ache in his hip that had vexed him for the better part of a fortnight, born of an austere abbey bed and the two days on horseback that followed. Piety and humble reflection had their place, one he would not deny, but age and long habit had made him a creature of greater comforts, and he was keen to surround himself with them again now that his duty to the church was complete. He reached for the chair, prepared to fall into its embrace, when a quiet voice at his back halted him.

“My lord?”

Cedric turned his head to glower at Wamba over his shoulder. He stood just behind Cedric, an understanding smile on his face and his hands outstretched before him.

“What is it?” The question emerged rather more snappishly than Cedric would have liked. Wamba was not the object of his ire, but he embodied yet another comfort that had been denied to Cedric, to both of them, for too many days. There was little hope of stealing away for a tryst with his slave under the watchful eyes of an entire brotherhood of monks. Cedric had diverted that distraction to planning out the thorough bedding he intended for Wamba upon their return, but the realization of that happy vision seemed unlikely now, with his body in revolt.

Wamba was untroubled by his temper, his smile undimmed. “May I take your cloak?”

Cedric grunted, but he stood straight and undid the clasp at his throat, allowing the cloak to fall away. Light hands drew it from his shoulders. The weight of it and the stifling warmth easing from his weary body were an undeniable relief. He turned and watched Wamba fold the heavy cloth over his arm, and his irritation began to fade. Whatever else, they were home now, and free to take what comforts they would without fear of censure. Cedric need no longer pretend that Wamba was less to him than he was.

“Thank you.” He reached out and laid a hand on Wamba’s cheek, a brief caress that was equal parts gratitude and apology for his irascible nature.

The warmth in Wamba’s eyes was enough to melt the frost gathered in the corners of the windows. “Of course,” he said. “The wine will be up in a moment.”

The porters had arrived already, laden with baggage and followed by a pair of servants who began at once to unpack it. Wamba stepped away from Cedric with a dip of his head and went to join them. Cedric watched him go, as he lowered himself at last into his seat with a sigh. He had never intended to make of Wamba a manservant, but it was not in the jester’s nature to stand idle for long. Where there was work to be done, there ever was Wamba to be found. Steward and castellan, farrier and carpenter, stablemaster and swineherd, all benefited of Wamba’s labors, though perhaps none more so than she who ruled the kitchens.

It had troubled Cedric, for a time, the thought that Wamba shuttled from one task to the next for fear of what might befall him should he fail to prove himself sufficiently useful to his master. Over time, however, the urgency that drove him had receded, and Cedric thought it was more habit and a genuine affection for his fellows that kept him to his daily tour of the castle. He worked companionably with the house servants now, a few murmured words and a soft laugh floating to Cedric’s ears as they sorted out a bundle for the laundry and returned the rest to the wardrobe.

Wamba saw to his own small pack last, tucking away his cloak and a few spare belongings in the chest at the far side of the bed, while the porters gathered the empty cases and the servants carried away the soiled garments. The door closed behind them, and Wamba rose to his feet. He turned to face Cedric, the corner of his mouth lifting and one brow tipped up the barest fraction in expectant query.

Cedric looked back at him, rising amusement an odd fellow to the heat that stirred slowly in his gut. He could not rightly call Wamba a boy any longer. Though still slight, he was clearly a young man now, and one wholly ignorant of his own charms. Cedric had felt himself something of a rogue, at times, to have snatched up that beauty for himself so young, but as his eyes traced Wamba’s form, he could summon no true remorse.

He let the anticipation simmer between them for a long moment, then tilted his head with a chuckle. “Come here, then.”

Wamba’s face broke at once into a radiant smile. He took a step toward Cedric, only to be stopped short by a knock on the door.

“What now?” Cedric grumbled.

“The wine.” Wamba went to answer the knock. He exchanged a few pleasant words with the girl on the other side, though he wasted no time relieving her of her burden. Soon enough, the door closed and they were alone again. Wamba carried the tray, laden with a carafe and two goblets, across to the table. He set it down and poured out a cup to offer it to his master. Cedric's hip cracked with a sound like a dry twig trodden underfoot as he reached for it. He cursed and sat back, wine forgotten, while he waited for the pain to subside.

Wamba immediately set the goblet back on the tray, the humor in his expressing falling away. He stepped around the table, and sank to his knees at Cedric’s feet. Careful hands curved around the Saxon’s knees, long fingers laying points of gentle pressure into the muscle above. “What can I do for you?”

“There is little to be done for my advancing age,” Cedric said. “It will pass with a few nights in a proper bed.”

“I can make you comfortable, at least.” Wamba’s hands rubbed a soothing touch over Cedric’s shins before he sat back on his heels and shifted his attention to slowly working off the Saxon’s boots. “Perhaps a bath might help?”

“Too much trouble at this hour.” Cedric heaved out a sigh, laden with regret for all the things that would remain beyond him for at least one more night. He laid a hand on Wamba’s bowed head, carding his fingers gently through fair hair. “I had made plans for a more enjoyable homecoming than this.”

Wamba set Cedric’s boots off to one side, and when he looked up his smile had returned. “I know,” he said. “I could feel you plotting each time you looked at me.”

Cedric chuckled, ruffling his hair. “Are my thoughts so plain to you now?”

“Perhaps I merely imagined it,” Wamba said, one shoulder lifting in a shrug and his voice grown soft. His tongue flashed across his lower lip. “Perhaps because I was doing the same.”

The flood of heat that washed through Cedric’s loins forced a groan from his throat. His hand tightened in Wamba’s hair for just a moment, before he remembered himself and released him. “Wicked thing,” he said fondly, “do you mean to be the death of me?”

“That depends, my lord,” Wamba said, with a tilt to his lips that was wicked indeed.

Cedric’s brow lifted. “Upon what, pray tell, does it depend?”

“Upon which sort of death you mean.” Wamba rose up on his knees, his gaze searching Cedric’s as he reached out unmistakably toward the apex of his master's legs. “We need not forego our plans entirely.”

The Saxon caught his hands before they found their mark, holding them firm in his own as he stared at the jester. Wamba looked back, his expression clear and earnest. What he offered was not something that Cedric had ever asked of him, knowing full well the horror that it held for him. Yet Wamba insisted on fighting those memories, determined that Cedric should have this service of him.

Cedric allowed it, so long as it caused him no undue distress, but there were certain rules between them which must be observed. He pressed Wamba’s hands between his and said firmly, “Not without your cushion.”

Wamba’s nodded, rising smoothly to his feet to go to the bed and fetch one of the smaller pillows from it. The silence grew heavy as he dropped the cushion between Cedric’s feet. He braced his hands atop Cedric’s thighs and lowered himself down between them in a sinuous curl. Cedric stroked a caress across his cheek, then let his hand settle light on the pale neck. Wamba stared up into Cedric’s eyes as he reached for his master’s laces and plucked them free. He folded the cloth away and drew Cedric out to wrap him in a tender grip, the smooth metal of his ring a cool point of contrast to the warm skin of his hand.

Cedric met his eyes with calm affection, and the same reassurance he always offered. “Only as you desire.”

He saw Wamba’s smile in a flash before the golden head bowed over his lap and a hot tongue licked a slow stripe up the underside of his cock. Cedric groaned and slumped back into his chair. One hand took a grip on the wooden arm while the other ever so gently cradled the back of Wamba’s skull. Cedric made no effort to guide him, simply rested his touch there while Wamba coaxed him to full hardness. His tongue played over the head and darted against the sensitive slit, almost curious in its explorations, and Cedric could only hope, through the gathering fog of arousal, that he was not making a comparison between Cedric and his past experiences.

Then that thought slipped from the increasingly lax grip of his mind, as Wamba took a deep breath and closed his mouth around Cedric’s girth. He held there for a moment, letting Cedric’s flesh rest on his tongue, before he began to slide down in slow pulses that took his master gradually deeper each time, until Cedric felt the back of Wamba’s throat tight around him. Wamba choked, and Cedric looked down at him, alert to the first signs of discomfort. His eyes were tightly shut, fine lashes resting on pinked cheeks and the hair beneath Cedric’s hand beginning to dampen, but he quickly found his rhythm again, shallower for a few moments before he forced himself to swallow Cedric down.

He managed it, his nose bumping against Cedric’s skin for a handful of strokes, near enough to drag him over, until a tear slipped from the corner of Wamba’s eye. Cedric immediately took a firmer grip on him to push him away. “Stop.”

Wamba released him, gasping in a heaving breath as he withdrew. He rested his brow against Cedric’s thigh and swiped at the damning trail of moisture on his cheek, panting into the fabric of the Saxon’s trousers as a dark flush of shame rose on his face.

Cedric threaded his fingers into Wamba’s hair again, petting him gently. “You’ve done so well. Take your time.”

Wamba stayed where he was, hiding his face from Cedric until his breathing calmed. Then his eyes opened, reddened but resolute, and he knelt up to take to his task again. Cedric did not question him, only leaned back and let him do as he would. The warm, wet mouth that enveloped him was equally determined, sucking at him with purpose. In the face of such an onslaught, Cedric could only surrender. A rumble built deep in his throat, rising up and out of his mouth in a roar as his pleasure peaked. Wamba persisted through it, drinking down everything Cedric had to give him and easing him through the lingering waves.

He was still there when Cedric finally found the strength to open his eyes. The Saxon reached for Wamba at once, sweat soaked and exhausted by the effort, but with a peaceful satisfaction in his expression that nearly broke Cedric with the force of love it sent pulsing through him.

“What a treasure you are,” he said, low and hoarse. His hands cradled Wamba’s face as he drew the young man up to him and covered the swollen mouth with his own.

Wamba met him without hesitation, lips parted and yearning for Cedric’s kiss. The Saxon gave it to him, delving into the soft mouth and tasting the bitter salt of his own seed. Wamba’s arms reached up for him, twining around his shoulders. Cedric pulled him closer, caressing his lean flanks and the sweet arch of his spine. He kissed Wamba until he tasted like himself again, and by the time he had finished, a hard line of throbbing heat was trapped between their bellies. Delighted, Cedric tugged Wamba up and off of the floor.

He did not fit so neatly into Cedric’s lap as he once had, but his weight astride Cedric’s thigh was warm and perfect. He was still fully clothed, even his boots upon his feet, and while Cedric would have preferred him in nothing but his skin, he would not force Wamba to wait any longer, not after such a gift as he had just given Cedric.

The Saxon contented himself instead with tugging away Wamba’s belt and sliding a greedy hand up over the hot skin of his back. His other tore open Wamba’s trousers and seized him in a sure grip. Wamba’s mouth broke from his on a gasp. His arms tightened around Cedric and he pressed his face to his master’s shoulder, muffling faint whimpers against his body as Cedric stroked him. The Saxon was well practiced in this now. A thumb teasing just so, a well-timed twist, had narrow hips jumping up toward him. It was a matter of moments to have Wamba trembling on the edge.

“Love you,” he whispered into Cedric’s neck. “Want you.”

“Tomorrow,” Cedric promised him, turning his face to press kisses against Wamba’s flushed cheek. “Tomorrow I shall have you in all the ways you have dreamed, until the only word you can remember is my name.”

That tore a moan from Wamba, loud and sudden as the pulses of heat that spilled over Cedric’s hand as Wamba’s climax ripped through him. His whole body shuddered, hanging on that pleasure for one long moment. Then he collapsed against Cedric, his chest heaving and his arms hanging limp over the Saxon's shoulders. Cedric hitched him closer and wrapped both arms around his spent form while Wamba murmured contented nonsense into his neck.

It was several long minutes before he found the strength to shift himself, bracing his hands against the back of the chair to push himself up. The lopsided smile he gifted Cedric was hazy and impossible not to kiss. So Cedric did, taking him by the chin to hold him firm as he swayed. Wamba hummed a laugh into his mouth.

“What is it that amuses you so?” Cedric asked him.

“I merely wondered whether you would like to reconsider the question of a bath."

Cedric took stock of their disheveled state, the mess of their tangled and soiled garments, and had to admit there was sense to Wamba’s suggestion.

“Only if you will share it with me," he decided.

Wamba smiled, sweet and adoring, and in that moment Cedric wanted nothing more than to always see such peace in him.

“As you wish, my lord."