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This Is A Happy Ending

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In some universes, Stacker dies in a Jaeger with Herc's son. They are at the bottom of the ocean, and Chuck and Stacker flip the detonation devices in sequence because the bomb release is jammed. Stacker's last words are spoken to Mako; the last words he hears are in the Drift with Herc's son.


In a universe close to this one, Herc and Stacker meet in a Security Forces bar hazy with smoke and the evaporative trail of cheap synthetic alcohol. Herc isn't married anymore, and when Stacker offers to buy him a drink, Herc looks over and sees broad shoulders, big hands, friendly smile, so he takes Stacker up on it. After that, it's fifteen minutes until they're messing around in an alleyway with each other and forty-five until they're fucking in a cheap motel room around the block. Herc thinks that the games Pentecost wants to play are silly, but somehow, at the same time, they're hot. Fun, so Herc stays on his knees, keeps going, doesn't safe word out.

0415 on Monday, he wakes up to the sound of a shower running. Herc joins Pentecost in the bathroom for one last fuck, and before the water is fully dry off their skins, they go their separate ways, Stacker holding a grip bag with gear and Herc with nothing in his hands, but walking with his head up, whistling and looking forward to his breakfast.


In this universe, when Herc Hansen is thirty-five years old, he sells himself, body and soul.

The ending is happy. What else do you want to know?