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hot and heavy

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Taehyung rolled over for what felt like the hundredth time that morning, the mattress shifting beneath him. His body felt like it was on fire, his blood burning in his veins, so hot that it felt like it’d evaporate. He had felt his heat developing over the past few days, but didn’t expect it to come so soon and hit him this hard . He had woken up what felt like hours ago, his cock achingly hard and his slick starting to leak from his hole. At first he had tried to go back to sleep after waking up at an hour even he deemed too early, hoping that he could sleep through it for a few hours and deal with it later, also not wanting to disturb his sleeping boyfriend next to him. He kicked off the quilt that clung to his body due to the layer of sweat that had formed on his skin,

his tail thumping against the bed as he rolled onto his stomach, shoving his face into the pillow and biting down, his canines ripping small holes into the linen. His hips started to instinctively grind against the bed, the ripples in the sheets were just enough to be felt through the thin material of his boxer briefs. Tears began to sting his eyes, the sensation just wasn’t enough and it was making him frustrated, any other time and his would’ve been enough, but his heat made him crave so much more. He was so hard that it hurt . Unsatisfied with the feeling, he pushed himself up onto his haunches and shoving his damp underwear down his thighs, his flushed cock springing free and slapping against his stomach, a sigh of relief passed through his lips.

“Quit moving.” Yoongi’s rough morning voice caused Taehyung’s ears to drop submissively, devastated that he had woken up his boyfriend.

“S-sorry, it just hurts so much.” the younger whined. His skin tingling as his tail curled up against his thigh, his entire body severely over sensitive

“What are you on about?” he huffed, tightening the blanket around himself and rolling away from the other, too tired to decypher what he was referring to. The two had been dating for a few years now yet it still took Yoongi forever to put two and two together and realise what his hybrid boyfriend was going through, usually having to outright tell him.

“My heat started.” Taehyung’s voice was low as he fiddled with his tail, sending tingles of pleasure straight to his cock.

“Weren’t you just in heat?”

“That was a few months ago,” a pout formed on his lips, “I’m sorry I woke you. I tried to be good.” the loud sniffle from the younger caused Yoongi to roll back over, propping himself on his elbow and finally opening his eyes. He blinked a few times before his vision cleared, his heart sinking at the sight; Taehyung sitting upright on the bed, his head lowered as tears spilled down his blushed cheeks, his hands tugging his shirt down over his cock, small damp patches above the hem where his precum had soaked into it.

Unlike like Taehyung’s hybrid friends whose heat turned them dominant and very horny, Taehyung’s made him exceptionally needy and emotional. He dreaded whenever his heat came along, hating the burden he became, constantly apologising to Yoongi. Yoongi hated to see his boyfriend so upset, always assuring him that he was more than happy to help him through his heat, no matter what he wanted. He’d never admit it to his friends but Yoongi loved babying and coddling Taehyung, especially through his heat when he needed self assurance the most.

“Hey, hey, hey, baby.” the elder cooed, sitting up and shimmying closer to the other and holding his face in his hands “Don’t cry, it’s okay.” he used his thumbs to wipe away the warm tears

“I’m sorry-”

“Stop apologising.” Yoongi chuckled, now fully awake, “do you want a hand?” he gestured down to his erection that was now on display. The younger simply nodded, still brushing his fingers through his tail. Yoongi carefully placed his fingers under the hybrid’s chin, tilting his head up and pressing their lips together - both grimacing at the stale taste of their morning breath. That was enough to get the ball rolling, Taehyung taking the lead of the kiss and tugging at Yoongi’s shirt for him to take it off. The material feeling too rough against his sensitive skin.

After a few minutes of a sloppy make out session Yoongi lightly tapped on Taehyung’s cheek, causing him to pull away, a string of saliva hanging from their lips, “On your hands and knees baby.”  Taehyung’s ears perked up at the command, loving when Yoongi called him baby, scrambling into the ordered position. His body tingled with excitement as he felt the mattress dip behind him, his tail swishing backwards and forwards rapidly. A sharp slap echoed in the room, a loud gasp falling from Taehyung’s lips, “Keep your tail still will ya?” he nodded again and wrapped the appendage around his thigh, beyond ready for whatever Yoongi was about to do.

“Yoongi please!” he finally piped up again, his animalistic need for physical contact surfacing. He felt the elder’s warm hands rub over the red mark where he had spanked him, then slowly sliding them down his spine, applying enough force to cause him to drop his weight onto his elbows, his ass now up in the air and completely on show. Any attempt to touch himself or rut against the mattress was now impossible.

“Look at you, so wet already.” a shiver traveled up Taehyung’s spine as Yoongi swirled his finger around his rim, it fluttering at the sudden contact, following the lubrication trail that was now dripping down his thigh. Before he could speak up again, the elders tongue liked a stripe in the opposite direction his finger had just gone, a loud moan erupting from his throat and his head falling onto his pillow. A rush of slick spilling out, finally being touched in the right places.

Yoongi didn’t waste any time in putting his mouth to work, maintaining a fast pace while his hands massaged Taehyung’s ass cheeks. His eyes rolled into the back of his skull as Yoongi’s tongue pushed its way past the tight muscle, sliding in with ease languidly trusting in and out, such lewd sounds bouncing off the walls of their bedroom. Yoongi slipped a finger in with no resistance due to the amount of slick that was spilling from Taehyung’s hole, now with more ease due it being stretched open slightly by Yoongi’s tongue and single digit. Soon enough being followed by a second then a third, the younger's back arching at the stretch and slight burn.

“S-so good,” he moaned, his mouth falling open, “move p-please.”. Not needing to be told twice, Yoongi started moving his fingers in and out at a steady rhythm, Taehyung moaning in time with each forward movement. Taehyung shifted his hips slightly and let out a loud squeak,

“Oh god right there!” Yoongi stilled his movements, fingers knuckle-deep. With a small smirk on his face he began to slowly start rubbing figure eights against the newly found spongy bundle of nerves, his fingers purposely pressing harder against it every few seconds. Small sobs came from the other as he shoved his face further into the pillow, his untouched cock dripping precum uncontrollably and his whole body trembling, he was close. Yoongi could feel how close he was and knew exactly how to tip him over the edge. Maintaining the movements against his prostate with one hand, he used his free one to grab onto the hybrid’s tail near the base and giving it a rough tug. Taehyung didn’t even get a chance to give the other a warning before he came, shooting strings of white against his stomach and the bed sheets, his whole body trembling and his breathing heavy. His cock still hard.

“Better?” Yoongi knew that one orgasm was never enough for Tae, let alone when in such a strong heat cycle. The younger shook his head, a shiver running down his spine due to the cold morning air chilling the fresh cum on his tanned skin. “Tell me what you want baby?”

Taehyung licked his lips slowly, exhaling deeply, “I-I,” he looked over his shoulder and met the other’s eyes, “I want to ride you. Please.

It was so hard for Yoongi to be controlling in this situation, Taehyung being so polite when asking for such dirty things. It was the complete opposite to usual sex between them, Taehyung being very dominant and kinky, often using his bigger size to manhandle the older. Contrary to what most people thought.

Yoongi gave a quick kiss to the dimple at the bottom of the younger’s spine, as a way to give him the green light.

The two shuffled into the new position, Taehyung stacking pillows behind the other and asking several times if he was comfortable. This happened every time he was in heat, he’d constantly ask if everything was okay and if he had permission to do something (usually to finally cum), even with Yoongi always telling him that he could do whatever he wanted, he was all his. Once settled comfortably, he watched as the younger timidly crawled over his body, sitting down against his thighs, his slick feeling even hotter against heated skin.

“So beautiful.” he reached forward to stroke the fox’s thigh, pinching the soft skin. Taehyung bit his lip, his canines breaking the kiss swollen skin. The complement sparked his body to move again, finally yanking the older’s underwear off, him hissing when the cold air hit his fully hard cock, the younger then inching further up his body.

Grabbing Yoongi’s cock in his hands carefully, he hovered himself over it, his slick dripping a little onto him. Yoongi was about to ask if he was prepped enough, as he hadn’t done a good job of it before and they hadn’t used any lube, only relying on Taehyung’s self-lubrication, but without warning the younger pushed the cock past his slightly stretched muscle and dropping all his weight down, bottoming out. A loud moan echoed through both of them. Taehyung was so warm around Yoongi, his cock filling him up so well and the stretch hurting Taehyung so good, not willing to wait for himself to adjust.

“Fuck, y-yes Yoongi.” he hiccuped, slowly starting to move his hips in slow circles, his mind so polluted with lust, “y-you fill me up s-so good, I love your cock.” his voice was high pitched, being so high-strung for so long now. It didn’t take long before the small movements weren’t enough again, switching it up and beginning to bounce aggressively, his body falling forward and supporting himself against Yoongi’s chest. The smell of sweat and sex in the air mixed with the rapid sound of skin slapping was intoxicating. The rate at which Taehyung was going felt like it could bruise, Yoongi getting fucked deeper and deeper into the mattress.

“For fuck’s sake Yoongi, touch me!” Yoongi obeyed, his hands finding their way to Taehyung’s ass, kneading it in his palms and helping Taehyung find a steady rhythm. Words of praise fell from Taehyung’s lips like a mantra, telling Yoongi non-stop how good he made him feel and how close he was. Yoongi could see that Taehyung was getting a little frustrated and antsy, unable to angle his hips and body correctly so that Yoongi was hitting his bundle of nerves again. He watched for a moment as the hybrid chewed on his bottom lip and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to clear his foggy mind and compose himself without interrupting his harsh pace. Taking advantage of Taehyung’s distracted state, Yoongi flipping their position so that Taehyung was now flat on his back, looking up at him with wide eyes as his body softly bounced against the mattress. Yoongi paused, taking a moment to take in the beautiful sight below him; Taehyung’s brunette hair dishevelled and fanned across the white linen - velvety ears only just peaking out, lips swollen from being kissed and raw from being bitten at by sharp canines, a dark pink hue across his normally honey skin and his pupils blown. He could stare at him in this state for hours. Time seemed to tick by so slowly as they stayed in that position, just staring at each other, breathing beginning to calm. Taehyung opened his mouth to say something but Yoongi kissed him before he could, so much pressure and passion in the kiss. Yoongi swallowed Taehyung’s moan as their cocks touched, slickly sliding against each other with such small movements of their hips.

Yoongi pulled away first, trailing wet kisses along Taehyung’s jaw and neck, nipping at the skin occasionally. His skin was so hot and salty against Yoongi’s lips, the hybrids fever making his skin feel 100 degrees. Soft whines rumbled in Taehyung’s chest as Yoongi’s mouth travelled lower and lower, leaving a trail all the way down his neck and torso, stopping just on his hip bones. He could sense that the hybrid was about to start whining louder or beg, so he put his mouth to work - wrapping it around his deep red tip and sucking. A loud mix of high pitched sounds escaped Taehyung’s mouth as his both writhed around, not expecting the sudden increase in stimulation, hands grabbing onto Yoongi’s hair to ground himself and not flail around aimlessly.

Taehyung was so close already that it didn’t take long of Yoongi deep throating him for him to snap and come down his throat with a yell. He watched Yoongi’s bob slowly as he gently used his tongue to clean up any stray drops of come, humming gravelly at the taste. As Yoongi shifted his weight and sat up, Taehyung desperately searched for any part of Yoongi to grab hold of and pull closer - which was a hard task seeing as he was completely naked. It didn’t take long for his fingers to find the shorter hairs on the back of Yoongi’s neck (he loved the look of Yoongi’s undercut but it wasn’t too practical in times of passion like this), gripping them tightly and closing the gap between them, immediately licking his way into Yoongi’s mouth and being able to taste himself. He moaned and melted into the kiss, being able to feel his fever start to subside and his muscles to unwind.

“Such a good little fox.” Yoongi whispered into the kiss, brushing Taehyung’s sweat drenched bangs from his eyes and petting his sensitive ears with his thumb. Taehyung’s heavy eyelids shot open as he felt the other break the kiss and move away from him,

“Yoongi wha-”

Yoongi shot him a confused look, “What?”, pouting the hybrid looked down between them, Yoongi’s cock still rock hard and leaking precome generously, Taehyung himself still half hard, “You want to go again? You sure you can take a third round?” he gulped and nodded confidently.

“Please fuck me Yoongi.” he couldn’t leave his boyfriend with blue balls, sure he was in heat but the sex shouldn’t be all about him, Yoongi more than deserved to get release, and not just by his hand.

Placing a soft kiss on Taehyung’s forehead, Yoongi repositioned himself in between Taehyung’s thighs and carefully pushed his cock into Taehyung, trying cause him as little pain and discomfort as possible. More than happy to pull out if it all became too much. His thrusts started off slow and precise, gradually building up speed and power. Once finding the the right rhythm, he adjusted Taehyung’s position, hooking his thick thighs over his smaller in comparison shoulders, already reaching a deeper position.

“You good baby?” Taehyung’s voice was airy as he told Yoongi that he was and to start moving. His mouth fell open at the first thrust, tears building in his eyes because Yoongi managed to find the exact spot first go.

“Yoongi yes, please, ah , faster oh my-” he babbled, his nails digging sharply in Yoongi’s biceps. With Taehyung’s deep moans getting louder with each thrust, Yoongi sped up, slamming into the hybrid with a strong force and hitting the bundle of nerves dead on each time, fire licking at his spine. Taehyung felt himself tipping towards over sensitivity, the slightest touch of his skin sending electric through his veins.

“Fuck. I’m so close.” Yoongi’s voice was muffled as he buried his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck, Taehyung mirroring his actions while clawing at the smooth milky skin of Yoongi’s back - hard enough to leave marks for at least a day.

It didn’t take long before a deep guttural moan vibrated against Taehyung’s neck, both of them coming simultaneously. Taehyung bit down harshly on Yoongi’s shoulder as he felt him spill into him, not aware of his canines puncturing the skin.

The two stayed practically glued together for a few minutes, trying to compose themselves and come down from their highs. Yoongi gently mouthed at the hybrids neck as an attempt to distract him while he pulled out, hearing a tired whimper from the other, a mix of feeling so empty and slight pain from over sensitivity.


Yoongi crawled off the bed and shortly returned with a warm, damp cloth, cleaning off the layers of sweat, come and slick.

He whispered a few apologies as wiped the cloth against Taehyung’s puffy hole and softened cock, feeling the younger shudder at the contact.

“How about you go and have a bath while I change these sheets?” Yoongi suggested, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside the other, who looked utterly fucked out and maybe even fast asleep.

“Can’t be assed, later. For now, cuddles.”

“Taehyung, we can’t these sheets are filthy.” Taehyung’s eyes opened just in time to see his boyfriend scrunch his nose at the idea of lying on the soiled sheets, smiling at how cute he was - no matter how much he denied it. Taehyung shimmied over a bit, a damp patch on the sheets (most likely from the amount of slick that was spilling from him) coming into contact with his thigh and pulled Yoongi down beside him onto a cleaner section of the bedding. Surprisingly the elder didn’t protest, instead letting his boyfriend curl into his side, their skin clammy and sticky against each other. Yoongi nosed Taehyung hair and ears, knowing that he loved it and it comforted him. He always felt a little upset that he couldn’t give his boyfriend everything another hybrid could, himself only being human, hoping that he was good enough.


“Thank you Yoongi.”

“No need to thank me Tae, I’m happy I could help,” he placed a few kisses to the top of the brunettes head, “Are you feeling better? Your fever has gone.” his hand rested against his forehead, his skin feeling cool to the touch.

Taehyung hummed in reply, “Much better.”

It had been hard for Taehyung; he’d wanted to go on suppressants his whole life growing up, and once he finally had enough money to buy them for himself he suffered a severe reaction to them, his body not agreeing with them. Along the way he had tried a few different brands and ones with different ingredients to see if maybe it was something small and not important that triggered his reaction. Unfortunately none seemed to work, which left Taehyung to have to withstand his heats with just simple painkillers during the really bad ones. The whole experience got easier when he met and started dating Yoongi. Yoongi was really understanding and comforting, especially through his heats, never being disgusted by the different way his body reacts to some things, mainly when aroused. The elder was always fascinated by Taehyung’s extra appendages, constantly commenting on how soft his fur was and how sensitive they were to the simplest touches. Taehyung never felt like a lower class citizen or a pet with Yoongi, he treated like an equal and just like any average boyfriend.

Taehyung looked up to see Yoongi sending a message before putting his phone back down on the beside table, already knowing that he was informing work that he’d be working from home for a little while, they understood his situation and had worked at the company long enough for them to let him have this occasional time off, still contributing more than most employees did, even from the comfort of his home.

“Do you need anything?” he asked, massaging Taehyung’s shoulders, the muscles taut from his body being so on edge,

“Just sleep.” Yoongi noticed the energy drop from his voice as a leg was draped over his waist.

“As much as cleaning up and showering sounds ideal, I can’t deny that.”

A mumble of sounds somewhat resembling a ‘love you’ came from Taehyung making Yoongi laugh, replying with a “I love you too Taehyung.”. Witnessing the energy drain almost instantly from his body, the comfortable position he was in seeming to be the final step to the perfect rest. The exhaustion from the morning’s activities and the warmth radiating from Taehyung’s skin was enough to cause Yoongi to fall back asleep shortly after his boyfriend, the thought of the dirty bed sheets being long forgotten.