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We Found Love

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To say that Prompto Argentum was good at his job was an understatement. He was absolutely amazing at his job.

He knew way too much about weddings and about the difference between A-Line and heart shaped gowns. There was also a huge difference between tulle and lace (he would always try and suggest lace to confused brides). Cindy, who was his assistant, and his best friend at this point of his life, had a betting pool at work. He would always win because he knew which couples would get divorced and who would call off their weddings before the wedding. He had a sixth sense about it and that unfortunately made him a cynic.

When Prompto was still young and fresh to the world of wedding planning, he went on plenty of dates. Prompto believed in love. He was even briefly engaged at one point but, that did not work out at all. After that there were other dates but Prompto knew. He always knew there would never be a second date. The man that Prompto thought he was going to marry had no prospects and yelled at him so that he was glad that relationship ended. So Prompto took a backseat in his own personal life and had a ball making other countless brides and grooms happy. Cindy had been bugging him for weeks to go on a date. “I know a guy or a girl… take your pick stud!” She would say, and Prompto would immediately refuse. He was fine being alone.

“Those who can’t wed, plan.” That was Prompto’s motto.

Prompto Argentum, was going to turn thirty years old later in the year and while he was fine with being alone, he also wasn’t. The only thing that kept him happy was his job. It gave him such great satisfaction to see the brides and grooms that did last beyond the annulment period. It made him so happy on the rare occasion that he did lose money in the betting pools. Prompto just told himself that he would wait and he kept waiting.

It was great to have Cindy and Aranea in his ear telling him what a wonderful catch he would be. He was the best and brought in so much revenue to Aranea’s company. His work was already featured in many bridal magazines and the internet blogs were abuzz with his stunning eye for detail. Prompto would scout out spots and bring his camera with him everywhere. Even for the weddings that were not extravagant, he would make them the best for his clients. It was a special day and these people were paying him to do his best work. Aranea Highwind hired him at twenty-four and it was the best thing that ever happened to Prompto. The chaos of the wedding and the meticulous details made everything better. Cindy came along and they were all great friends at the office.

Now though, Prompto was in full work mode. The client was a lovely couple from Accordo. They came to Insomnia just to have Prompto as their planner. So Prompto made it great. The couple spared no expense for flowers which was Prompto’s favorite thing to arrange and photograph for clients. He had the presentation ready with arrangements and themes. So they went with a good option, in Prompto’s opinion. Prompto checked every last detail of the church. It was crunch time. His mic was in place over his ear as he heard the orchestra begin to play some lovely beethoven symphony the groom had suggested.

“Heya sweetie,” Cindy drawled. There was some panic in her voice. “I can’t find the F-O-B.”

The father of the bride. “Ugh,” Prompto spoke into his mic and made eye contact with Cindy who was in front of the church by the groom. Prompto quickly looked around and hoped to find the man but he was also happy with what he saw. It was exactly to the bride’s specifications. Each bench was adorned with at least 50 white orchids and that was just the benches. On the ceiling, Prompto managed to get a contracting company to have vines adorned with the same orchids as they cascaded from the ceiling. The bride wanted a “tropical-ish but traditional” themed wedding. So Prompto hoped that he delivered that.

But first, he needed to find the F-O-B. So Prompto patted down his suit and tried to walk quickly towards the back of the church. When he checked one of the changing rooms, all of the groomsmen were taking shots.

“Guys,” Prompto’s tone was dangerously low. “I know…” A few of the men groaned while another one took a shot with the best man. “But wrap it up, it’s showtime in 5 minutes.”

One of the groomsmen saluted Prompto as he took his shot but all of the men quickly began putting on their blazers. They had to move quickly because Prompto needed this wedding to start in four minutes and thirty seconds. And there was still no F-O-B.

Finally, when Prompto rounded a corner where he could see the priest, the last piece of the wedding puzzle was there. The F-O-B...

There was a list and Prompto always made sure to have everything ready before every wedding. He consoled the bride earlier because she thought she should have picked tulle instead of lace. Prompto made sure to tell her that lace looked better for her body shape and was elegant and timeless. The bride took a deep breath and said that she was ready. The second thing to check off were the bridal parties: the bridesmaids and the groomsmen had to be on their best behavior. Prompto always checked if anyone needed a different bra, if there were stains to be removed or deodorant. It was better to be safe than sorry.

With the groom, Prompto always hated dealing with them. He was no stranger to catching clients on social media with unflattering or downright disgusting pictures of the grooms with strippers or making an ass of themselves days before a wedding. So he always had to fix that. It was annoying and it was another reason Prompto tried harder to date women. Dudes were just…

Dudes were not good. At least if Prompto got married to a woman, he would save his best work for her. But with a slight grumble, Prompto saw that the groom was fantastic in his tuxedo and desperately wanted to ask the bride later on if he had a brother. The man looked good.

“Excuse me sir,” Prompto noticed that the F-O-B was in tears. He was mumbling about his daughter getting married and something about how he couldn’t believe this. The priest shrugged and looked on in panic. Prompto pointed to the priest to head towards the front of the church. Ever the professional, Prompto could handle this. He handed the F-O-B two advils and a bottle of water that he carried in his trusty fanny pack. “Pull it together. All you have to do is walk. Your daughter needs you.”

The man looked at Prompto and nodded slowly. As he stood up, Prompto fixed the cufflinks on the F-O-B and did one last check. Unfortunately, Prompto had no time to tweeze the man’s eyebrows but they only had two more minutes. Oh well...

As Prompto began to lead the way when he waved to a woman that he had been dying to meet. She was going to be his next client if everything went well. Prompto could not believe it. She was even more stunning than the society pages led Prompto to believe. Her blonde hair was in a tight bun but she had a wonderful fringe that brought out her wonderful blue eyes. She was wearing a business suit and her manicured nails were holding a notepad.

“Go up the ceiling stairs,” Prompto mouthed to her. Cindy already waved at the woman as well as both women introduced themselves to each other. “We’ll talk later.”

The bride was ready and the F-O-B finally managed to pull it together. He was no longer crying when he looked at his daughter with a look of utter pride and joy on his face. Prompto pointed towards the now tipy groomsmen to find their partners while the bridesmaids shifted in their heels nervously. Although Prompto was not a fan of pastel pink, he thought that it was just “fine” on the wedding party. Luckily, as the orchestra began to play the processional music, everyone seemed to remember what they were supposed to do. The Groom was already on the steps with the priest and the bridal partners waited 5 seconds in between before walking down the aisle. When the father of the bride and the bride began to walk down the aisle, Prompto finally felt himself start to relax. The ceremonies were great because they were a break. The tension went away completely when Prompto heard the familiar notes of “Here comes the bride.”

Prompto quickly ran up the stairs and made sure to walk a little bit straighter. He almost tripped but he managed not to, thank the gods. Finally, he approached the client. She was going to be the one to put his name on the map. If he was able to secure this account, all the money that Prompto had saved up could finally be used to buy a house and a caretaker for his father. It was going to be great. He took a deep breath and tried to hold his nerve.

“Good afternoon,” Prompto said softly. He shook her hand and she had the widest smile on her face. “I’m Prompto. I hope you enjoy what you see today. If you have any questions just let me know.”

“Thank you,” the woman grinned. Her eyes looked around the church and she looked in awe at the sight before her. The flowers that were in the church as well as the lights and the placement of the wedding party were all things that she looked at intently.

“I’m sorry,” Cindy said suddenly. “I’ll be going to the reception hall. Good luck Stud.” Cindy turned to the woman and shook her hand. “It was nice meetin’ ya Miss Luna.”

“Thank you,” Luna said to Cindy. “It was nice to meet you.” Cindy repeated back the same sentiment and went down the stairs to leave.

“Do you like it?” Prompto asked. He bounced on his heels and stopped because his brand new leather shoes squeaked oddly on the wooden floor. Prompto was so nervous.

“I think this is exquisite,” Luna said. She looked down at the full church aisles and smiled. “I’m sorry my fiancé couldn’t be here. He is very busy with work. But as I understand it, you have another wedding later this week correct?”

“Yes,” Prompto said quickly. “That one is all outdoors, so if you are thinking about that, I would definitely go with your fiancé .”

“Excellent,” Luna grinned. “My Mom and my fiance’s father will be in town. So at least they can see it too. I was thinking an outdoor wedding would be great. My fiancé is disinterested but he enjoys camping on occasion so I thought it would be good.”

Prompto mentally rolled his eyes but this was typical. “Oh so he is N-I-D,” Prompto teased.

“Hmm?” Luna blinked back in confusion.

“Not into details,” Prompto smiled. Luna laughed and quieted down right away. She peeked down at the church aisles to see if anyone heard her and thankfully no one turned around to look at them.

“That sounds like him,” Luna grinned. “Well I have to go because I need to host a charity event later. But please understand that this wedding has no budget. So if you see anything that might catch your eye and you think might be too extravagant… it isn’t. At all.”

“Got it!” Prompto giggled lightly. This was turning out better than expected. He was not surprised. The famous wealthy socialite marrying into a family of another famous wealthy businessman’s son. Of course there was no budget.

Both of them watched the wedding ceremony and Prompto managed to keep his inner squealing to a minimum. Aranea was going to be so pleased with him.


“Hey Dad,” Prompto arranged his scrabble board and began to go for the kill. He had his tiles ready and his father was frowning intensely. “Boombox… you are not gonna come back from this one.”

The wedding was successful and Prompto went to go see his father at the retirement home the next morning. It was a nice one but Prompto wanted to have his Dad with him. Although his father was a great war hero, Prompto just felt better to have his father in his home. He already had a realtor look up potential homes. Then Prompto could hire a caretaker for his dad. It was a good plan.

“Jeez kid,” his father looked at the board and frowned. Currently, his father was living on his own but he frequented the community center often. Prompto loved coming here with his Dad, especially after his wife had passed away earlier when Prompto was 21. It was a tough time but Prompto thought his father had found his niché being among other people at the community center. At the moment however, his father looked at Prompto with a wide grin. “That was brutal.”

“I know,” Prompto giggled. It was starting to get late and Prompto wanted to go home but he didn’t. It was just going to be another lunch alone with some salad and netflix. Maybe he would try and vacuum? “That was fun dad.”

“So I have some good news,” his father grinned. “Do you remember a little boy named Nyx?”

“Umm,” Prompto racked his brain and tried to think of who that was. He was drawing a blank and shook his head.

“He and I go to the same gym in the morning. Funny story.” His father had an odd look that Prompto did not like.

“And,” Prompto now crossed his arms and began to frown.

“It turns out,” his father began. “He told me that he had trouble finding some nice young men to date in this city.”


“And he kept going on about it,” Cor waved his hand and his enthusiasm was growing. “‘Mr. Leonis, I can’t find anyone to date.’ So I said. Hey remember my adoptive son Prompto?”


“Dad no,” Prompto whined. Now he remembered the guy. “He called me a fatty and tried to beat me up that summer by the beach. Him? Seriously?”

“Well,” his father grinned. “He has a good job. He works at a bank. I think you two should go out.”

“Well,” Prompto uncrossed his arms. He could play along too. “Wow a man just for me.” He clapped his hands and tried to be overly enthusiastic about it too. “Dad… I must see him at once.”

“Oh he’s here,” Cor pointed towards the back of the room. There was Nyx, Prompto remembered him and he groaned as Nyx waved at both of them. “Just go out with him Prompto. He wants to go out with you which is a good thing right?”

“I can’t believe this,” Prompto felt like running away but that was rude. It wasn’t like Nyx was ugly either but he was so embarrassed. There were other retired old ladies now looking at their table curiously.

“Hey Nyx,” his father pointed at Prompto who was trying to hide his face with the scrabble board. The pieces began to scatter the floor and Prompto did not care. This was so fucking embarrassing. “You remember Prompto right. Prompto, be polite and say hi.”

Prompto took a deep breath and patted his head down. He put on the best smile on his face and looked right at Nyx. The scrabble board could not hide his face anymore. “Hello.”

“Hello,” Nyx smiled. “Sorry for this being so random but it was just a huge coincidence.”

“Right,” Prompto’s smile began to waiver. “Right.

“Anyways,” Nyx put a hand through his hair and looked right at Prompto. “I see you started to work out. You look great now.”

Prompto’s grin began to falter even more as his grin was becoming even wider. “Yes…” Prompto coughed and looked at his father and hoped the look was enough to communicate “Forget the house, you are on your own.”

“I was actually thinking of maybe doing something low key,” Nyx said in a drawl. “Maybe a nice bar or you could cook. Mr. Leonis said you are a good cook.”

Prompto put the scrabble board down roughly on the table. He grabbed his coat and walked with a quick stride towards his Dad. He placed a kiss on his father’s forehead and began to walk away. Well, walk quickly away. Prompto had never felt so embarrassed in his life and he wanted to run away so fast. He almost tripped over a chair but he kept walking off. Even though he heard his Dad and Nyx call out to him.

Prompto thought that had to be the most embarrassing moment of his life. His own father was playing matchmaker. For him.



“Hey Aranea,” Prompto was now on the phone and heading towards the office. He completed his morning run and was running a bit late. “I was going to take pictures of a potential site for the Fleuret-Caelum clients.”

“So you booked them?” Aranea asked. She sounded like she hadn’t had her first cup of coffee.

“No,” Prompto began. “But I think I might be able to book it if I do an outdoor site. I was thinking the park near the outskirts of the city… you know? The one by the hospital.”

“Excellent,” Aranea laughed. “Take your time, but be here at 10 because we still have to do the Manchester booking later at 10:30.”

“Thanks,” Prompto grinned. He had his camera out and began to take pictures. This park might be perfect. It was this wonderful and had enough room to hold at least 500 guests. Prompto knew this would be a huge wedding. So 500-700 guests sounded reasonable for him and it was good enough for the site.

There was just one problem: The fountain where the couple could get married at was closed and Prompto could not get a good shot of it. He had to find a way to get there before the client came in later to the office. After walking around, Prompto finally found a good place to take the picture. It was right in front of this hospital but it was on a busy main road. There was no sidewalk but there was a small sliver of concrete that Prompto could take the picture on.

Prompto was an idiot, but he tried wait for traffic to die down a bit. When it did, he finally ran across the road. One car honked at him but he didn’t care. He quickly took a few pictures of the fountain and looked at his handiwork. There were at least three photos he could use. Prompto took one more when he stuck his camera in between the fenced bars. For a second, Prompto finally thought that he went too far. His butt was sticking out and he could hear heavy traffic pass by. This was stupid, he thought. So he finally put his camera back towards his side and tried to find a way to get out of the road.

Only problem was that now there was no break of traffic. He tried to find an opening, but there wasn’t anything. He just waited. And waited. He did not want to get hit by a stupid car.

Then finally, he saw a break and started to jog across the street. Except something absolutely terrible happened.

Prompto dropped his camera. A car had scared him and he thought he was going to fall. And right when Prompto noticed the camera was gone, he was already out of the road. With his hands in his hair, Prompto yelped and tried to find some way to get the camera back. The cars were going too fast and thankfully, Prompto thought he could at least get the SD card it back with jogging quickly. The camera was on the white lines so it had not been ran over. Yet. So he took a chance and ran again to get the camera. There were no cars coming from what Prompto could see. Quickly, Prompto grabbed the camera and tried to get back to the sidewalk.

Prompto was going to make it. He could taste the sidewalk.

Except this time, he did fall. And he fell hard onto the pavement. The camera bounced away as he heard it crack against the concrete. He could heard a screech of tires and he finally looked up.

There was a car that was going way too fast.

There was no way Prompto could get away in time.

He was such a stupid fucking idiot. Death by car for trying to get a picture. Prompto screamed and tried to duck away except something else happened.


Prompto felt his body get pushed away. He heard other people screaming on the sidewalk next to the hospital. He felt someone or something on top of him but the back of his head was hurting.

“Hey,” the voice asked. “Are you okay?”

Prompto kept his eyes closed and felt the body shift a bit up against his own. He heard another car honk but Prompto did not want to open his eyes.

“Where’s,” Prompto said in a daze. “... my camera?”

“Oh,” the voice said. “Well… it is on the sidewalk?”

“Oh,” Prompto finally opened his eyes and felt like even more of an idiot. The man in front of him had his hair grown out slightly. He had the five o’clock shadow going on even though it was still early in the morning. His eyes were bright blue and Prompto felt himself blushing even though his head was killing him. “You saved me?”

“Well,” the man said. “At least you are talking. Can you stand?”

“I would,” Prompto said. “But you are laying on top of me.”

The man looked down and then cupped Prompto’s face. He brushed a few of Prompto’s bangs away.. Wait... was this man holding Prompto’s face the entire time?”

Oh,” the man said stupidly. “Sorry.”

Prompto looked at the man again and was in total disbelief. And he still would not get off of him.

“I’ll get off sorry,” the man said finally. He grinned and croached down. Prompto saw his camera on the sidewalk and it looked bad. He’d have to buy a new one but at least it was okay. The man tried to help Prompto up but his eyes started to feel heavy. Prompto could feel him taking ahold of his hands.

“You saved,” Prompto mumbled. His head fell and he could feel that same man hugging him and Prompto felt so stupid. All of this for a camera and he was going to miss his appointment.

“Hey hey,” the man said. “You’re okay.”

“Thanks,” Prompto mumbled before finally fainting.

Soon, Prompto would find out that it would get so much worse.