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Barson Drabbles

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Silence is synonymous to tranquility, sound to commotion.

To Olivia Benson, sound is symbolic of weeping victims, gunshots, and misery, silence of days off, relaxation, and bliss.

Silence, however, carries the potential to be disarming depending on the individual. Silence in connection to Rafael Barba? It’s unnerving.

Rafael Barba is a man of simplicity, composed of sass and wit. To see his vocal facade shed is discomposing, disheartening.

Thus, Olivia Benson, upon bearing witness to Barba, silent, gun pressed to his temple, discards her calm demeanor in exchange for one of evident distress.

For Olivia, the beads of sweat, tears present, and slight tremble of his hands go unnoticed. It’s the quiet that causes the uproar. The silence of a man whose reputation lies in his ability to conversate.

Liv focuses on his lips unmoving, a reaction dissimilar to her experiences prior. She mirrors him in his silence, in the placement of his hands, limp at his sides. In doing so, she fails to finger the trigger of the gun affixed to her palm, fails to liberate her best friend from the clutches of his to be assassin.

Olivia Benson’s senses have been subdued, yet she’s aware when the silence surrenders and the sound overtakes. The sound? It’s no better.

Olivia would much rather the silence than the sound of peril.