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Traveling soldier

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Title:Traveling Soldier
Author Name: Brandy
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss and Fox own Buffy and gang. CBS owns NCIS.
Rating: Pg 14
Summary: Willow joins NCIS as Abby's lab assistant after the Chip thing. Willow's life at NCIS is soon thrown for a loop when an old flame, one thought to be dead, turns up at Headquarters with in a group of POW's returning home.

Willow joins NCIS a few weeks after the Chip thing. The story picks up about a year after she joins.

*Story is below this point*

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked into the NCIS offices with his coffee in hand. He waited as the elevator arrived on the floor. Walking in he pushed the button for his destination. Sipped his
coffee as the elevator made it's incline to the fourth floor above the lobby. The elevator dinged just before the doors opened and he walked out.
He made his way around the bustling office and to his desk. He took in the sight of his team, team Gibbs as they were called. Tony the wise cracking, movie loving immature at times but always comes
through in the end senior field agent. Gibbs would never say it out loud but Tony was like the son he never had, which he was thankful for at times. Tim, or McGee as he is called, the tech smart straight
laced unless he was trying to prove himself probation agent. Then there was Ziva David, the Mossda Liaison officer that had joined the team two years ago after her brother had killed their last agent Katlian
Todd, Ziva ended up killing her brother to save Gibbs. She often got her English and the other ten languages she speaks confused when trying to use slang. The team used to joke about it but now it is an
automated response.

Gibbs attention was brought to his left as he saw four other people approach Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, the Chief Medical Examiner a Scottish man. He often goes off on tirades, he also is known to speak to
his patients His assistant Jimmy Palmer walked beside him. Jimmy a young awkward man, who would try to make a joke at the worst of times. Coming up beside them where the forensic specialists of
NCIS. Abigail "Abby" Sciuto and her co-hort Willow Rosenberg. The two of them cut their work in half. Ever since Willow was assigned to the lab production had tripled. They were two of the brightest girls he
had ever met. They were polar opposites though, Abby a Gothic rock n roll loving caring sweet girl who as the Director once said, mainstreams Caffeine, while Willow, a shy little red head, was a quite, reserved
loved all types of music kinda girl who was a little hard to get close to at first. When she first came to work with them a year and half ago she was very timed around them. They learned the hard way that
she shouldn't have caffeine. Gibbs in his usual habit brought Abby a cafe-pow and got one for Willow as well, by the time the work day was done the quit reserved girl was gone and he had two bouncing
forensic specialists on his hands. Abby and Willow hadn't really gotten along at first it was more Abby then Willow, she didn't trust anyone else to work in her lab after the lab assistant before Willow, had tried to kill her while trying to frame Tony for murder, Tony had apparently cost him his job years before. The two girls soon worked it out and by Willow's second week they were working so effortlessly that one would
think they had been working together for years. Gibbs saw the Director walking down the stairs from her office. Jenny Shepard, the NCIS boss woman, Gibbs' former partner and former lover, her red hair
falling to her shoulders.

"Boss lady what's going on?" Tony asked throwing a smile at the woman.

"We have some returning POW's. Some of them have been held for over five years. The ones who have families in the area are coming here to give statements and hand over all forensic evidence." Jenny
replied as the elevator ding in the background.

"Oh yay! Some of our boys, and possibly girls are coming home safely." Abby said as she and Willow started jumping up and down.

The two girls were wrapped up in their happy dance that neither paid much attention to the new arrivals. Tony and McGee were grinning at them, while Ziva looked from them to the new group. Gibbs was
busy studying the soldiers before him. There where five in all. Three of them where in their late thirties to early forties, while the other two were still in their twenties. He watched them and his gut flared up
when he saw the look that one of the younger boys one sending Abby and Willows way. It was a look of pure want, this boy had bad thoughts about one or both of the girls floating through his head. Gibbs knew that the boy wasn't Abbys type she leaned toward the unusual and strange.

No it was Willow that he was worried about. She hadn't been in a relationship in the whole time that he had known her. She wears a pair of dog tags around her neck along with a ring on a chain, when McGee asked her about them she got a soft smile on her face and replied that her traveling soldier gave them to her. Gibbs looked over at Jenny and nodded toward the guy who was starting to grin at the two girls. Jens eyes went slightly thin as she realized what was going on. She was extremely close to Willow, they would often have chats in her office about the life Willow left behind. She had left home soon after graduating high school and got her degree from Harvard. Jenny was about to welcome their guests when 'roaming eyes' guy stepped forward.

"Wills?" he inquired his eyes never leaving Willow.

Abby stopped jumping and turned her attention to the solider who was now talking to her friend. Willow turned from Abby grinning to face the person who had called her name. Her green eyes landed on the man and her smile disappeared.

"AH!" she screeched as she took a few steps back.

She reached for something behind her, which turned out to be McGee's stapler and threw it at the man. The stapler flew through the air and hit it's mark with a resounding 'thud' against the guys head. His
hand flew to his forehead as his eyes began to water. Willow went on the defensive and grabbed something else, this time it was the utensil holder on Tim's desk and threw it at the man. Pens, pencils, and
markers scattered to the floor after they met the mans chest.

"OW! Willow stop it." he said as he rubbed his head, his eyes widened when he saw the next weapon of choice. "I didn't survive a war prison for years just to come home to get beat up with office supplies.
Willow Danielle Rosenberg PUT THE KEYBOARD DOWN!" he shouted pointing at her, as she brought McGee’s wireless key board over her head. She froze when her entire name came out of his mouth.
Willow felt the keyboard being yanked away from her.

"I thought you respected the electronics Willow." Tim muttered as he sat his keyboard back on his desk.

Willows eyes were still on the other man though. Her chest was in her throat as she stared at him. She had dreamed about him for months, never imagined she'd see him again.

"We, we, we buried you." she finally stuttered out as she backed up until her legs hit Gibbs desk.

"What was in my coffin? Bricks?" he asked with a grin.

"It was empty but symbolically we buried you." she replied gesturing wildly with her hands. Then she threw her hands up. "Why am I even talking to you! You're dead, dead and buried. Oh god, I'm dead that's it. I crashed on my way to work and now I am dead and you are like my spirit guide or whatever. Everything that had happened at work up until now was all my imagination." she rambled.

Ziva stepped from behind her desk and grabbed Willow during the rant. Finally she just slapped Willow, shouting 'You are not dead!' at the panicked redhead. Ziva never saw the hand coming till it made contact with her face. As she felt her head snap to the side she heard Willow exclaim.


Ziva straightened up to look at Willow once more while messaging her jaw the girl had her hand slapped over her mouth her eyes wide in horror. Tony and McGee were both slack jawed, Gibbs just looked between the two Jewish women prepared to step in and disarm the situation if Ziva attacked Willow.

"I'm going to let that slide. I find it humorous to hear that word come from your mouth." Ziva informed the fermishted redhead before her.

"Gezz I don't remember you being this violent." the man said to Willow. "Although a chick fight is a turn on."

Willow turned her attention back to him.

"Shut up Graham Anthony Miller." she snapped throwing yet another office item at him.

This time the wireless mouse, which belonged to Gibbs, broke as it hit his chest and then the ground.

Grahams blue eyes raised in amusement as he looked back at her.

"That's it, you're mine." he growled as he lunged for the startled redhead.

Gibbs went to intercept but was held back by Jenny, a smile on her face. Gibbs and the rest of the office watched as Willow ran behind Ziva.

"You honestly think that hiding behind her will stop me Wills? You really don't remember me that well." he said as he stepped forward.

"Oh, I remember you just fine. Just needed you to step behind the desk."

"Why?" he questioned.

"So I could do this!" in the blink of an eye everyone watched as Willow jumped on Zivas desk and hopped on to the floor and raced across the bull pin to hide behind Tony.

Graham smirked as he went to chase her. The tall redheaded woman, next to the tall gray haired man who was glaring at him, held out both of her arms and looked at the two of them.

"Enough." she then turned and grabbed a set of clothes from Palmer who held them out. She turned back to Graham and handed him the offered clothing. "There is a bathroom around the corner. Palmer
would you please collect all of their clothing from them when they are finished changing."

"Ha-ha! You can't touch me while you are wearing evidence!" Willow chanted gleefully at Graham.

"So if I wasn't wearing evidence I could touch her all I wanted?" he asked Jenny.

Jenny's eyebrows rose as she looked at him, a smile dancing on her lips. Gibbs eyes narrowed at the other man. Abby was laughing behind her hand. Ziva raised her eyebrows at the man while Tony and
Tim reached for their weapons ready to use them on the new guy that seemed to have a fixation on their young redheaded friend. Grahams eyes widened when he thought about the words that had came from his mouth.

"Not what I meant." he said as his hands covered his face.

"I'm sure. Palmer if you would please before these two start playing from the railing like monkeys."

The young man followed the group of six men, the five former prisoners and their supervisor, down the hall.

Jenny turned to Willow who had her head pressed to Tonys back, she could tell that the younger redhead was pulling on the Special Agents shirt, the shirt was tighten around the neck area.

"Willow." Jenny said bringing the young lab techs attention to her.

Willow straightened up and stepped around Tony. She looked at Jenny.

"I have to say I'm shocked by your behavior here today Willow. I've never seen you act this way."

"Yes, ma'ma. I understand and I apologize for my actions." Willow said hanging her head ashamed at her own behavior.

Willow couldn't believe it she had threw office supplies at someone, she had slapped Ziva! She's had cursed in Hebrew. She had climbed over a desk.

"Willow. Gibbs office now." Jenny said as she started toward the elevator that the man used as his 'office'. Everyone knew that going in there with the man was worse then the Principals office.

Willow silently followed. She stepped in and looked to Jenny. The doors started to close by not before Gibbs stepped in. The two women looked at him as he reached over and pushed the emergency stop

"Talk." he commanded.

Willow looked from one authority figure to the other. She sighed.

"His name is Graham Anthony Miller. We were friends, fifth grade through twelfth. He joined the Marines after Graduation. Six months into his first tour his mom calls and tells me that they've declared him a casualty of war."

"Friends? I seen the way you two acted, I'm old, not stupid Willow. Just like right now your eyes are tearing up. You'd want us to believe it was from fear but you are not afraid of anything we could do to you, as you and Abby have told several people on many occasions you could kill us with out leaving any trace evidence."

"Jethro." Jenny quietly shushed him.

Willow gave a teary laugh at the two. She knew Gibbs would pick up on all of the small details, he was the best agent in the company after all.

"He's my..."

"So you think it really is him? I mean not some imposter?" Jenny asked interrupting her.

"What would the point in that be?" the two other occupants of the elevator asked.

"I don't know."

Willow shook her head. She knew in her heart that it was him. She knew with everything she was that he was home. She had felt in her soul that he wasn't dead but everyone had always told her he was so
she finally believed the lie. It had helped her move on with her life.

"Well is there anyway we can test and see if it is him? Like a quiz?" Jenny asked.

Willow nodded her head. She knew just what to do. Graham had always been a joker. She truly loved his thirst for adventure. The three stepped out of the elevator and re-joined the others in the bullpen.
Willow saw Graham and his fellow prison mates walking back from the rest room. She took a deep breath and turned about face to look at him. He stopped when he saw the sudden action.

"October, fifth grade?" she said looking at him.

He thought for a second. "What?" he asked unsure what she was doing.

"Word association. I say a date and you say the first thing that pops in to your head about that date." she clarified.

Graham looked at her a few more seconds then shrugged. "Okay, October, fifth grade was it?" he asked, she nodded.

"Xander was thrown into the punch bowl by Larry and his group at the Halloween dance. We later taught them not to mess with our group."

Willow thought about that for a second, decided that it was good enough answer and moved on. She leaned against McGee’s desk.

"December, sixth grade."

"Riley and Faith got caught under the mistletoe, they had to kiss, Buffy was pouting and Forrest was glaring."

"February, seventh grade."

"OH! Your dad asked Joyce to marry him. Your mom wasn't happy about that."

Everyone’s eyebrows rose a bit on that one.

"May, eighth grade."

"Cordy and Xander started dating."

"Ninth grade, September"

"I got the most perfect girl in the world to go out with me."

"December, tenth grade."

"Riley and Buffy, school assembly, major embarrassment points."

Willow gave a small grin at that one. It had been true Riley and Buffy had both been dragged from some unknown location in the school to the gym were the assembly was by the janitor. He had handed

them over to the principal while they had tried to straighten out their clothing.

"February, eleventh grade."

"Forrest and Faith egged the entire Senior classes Valentines dance."

"May, twelfth grade." she said knowing what his answer would be.

A smile spread across his lips, his eyes got a bit darker with what she could only call love.

"I asked my girl to marry me, she said yes."

"Graduation night."

"I told everyone I signed up for the Marines and was shipping out for boot camp in two weeks."

"Your graduation?"

"Xander and Cordila announced that they where engaged."

Willow in held a deep breath and slowly let it out. She brought her eyes up to look him in his own.

"The last letter you ever got from any of us. What was in it?"

Graham lowered his own eyes, he could see into her soul through those emerald orbs. He knew the letter well, it was the one piece of his belongings that he had, had on him when the platoon was ambushed.

"Wills." he sighed running his hand over his face.

Willow crossed her arms over her chest and stared right back at him. His blue eyes were locked on her green eyes.

"I answered the other questions without pause. Why should it matter if I answer this one?"

Willow just smiled at him, staring at him even harder. Her eyes never once leaving his. He ducked his head with a small grin.

"You've gotten even better at the resolved face, kind of scary now."

"I've had a good teacher." she remarked her eyes traveling to the gray haired agent to her left.

The chuckle trickled through the office. Gibbs lip twitched as he looked over at the amber haired woman who had found her way into the little family dynamic that they had. The Gibbs stare was not to be messed with but the redhead had perfected it in a matter of months.

"I take it that was your influence." Graham said to Gibbs.

Blue eyes met blue eyes, one with accusation in them the other with pride. Gibbs stared the other Marine down. Willow watched as the men sized each other up, the apparent father figure and the man that

has come to call on one of daddy’s girls so to speak.

"Fine, it was a letter from you. You had written about how much fun you girls had the day you all went looking for dresses and how irritating it was to watch your mom and Joyce fight over everything. You wrote about how you were impressed with the dress that Faith had picked out with out any girly advice from Buffy or Cordy. You talked about how the whole wedding was coming together. That letter kept
me sane and let me know that I had people waiting for me at home."


Jenny watched the emotion on Willows face. The lab tech had always tried to hide her feelings but today Jenny could tell the wall that held the little redheads feelings in was crumbling. The director stepped
forward and led Willow away from the bullpen to a corner in the office.

"It's him isn't it?" the older redhead asked.

The teary eyed girl nodded her head while trying to calm her nerves. Jenny had heard so much about the returning solider. He had been the love of Willows life.

"You still care for him, don't you?" the elder redhead asked her young friend.

Oh Willow didn't really have to answer the question Jenny knew it already. The younger redhead had told her boss all about the young man that was now talking with Tony whom had a grin on his
handsome face. Graham had been Willows first boyfriend, and if the older redhead had read into all the sessions with the other woman he had been her only boyfriend.

"Do you still care for Gibbs?" the younger redhead challenge.

Jenny narrowed her eyes a bit at the girl in front of her.

"That has nothing to do with this." the boss told her a warning in her voice.

"I didn't hear a denial."

Jenny stared at the girl in front of her.

"Don't try it, I will go over there and tell Graham that you have a shrine built to him."

"I do not." Willow gasped.

"You know that and I know that but he doesn't know that." Jenny threatened.

Willow narrowed her eyes at the other woman.

Willow poked her head around to look into the bullpen to see Tony and Graham talking.

'Oh that can't be good.' she thought.

The two redheads walked back toward the awaiting groups.

"So do you have any fun high school Willow stories?" Tony asked looking from Graham to the approaching lab tech.


"Oh yeah. There was this one time that we were forced into the school talent show and we did a really bad re-enactment from a play. Well when it was Wills turn she froze and ran off the stage. She got a
months detention for it which was weird but if you knew our principal. " Graham informed the other man.

"No I got detention because I used Principal Snyder for a wast basket." Willow corrected as she joined them.

Grahams face lit up.

"I didn't know you threw up on him. OH where was I when that happened?" he mused.

"On stage getting catcalls if I remember correctly." she retorted.

Graham pointed and smiled. "Now there was nothing I could do about the females thinking I was hot. I seem to recall that you agreed with them."

Willows face started to turn scarlet with embarrassment.

"Now since I am no longer wearing evidence, get over here and give me a hug." he said reaching for her and pulling her into a tight hug.